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Roy williams

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ryanlownes @ShawnZobel_DHQ Don't forget Roy Williams. That said, talent wasn't the issue for any of the three.

roto_jay @evansilva I'm very desperate from nicks injury should I start johnny Knox roy williams or Barden?

Philly_Ron @Thepresidentcb Roy Williams said y'all won't be prepared for the speed of Hester and Knox. Please shut his dumb ass up

crocusbehemoth @urbanroutine Not even my imitation Roy Williams power thrusts could make a difference today. I'd have induced vertigo if it would help.

5thDownFantasy Would put $ on Roy Williams. Monopoly $, but still... RT @K_Spee: @5thDownFantasy @Chetrazzball @YHIHF if … (cont) http://t.co/ee3o7J2R

mossman350 RT @fantasycouch: @mossman350 Santonio Holmes > Roy Williams for week 9 #fantasyfootball

fantasycouch @mossman350 Santonio Holmes > Roy Williams for week 9 #fantasyfootball

SerenaBuzzi Roy Williams Autographed Football | Details: Duke Game Football: Roy Williams signed Wilson Official NFL Duke Ga... http://t.co/024K5aIW

mossman350 @fantasycouch Santonio Holmes or Roy Williams(bears)?

GenKushingtonBX @AdamSchefter start Stevie Johnson whose stuck on revis island.Jabar Gaffney who has no one throwing to him. Or Roy Williams (long shot)?

amandakaschube Video: #Bears Roy Williams talks about #Eagles while wearing a green hat. But fear not, it's a Texas Longhorns hat. http://t.co/1ZLhFwku

CowboysNation11 Dez Bryant is somwhere inbetween becoming Terrell Owens or becoming Roy Williams right now.

CourtneyMcCatty Like My Roy Williams Jersey from my Rain & Mud Shoot? It could be yours! Check it Out: http://t.co/zFsrmubW

_candyBLING @doublec986 I know he was a football player. If I'm not mistaken he played for the Cowboys. I know his name was Roy Williams though.

mattyheisman @williambulluck Roy Williams > Mark Gottfried


Who should i start this week, Braylon Edwards or Roy Williams? by veras Q: I need to pick between Braylon Edwards or Roy Williams this week for my third WR Slot. Braylon Edwards had a break out week last week but going against a tough Was. Roy Williams just got traded to Dallas and Tony Romo might play, what do you think will be my best bet and why? It is a PPR league and 10 yards p/p.

A: Definitely Braylon. Although Roy Williams is a talented reciever, you cannot expect him to sync with the new offense immediately. The Cowboys also already have a talented recieving core with TO, Witten, and Crayton, so Williams won't be a primary option. Also, Romo is not expected to start and it is doubtful that the Cowboys will pass a lot with Brad Johnson. Braylon, however, is the #1 option in the Browns offense and had a huge week last week. Derek Anderson looked like a modern-day Johnny Unitas and the offense seemed to be meshing perfectly. Expect more big numbers from Braylon and a subpar performance from a reciever (R. Williams) who has never exceeded expectations. I project Braylon to have between 6-10 rec for 100+ yds and a TD and Williams to have around 4-7 rec for about 60 yds. Hope this helps!

Can you find a football jersey for roy williams that is ou and dallas cowboys combined? by Comfort Q: Where can I find a specially made football jersey for Roy Williams?

A: Dallas Cowboys Roy Williams #31 NFL Replica Jersey by Reebok Price: $69.95 Replica Jersey constructed of 5 oz trilobal nylon. Embroidered NFL equipment tag with double needle contruction. Jersey front displays NFL equipment logo embroidered at the neck and jocktag on lower left front. Made by Reebok. Buy it on the following link:

What are the possibilities and implications of the Dallas Cowboys cutting Roy Williams? by Pitbull Q: I think Roy Williams will come along and be a good contributor eventually. But lets just say it doesnt turn out like that. What are the salary cap implications or wat could happen if roy is cut. Is there any chance of him getting cut if he doesnt deliver in the next year or two. the cowboys gave him a 5 yr/ 45 mil contract. If they release him, will this hurt the team in regards to the salary cap. Do you think Jerry Jones would do it since they are paying him a lot?

A: jerry jones is like bill gates. his money has money. 45 mil is just another check to him. roy williams is an idiot though. the retard compared himself to T.O. even if you hate t.o, he is still a great wide out and is the second best wide out ever (behind jerry rice of course)! HOW BOUT THEM COWBOYS!?!

Why is Roy Williams trying to pick a fight with Coach K? by ohioguy4jc Q: Its not Coach K's fault that Roy Williams took something he said personally, what Coach K said was he doesn't do like some other coaches and try to play injured players he didn't say Roy Williams or anyone else he was sayin in general if Roy Williams feels bad about how he coaches thats his business but he can leave Coach K out of it. Well Duh! Noone cares about me but people care about college basketball don't they?

A: who are these people and why are you asking this question because no one cares about you

If Roy Williams leaves teh Lions after this season, would he be a good addition to the Eagles offense? by marcus s Q: If McNabb stays in Philly and they are able to get Roy Williams, it would be an EXCELLENT combo.

A: I think if Roy Williams somehow goes to Philly, he will be the guy who can be the replacement of TO. I know TO has been gone for 2 years, but his role was never replaced. Him and Brown plus Curtis would be one of the best receiving core next to Dallas and Green Bay.

Should I start Donald Driver or Roy Williams WEEK 3? by nate Q: Donald Driver against St. Louis or Roy Williams against Carolina? I have Andre Johnson and Steve Smith (NYG) starting in the other two spots.

A: Donald driver - the st. louis pass defense is terrible

Roy Williams or Michael Crabtree? Who should i start on my fantasy football team this week? by Chad K Q: Should i start roy williams or michael crabtree this week in my fantasy football league? Roy williams is playing at greenbay and projected to score 5.8 points, and Michael Crabtree is playing chicago at home (san franscisco) and is projected to score 5.5 points. Your thoughts?

A: Roy Williams Fo Sho

roy williams? by evo_drifter70 Q: roy williams~when he played wide reciever for the texas longhorns was he the best player on the team?[[why or why not the best reciever on the team?[[why or why not]] the best play maker on the team?[[why or why not]]

A: best player on the team because of his overall talent.

Roy Williams? by asigone Q: How many times is Greg Jennings gonna torch Newman and Roy " man I wish I could cover somebody"Williams? J.Did you see what we did to Bly and Baily or Springs and Taylor. Newman is about the tenth best corner in the league

A: how many times in owens and crayton gonna torch the packers. they will torch williams but not newman, newman is one of the best cb in the league.

Roy williams ????????????????? by Joseph C Q: did the boys get the wr roy williams

A: yes

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