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GeddyKat Ticketmaster & Live Nation SCREWED ME in2 buying Tix for RUSH LIMBAUGH & told me it was the band RUSH. Disappointed-totally! Answers-0!

donna816 RT @communistdog: @Cspanwj Another Rush Limbaugh Union basher unions R only 7% of the work force // Right!!

GadgetSeattle Rush Limbaugh - Obama Is Sending Troops To Uganda To Kill Christians. Video: http://t.co/yPlq5hSI

communistdog @Cspanwj Another Rush Limbaugh Union basher unions R only 7% of the work force

annagueye RT @Toure: Here's a link to my MSNBC rant about Rush Limbaugh http://t.co/mrnzUkwJ

marstonne "Eliminate Welfare": every blowhard Rush Limbaugh clone on how to fix the job market.

kunynubu Rush limbaugh smokeless cigarettes http://t.co/jN10uBTJ

Anti_Feder_Res @markm1962 The loud Repub sponsored mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh, Rothschild & Warberg banking familes give #Jews a bad rap.

E_equals_hf RT @JohnFugelsang: with Satellite Radio you can now hear Rush Limbaugh in the original German!

SharpRightTurn RT @RightWingQuotes: "We need a Republican Larry Flynt. The rules have been established by Politico. The truth is whatever the accuser says."~Rush Limbaugh #tcot

BEN2dG "The NFL looks like a game between the Bloods & the Crypts…without weapons" - Rush Limbaugh

Cutthecrap2012 Rush Limbaugh makes a lot of noise and works up a big sweat and smells bad. The smell is not from his work though. It's from his politics.

amajorpain mt @RightWingQuotes: "We need RepublLarryFlynt. rules hv been establishd byPolitico. truth is whatever the accuser says."~Rush Limbaugh

politicalglutto JUST WONDERING if Rush Limbaugh has to defend your morality, is it a good or a bad thing?

RightWingQuotes "We need a Republican Larry Flynt. The rules have been established by Politico. The truth is whatever the accuser says."~Rush Limbaugh #tcot


Why are people acting like Rush Limbaugh is a new guy on the political scene? by Political Junkie Q: I've never seen so many people talking about Rush Limbaugh as they have been recently. I'm beginning to wonder if some people think he's come out of nowhere, when, in fact, he's been around for more than 20 years. And he has always been the way he is. His rants and raves have nothing to do with Obama per se. He dishes it out to ALL liberals. Always has. The people who have decided to pick on him lately obviously aren't familiar with him.

A: Because he said something too "meany headish" about the messiah. Hey! Don't look at me, that's how the liberals said it.

What Do You Think About the Rams And Rush Limbaugh Situation? by hydrolicbanana Q: What do you think about the situation with the St. Louis Rams and Rush Limbaugh? Some of the Nfl Players said they wouldnt play for him if he was part owner. What were the Reasons for it? Why can players that commit car jackings,run dog fights, and bring a gun into a bar and shoot themselves be allowed to be invloved with the NFL? Sounds Like a Double Standard.

A: You're right, and I think the liberal wussies need to to stop complaining.For 1 they use fabricated uncorsed quotes that were contributed to him from the untrustable site wikipedia. And 2. They obviously don't believe in freedom (because Limbaugh has a certain political view he is thus not able to deal with the Rams).

How is Rush Limbaugh going to feel in 2012 when we Democrats perfect "Operation Chaos"? by Anyone BUT the GOP Q: As you know, the Republicans screwed up the Democratic primaries in 2008 through "Operation Chaos". We Democrats are going to get at them by registering as Republicans and voting for the weakest candidate (Sarah Palin) in mass numbers. How is Rush Limbaugh going to feel when he sees our plan and Palin loses in the biggest landslide in history to Obama?

A: By 2012 Rush will be a different man. He'll have left the radio waves, come out of the closet and married Trax Palin, bought a double wide in Wissilla and be a regular at Levi Johnson's Mothers trailer. All that Oxycontin, long winters and a young buck and he'll be happy ever after.

Has Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh contributed to the hatred demonstrated at the McCain rallies? by Destiny's child Q: I think Sean Hannity and his hate filled show as well as Rush Limbaugh helps to stir up these people. It's not only McCain and Palin's fault. What do you think?

A: I don't think so. They are questioning Obama's qualifications and his ties with shady people. The problem is that alot of Dem's have determined that if you question Obama you are a racist. If the media were doing their job, instead of hiding everything people would know the truth about their candidate. ***

How much would you pay to see Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin figure skating in the Olympics? by Poopy Pants Q: Do you think Rush Limbaugh could squeeze into his Spandex? Would Sarah Palin have to right down her routine on her hand? That truly would be must see TV.

A: Rush Limbaugh is so fat, I can see him from my house.

How could that Rush Limbaugh say such things about our President? by Tanya j. Parker Q: Rush Limbaugh blasted President Obama on Wednesday for thanking the Native Americans and using "every cliché" during the White House's official Thanksgiving proclamation.

A: Your President. NOT mine.

Would Rush Limbaugh have survived during the stone age? by Bryan C Q: Would Rush Limbaugh have survived during the stone age? One one hand there was no disability or welfare, which he'd love; on the other hand he'd get mauled by the people who were physically stronger and more fit.

A: Absolutely, because he is intelligent, perceptive and knows how to survive in difficult situations.

What good will it do for Rush Limbaugh to leave the United States if we might still have to listen to him? by Count Acumen Q: Rush Limbaugh has said he will leave the country if health care reform passes. But if Rush leaves and continues to run a radio show what good is that ? It will be like he never left. Wouldn't it be more appropriate for Rush to promise he won't communicate to anyone in any shape or form about politics if the bill passes? That way it will be like he actually did leave even if he's still here.

A: You should listen to Rush and you would learn a thing or two , which you seemed to have missed hanging out at the bong shop, maybe you should leave your moms basement

Rush Limbaugh????????? by unknown Q: is rush limbaugh an ethical or un ethical person and why?

A: OxyContin describes his ethics perfectly he is such a PAIN in the A$$ that he chooses the hillbilly heroin to cover up his unethical ways.

rush limbaugh? by steve t Q: If IMUS was fired, then rush limbaugh should definetly go so, why isn't he gone?

A: CBS is run by liberals who cater to cooks like Sharpton and Jackson.....They are both just biggoted fools who search out contreversy where there is none..... he will be out of work for about 5 days..... he is only in trouble because he is white..... Chris rock can call us crackers and that's okay and they can call each other the N word and that is okay..... But heaven forbid a white man say something like nappy head...wooooo I'll tell you what when you stop calling yourselves these things and show that you deserve any respect from us I will stop calling you a nappy headed ho.....

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