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Russell Wilson

Seattle Seahawks add another quarterback, Russell Wilson
Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson fits right in with the team's strategy at the position: Throw it against the wall and see what sticks. It is a surprise that Wilson went No. 75 overall, before Michigan State's Kirk Cousins was even drafted.

Seahawks choose Russell Wilson in third round
The Seahawks picked their first quarterback under Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider, choosing quarterback Russell Wilson of Wisconsin. Wilson is listed 5 feet 11, 204 pounds. Wilson initially attended North Carolina State, ...

Jon Gruden, Mel Kiper Jr. have heated discussion over Russell Wilson (Video)
By Larry Brown April 27, 2012 - Posted in Football, Media News The ESPN NFL Draft set was never more animated than when the analysts began discussing quarterback prospect Russell Wilson. Early in the third round, the only quarterback taken on the ...

Draft: Round Three pick-by-pick analysis
Wisconsin's Russell Wilson celebrates with a rose after the 42-39 win against Michigan State. (Andy Lyons, Getty Images / Apr 27, 2012) 64. Indianapolis Colts: TE Dwayne Allen, Clemson -- And the Colts continue to shape the offense of the future to ...

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NFLDraftInsider Russell Wilson's GF is excited for the newest Seahawk QB #Bbbyeahhh! http://t.co/tPn6ykcH

JaredShaw3 What is that thing next to Russell Wilson?? http://t.co/4GnDAX4L -- QuesoRaton12 (@QuesoRaton12) @laurenlivesay

seancallahan224 Russell Wilson drafted by the Seahawks!! What a great backup for Matt Flynn!!

mollyyanity She has a baby wiener! [email protected]: So, uh, Russell Wilson's wife was super excited, leading to some amazing screencaps http://t.co/FzSuTZR0

Zachary_Smith12 @thomasraught now they can compete. Could always turn Russell Wilson into a wide receiver or running back too.

Caniac_John russell wilson to seattle... great fit

JessTC4life I know it's a little late (I HATE working on draft night!!!)...but congratulations to Russell Wilson!!! #badgerforlife

MrAndreSmith Russell Wilson can start sometime this season, right?

Obese_One RT @cstephan3 RT @ScottEnyeart "I'm so fired up to be a Seattle Seahawk, and I can't wait" - QB Russell Wilson

TexWestern Holy shit. I tune out of the draft for 45 minutes and missed Russell Wilson being drafted by Seattle. Good for you, Russ!

ebonygent79 Waiting until Russell Wilson gets the Tiger Woods treatment and loses half his money to his Nordic wife & dog. #NFLDraft

viceauthentics @seahawks fans - visit http://t.co/7IH1z4Lv for signed items of Russell Wilson @DangeRussWilson - COA & proof pic included #authentic

spartychemist @elihump56 if russell wilson is Drew Brees..Kirk Cousins is Tom Brady

Seahawk_Talk @Hutchings1976 look, I don't care where you're from. Nobody wants him to be Vick. He's Russell Wilson and he's already better than Portis.

ColinCMcCoy Seahawks get russell Wilson Ooooo


Should I trade Russell Martin for another catcher? by John Q: I recently found out Joe Torre wanted to limit Martin to about 140 games. Since I only have 1 catcher, should I trade Russell Martin for a better catcher such as Mauer or McCann, maybe a 2 for 1 deal. My team: C Russell Martin (LAD - C,3B) 1B Carlos Peña (TB - 1B) 2B Robinson Canó (NYY - 2B) 3B Jorge Cantú (Fla - 1B,3B) SS Derek Jeter (NYY - SS) OF Curtis Granderson (Det - OF) OF Hunter Pence (Hou - OF) OF Ryan Braun (Mil - OF) OF Carlos Beltrán (NYM - OF) BN Jim Thome (CWS - Util) BN Felipe López (Ari - 2B,3B,SS,OF) SP Tim Lincecum (SF - SP) SP Rich Harden (ChC - SP) SP Andy Pettitte (NYY - SP) RP Brian Wilson (SF - RP) RP Chad Qualls (Ari - RP) SP Wandy Rodríguez (Hou - SP) SP Jered Weaver (LAA - SP) SP Ubaldo Jiménez (Col - SP) SP Chris Volstad (Fla - SP) SP Paul Maholm (Pit - SP)

A: Most catchers will have 22 games off. That isn't a big deal in itself. I think there are only two catchers as good as Martin and they will cost you. Mauer is injured and will probably miss as many games as Martin anyway. When he does come back, they will take it easy on him. So unless you can get McCann, keep Martin. You have Cano as a 2B and you are worrind about Russell Martin? I hope Cano has a good year but I worry about him. You have a good group of SP's but I think you are short one closer. Good luck!

would you trade Russell Westbrook for ...? by Chris M Q: In a Keeper league where you can keep as many players as you want, would you trade Russell Westbrook for Brook Lopez, a FIRST round draft pick, and a choice of either Mo Williams, Darren Collison, Baron Davis, or DJ Augustin? The teams as they are right now look like this (not necessarily in starting order): Team 1: PG Jrue Holiday (Phi - PG) SG Rudy Fernandez (Por - SG) G Stephen Curry (GS - PG) SF Carl Landry (NO - SF,PF) PF Chuck Hayes (Hou - PF,C) F Gerald Wallace (Por - SF,PF) C Marc Gasol (Mem - C) Util Emeka Okafor (NO - C) Util Brandon Bass (Orl - PF,C) BN Russell Westbrook (OKC - PG) BN Josh Howard (Was - SG,SF) BN J.R. Smith (Den - SG,SF) BN Wilson Chandler (Den - SF,PF) BN Tyreke Evans (Sac - PG,SG) INJ BN Richard Jefferson (SA - SF) Team 2: PG Mo Williams (LAC - PG) SG Wesley Matthews (Por - SG,SF) G Darren Collison (Ind - PG) SF Kevin Durant (OKC - SF) PF Zach Randolph (Mem - PF,C) F Tracy McGrady (Det - PG,SG,SF) C Roy Hibbert (Ind - C) Util Troy Murphy (GS - PF,C) NA Util George Hill (SA - PG,SG) BN Paul Pierce (Bos - SG,SF) BN Kris Humphries (NJ - PF) BN Brook Lopez (NJ - C) BN Jamal Crawford (Atl - PG,SG) BN Baron Davis (Cle - PG) INJ BN D.J. Augustin (Cha - PG) BN Tyrus Thomas (Cha - PF,C) INJ

A: I would take that trade, only because you're getting more than you're giving. Keep in mind though that Brook Lopez is a pathetic center, and is only good for points. I would pick either Augustin or Collison too. Stay away from Williams and Davis, who are more brittle than your grandmother. I also recommend dropping Fernandez, Bass, Howard, and Jefferson. Get some better guys.

What changes should I make to my MLB 2008 Fantasy League team to make it better? by Mad DOG! Q: Current Players: Russell Martin Ryan Doumit Victor Martinez Adam LaRoche Brian Roberts Chone Figgins Chipper Jones Michael Young Juan Pierre Jeff Francover Delmon Young John Smoltz Roy Oswalt Jason Isringhausen Todd Jones Yovani Gallardo Philip Hughes CJ Wilson What do I need, what kind of trades should I propose? Including logic with your answer will make it more likely to get the coveted "Best Answer" position.

A: Your team is decent, not great. I don't think you need to carry three catchers, that is a little excessive (I know Doumit and Martinez are probably eligible at multiple positions but still, doumit is not needed). If you wanted another catcher I would recommend a sleeper like Towles, Carlos Ruiz, or Chris Snyder. I would also get rid of Pierre and possibly LaRoche. If I were you I would take a chance on some young talent. In the outfield I think Adam Jones, Lastings Milledge, and maybe Michael Bourn can offer more than Pierre (who will be splitting time in the crowded Dodgers OF). LaRoche might be ok but there are some young first basemen that might be better (Joey Votto, Daric Barton, and Billy Butler)

How will these college Quarterbacks do in their NFL drafts?Will these QB's be good in the NFL give detail? by Jsmoove Q: Jimmy Clausen Sam Bradford Jevean Snead Colt McCoy Terelle Pryor Matt Barkely Jacory Harris Christian Ponder Tyrod Taylor Robert Griffin III Russell Wilson Ryan Mallet Jordan Jefferson WILL ANY OF THESE QB's be #1 picks or 1st rounders in their NFL draft .. if so name the draft year

A: Jimmy Clausen - Most Definitely, he has the "it" factor, and he has the confidence. he can make all the throws. prestigious coach, program. probably will be the best on the list Sam Bradford - I dont see it, he doesnt have the arm strength, though he has impeccable accuracy. He's not a vocal leader yet, though it may come. verdict is still out but as of right now. NO. Jevan Snead - Yes, mobile, big arm, accuracy. Colt McCoy - Yes, mobile, can make all the throws. big time leader Terrelle Pryor - We'll See, has the athleticism for sure, not sure about his arm, havent seen him play enough yet. He definitely could do it. Verdict still out. Matt Barkley - He's played San Jose State. and thats it. Jacory Harris - Absolutely, he has the determination and he wants to be a pocket passer and thats dangerous, because his feet will be even more of a threat now. Christian Ponder - Yes, He takes what the defense gives him, and he's brilliant. 4.0 gpa. Not a starter, but a solid backup for years, unless he becomes a lawyer or doctor Tyrod Taylor - Maybe at receiver Robert Griffin - This guy is a freaking beast. He's one of the fastest players in college football and he knows the game very well. If he polishes his passing a little more. He'll be what vick was meant to be. I'm high on this kid. Russell Wilson - In the Major Leagues Ryan Mallett - Big time arm. thats a good thing. Verdict still out. Jordan Jefferson - This guy wants to be good so bad that he can't fail.

How would you rate my fantasy basketball squad? by kblaker81 Q: Here is the 09-10 team! Deron Williams Amare Stoudemire Rajon Rondo Eric Gordon Brooke Lopez Russell Westbrook Shawn Marion Shane Battier Andrea Bargnani Nate Robinson Thaddeus Young Andrei Kirilenko Wilson Chandler Thanks for your feedback guys...I won my league last year, and this is the squad I think best to repeat...although I know there are gaps thus your comments are very much appreciated!

A: I like Deron williams good assist guy and Amare of course, along with brook lopez and marion you should hold your own in rebounds.I also like rondo, Nate robinson and westbrook. There is a lot of good hype about eric gordon, but the rest are little if'y. I give you a 6/10 possible 7/10 but then last year I had a very weak team and turned it in to a monster team with a few good trades. Made it to the finals but lost. anyway Good luck.

Where do these players get drafted? by Q: LamIchael James Russell Wilson Kirk Cousins Nick Toon Case Keenum

A: LaMike James- early 2nd round Wilson: 6th round Cousins: 4th round Toon: 2nd round Keenum: 3rd round

Who would you rather have with 1:20 to go in a game down by 4? by LA Boise Fan Q: A. Andrew Luck (Stanford) B. Brandon Weeden (Oki State) C. Landry Jones (Oklahoma) D. Case Keenum (Houston) E. Aaron Murray (Georgia) F. Kirk Cousins (Michigan State) G. Robert Griffin III (Baylor H. Russell Wilson (Wisconsin) I. Matt Barkley (USC) J. Darren Thomas (Oregon) K. Kellen Moore (Boise State)

A: kellen moore

What do you think the Badgers' chance at a BCS Bowl is now that the quarterback situation is apparently solved? by Q: Russell Wilson... http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/stewart_mandel/07/13/russell-wilson-wisconsin-mailbag/

A: They are favored to win the Big Ten and tOSU MAY be completely eliminated from the chase. I'd say that the Badgers are almost a lock to get into A BCS bowl.

How good is my fantasy basketball team? by JD Q: On a scale of 1-10 In a 12 team H2H league, standard 9 cats, got the 7th pick. Dwight Howard Andre Iguodala Derrick Rose Josh Smith Tony Parker Andrew Bynum Wilson Chandler Michael Beasley Russell Westbrook Joakim Noah Louis Williams Brandon Rush Channing Frye Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

A: thumbs down

What round do you think these guys will be drafted in April? by Q: Kellen Moore Case Keemum Russell Wilson Jordan Jefferson

A: Kellen Moore-4th round Case Keenum-3rd round Russell Wilson-7th round Jordan Jefferson-never plays in the NFL

Where will these QBs fit in (potentially) from the 2012 draft? by Q: Andrew Luck Matt Barkley Landry Jones Ryan Tannehill Robert Griffin Brandon Weeden Kirk Cousins Nick Foles Ryan Lindley Russell Wilson Kellen Moore Case Keenum Where do you feel some of these QBs would best fit in? Meaning, what team would they benefit most from? What team would benefit from them most. A lot of teams need QBs and some future QBs. Pardon me if I forgot anyone of note and yes Juniors included.

A: Luck will go to the Colts Otherwise its a toss up, Weeden might go high because hes like 30 and should have good leadership skills Wilson could be the first UW QB drafted in a long time

Who should I start at QB this week? by Q: Russell Wilson vs Indiana or Robert Griffin vs Texas A&M? Griffin hasn't disappointed me yet this season, but the match-up would favor Wilson right?

A: Wilson

Have the badgers ever had a black quarterback? by Q: Since Russell Wilson will be the starting quarterback this year for the badgers, i was wondering if a black man has ever taken a snap at quarterback? I don't think they have, was Wisconsin a racist school all these years? @Traveler yes I had to shoot one when i was hunting, in my defense it was running at me snarling just because i was accidently near his home

A: Not in my lifetime. However, Tony Lowery, an Ohio native, was black, and he was the starting quarterback for Badgers from 1987 to 1991. I don't believe that there were any prior to that, but I could be wrong. Not having a large amount of black quarterbacks in their history does NOT make Wisconsin a racist school. They've always had a pretty solid amount of African Americans in their football program. However, Wisconsin as a school has always been mainly white dominant, but that's more because of location than selection. Wisconsin is mostly a white state, so you can't really blame the school. Also, it doesn't take much in-depth observation to see that black quarterbacks aren't common at any level of most teams, not just UW-Madison. It's always been that way.

When will the NCAA '12 Roster update be released? by treshoota13 Q: Anyone know when the actual update will be released. I'm looking to play with Russell Wilson online with the Badgers. The QB they have now absolutely blows. I downloaded a roster with him but those changes only seem to take effect offline.

A: try fairdale kings for 360

If Andrew Luck doesn't win the 2011 Heisman, why is he still the predicted #1 NFL draft pick next year? by Q: I don't see anything wrong with Russell Wilson or Kellen Moore winning the Heisman and being drafted #1 overall in next year's draft. So why?

A: the Heisman usually goes to the most successful player, not necessarily the best. And college success can vary greatly from NFL success. There hvae been several Heisman winner who didnt even go in the first round

Do you realize how different the Big Ten will be next year? by Q: MSU is losing Kirk Cousins and BJ Cunningham, the QB and best WR Wisconsin is losing Russell Wilson and Nick toon, the QB and best WR Unless one of these teams picks up Katz, a transfer QB from Oregon State, their QB will have little experience On the flip Side teams like Ohio State, Michigan, and Nebraska all have key players returning The bright side for both teams is the top 2 RB CAN come back, some might leave

A: I'm confident in Maxwell, but things will be different. We will be a huge running team next year with Leveon Bell and Edwin Baker. We lose Joel Foreman on the o-line, but that's it. Don't forget that Montee Ball may leave early for the NFL.

What are the Wisconsin Badgers' chances of going back to a BCS Bowl? by Q: Does the addition of Russell Wilson dramatically change your opinion of them?

A: People from Wisconsin are fat. The chances are 0. Russel Wilson is a homo.

Do you think South Carolina and Michigan could be the two suprise teams in the National Title last yr? by Q: I won't be surprised if South Carolina won the entire SEC West. Their challenge is going to be in the SEC Championship Game. Michigan could possibly improve and could win the Big Ten considering that Russell Wilson is going to be entering the NFL draft.

A: The wording of your question has me confused. South Carolina is in the SEC East. What do you mean last year? South Carolina will win the east next year. Michigan will lose their division to Msu,again.

What glove does Russell Martin use? by polevault888 Q: I'm wondering what type of glove Russell Martin uses? I heard it was a Wilson glove, but does anyone have ny more info on it? Thanks

A: He usually uses a black Mizuno, but he changes it all the time.

Is N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson african american? by Charles Q:

A: Yes. he is African American... I am watching the GA Tech vs NC State game now

is russell wilson black? or something else? by That Guy says go bills Q: He kinda looks Indian... does anyone know? to make this question more fun how will that effects his draft value? (its a joke chill)

A: I have no idea how you can confuse a black guy and an indian. I heard someone describe Justin Blackmon as Hindu indian the other day......they are both blacks.

Does Russel Wilson make Wisconsin's usually run heavy offense the best in college football.? by *Vote for* The Chainsaw Ninja Q: Alright so Wisconsin is usually a team that plows through opponents with their running backs. James White and Montee Ball are certainly keeping with that tradition, but now Russell Wilson is also making Wisconsin a huge threat through the air as well. Wilson has completed an insane 75.8% of his passes for 1,136 yards and 11 touchdowns. Because of this Wisconsin is averaging 48.5 points per game and has outscored their opponents 242-51. Is this the best offense in all of the NCAA?

A: they are good, but absolutely not the best. (yet) they have not played a really good team.

Who will select Russell wilson? by Q:

Is russell wilson black or white? by Q: he looks mixed..

A: Black, and he is going to tear it up for Wisconsin and put a beatdown on the gophers.

Can Russell Wilson play in the NFL? by Q: I say he can. Hes got great footwork and is mobile enough to avoid the rush. He doesnt make dumb throws. I see him going somewhere between rounds 3-5

A: It depends on Russell Wilson's work ethic, especially with his eating and exercise habits, during every offseason. If Wilson eats healthy, and exercises by doing a lot of running every day, he will get into better shape, which will greatly improve his chances of becoming a successful NFL player in the future.

Will Russell Wilson be on the badgers in NCAA 12? by Q: just wondering..

A: No he won't be, the game was already packaged for sale when the move was announced. Many small roster tweaks happened and will happen over the course of the next month or two. People will have roster updates ready at launch date. Keep in mind that technically EA doesn't mimick the roster on a player by player basis. They build a team that should be equal to the relative strength of the team that year and the rest is just coincidence (at least that is the official response from EA because its illegal to use amateur players likenesses in a game). We all know this to be a lie AKA what are the chances that Boise State happens to have a left handed QB rated 98 who happens to be a senior (Kellen Moore).

Did you see the guy sitting next to Russell Wilson?(His hands)? by kevin s Q: He was a brother with white azz hands,i thought he was wearing latex gloves.Who was the hot blong sitting next to wilson?i thought she was his mom.

Who has the hotter mom: Matt Kalil or Russell Wilson? by Q:

who is that smoking hot woman next to russell wilson? by Q:

Why isn't Russell Wilson projected to be a first, second, or third round pick? by Q: He has arm strength, good enough accuracy (about the same as Cam Newton), and decent mobility. People say it's because of his height (5'10-11) won't let him see over offensive linemen, but Wisconsin's offensive line is taller than most NFL teams (avg: 6'5). What the hell? How is this guy projected to be drafted the 5th, 6th, or 7th round when Brandon Weedon, who is 29, is projected to be a second, third, or fourth round pick? I'm not trying to sound like a douche but I predicted Chris Johnson would be starter in the NFL before anyone even mentioned him possibly going in the first three rounds because of his height, and I think the same is going to be true for Russell Wilson.

A: hes an idiot did u see the rose bowl he'll suck in the NFL

is Russell Wilson going to stay at NCSU for his senior year? by Q:

A: Probably not unfortunately. I'm a really big nc state fan to. I live in Nc and go to games regulary.But in The spring game and practices Mike glennon ( backup Qb) has ben playing. Tom o brian ( head coach) said on fox sports tv, that he was planning on starting mike . But mike is a pocket passer and he is tall , russel is short and a scrambled but he was never in pocket. It may not be all that bad because jay cutler ( pro Qb for bears) didnt start starting for his college until his red shirt junior year. Same as jay cutler. And mike was number one ranked Qb in Virginia for high school ball.

Does Russell Wilson have what it takes to be a prime time NFL QB? by Badger Fan Q: Russell Wilson of Wisconsin may not have a big name as some of his contemporaries, but, week in and week outt, he has shown that he is not only a smart and consistent QB but also that he is a pretty good athlete. So, what do you college football fans and observers think? Does Russell Wilson have what it takes to be a prime time NFL QB? I don't think he will have a shot at the Heisman, but I don't think anyone who has seen him play can deny that he is a very good QB. I mean can't deny that he is a very good QB

A: It depends on Russell Wilson's work ethic, especially with his eating and exercise habits, during every offseason. If Wilson eats healthy, and exercises by doing a lot of running every day, he will get into better shape, which will greatly improve his chances of becoming a successful, prime time NFL quarterback in the future.

What's a good middle name for Russell Wilson? by Diaper Bag Specials Q:

A: james adam matthew dean derek sam evan neil paul

does anyone know what Russell Wilson's (Wisconsin Badgers starting QB) ethnicity is? by sai s Q: He looks of indian descent..I just want to know because I'm indian and it would be cool to have a indian player in football that has a chance of going to the nfl! If anyone knows, it'd be coool to tell me :)

A: He's black...

NFL: Are teams underrating Russell Wilson just because of his height? by Türk Cöbäïn Q: 72.8% completion rating, 191.8 QB efficiency rating in a solid conference and he hasn't even been mentioned so far..he's projected to go in the 3rd or 4th round, I kinda hope we get him as a backup to Romo.

What happen to Russell Wilson QB? by John H Q: Russell Wilson was the qb for NC state then got released. What happened? How will he do in Wisconsin?

A: He plays professional volleyball now.

Is it funny that Russell Wilson is a loser wherever he goes? by Q:

A: yes

Do you think Russell Wilson was overrated? by Q: Wisconsin did not improve as a team from last year. They had more losses in the regular season this year and lost by more points in the Rose Bowl than they did last year.

A: No. Their defense was worse this year. Couldn't get stops when they needed them, and always seemed to give up a big play late in games. Russell Wilson helped improve their offense, and without him, they probably would have lost at least 2 or 3 more games.

Can Wisconsin be a contender in the Big Ten with Russell Wilson as QB? by Eddie 2.0 Q: What about National Championship contenders?

A: I wouldn't go as far as National Title but definitely for Big Ten Title. Wilson tore it up last year at N.C. State and is one heck of an athlete. I'd say Wisconsin got the right QB to lead them, he's experienced has a rocket arm and he can run. That will be scary for defenses.

What team do you think Russell Wilson will go to, if he plays football over baseball? by Q: Wisconsin and Auburn are to of his top teams

A: Rams

Do you think NC State wants to see Russell Wilson fail? by Q: I think they will laugh if he can't win the Big Ten Championship and if Wisconsin loses in the Bowl Game.

A: Does it matter? Nothing they do has any effect on Wilson.

is there a roster update that will put russell wilson on wisconsin in NCAA football 12 for ps3? by Q: i went to the roster share and downloaded GamingTailgate because it said he would be on wisconsin and he wasnt. any other rosters out there with him actually on wisconsin?

Where can I buy a Russell Wilson Wisconsin Badgers jersey cheap? by Q: Ebay only has one and it is expensive and looks shoddy, I was looking for a specific site where I could buy one.

A: You can buy from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/?_encoding=UTF8&tag=wherebuy09-321-20&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325

Is it funny that the Russell Wilson fever died down at the end of the season? by Q: With all the hype he got, many Badger fans at least expected a Rose Bowl Victory or an invitation to the National Championship Game. However, it seems that his fever died down after Wisconsin lost to Oregon.

A: So your telling me his fever died since last night? Don't think so. His fever died along time ago when their undefeated season went down the drain and Monte Ball gave everyone proof of who the best player on that team was. The fever was only created because of the hype that Wisconsin put out there when they started declaring him a Heisman candidate. Was Wilson good? Most definitely. But don't credit the loss to Oregon as the reason why people quit talking about him. Monte Ball going nuts and Wilson not getting invited to the Heisman ceremony is the reason why people quit talking.

Is it funny that most likely Russell Wilson and Denard Robinson will be playing another position in the NFL? by Q: I think they will be used as Tailbacks, Wildcat QBs, and on Special Teams. Both guys are too short and inaccurate to be starting QB's. Their best days as a QB will be in college.

A: Isn't it funny that Kellan Moore holds the all time NCAA wins record against high school teams? He'll never take a snap for an NFL team. I find that funny.

How come Russell Wilson can play this season? by KRO fa' sho Q: Doesn't he have to sit out a season due to transfer rules?

A: He's graduated and Wisconsin offers a course not taken to NC State, which makes him eligible to leave NC State and play for Wisconsin. It's the same thing as Jeremiah Masoli last year, when he went from Oregon to Ole Miss.

Was Russell Wilson overrated coming into this season? by Q: Wisconsin was a better team last year. They finished with 1 loss. They also lost by a smaller margin in the Rose Bowl than this season. Russell Wilson did great against average or bad teams, but could not come through against good competition. He lost to a 6-7 Ohio State and a solid but not great Michigan team. Sam a loss is a loss. If Wisconsin was as good as what people said why didn't they win convincely like OK State, LSU, and Bama.

A: A little bit overrated but the way he extends plays and his poise on play action is unbelievable he was voted a captain his first week on campus so im not going to hate on this young man

Is Russell Wilson the most overrated QB in college? by Q: Russell Wilson basically has padded his stats against sh1tty teams. Nebraska was the only great team he won. With two losses he quickly put Wisconsin out of the National Title picture considering that the the Big 12 has a weak strength of schedule.

A: Denard Robinson is...can't take big hits and has the most erratic arm I have ever seen

With Russell Wilson, is Wisconsin a real championship contender? by Q: Russell Wilson QB; 4 good young RBs, Nick Toon returning along with a decent defense returning led by Borland as well as the always great Wisconsin O-Line.

A: No.

Does anyone else think Russell Wilson of Wisconsin will be a better pro than Andrew Luck? by Q: Andrew Luck will have so much hype.I think he'll do good but the Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson can run and can pass,he is underrated. If I had a choice to pick between the two,I'd go with Russell Wilson.I know many won't agree with me but what do you think?

A: Russell Wilson is Cam Newton Light.. he's not the prospect that Newton is and will probably have a career like Michael Vick.. a couple of good years here and there but nothing consistent.. he also has the build of Michael Vick Andrew Luck is different.. he's the "prototype" at 6'4" and he's intelligent.. while most QB's in the NCAA are after "Public Administration" degrees Luck is going to Stanford for Architecture.. that's a brainy course.. EASY to see that Luck is more likely to be a better pro

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