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Rose Bowl 2013

Rose Bowl 2013: Wisconsin, Stanford Matchup Features Montee Ball, Stepfan ...
Running behind similar massive offensive lines at Wisconsin and Stanford, both backs persevered through slow starts to their careers to earn prominent spots in the record books heading into their big finales in the 99th Rose Bowl. "You can't really ...

Rose Bowl 2013: Parade route information
The 5½-mile parade will start at the corner of Green Street and Orange Grove Boulevard in Pasadena. It will move north on Orange Grove at a "leisurely 2½-mile per hour pace" before turning onto Colorado Boulevard, according to the official website.

2013 NFL Draft Bowl Watch: Rose Bowl and other New Year's Day Games
Whew doggie! If you're a College Football fan this might be the best day of the entire the year. Today features six marquee games with a wealth of future potential New York Giants. I'm going to try to give you enough information on 2013 NFL Draft ...

Rose Bowl 2013: Wisconsin and Stanford share very similar offensive approaches
When Wisconsin and Stanford step on the field for Tuesday afternoon's Rose Bowl, they will try to beat each other with very similar offensive approaches. Each team prefers a power running game, with both clubs averaging over 170 yards a game rushing ...

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bradpruitt RT @RealMattGraves: @bradpruitt Rose Bowl Preview: Wisconsin vs. Stanford in grown man football. http://t.co/VAZ7r3hL

HarryPotterFANU University of Wisconsin Marching Band Rose Bowl Parade 2013 University of Wisconsin Marching Ban http://t.co/lTJ5p0W6 #video #rosebowlparade

RealMattGraves @bradpruitt Rose Bowl Preview: Wisconsin vs. Stanford in grown man football. http://t.co/VAZ7r3hL

jeffrysiegel RT @jaypo1961: Welcome to the Rose Bowl on the first day of 2013. #badgers http://t.co/1NjKU57K

Erica_Tracy124 2013. Not suppose to start like this. I should of just gone to the Rose Bowl.

RealMattGraves @cgravesrdh Rose Bowl Preview http://t.co/VAZ7r3hL

CapitalQB RT @jaypo1961: Welcome to the Rose Bowl on the first day of 2013. #badgers http://t.co/1NjKU57K

sabrina_reed23 RT @FCPSTransformEd: A big shout out to the Lafayette High School Pride of the Bluegrass Band marching today in the 2013 Rose Bowl Parade! Go LHS!

B5Q Bucky's 5th Quarter Rose Bowl Pre-Game LIVE Webcast, beginning at 2:00 p.m. CST. Tune in! http://t.co/6ljhTuNl

louisbien Bucky's 5th Quarter Rose Bowl Pre-Game LIVE Webcast, beginning at 2:00 p.m. CST. Tune in! http://t.co/uXdhUlKt

ShirleyAnnPon Happy 2013! Watch the Stanford Cardinals win the Rose Bowl (sorry, Wisconsin)

RealMattGraves Rose Bowl Preview: Wisconsin Badgers vs. Stanford Cardinals: Grown man football! http://t.co/VAZ7r3hL

yourfriendbeaan I'd just like to point out the 2013 rose bowl parade was my freshman year outdoor show too

ArtfulDodger72 RT @elaine4animals: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Been up since 4am getting ready for the 2013 Rose Bowl Parade! Please tune in - we're the 42nd... http://t.co/MSbTM4na

angYOW We're at the Rose Bowl Parade 2013. The crowd is even bigger, and everyone's dancing. This is fun! Good way to start the year.


Being Happy and Always Smiling? by Oh-Hai. Q: I need some cute quotes about just happiness in general(: I've been really jolled lately because... well because there's this guy and he always makes me feel happy and he makes me smile(: I need some quotes to express this(:♥

A: Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you..... but the roses have wilted the violets are dead the sugar-bowl is empty and so is your head I don't walk into walls they just get into the way Dear Mom and Dad Please don't tell me to stop playing with my food when you spent a whole two years of your life convincing me it was a plane The world isn't gonna end in 2012 because my yogurt doesn't expire till 2013 Life was so much easier when Apple and Blackberry wear just fruits Thinking about how embarrassed You would be if there was a video camera in your room Sometimes i wonder Why s that frisbee getting bigger ...Then it hits me Teachers call it cheating we call it TEAMWORK! thanks for posting this question one of my fav questions!

where is the 2010 BCS championship game? by Rich C Q:

A: The Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2012 Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida in 2009, 2013 The Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California in 2010, 2014 University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona in 2011 visit http://www.frogost.com - The cheapest web hosting just a click away

Edible centerpiece ideas? by J. Q: I'm getting married in May 2013, but to make it as unstressful as possible we're getting a lot of stuff sorted now. One of the things we're deciding on is centerpieces. We're very eco-friendly people and don't want to have to waste paper and card and plastic on centerpieces that we'll only use once, and instead want to make some edible centerpieces. However, we have literally no idea where to start! Has anybody got any ideas? Or has anyone used edible centerpieces at their wedding? Thanks! We've had the idea of putting clear bowls full of multicoloured sugared hearts as centerpieces but are shying away from it.

A: - Edible fruit arrangements. - A bottle of wine, for self-serve, surrounded by flower petals or candles. - Clear plastic bowls with chocolates or mints inside. - Vases with chocolate roses.

Does anyone have any creative backyard wedding ideas? by Brandy Q: Okay so we're getting married of April of 2013, so we have a little bit of time. We have a few thousand of dollars to work with, and a lot of the wedding will be taken care of. My fiancé's parents' church will be letting us borrow all tables and chairs, possibly a tent, but I'm not sure if I want it all under a tent yet, I will be making all the flowers myself because I've taken a floral design class in the past, his dad said he would BBQ, and we we have a few friends that will be great canidents for our photographer. But there's still little things that I'm not sure of. Does anyone know any backyard wedding ideas? I am open and will read all ideas:)

A: If people will be there after dark, fairy lights or paper lanterns can produce a really pretty effect, or you can get garden fire torches (but if you have pets or children attending i dont really advice that) also after dark...what if you had a small fireworks display? not the super expensive professional ones, but nowadays the ones you can buy in shops are reasonably priced and pretty. A tent could be a good idea...it gives you options should (god forbid) the weather not be as good as you want. Then cover any tables with nice tablecloths in your chosen colour scheme and co-ordinate that with the flowers you make. Rose petals scattered on tables can look pretty as can those floating candles in bowls of water

2012-2013 college football bowl projections and conference champions? by Last Q: heres how i see it acc - FSU big 12 - oklahoma big east - louisville big 10 - michigan state pac 12 - usc bcs bowl matchups Rose oregon vs michigan state Sugar Louisville vs bama orange fsu vs boise state fiesta oklahoma vs michigan bcs title usc vs lsu other interesting matchups gator Auburn vs wisconsin kraft fight hunger navy vs oregon state WAR DAMN EAGLE AND GO NAVY

A: USC in the title game? Hmmmm. Im not sure about that one

2012-2013 college football bowl projections for your team? by Last Q: gator auburn vs wisconsin kraft fight hunger navy vs oregon state

A: Wisconsin in the Gator Bowl? Wow. I'm a Badgers fan, and looking at their schedule I can't find more than 1 loss. Plus, Ohio State AND Penn State are not eligible to play in the B10 Title game, and looking at the rest of the Badgers division, they will most certainly be in the B10 Title game against Michigan or Michigan State for a trip to Pasadena. I think UW will again find it's way to the Rose Bowl for a 3rd consecutive year. I think they will play Oregon again, and probably lose again. For fun i'm going to put Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl against West Va. Quite Frankly I have no clue how the Irish will play. They have another solid recruiting class coming in, Brian Kelly's spread offense should be about ready to be among the most productive in the country, the defense should be solid enough to keep them in games, and if they can split with the Michigan teams (who have been trouble in the past 5 seasons or so), and win 2 of 3 against Oklahoma, USC (who I think is overrated) and Stanford, they should find their way into a BCS game BECAUSE they are Notre Dame, not because they are deserving. And the rest of their schedule should be won.

When is the 2013 Rose Bowl? by Karen L Q: In mountain time

Minnesota Vikings new stadium? by Ryan Cronin Q: If the bill passed (or whatever is going on): 1. Would it be a dome? 2. When will construction start? 3. Will it be done by the start of the 2013 season?

A: 1. No. 2. As soon as they sign the agreement with AEG to move to LA. 3. Probably by 2016. They would have to play in the Coliseum or Rose Bowl for a couple of years.

2013 bcs bowl predictions for college football? by Winston Q: sugar bowl - louisville/rutgers vs auburn rose - oregon vs michigan orange - south florida vs clemson fiesta - oklahoma state vs florida state bcs - usc vs uga war damn eagle

A: Let us first plat these bowls, let the freshman come in, lets see who gets hurt and finally lets play out next season befire we start looking at 2013 bowl season.

have you heard about this? by Mister Football Q: i keep hearing on espn's channels and its web site that the big 12 conference is going to disband. they're saying that texas, texas a&m, texas tech, oklahoma, oklahoma state and colorado are moving to the pac 10 and missouri and nebraska are moving to the big ten. can you imagine 2 or 3 years from now seeing texas or oklahoma vs. nebraska or missouri in the rose bowl?

A: • Rumbling began last year about the Big Ten having plans to expand, perhaps inviting Missouri and Nebraska of the Big 12 and/or some Big East teams such as Rutgers, to join them. Notre Dame, naturally, always is part of the conversation. • Then came a report that recorded an estimated 7.5 on the College Football Richter Scale from Orangebloods.com that the Pac-10 hopes to swallow up six Big 12 teams - Texas, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Oklahoma State, Colorado and Texas Tech. The conference would split into two leagues, with Arizona State and Arizona joining the Big 12 newcomers in one and the old Pac-8 schools making up the other. While some initially dismissed the report, it was credible. • Soon after that report, the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch published e-mails between Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany and Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee in which they appeared to discuss adding Texas and Texas A&M. • On Saturday night, the roiling continued with an Austin American-Statesman blockbuster that the Big 12 has given Missouri and Nebraska until Friday to decide whether they're staying in the conference or bolting. • And on Sunday, the Pac-10 governing board gave conference Commissioner Larry Scott permission to pursue expansion. "We probably have contemplated or are contemplating almost everything you've read about," Scott told reporters Sunday. As usual with college football shifts, this one will be triggered by television ratings and money. And Texas is at the epicenter. It's no coincidence, either, that the Big 12 and Pac-10 television contracts are up for renegotiation next year. What could ultimately result is a structure of four 16-team "super conferences" with each having its own television network. The Big Ten already does. The Pac-10, upon expanding, likely would follow suit. Each would have its own conference championship game - another big revenue generator from television ratings, name sponsorships, tickets, merchandise, etc. What is very unclear is how the bowl games - and the Fiesta in particular - would fit into this new scenario. The Fiesta, remember, has tie-ins with the Big 12, which could soon cease to exist. It also is in the rotation of bowls that play host to the BCS National Championship Game. It's likely, of course, that we won't really know what the New World looks like until after the 2013 season when the current BCS contract expires. But when everything settles, will the super conferences simply form a playoff with league champions meeting in conference championship games that amount to national quarterfinals? Would a college football Final Four follow? And if that happens, where would the games be played? The Orange, Fiesta, Rose and Sugar with each rotating as host of the championship game? What about the Big 12 schools that would be left out? Are the powers that be really going to leave Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor with no place to go? Doubtful. Whether this truly is The Big One with inevitable aftershocks, or just a lot of rumbling remains to be seen. "There are so many options, opinions, stories and possibilities that it's almost impossible to keep track of them all," said John Junker, executive director of the Fiesta Bowl. "We're tied to the Big 12 and very supportive of that conference. On the other side, I don't think there's going to be a vote to have fewer BCS bowls, so the question is how it operates. "Change is the only thing that's certain. But we know somebody will want to play here in January."

What would happen if Oregon were to lose to USC in the conference championship? by nackwa Q: Even if USC loses to Notre Dame, would a 4 loss USC team play for the Rose Bowl as the conference champion and shut out Oregon of not only a BCS championship game but a Rose Bowl also? According to http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa/college-football-bowl-schedule.php the Rose Bowl is played by the "BCS Pac 12 #1" and the "BCS Big 10 #1." If Oregon were to lose to USC in the Pac 12 Championship game I would imagine they would still be the highest BCS ranked team in the Pac 12 with only having one loss and every other team in the Pac 12 having at least 2. That makes me think that Oregon would still play the Rose Bowl since that source does not state that it has to be the Pac 12 Champion playing in the Rose Bowl but rather the BCS Pac 12 #1. Am I wrong?

A: You are wrong. A team has to win its conference to get get an automatic bid. The winner of the PAC 12 goes to Rose Bowl, unless it goers to the NC. It doesn't matter what the rankings are. BCS selection procedures Automatic Qualification, At-Large Eligibility and Team Selection Automatic qualification 2. The champions of the Atlantic Coast, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, and Southeastern conferences will have automatic berths in one of the participating bowls through the 2013 regular season. Team selection procedures 2. Unless they qualify to play in the NCG, the champions of selected conferences are contractually committed to host selected games: Atlantic Coast Conference-Orange Bowl Big Ten Conference-Rose Bowl Big 12 Conference-Fiesta Bowl Pac-12 Conference-Rose Bowl Southeastern Conference-Sugar Bowl

WrestleMania locations for the next 10 years.? by Matt H Q: 2011. Louisiana Superdome-New Orleans, LA 2012. New Minnesota Twins Stadium (idk the name)-Minneapolis, MN 2013. Cowboys Stadium-Arlington, TX 2014. Lucas Oil Stadium-Indianapolis, IN 2015. Dolphins Stadium- Miami, FL 2016. Sam Boyd Stadium- Las Vegas, NV 2017. Georgia Dome-Atlanta, GA 2018. Rose Bowl- Pasadena, CA 2019. Wembley Stadium- England 2020. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium- Gainesville, FL (believe it or not, its the perfect stadium for a WrestleMania) or Raymond James Stadium-Tampa, FL. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to rate.

A: Well, the only problem is having it in England, now I know Wembley Stadium is a really big stadium and can fit nearly 100,000 people, but having the biggest PPV the WWE has to offer held in a different country would be weird. Not only that, but the time is off, If Wrestlemania went on Live at 5:00PM GMT, then Wrestlemania was live here in the Pacific in the morning. The time is off and most people might miss it. The biggest one I want to see is at Cowboys Stadium. It is a new arena and I would like to see what WWE can do with the jumbotron. 2011: 8/10 2012: 7/10 2013: 10/10 2014: 8/10 2015: 9/10 2016: 6/10 2017: 7/10 2018: 9/10 2019: 7/10 2020: 9/10

Will the next 10 NCAA Football National Champions come from the SEC and if not, what country are you from? by hays101 REVISITED Q: your turban is cutting off the circulation to your brain......

A: Yep! 2010: Auburn 2011: Auburn 2012: Auburn 2013: Auburn (At the Rose Bowl, baby!) 2014: Auburn 2015: Auburn 2016: Tennessee (There ya go) 2017: Auburn (Rose Bowl again! California time!) 2018: Auburn 2019: Auburn 2020: Auburn LOL, not seriously. Dude, the SEC streak is gonna end eventually. But one thing college football fans can be happy about: The more in a row the SEC wins, the more pressure on the NCAA to get a playoff. And I believe Auburn will win a BCS National Championship in 2013 or sooner. I honestly do. Because every one of our staff members will NOT leave Auburn University until they win a National Championship, and they proved it by not losing ANYBODY to another school this offseason. I know it sounds CRAZY to some now (AUBURN winning a BCS Title??? They aren't even a STATE!), but we will soon have the championship look. We have good coaches (Iowa State already sucked before he got there, but that's beside the point. LOOK AT HIS FRIGGIN ASSISTANTS!!!), it's been proven. In 3 years, we will be LOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAADDDDEEEDDDD, because this staff is great at recruiting, as AU will have top 5 finishes as far as the eye can see. Depth will be full. Talent will be abundant. We will have a high-flying offense with a power-running attack, and we will have a smothering defense who will shut down opposing offenses. You may not think it now, but trust me, when you have 63,000 at the spring game for an 8-5 team with some "5-19" coach, that should be at least a SIGN that Auburn is more than meets the eye. Besides, one good season in the SEC and you become a contender for years.

Any predictions for 2013 BCS games.? by Dirt Q: My predictions: Rose bowl: Oregon Over Michigan Fiesta bowl: Oklahoma over Wisconsin Sugar bowl: Alabama over cincinnatti Orange bowl: florida state over Boise NCG: LSU over USC

A: BCS title: Bama over USC....

Where should Super Bowl L be held? by Derek Q: It was announced today that Super Bowl XLIX will be played in Glendale, Arizona. With the 50th edition game coming next year (2013) where should it be held? I think it would be awesome if the 50th Super Bowl game be held where the 1st Super Bowl was held which was at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. I think that should be the #1 choice. # 2 choice would be @ the Cowboys Stadium and the #3 choice would be @ the Rose Bowl. what are your 3 choices?

A: Ford Field

way too early look at 2013 football season? by Last Q: i always love to look ahead so here we go 2013 big ten championship ohio state vs michigan state - champion ohio state big 12 champion texas big east champion boise state acc championship fsu vs virginia tech - champion fsu pac 12 championship usc vs washington - champion usc sec championship auburn vs florida - champion auburn bcs bowls bcs championship auburn vs ohio state sugar florida vs boise state rose bowl usc vs michigan state orange bowl fsu vs texas fiesta bowl oklahoma vs washington

A: Well, it's a little hard seeing as the conferences have been shifting around lately and there is all the BCS talk swirling around college football, so it's like trying to find a diamond in muddy water. I'll give it a shot, though. -Michigan wins the Big 10 Conference Championship -Oklahoma wins the Big 12 Conference -Boise State wins the Big East Conference -Clemson wins the ACC -California wins the Pac 12- this may seem weird, but I'm throwing them out there as the next team to blow up and get big in college football- -LSU wins the SEC Bowls: -LSU is repeat National Champions; 14-0 finishing record -California wins the Rose Bowl; 13-1 finishing record -Oklahoma wins the Fiesta Bowl; 11-2 finishing record -Alabama wins the Sugar Bowl; 12-1 finishing record -FSU wins the Orange Bowl; 10-3 finishing record

Where would you like to see the following Super Bowls? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: The following Super Bowls are; XLV in 2011 XLVI in 2012 XLVII in 2013 XLVIII in 2014 L in 2016 Kansas City, Missouri has tentative been selected as the host of Super Bowl XLIX Here is how I would like to see future Super Bowls: 2011 – Indianapolis 2012 – Atlanta 2013 – Los Angeles 2014 – Chicago 2016 – Detroit

A: 2011 – Indianapolis - maybe it will happen with new stadium, but it shouldn't, indy is too small and too cold 2012 – Atlanta - not unlikely, but again, it shouldn't. atlanta can be cold in january/february, and it is a fairly small market 2013 – Los Angeles - ok, but i assume you mean pasadena, and the rose bowl would need renovation. as it stands now, no chance for the colloseum, unless la gets a team and renovates it or builds a new stadium. 2014 – Chicago - no chance. i live in chicago, and i think it's the greatest city in the u.s., and new york is it's only real competition. but there's no way this will happen, it's too cold, too outdoors, and too small. after indy builds a new stadium, soldier field will be the smallest in the country, and there's no new stadium coming anytime soon after spending half a billion or so on renovations to soldier field 2 years ago. 2016 – Detroit - i hope not, too soon, and a bad idea anyway. as for 2015, kc is probably out, the rolling roof was voted down last week, and the superbowl will not come to an outdoor arrowhead. also, i am originally from the kc area and a chiefs fan, and i think hosting a superbowl there would be a disaster; there is not enough hotels, there is not enough to do, and the weather in february sucks. to paraprase espn.com's bill simmons, the superbowl should just rotate between san diego, new orleans, and miami. these are the only warm weather cities in the country with the hotel space, the stadium and convention facilities, and also the fun factor stemming from centralized downtowns and no shortage of bars. the superbowl is the biggest u.s. sporting event of the year, except for the occasional hosting of a summer olympics. it is also a week-long party. thus, it should be played only in places that people want to go, and unfortunately since it is a winter event, this excludes cold climates. should the chiefs ever make the superbowl, i fully intend to attend by any menas necesary, selling my car, maxing out credit cards, whatever. and in such a case, i would hate to do so to spend a week in houston, jacksonville, or detroit.

Who will win the Big-Ten in the 2012-2013 NCAA Football Season? by Edwin Q:

A: Wisconsin all the way. They have a talented team that went to the Rose Bowl last year. Although they've lost some players, including Russell Wilson, they have a new QB and new prospects that are all supposed to be good, not to mention returning Heisman finalist Montee Ball.

Since the PAC 10 , Big 10 and Rose Bowl are obstacles to a college playoff system why not let the ...? by Zinger Q: PAC 10 and Big 10 continue to play their Rose Bowl and everyone else go to the playoff system which would exclude these conferences. For you that are not aware the PAC 10 , Big 10 and Rose Bowl have an agreement which runs through the year 2013 and they do not want a change to the current system. I wonder how long it would take for the fan base to revolt if this were to happen. Then the PAC 10 and Big 10 would be forced to impove the current disaster in determining a national champion. Your thoughts? One thing I have learned is that contracts are made to be broken. Keep that in mind. To beer_mud Hey man, Rome wasn't built in one day. Any change to like a Plus-1 would be a good thing and you can go from there. But it is nonsense to remain with the current system in place. Did you know the TV ratings were down 17% from last year's championship game. That speaks volumes. To Stonewall - email is turned on. Thanks! General comment - I really think conferences are starting to talk serious about this matter. However, it would help if the fan base would do its part. I have emailed the SEC President, LSU Athletic Director and various sports analysts to voice my opinion. If more people were to send their respective conference and team representatives with a thoughtful response (no rants because that doesn't get you anywhere) then it will make a difference.

A: I agree with my friend, and I think the fans should speak out and also boycott the Rose Bowl. It would be up to the Big-10 and Pac-10 fans of course to be the ones who could make the difference. The rest of us could only make the TV ratings go down by not watching, and maybe a letter writing campaign to explain why. Congrats to your LSU team for a great season and winning the Championship!

New BCS Formula...if Big 10 or PAC 10 champ qualify for BCS Championship, Rose Bowl has to take non-BCS team? by just2good4this Q: The way I hear it, from 2010, to 2013, if the Big 10 or the PAC 10 champ qualify for the BCS Championship, then the Rose Bowl has to take the champion of a non-BCS league, like the Mountain West, the WAC, the MAC, etc...Good idea, bad idea? Why? To me, it's a start...granted only a fw non-BCS teams actually have a chance like Utah, but I still feel like the BCS segregates against non-BCS conferences...however this is a start....it's better than nothing.

A: No, the Rose Bowl will not have to take the champion of a non-BCS conference if a Big 10 or PAC 10 champ qualifies for the BCS championship. The Rose Bowl is going to become like the rest of the BCS bowls in that they have to take a non-BCS team that automatically qualifies if a Big 10 or PAC 10 champ qualifies for the BCS championship. There is a rotating order. The 2010 bowls are required to take an automatic non-BCS qualifier as such: Orange, Fiesta, Sugar. I'm not exactly certain, but 2011 the order might be: Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange. A non-BCS team becomes an automatic qualifier when: - It is ranked in the top 12 of the final BCS Standings - It is ranked in the top 16 of the final BCS Standings and its ranking in the final BCS Standings is higher than that of a champion of a conference that has an annual automatic berth in one of the BCS bowls. You are correct. The BCS DOES discriminate against non-BCS conferences. The BCS evolved from a TV revenue sharing agreement with the major conferences and Notre Dame which have had a large majority of the TV viewers. Don't forget, despite the success of Utah and Boise St. in the BCS bowls, the non-BCS teams play much weaker schedules and, despite their records, the top non-BCS teams, are probably not, year in and year out, truly competitive with the top teams of most BCS conferences. If they could somehow gain entry to a BCS league or get their current conferences upgraded, that would be a different scenario. I think Boise St. has one of the better coaches in the country. Petersen, with his values, attitude, demeanor, and coaching skills, reminds me of a young Joe Paterno.

Where can I watch the 2013 Rose Bowl online? by ATLFalcons Q:

Why is the college football national championship game will be televised on ABC instead of FOX.? by abustos_ab Q:

A: Because it's being played at The Rose Bowl. The TV contract states that the Rose Bowl game itself (this season Oregon vs Ohio State) and the National Championship game (this season Texas vs Alabama) when it's played at The Rose Bowl (this happens every four years, the next time will be after the 2013 season) will be televised by ABC.

What do you think the Mexican National Team Lineup will be in 2013? by Carlos Q:

A: --------------------------- Ochoa ----------------------- Ayala --------- Moreno --------- Maza ---------- Mier ---------- Herrera ------- Salcido ------- Jona --------------- ---------------- Gio ----------------------- Guardado -------------- --------------- Chicharito ----------- De Nigris --------- Ochoa will probably be in a better condition considering starter in France Solid 4 defense considered from Tigres, Monterey (best teams in the league as of right now and foreign players Herr.Sal. and Jona:Great ball recovery players that have a great mentality and are capable of playing with speed, triangulate and filter passes in the middle and side to Gio and Guardado Gio and Guardado will work as wings and FW...they will play centering balls and taking long range shots along with making trick plays that Gio tends to have a thing on when he plays behind a striker.... Chicharito and De Nigris are great finishers....you can filter passes to Chicharito through the middle in the ground knowing he has amazing speed....he can also pull back to exchange positions with Gio to triangulate for a great goal (did this durring the USA vs Mexico in copa oro rose bowl..) De Nigris adds that awesome surplus you need to get ariel control over the opposing team along with awesome talent he has been showing of in Monterey of first touch goals.... the reason no oribe is because he'll be old and maybe vela but with the decision he made of denying olympics chepo being not the guy who backs down might just leave him and Jona out but i think Jona now officially being in Barca in the first div... will be too much to renounce....so thats why im considering him as a fixed player.....

BOA Honor Band of America marching band in the rose bowl parade? by Lalalalala... I'm singing. Q: Ok. So i really really really want to audition for the BOA honor band of america. the MARCHING BAND part of this. all i can find are auditions for the concert band that happens over the summer. and an application for the marching band of 3 years ago. HOW CAN I AUDITION FOR THE MARCHING BAND BOA HONOR BAND OF AMERICA PLEASE HELP???!!!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!????!?!?!!!!

A: I was part of the Honor Band of America in the Tournament of Roses Parade & it was a phenomenal experience that I will never, ever, ever forget to this day. Since Honor Band of America will perform in the 2013 Rose parade, I'd suggest you start looking for an application starting fall 2011 & the instructions should be there.

who gets to be the home team for the 2013 rose bowl? Do the BIG 10 and Pac 12 switch off every year or is it t? by greg jennings Q: or is it the highest rated BCS team? We are buying tickets for the Wisconsin vs Stanford game and want to be in the Wisconsin section. Thanks in advance. That wasnt helpful, how can you find out where which side is which? Its split down the middle from the press box side to the sunny side

A: they alternate from year to year

Which of the Holiday Football Bowls will be the best-matched? by Grayson B. Q: I have heard way too much about the Notre Dame - Nebraska match-up on Jan. 7, 2013; what are the great Jan. 1 and late December football games that will be entertaining and watchable through the 4th Quarter? 10 points for best tips -- points to be awarded on about Dec. 29 or thereabouts

A: those on Jan. 1, 2013 -- Rose and Orange Bowls among others

Will the Jacksonville Faggguars move to LA for the 2014 season? by Atheist Authority Q: ??????????????? "The Jaguars are playing 2 games in London this year and are most likely moving to London in a few years." NO one is moving to london. Sure its a big market but that would put the team at a huge disadvantage on the road. Half of there games they'd have to play severely jet lagged. Travel schedules for teams that played london and played in london would be crazy. LA gets a team not the Limeys!

A: It's Likely However Instead of Using The Memorial Stadium or Rose Bowl I Believe Since it'll Be at The Beginning of The 2014 Season I Say Let The Los Angeles Jags Use Candlestick Park in San Francisco Until Farmers Field @ L.A. Live is Completed in 2016 (if Its is Negotiated By 2013) Id Rather See The Vikes in L.A. But There Deadset on Playing in The Twin Cities But if JAX Moves Then There Will Be Only a Minor Realignment Kansas City Would No Longer Be in The AFC West Theyd Be in The South and Vise Versa for The Jags

Which football stadium has hosted the most NFL Super Bowls? by Romo Q: I was guessing the Georgia dome or the New Orleans super dome, but, which stadium has hosted the most Super Bowl games since they started?

A: Lousisana Superdome with 6 (7 as of 2013). Miami* has the most hostings as a city with 10, split between the Orange Bowl and what is now Sun Life stadium. Louisiana Superdome 7 1978, 1981, 1986, 1990, 1997, 2002, 2013 Miami Orange Bowl5 1968, 1969, 1971, 1976, 1979 Sun Life Stadium5 1989, 1995, 1999, 2007, 2010 Rose Bowl 5 1977, 1980, 1983, 1987, 1993 Tulane Stadium 3 1970, 1972, 1975 Qualcomm Stadium3 1988, 1998, 2003

what time is the rose bowl going to air? by Tess Q: when is the 2013 Wisconsin badgers and Stanford going to air on TV.

A: The 2013 Rose Bowl between Stanford & Wisconsin will air @ 5:00 on ESPN

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