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Russell westbrook

Russell Westbrook sprains ankle in Thunder's rout of Warriors
OKLAHOMA CITY, OK - FEBRUARY 17: Russell Westbrook #0 of the Oklahoma City Thunder goes to the basket against... Associated Press OKLAHOMA CITY -- As the injuries pile up, the Oklahoma City Thunder have stayed ahead of any reckoning.

Russell Westbrook Injury Update: Thunder PG Has Mild Ankle Sprain
However, Scott Brooks' squad didn't leave Chesapeake Energy Arena unscathed as Russell Westbrook suffered what's being called a "mild ankle sprain." Thunder coach Scott Brooks says Westbrook has a mild right ankle sprain.

Thunder: Russell Westbrook reaches 5000-point milestone
Given all the criticism that surrounds Russell Westbrook, it's hard to fathom he now is surrounded by the two greatest point guards in NBA history. Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook (0) puts up a shot between Utah's Al Jefferson (25) and Paul Millsap ...

Russell Westbrook scores 28 points as Thunder outlast Jazz
Associated Press SALT LAKE CITY -- With the Jazz focusing their attention on Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook was more than happy to be the star of the show. "I was working on my shot all summer and I had lots of opportunities to shoot it tonight," ...

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Carylpefnd RT @cjlouro: RT @ryenarussillo: Im sure this has been said before but how much does Russell Westbrook look like Bodie from The Wire

keelerjmui RT @awitinmusic: Paano by Apo Hiking Society in Unknown @ http:tcoyLc9Uz1j russell westbrook

Lianvkok RT @MarieRamos8: Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant shine as Thunder down Mavs http:tcoqLye5ST9

tedjonez @MorganJNK I'm sure this has been said before, but how much does Russell Westbrook look like Bodie from The Wire?”

Marie_Ramos8 Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant shine as Thunder down Mavs http://t.co/qLye5ST9

howbona_bot The answer is "russell westbrook"! Russell,Westbrook,this,like,has,The,does,look,said,from,Bodie,I'm

awitinmusic Paano by Apo Hiking Society in Unknown @ http://t.co/yLc9Uz1j #russell westbrook

Flash12_ i love how Russell Westbrook's monster jam last night against the Warriors is my new background

GeneKim15 Russell Westbrook sprains ankle in Thunder's rout of Warriors http://t.co/K0kQQo06

BulletprfHummer tony parker, steve nash, russell westbrook all having arguably better seasons than out-of-shape Chris Paul...ESPN is a joke.

jamesbaldonaza Russell Westbrook sprains ankle in Thunder's rout of Warriors http://t.co/4Pf9naNQ

Susan_Shelton Thunder: Russell Westbrook reaches 5000-point milestone http://t.co/pWI2j8fj

FrancisWest8 Thunder: Russell Westbrook reaches 5000-point milestone http://t.co/VHbpZbYh

howbona_bot What is search word for the following twitter search results? Russell,Westbrook,this,like,has,The,does,look,said,from,Bodie,I'm

df_Revision Might as well just start calling Russell Westbrook a coon, ESPN.


Russell Westbrook is attempting more field-goals than Kevin Durant the entire playoffs? by Q: Yet is shooting below 40% Overrated!

Is Kevin Durant being too soft or Russell Westbrook is being a ball-hog? by Q: Or is it a mixture of both?

A: Westbrook is an EXTREME ball hog

Who is more athletic Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose? by Q: Not asking who is better but just who is simply more athletic.

A: Russell Westbrook. Rose is definitely close though. I've watched some Thunder & some of the Bulls games, and I think personally it takes Rose about 2.2 seconds more time to get to the basket, than it does for Westbrook.

Why has Russell Westbrook been scapegoated for Kevin Durant's failures? by Q: Durant in the playoffs has played like Rose = CRAPPY. Yet they blame Westbrook?

Will Oklahoma City Thunder's Russell Westbrook be suspended for the next game? by Q: OKC really needs Westbrook in Game 6 against the Mavs, so I am very worried about this suspension.

A: Unfortunately, there is no next game.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook or Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire? by Q: Which pairing is better?

A: Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

How is Russell Westbrook so damn quick? by Q: This guys gets on my nerves with how quick, and fast he is! How is he so quick??? What exercises or things do you think he did to get that quickness, cause it ridiculous on how quick he is! BQ: How long until he slows down a little bit? (quickness wise)

A: Jeez have you ever seen Derrick Rose play before. Rose is faster and quicker. I think being fast and quick is just a god given talent. You can do squats and jump rope maybe, but you can never really get Rose or Westbrook Fast. Ill give Westbrook 6 more years.

Which former retired superstar is Russell Westbrook? by Q: I mean which player that is retired is Russell Westbrook Example, Kobe is the next jordan "Russell Westbrook is the next ________"

A: I agree Allen iverson or rondo

Why is Russell Westbrook highly underrated? by Q: He's the 5th best PG averaging 24ppg, 8apg, and 5rpg. Yet all people can talk about is Rondo and how better he is... Didn't Westbrook beat him in the head-head matchup a few days ago, when he lead his Thunder to a victory over them?

Is Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook going to be forever linked like Chris Paul and Deron Williams? by Ty B$ Q: they came in the league at the same time and have similar styles just like deron williams and chris paul. Who is better Westbrook or Rose

A: Yes because they are coming up at the same time and play the same tipe of game WESTBROOK IS BETTER

Dropping Monta Ellis; Pick up Russell Westbrook, Delonte West, or Steve Blake? by Bun P Q: It sounds stupid to drop Monta Ellis, but I need help now at PG position. Plus, we don't when Monta Ellis is coming back. Russell Westbrook, Delonte West, and Steve Blake is currently available in my fantasy basketball league. Who would you pick up and why?

A: I think Westbrook is your best choice. His playing timre is gradually climbing;along with his confidence,and feel for the NBA...With West+Blake you know what you're gonna get. Steady,yet unspectacular production.Westbrook reminds me of Brandon Roy,,,not quite elite fantasy players yet,but they both can have huge games on any given night. (But if you want 3s,,don't take Westbrook) ~g0()d LuCk!~

Is it ok for me to say that Russell Westbrook is better than Derrick Rose? by 드래곤 Q: Because many of you might disagree with me but everyone has their own opinions. I just think Westbrook is the better all around player

A: No. Sorry but it's just not true. The major reason that it may appear that way is because Rose is the star of his team. He is being covered by the best defender, playing more minutes, and (especially while Hinrich was out) being asked to do more for his team. Westbrook doesn't get doubled because he has Durant. Rose has no durant. Also, look at the record. Thunder have the worst record in the NBA, Bulls are in the playoff picture. In the future, it will become very apparent who is better. Rose has better size, is a better passer, is more explosive, and has the best work ethic I've ever seen from a rookie. However, I will give you this much- Westbrook is definitely the second best point guard out of this draft and will more than likely help to lead the Thunder to significance.

Is Russell Westbrook one of the best Point Guards in your opinion? by Q: I am a Thunder fan and was wondering should OKC keep Westbrook at Point or move him to Shooting Guard and move Harden to Point is Westbrook elite at the Point?

A: He's #4 in the league after CP3, D-Will, D-Rose, and Rondo in my opinion. SG is actually more natural to him, but he's short so he'll have to stick with the PG position. Doesn't do badly at it - he can rack 8 assists a night it's just his decision making and passing + court awareness isn't at say, a Jason Kidd or CP3 or D-Will level. As for Harden, he's 6'6" (compared to Westbrook's 6'2") and is finally starting to show his potential.

Do you see Russell Westbrook being a key contributor in the 4th quarter again tonight like in game 3? by JM Q: Like the way he was in game 3?

A: Sure he can. He was very impressive in game 3 and will play impressive in game 4 now that he has a jumper to add to his ability to drive.

Who would you rather have on your team: Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook? by UnDashing™ Q: Both are two of the best young point guards in the league. I think its closer than people think it is. BQ: Out of Stephen Curry, Evans, and Jennings, does Jennings have the most potential? Star if you didn't think the Thunder would win 50 games this season!

A: I would say Derrick Rose. He is much more of a leader than Westbrook. He also is a better player all around. BQ: I would say Jennings has the most potential to be a star. He showed glimpses of it earlier in the season especially when he scored 55 in one game.

Russell Westbrook, Kendrick Perkins for Andrew Bynum and a Lakers PG? by JF96 Q: Would a trade with this as its essence work? Westbrook from the Thunder for Bynum from the Lakers with whichever other players are needed to complete the deal? Possibly Perkins and Steve Blake or Fisher included?

A: An all star and a great defensive player for a two bums? Stupid trade for Thunder.

Russell Westbrook is the next Stephon Marbury? by Q: I'm calling it right now. He and Durant won't get along when Durant grows some balls and demands he gets the ball on every possession, whereas Westbrook is only effective with the ball in his hand.

A: a funny looking fellow with a tattoo on his head? He did sell shoes for cheap though.

Why are the Nuggets fans booing Russell Westbrook? by Q: When he was dribbling the ball up top, then later during his free throws they were booing him pretty loudly. Just wondering if there was a reason?

How much do you see Russell Westbrook average in his prime? by Mr.Phenom(Westbrook> Rose) Q: points? rebounds? and assists?

A: 24ppg 7rpg 8apg he is a great rebounding guard

Nba 2k11 my player mode can you help me how to be like russell westbrook? by Q: Where can i spend my first 10,000 skill points? To be like russell westbrook!

A: i know someone can make as real russell westbrook.

Why are people so harsh on Russell Westbrook? by Q: He's played SG his entire life, give him more time at the PG position. I feel people are way too harsh on him, he is 23!

A: They say he is a shot jacker. Like you said he played SG,before he came to OKC. His shots last night were not bad decisions,and he didn't force anything,so last night wasn't him trying to take over.

Why did Russell Westbrook get a technical foul? by Q: Why did Westbrook get a tech when Dirk pushed him first?

A: Cuz' Dirk Took Acting Lessons Before The Game.

What kind of player will Russell Westbrook turn out to be? by Winky WooWoo Q: Chris paul like Raymond Felton Like Sebastion Telfair Like Something else? Is he a scorer, shooter, play maker or penetrator?

A: Russell Westbrook is a defensive minded player. Strengths: • Freakish athleticism • Excellent first step/Amazing leaper • Wingspan • Huge hands • Phenomenal in transition • Outstanding defender • Can guard 1 or 2-spot • Understands role/Team player • Executes offensively • Strong intangibles/Work ethic • Brings great energy • Late bloomer/Huge upside Weaknesses: • Not a true point guard • Undersized for SG position • Struggles in half-court • Average ball-handler • Average shooter • Ability to create own shot • Mid-range game • A starter at PG or SG? • Needs time to develop http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Russell-Westbrook-5062/ He will be turn out to be a defensive player. Good Luck

Why couldn't Rajon Rondo shut down Russell Westbrook? by Q: Russell Westbrook I swear to God is better than Rajon Rondo. The only thing Rondo is better at then Westbrook is assisting. Everything else including rebounds, scoring, stealing (Westbrook has more) he's better in.

A: because russell westbrook can carry a team and rondo can't. rondo is good at assisting and setting up his teammates, while westbrook is more of a scorer. rondo couldnt shut him down cuz westbrook was beating him off the dribble all game. i don't think anybody would have stopped wesbrook that game tho- he was on fire.

Should Russell Westbrook change position to shooting guard instead of point guard? by Michael Vick is Racist to Dogs Q: All he does is jack up shot after shot and rarely passes, it wouldn't be a problem if he made them shots, but he is missing badly. He will be the reason why the Thunders will not advance to the next round.

A: Absolutely, I think Eric Maynor should be the starting PG. Move Westbrook to SG. Westbrook does not pass the ball at all.

How the hell is Russell Westbrook the 4th pick? by Crazy Mofo Punk™ Q: He will certainly become the biggest draft bust in history.

A: he has lock down defense(Pac10 Defensive Player of the Year) & is best defender in this year's draft (guarding OJ Mayo, Jerryd Bayless, & James Harden). hes a late bloomer & therefore still has a lot of "raw" talent. he has the potential to improve a lot. what Nickster said can be true about him being an Iguodala type player if he blossoms even more because we haven't seen the whole final package of Westbrook yet. also what Evan H. said is totally right about how he led the pac10 in assists when Collison was gone. but i dont see him as a 1 in the NBA, but more of a 2 guard. westbrook probably wont be an instant impact player but will take time. i dont thinks hes a bust. a lil early but definitly no bust.

Do you think that Russell Westbrook should be taking so many shots late in the 4th quarter in close games ? by Brad Q: since it's obvious his shooting percentage dips late in the 4th quarter? and Durant is more of the closer What is Scott Brooks thinking?

A: Personally I dont think Scott is telling Westbrook to take all these shots I just think if Westbrook fells he can make the shot than he takes it -___- Like you said KD35 is a much better scorer and even a much better closer & leader and dont slack on James harden that dude can ball :) - Wiz Khalifa

Do you think the SuperSonics were smart to take Russell Westbrook at number 4 in the draft? by RockyBalboa Q: I don't think so, but it's a matter of opinion.

A: They needed a point guard and a center. I think he'll be a decent point guard next year, but I think they should have gone with a big guy like Kevin Love, because Kevin Durant probably could've played PG and he would have had more help down low.

Buy or Sell: Derrick Rose should be judged how Russell Westbrook does? by Q: They both take the same amount of shots each game and don't make half but Russell Westbrook gets it harder. Personally I sell because Derrick Rose puts up assist and instead of taking long distance pull up shots he drives it in more often.

A: He gets it harder because he is playing with a superstar player who is the best scorer in the league currently. Rose isn't playing with that type of player, Boozer and Deng are hardly even star players to say the least. Rose is doing much more with less.

What do you think is most likely to happen with Russell Westbrook? by Q: A. He stays with the Thunder and stays at PG, and both he and the team try to get him to be more of a facilitator. B. OKC moves him to SG, and they somehow aquire a pass-first PG. (or is he too small to play SG?) C. OKC trades him for a pass-first PG.

A: Like Charles Barkley said, OKC would have to be retarded to trade Westbrook, the guy is 22 and already an all-star. OKC will be starting Harden next year no doubt so he can't play SG. Only option left is that he learns how to take less shots. Westbrook could get at double-double each game if he wanted.

Do you think Russell Westbrook should start ahead of Earl Watson? by UCLAguystukinNC Q: On the Oklahoma City Thunder?

A: Yea he's doing really well from the bench. It would be good for him and the team if he starts.

What was the imitate dunk Russell Westbrook did in the NBA 2K11 commercial? by Q: He was copying a dunk from Michael Jordan in a dunk contest. What was that dunk called?

A: Free Throw Line Dunk.

Who would you rather have on your team Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose? by Q: I rather have Westbrook @Rudy You mad that you're Grizzlies are losing?

A: Reported for leaving RHH section.

Why do many people in this section dislike Russell Westbrook? by Q: They say he looks like a light bulb, that he is a poor mans Derrick Rose, that he plays hero ball taking to many shots, that he hogs the ball away from Durant. Why do they dislike him?

A: He's a ball-hog! He is suppose to be the #2. option, but has the ego of a #1. option!

Will Russell Westbrook be the reason why the Thunders will lose to the Grizzlies? by Michael Vick is Racist to Dogs Q: All he does is jack up shots and he's a point guard that's suppose to pass and get his teammates more involve. I think he wants to be a hero so bad that he's dragging the Thunders down with him.

A: yes i do, people may say he's the best point guard but he's not, he never passes and can't finish at the rim, i personally think that he should be a shooting guard, he just hogs the ball too much

What number will Russell Westbrook wear for Seattle Supersonics next year? by John Q: I want to buy a jersey but want to get it right. Link to the answer would be appreciated. Thanks.

A: Don't. Get an Oklahoma City one. That's were the Sonics will be next year unfortunately. Wait until the case is settled to get one.

How did Russell Westbrook go from underrated to overrated this quickly? by Q: Before the playoffs everyone was saying how he's a very underrated player, but now they are calling him an egotistical shot jacker..

A: He's always been overrated. ...

Does it seem like Russell Westbrook is out playing Kevin Durant? by WBHF (Walcott Edition) Q: I am a Thunder fan and I know Durant has more points but overall Westbrook seems to playing better. In my opinion Westbrook is one of the more under appreciated players in the NBA...I know that it is Durant's Team, but does Westbrook have the ability to out play him on a given night?

A: Right now i think he is. But i still think Durant is the better overall player.

Russell Westbrook is a cancer to his team? by Q: He plays like he thinks Kevin Durant is his sidekick instead of the other way around. Westbrook believes he can carry the franchise as the #1 option, similar to the Stephon Marbury and Kevin Garnett feud earlier last decade.. No, he can't see the floor well because he's not a PG, but a SG.

A: No I have to disagree. He's not seeing the floor well that's all and he has to learn to

Should I drop russell westbrook and pick up brandan wright? by Nakamura156 Q: since brandan wright is the new C for the warriors i was thinking to pick him up and drop westbrook. what do you guys think.

A: I think the same.. maggette will be back.. so he wont be a big factor

Who has a higher vertical leap? Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook? by Q: These two are two peas in a pod, except Derrick Rose is slightly better. They are revolutionizing the PG position in front of our eyes! Derrick Rose has a 40inch vertical, and Russell Westbrook has a 40inch vertical.

A: Westbrook has a higher vertical. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS GUY SOAR? but Rose is still the best.

What will be the reaction of OKC when Russell Westbrook leaves as a FA? by Q: I think that Westbrook wants a bigger goal on a playoff contending team. Therefore, long term I cant seem him staying in OKC. I think OKC would be better off trying to trade him for a young legit scoring big man like Lamarcus Aldridge who could easily compliment Durant.

A: i don't know but you can't put all the blame on him. he could probably compliment durant but durant has to do a better job at learning to play off the ball. he's the WORST superstar when it comes to playing off the ball. like the only time durant actually moves around is if okc is running a play, most likely to try to get him open because KD sucks at getting himself open. when the play fails, which most of time it does, durant just stops moving. it's like he's doesn't even try to get open after the play fails. that goes for his teammates too. often times they do a horrible job at moving around. either that or some of them pass up shots they shouldn't be passing up.(thabo and nick collison for example)

Why does Russell Westbrook keep on trying to outscore Kevin Durant? by Q: He's a PG but he has 3 more FG attempts right now more than Durant's with only 3 assists. BQ: If Westbrook passes the ball more would they have a better offensive flow?

A: Westbrook isn't a top 5 PG, very overrated. I hate him BQ: YEs, but he sucks

What if Miami drafted Russell Westbrook back in the 2008 draft? by Cool Chuck Q: It would've been cool to see Wade/Westbrook combo in the backcourt.

A: thay would be awesomer than they already are

How many shots will Russell Westbrook attempt today? by Q: This dude seriously needs to quit trying to be like Derrick Rose! He needs to understand Rose has to take those type of attempts for his team to win, whereas he has the 2x leading scorer on this team. Ironic how Rose / Westbrook leads the post-season in attempts per game, yet shoot in the high 30%?

A: As many as it takes to p*ss off Durant and lose the game.

Is Russell Westbrook the best player in the NBA? by Q: I just learned about basketball today and my friend was telling me all about it. He told me that Russell Westbrook was the best NBA player today. I don't know if that's true, but I would like to know if it is. Please comment.

Do you think Russell Westbrook will leave OKC as a FA? by Q: I think that Russell Westbrook wants to be the man on his team and primary option. I think that Orlando would be an option he would look at. He would most likely be playing with Gasol and Bynum in that time or Brook Lopez (depending on which offer the Nets take). However, he would be the first option.

A: I agree. He's trying to be "the baddest man of the floor" as Mark Jackson would say, when this clearly Kevin Durant's team.

What's that video on YouTube talking about Russell Westbrook having luscious lips? by brilliant butterfly Q: My friend watched it and she cant remember what the name of it was and I REEAEEEAALLLY wanna see it. (Huge Russell Westbrook fan)

A: I believe the video is called, "Russell Westbrook 2011 NBA Highlights."

Is Russell Westbrook the best player on the Thunder why or why not? by Q: After looking at the stats I am questioning if he has become the best player in OKC? Durant is the better scorer, but Russell Westbrook is the more complete player and has three triple doubles this season and has shown that he can score himself. Also take in consideration that Kevin Durant is the better rebounder stat wise by 1.6 and without Kevin Durant he picked up the load against the Celtics earlier in the season.

A: In terms of scoring, Durant is the better player. Overall, it is Westbrook. He does more for the team and without him, OKC would be a 40 win team at most.

Do you think picking Russell Westbrook was a good choice for the Sonics? by Big Bear (KC Chiefs 08!!) Q: I do. They kinda need a point guard. And also, do you think with Jeff Green, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, do you think they have a shot at the playoffs?

A: He went a little higher than I thought he would, but this guy has a lot of potential. I watched him play when he was a freshman when Collison went down, and he looked completely lost. The following year he turned himself into one of the best guards in the country. So I think this guy has a ton of upside. But, I still think 4 was a little high for him.

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