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Ross and rachel

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lmfirework RT @xmileybechx: Ross and Rachel? You mean the greatest couple ever? Yeah, I've heard of them.

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xever_JB Ross and Rachel son la mejor pareja eveer !!!

KPCastronovo RT @Sexii_ICONiac: Ross and Rachel.♥ Best couple on Friends.<3

bianka_withaK Prefect lobster couple, Ross and Rachel <3

LahMeron RT @essesfachandler: What Happens In Vegas: Ross and Rachel get married. "Ross: Hello Mrs.Ross! Rachel: Hello Mrs. Rachel!"

LeanaReason9473 RT @VeniceNoras6996: wow if you want a Girl got on cam calling http://t.co/BDW580gd Ross and Rachel Matt Flynn Jerry Jones What Happens in Vegas Newman

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sabrinagolds @gabisarahvictor .....about ross and rachel?

KierstenAlonda6 This is GREAT Girl got on cam http://t.co/UpRgA8s8 Ross and Rachel Romo Cowboys #InMyFreeTime Victor Cruz Cowboys Victor Cruz Eli Manning

todofadehp RT @essesfachandler: What Happens In Vegas: Ross and Rachel get married. "Ross: Hello Mrs.Ross! Rachel: Hello Mrs. Rachel!"


how to dress as rachel and ross? by jessica518 Q: I want me and my boyfriend to dress up as rachel and ross from friends for a party, how should we each dress so that it's obvious we are supposed to be them?

A: omg thats so cute!!! i bet you guys make a cute couple. okay let's see: for Ross, definitely where khakis and like the first poster said, a sweater, maybe a red one. He can carry around a monkey lol remember when he had Marcel? He can quote Ross all night too, like have your boyfriend keep say things like 'Unagi!' or 'We were on a break!!!'. For Rachel: Her style is really laid back. She wears a lot of skirts and clothes that look like they come from Old Navy or Urban Outfitters. I like the idea of the apron and the name tag, that's a good one. You can also try to style your hair like she did during the first 2 seasons to make yourself recognizable as her. Good luck!!! Sounds like fun:)

what is title of the song playing in the background in FRIENDS where Ross and Rachel first made out? by SuperSnake Q: What is title of the song playing in the background in FRIENDS where Ross and Rachel first made out? its the same song that was played in season 10 when they got back together.

A: The song is just a sound byte from the Bright Kaufman-Crane library, so there's no copy or name. Here's a video on YouTube of the first kiss scene. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9SJDhoPf5A It's not U2 "With or Without You" because U2 wouldn't let them use the song. The song was used in later episodes, when Ross and Rachel broke up on their anniversary because Rachel had to work.

When do Rachel and Ross find out the gender of their baby on "Friends?"? by [email protected] Q: On "Friends," Rachel and Ross have a baby. They knew ahead of time it was a girl, but what episode did they find this out in? Spoilers are okay.

A: 183 EPISODE 13 "The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath" Ben Weiss Vanessa McCarthy January 17, 2002 29.2 Monica sways Chandler's dislike of baths but he soon becomes addicted to them. Phoebe, who thinks Joey has a crush on her, is shocked to discover that Joey actually likes Rachel; Ross and Rachel debate over potential names for their baby and find out the baby's sex. Episode 13, Season 8

Will things ever be normal again between us? Is this a "ross-rachel" thing? by Beautiful_dreamer Q: My friend and i have been close-the closest out of all of our friends and we can talk about everything. For the past three years, he's secretly liked me. I've never looked at him like "that" 'til just recently (long story). He's the "shy guy type" and has never really been in a relationship. We hooked up but decided to not go out due to many reasons - don't wanna ruin a friendship, we're young (20's), etc... The transition wasn't easy - wanting to be back to best friends again but it's hard knowing that you have great potential for you two to be in a loving relationship. We're still good but it's not "the same" but i just realized that we're not the same people we were when we first met. Individually, we've grown up so much. We used to such "kids" and now we're slowly becoming "adults" with responsibility, we're both changing. I also hope that this is just a transition between us and i need to be patient with these "baby steps". I don't wanna lose him & our friendship, it's special Any good advice?? (and when i meant "hook up", it was nothing serious...just kisses and cuddles lol) and is this gonna be like a "ross-rachel" thing? have all that tension throughout 7 years?...ehh

A: stop referring to your life as if it was a tv show

song that is popular and it was on the episode of friends where ross and rachel break up? it mentions angels.? by Q: its sad . you hear it on the radio alot? goes something like "all the angels" or something?

A: with or without you by u2

Shows with relationships like Ross and Rachel from friends?? help me i need you answers to help on my essay? by Ruby Q: i know what your saying what kind of essay is this. but i do need your help on this. if you could give me the name of the show and the name's of the ones who are like "Ross and Rachel" and a little background on these characters.

A: Bionic Man and Bionic Woman On again-off again romance complicated by circumstances Scrubs- J.D. and Elliot on-again off again, had many other relationships, kids to others, comedy, wind up together as series goes off the air

What season of Friends did Ross and Rachel first kiss? by Q:

A: It was in season 2, episode 7 The One Where Ross finds out. They kiss at Central Perk and that it was even an Emmy award winning kiss!

A Ross/Rachel Scenario? by Chibi Rii-Chan Q: 1 1/2 years together. Broke up for constant fighting. Trying to solve things for 9 months. Because we love each other so much. He started flirting with girls on Facebook and calling them on the phone, while he still told me he loved me and missed me and no other would ever take my place as first true love. Well the update on that is that he called me on Valentine's Day and he is a mess. He told me this whole time he has been drinking heavily (he's a social drinker) and that he feels dead on the inside. The night before he confessed he met up with a girl from online who lives near and that they both started kissing, they got completely naked, and she performed oral sex on him. The hardest part that took awhile to confess to me was that they were about to have sex and just when he was about to go in, he stopped and couldn't bring himself to do it. He was there for a short while and left. He's a virgin and he says the only person he wants to give it to is me, he felt less than a human and digusting, he doesn't want to eat, he was so scared that there was a chance he wasn't a virgin anymore, and has been crying everyday. He wants a second chance even though he says he doesn't deserve one and that he doesn't deserve a great girl like me. I want to forgive him but I'd like advice on how to and not let it bother me in the future. Do you think he's really sorry? Should I forgive him? Thank you for reading, any advice helps.

A: Cut this guy lose! Too much drama. ** ************

What is the Friends episode where Ross can see Rachel from his apartment, and he thinks she wants him? by Classykid Q: he is working at his desk in his appartment, and looking out of the window to Rachel and Monica's appartment. he sees rachel and incorrecly assumes she wants him to go over for... you know.

A: The One in Vegas, Part One Season 5 episode 23

Friends-- When do Ross and Rachel get back together after their huge fight in season 3 episode 16? by Ashleyyy. Q: In episode Ross and Rachel get in a huge fight. But when do they get back together?? or .. stop fighting??

A: was that after the "break" haha.. actually they never really "got back together' they were in fact 'friendly" at times, lots of starts and stops of that, but not "together" rachel beacme pregnant and even after that they still werent together until the last season is where they officially got back together..

Were Ross and Rachel actually on a break in Friends? by Falcooooooon Punch! Q: Yeah, I know it's been of air for ages, but it's always bugged me

who is your favourite FRIENDS star ? (Joey,Ross,Rachel,Monica,...) and WHY ? by abukhalaf88 Q:

A: joey cause hes very stupid and funny

In Friends, was Emily's reaction unreasonable after Ross said Rachel's name in the wedding? by meco031719 Q: I know it's reasonable for her to be pissed immediately after that happened, but I'm asking in terms of what it did to her trust for him moving forward into succeeding episodes? If Ross actually made an "honest mistake" in saying Rachel's name in the altar which I truly believe he did, is that acceptable? If something similar happened to you and the groom sincerely committed an honest mistake, would you forgive him?

A: No, clearly Ross's mistake was not acceptable. It was obviously foreshadowing the later episodes, in which Emily & Ross did not make it, but Rachel & Ross did. This is an unforgivable mistake, and seeing as how Friends turned out, Emily & Ross shouldn't have gotten married, since it wasn't meant to be.

What ever happened to Ross and Rachel's baby from 'FRIENDS'? by :( Q: i was just watching FRIENDS and it's an episode where Rachel is gonna go to Paris for a job with Loius Vuitton and Ross tries to stop her. Monica and Chandler had their twins by then but I didn't watch the episode of whatever happened to Emma? :O

A: Rachel stays in NY with Ross and Emma (she was going to Paris w/ emma but stayed when Ross told her he loved her)

If Ross & Rachel finally got together...? by Q: why can't I with my ex-boyfriend. I sent him a letter asking to think about getting back together. It's been 3 days and no answer. (I know he will definitely answer.) that must mean he's really thinking about it and it may really happen, right??

Friends: Does anyone else think that Ross and Rachel are bad parents? by Delulah Q: She was going to go to Paris and leave her kid with her Alcoholic mother for a week while she 'set up' at the very least why couldn't have the kid stayed with her father?

A: Where do you get that Mrs. Green is an alcoholic, I mean she had a few in that ep of The One With The Two Parties but that's it! I mean I couldn't see eye to eye with her because of the "Ooohhh I love Ross, I hate Ross, I love Ross, I hate Ross" but as for her parenting I mean I think that she gave her best I mean if all remember that was frightful-control-freak Monica who bang Ben

what show is friends making fun of in the episode the one where ross and rachel you know? by the office luver Q: in the episode of friends the one where ross and rachel you know phoebe says she can be a waitress and then says give me two number ones eighty six the bacon one adam and eve on a raft and reck em la la la la what tv show is she talking about or movie or something because theres laughing so obviously were supposed to know what she's talking about

A: They weren't making fun of a show. It's just that the gang and the audience didn't expect Phoebe to know waitressing/kitchen terms. We were all surprised by that and laughed at the unexpectedness of it. I didn't know you can 86 the bacon! hahahaha!

What do you think Ross and Rachel are doing now right now? by Q: I've been googling it and I can't find anything. Does anyone know? show? who is jennifer aniston? i'm confused

A: you talking about the show friends?

What friends episode do Rachel and Ross tell family members that they are engaged because they are pregnant? by Q: Which season and episode title is it? Its the one where Rachel tells a really elaborate story, the one where they get engaged then married? THX

A: that episode is the one where she tells us who the father of emma is, they never got engaged, well during the birth of emma ross was planning to, and suddenly rachel said yes to joey, (season ender 8 or 9)

FRIENDS! Do we see the episode where Ross and Rachel conceive Emma? by spotty1989 Q: I know that after Rachel tells everyone she's pregnant, we see who came onto who in 'The one with the videotape' - but was this actually an episode before Rachel found out she was pregnant? Seems to me the writers didn't really know where to go, or how she got pregnant so resolved it after? Please help. Thanks.

A: no, there is not episode where that even actually occured because it was the season where chandler and monica where planning the wedding why would they want the audience to know they had sex...it would have totally ruined the cliffhanger at the season finally, we would already know then that rachel is pregnant with ross's baby, we would be bored watching them speculate who was actually pregnant in the season finally, and it wouldn't be as funny when monica, pheobe and joey find out that ross was the father when he found the sweater. and season 8 was all about rachel's pregnancy too

do you think Ross and Rachel were on a break? by George Bush Q: in the episode of friends were ross sleeps with the copy girl, who do you think was right? were they on a break or did he cheat?

A: He shouldn't have slept with her. It wasn't a "real" break." But bloody hell did she overreact!

What are the best Ross and Rachel moments on Friends? by Dominique Q: What are the best romance moments? Please say the season and episode name.

A: def agree with shyman!! that was awesome!! another of my favs: -when they kiss hwen its raining in the doorway of central perk in season 2 -after rachel had the baby in season 8 & theyre not in love, but theyre so in love with hteir baby -the kiss in "the one with hte prom video" just a few of my favs...

Does Ross or Rachel ever get married? by @Scarlet Moon@ Q: I watch a show called Friends, Monica and Chandler get married, Phoebe and Mike get married, what happens to Rachel and Ross?

A: They do get married! But it's in season 5 when they're in vegas and they're both drunk. They try to get the marriage annulled but they can't and end up getting divorce a couple of weeks later. By the last episode ever, they are unmarried but it seems like they will start things up again.

Friends Ross/Rachel question/ Joey? by Sometimes I Wonder Q: can someone give me the link to the clip in the FRIENDS spin off show JOEY where he says that all his friends have settled down and have a family, i wanna know cause I hope that ross and rachel got married:D

A: sorry, i don't know a link and i don't think he said that they got married. i think they should do a movie at ten years from when it ended (kids older, their relationships now) that would be cool. to see ross and rachel with emma, and chandler and monica with the twins. and Phoebe with mike, and not forgetting joey of course, how cool would that be??

Ross & Rachel OR Chandler & Monica? by Some Girl Q: who is the best couple from friends? :) Ross and Rachel get my vote :)

A: Chandler & Monica .

Ross && Rachel Or Jim && Pam? by Q: I think I like Jim and Pam the best.. Ross and Rachel is more dramatic but still funny & sweet. TK, I gave you two choices, Jim & Pam or Ross & Rachel. Others answerers please keep your answers within the choices.

A: Jim and Pam Forever <333

Were they on a break? - Ross and Rachel? by Penguin Pip Q: When Ross 'cheated' on Rachel in Friends, and he said they were on a break [that famous line], who was in the right? [I, personally think it's Ross...Rachel had dumped him and then said she wanted to get back together the next morning, after he'd slept with the copy girl]

A: Hahaha what a great question! I think Ross was in the right. I'm not saying it was okay for him to go sleep with someone else so soon after they broke up, but it's definitely not cheating if you're not a couple anymore.

In 'Friends', Did Ross ever find out that he didn't cheat on Rachel ? by Bayman Q: In an episode of 'Friends' several years ago, Ross & Rachel were "on a break" and Ross got drunk with friends. He met a girl who came home with him, but nothing happened even though the girl implied something did. So Rachel got angry and ended the relationship. Did the series end without any of them really knowing the truth ?

A: To Rachel it never mattered whether or not anything happened. It's the fact that Ross allowed himself to be in a situation that could have allowed something to happen. Plus it was a series long stading joke so they couldn't resolve it. "We were on a break!"

ross and rachel question? by txdotx Q: how do ross and rachels (ross, rachel, emma and ben) family demostrate aspects of the CONFLICT THEORY, how does it challange aspects of the TRADTIONAL or NUCLEAR family, how does it demonstrate the effects on the family type (blended) on FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS and finally what role does the family play in the GREATER COMMUNITY

A: Wow, cool homework question. Ya know, back in my day, we didn't have such places to come and find the answers to our homework we had to actually come up with theories on our very own. Having said that tho, the conflict theory is evident b/c they are not married, Ross has two children with two different women and Rachel really only thought she was in love with Ross. A traditional or nuclear family is a married mom and dad with children. Hope you get an A dear :)

Chandler, Joey, Ross, Rachel, Monica or Phoebe? by Q: Who's your favorite character from the show Friends (best show ever)? For me it's Chandler and Joey. I cannot decide between the two. Sometimes it's Joey, sometimes Chandler. And of the girls I like Rachel. But I love them all! If you had to pick a favorite, who would it be?

A: Chandler. Hands down he was the funniest.

what edition of friends is the one where ross rachel and her dad go for a meal and ross tips the waiter? by emma Q: tv friends show

A: the one with the race car bed

What is the name of the song that plays at the end of the episode in the 2nd season when Ross & Rachel kiss? by Kiki Q: The song plays right after Rachel opens the doors at Central Perk and Ross comes in and kisses her..

A: With Or Without You by U2...here is a link to the clip. The episode was "The One Where Ross Finds Out"

Ross & Rachel 'On a Break'? by ya Q: Who do you think was in the right? Ross or Rachel? Im not sure.. Rachel really wanted the break but Ross didnt but then he slept with the copy girl. Obviously not thinking about that decision too much then he tries to hide it from rachel but when she finds out, that scene when shes in the coffee house and sees ross it makes me cry. ='( who do u think was right?

A: I agree with Ross, they were on a break. She shouldnt have been trying to hide that Mark was there, I'm pretty sure that solidified the break thing with Ross, it wouldve for me. I dont approve with sleeping with someone so soon either though, but then again that's a man isnt it? They were both wrong, in my opinion, but they were definitely on a break.

In Friends does Ross and Rachel get Back Together? by Chelsea T Q: Ross and Rachel get in a fight, then he sleeps with another girl after they break up. The morning after he gets a message from Rachel saying she wants to get back together. He agrees, but she later finds out about him sleeping with the other girl and they break up for good! Do they get backtogether EVER! I really want to know, so answer please

A: People that are meant to be together aways find their way in the end! Of course they get together. There are just alot of bumps along the way. It was always so obvious to me that they would be together. Look at the evidence: When Ross was getting married he called her Rachel, and then they have a daughter together! But yeah they do get together. Wow, I really miss that show

what happend to ross and rachel at the end of the show friends? by Q: i know they had a kid together but did they ever get back to being a couple?

A: Yes they got back together. Rachel was going to go to Paris but decided to stay in New York with Ross.

What movie is the quote for a wedding theme "the bride and groom's table: ross and rachel" from? by Q: They're talking about all the wedding tables being themed for different couples and I can't remember what movie it's from. It's makin' me bonkers :F

A: Ross and Rachel's are characters from the TV show "Friends." http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0108778/ The wedding episodes in Friends are: -The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding -The One with Barry and Mindy's Wedding :)

Does anyone know the name of the song that was played on Friends during Ross and Rachel's first date? by shorty Q: I'm referring to when they were in the museum, in the astronomy area. A really slow, quiet song came on. I was wondering if anyone could give me the name of that song, and who it was by.

A: "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak

what friends episode do ross and rachel get fake married? by Q: its the episode of some sort of function in the family and i think its ross's parents that told everyone that they got married. They made up a big story of the engagement and wedding. I can't remember which season or episode is it!

A: Season 8, Episode 18 The One in Massapequa It's Ross and Monica's parent's 35th wedding anniversary party

how many times do ross and rachel break up in friends? by L & A <3 Q: im just not sure i was watching an episode with flashbacks of them dating and its really confusing because they break up because ross sleeps withthe xerox girl, then they get back together when rachel sees the prom tape? im not sure. so how many times do they break up and get back together and in what order? thank you soo much =)

A: Wow, good question. I never really counted, but let's see: Ross has a crush on Rachel at the beginning of the show. They finally hook up after he chooses her over Julie, and they date for quite some time. Then: 1) He gets jealous of her always working late with Mark, so he smothers her. She says that they need a break, so he sleeps with the copy girl. She finds out and breaks up with him. 2) They get together at the beach house, but don't stay together that long after she finds out that he didn't read her 17-page letter (he fell asleep). Rachel: "We are SO over!!!" Ross: "Uh..eh...FINE BY ME!!" While broken up, Ross meets Emily and gets engaged. However, at the altar, he says Rachel's name, and she realizes that she is still in love with him. 3) At the end of Season 5, the gang goes to Las Vegas, where Ross and Rachel get married while drunk, which leads Monica and Chandler to decide against a quick wedding. Back in New York, Rachel wants the marriage annulled, and Ross keeps putting it off. They finally annul the marriage even though Rachel admits that it was her idea to get married in the first place. 4) They stay apart for some time, until Rachel becomes pregnant with Emma. She and Ross get close again, though they're technically never in a relationship. However, after Emma is born, Rachel moves into Ross's apartment and they try to make things work. However, Ross once again smothers her and thwarts her attempts to meet other men. She moves back in with Joey. 5) Ross admits he loves Rachel before she moves to Paris and she stays in New York as the series closes. So, by my count, they break up four times: 1) copy girl, 2) long letter, 3) Vegas, 4) after Emma I might be missing one, but I think I got most of the details. They both dated many people during their breaks (Rachel: Tag, Joshua, Gavin, etc...........Ross: Elizabeth, Emily, etc.). I hope this helps.

What do you think happened to Ross and Rachel after FRIENDS ended? by Q: Do you think they stayed together or broke up?

A: Stayed together. They probably got married and had at least one more kid. They also kept touch with all of their friends, but it was harder keeping in touch with Joey since he moved out to California.

Were Ross and Rachel really on a break? by Q: Were Ross and Rachel really on a break? Was it fair for Ross to sleep with that woman from the copy place? Was Rachel being fair to Ross? Was Ross being fair to Rachel? I would love to hear your thoughts.

A: *No, there is No Such Thing As A BREAK in a Relationship.... He did what most guy do, finds the next thing & goes for it. ~With out thinking about Her~ He kept harping on her for a guy who she worked with, (he was jealous) so instead of him 'dealing with his issues, he cheated'. I WANT A REUNION SPECIAL...... TO WHERE THEY HAVE ROSS & RACHEL MARRY! AS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE LAST SHOW OF THE SERIES... "FRIENDS" should NEVER HAVE been Canceled... Just like "MEDIUM"... KEEP THE BEST TWO SHOWS ON TV!

Ross, Rachel and the whole "on a break thing"? by Sam Q: Am I the only one who thinks that Rachel was really unreasonable about that. She broke up with him!!! And she was flirting with her work mate the same evening! Hey always - I'm a woman!!

A: "On a break" is just being apart for a while...not a license to screw..."breaking up" is ending the relationship, and you're a free-agent once again... If the wording when they separated was 'on a break' that implies they will be off the break (together) at some point, so it wouldn't make sense to go out and phuque someone else and assume the other person would be okay with it... If they broke-up, then anything goes and neither has the right to be upset at the other person's behavior while they were broken up (if they consider getting back together down the road)...

What song played at the end of Friends- The One where Ross and Rachel Take a Break? by Ginny Weasley-Potter Q: When Chloe is kissing Ross.

A: With or Without You, by U2.

What season do Ross and Rachel hook up for the first time? by Superwoman Q: I am watching and i want to know what season and if possible the episode.

A: Season 2, The One Where Ross Finds Out (Episode 7) is where they first kiss. Another first comes in Season 2, The One Where Ross and Rachel...You Know (Episode 15)

What song was played in 'Friends' s09e12 when Ross saw Rachel and Gavin kissing? by Sergey M Q: It was in the end of s09e12. Ross saw Rachel and Gavin kissing on the balcony and then was played some music for like 5-7 seconds when Ross got sad. What song was that? Can't find it anywhere. 2 ḂṘḬḀṄṄḀ Thnx, but it's a wrong song

A: What Reason by Deckard? http://new.music.yahoo.com/deckard/albums/what-reason--123414

What's the title of the episode of friends where Rachel + Phoebe want Joey + Ross to be their backup marriage? by Baillie Q: It's the episode where I think Ross asks Rachel to marry him if they are not already married by the time they are 40 but she says she is already Joey's then Ross asks Phoebe and she says she's Joey's.

A: The One with the Proposal part 2

what are the best ross and rachel episodes? by Q: from the show friends. i love the ones with the hidden ross and rachel moments. or also what are some of the best episodes ever?

A: Season 8 Episode 3: The one where rachel tells.... Season 2 Episode 14: The one with the prom video Season 3 Episode 9: The one with the football Absolute favorite episode!!!

What were Ross & Rachel going to do about Emma when Rachel was going to Paris in the last episode of Friends? by i rock! Q: I know she didn't end up going, but what where their initials plans for Emma when Rachel was going to be in Paris and Ross still in New York? It's been a looong time since I've seen that episode!

A: rachel's mom was going to keep her until she settle in and once they were both there, ross was going to fly to paris to visit them.

On friends how do Joey and Phoebe know Ross Rachel Monica and Chandler? by SpringHiller '10 Q:

A: Joey met the group when he answered Chandler's ad for a roommate and Pheobe was Monica's roommate before Rachel

What song plays when ross and rachel from friendsare making out at the Star Display place? by Q: it from the episode The One Where Ross And Rachel...You Know Ross takes her to a place where stars are projected on the display and rachel steps on a juice box and it something like no i want to fall in love please help the song sound so nice

A: "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak

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