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Ron Wilson

Leafs fire head coach Ron Wilson, replace him with Randy Carlyle
Nobody knows for certain when Brian Burke took off the blinders and finally realized Ron Wilson was coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs backward, coaching a team that Burke believes is good enough to be in the playoffs not just out of the post-season but ...

Maple Leafs fire coach Ron Wilson
Ron Wilson was fired as coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs Friday and will be replaced by former Leafs player Randy Carlyle. In 64 games this season, the Maple Leafs boasted a 29-28-7 record under Wilson. The Leafs, who have lost 10 of their last 11 ...

Maple Leafs fire Ron Wilson
AP Wilson was dismissed after leading the team through a disastrous month that included a slide out of playoff position in the Eastern Conference. Wilson was wrapping up his fourth season in Toronto. Carlyle was coaching Anaheim before he was replaced ...

Wilson watch heats up as Leafs lose sixth straight
By Howard Berger, Postmedia News March 1, 2012 The Ron Wilson Watch was in full bloom Wednesday night after the Toronto Maple Leafs coughed up a 3-1 first-period lead and lost their sixth consecutive NHL game, 5-4, to the Chicago Blackhawks.

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Rontzocos91 Ron Wilson got fired, Randy Carlyle is going to replace him

BEAVERCAAAT RT @DarrenDreger: Sources telling TSN Ron Wilson has been fired. The Leafs have not named a replacement. Eakins? Carlyle? Crawford?

kylegooderham RT @dirtydangle: This is how I imagine Brian Burke told Ron Wilson he's fired. http://t.co/ZlNP4hQs

bigbadburnsy Disappointed Ron Wilson got fires for only one reason: HBO 24-7. Think he would have been a good watch. We'll see about Carlyle.

XXzkostyzXX Ron Wilson FINALLY Got fired, thank you Burke

StonedChild306 Its about time Ron Wilson got fired... #shouldadoneitsooner

Hockeybabe3 RT @hustlerlawless: "If you know you're gonna fire Ron Wilson, why not wait for the off-season? Why not give other guys a chance?"-LeBrun

RajaKalsi [email protected]: Ron Wilson fired. No replacement named.” Randy Carlyle gets a shot.

A_Geronimo Media/fans thought Ron Wilson was an asshole of a person... Enter Randy Carlyl #randybobandy

DanielBennett19 RT @DarrenDreger: Ron Wilson fired. No replacement named.

NickCook91 Ron wilson got fired #leafssuck

adamgen89 RT @SportsCentre: Ron Wilson is out... Randy Carlyle is in. RT if you like this move Leaf fans... what do you think? Use #NHLonTSN in your response!

jencruise4730 See ya later Ron Wilson !!!! #Leafs time to shape up.

JesseCizuroski Thank God. Ron Wilson has finally been fired from the Toronto Maple Leafs After 4 terrible seasons of not making the playoffs he deserved it

mikehan99 finally ron wilson bye bye


Was Devin Setogucci of the SJ Sharks sent back down to minors? by Yourmom Q: Also, what's Ron Wilson's problem with this kid? Considering how few games he's played he seems to have a high goal scoring average. Wow, I guess I hadn't realized he's played 43 games. I agree Ron Wilson seems to have a problem with someone out of the blue sometimes, but maybe that's all just gossip like the Marleau thing. I think Devin is giving a lot of effort... maybe that tap in your talking about was just so lucky it sucked all the lucky juice out of him for a while.

A: Setoguchi has scored goals in 8 of 43 games..........that's a rather low goal scoring percentage. His shooting percentage is 10.9%, just slightly above the league average. I think Wilson's problem with the kid is that kid is just not ready for the NHL....simple as that. 7 goals in his first 9 games, and 4 in his next 34................not a way to impress the people you want to play you. He has great touch around the net, and he'll grow into his role, but he'll have to work at it. He's a very predictable player and the league has caught on.............good players can redefine themselves. I think Devin has the tools to do that, and become a 40 goal scorer in the NHL for years to come.

Can anyone explain why they say Ron Paul is not a republican? by Goldwater Conservative Q: I see the republicans on stage taking liberal woodrow wilson stances on foreign policy. They are all big government big spending candidates. Ron Paul is pro life, wants to elminate unconstitutional programs, eliminate the income tax, pro gun, wants to secure the border, give more power to the states, and his record proves it. HOW IS HE NOT A TRUE REPUBLICAN? ok how is he a "wackjob"? and yes he has liberatarian views but the views he is taking are traditional conservative republican views. Look at ron pauls record, he is "dr no" how the hell is he as big of spender as everyone else? he votes to spend the LEAST amount out of everyone on the federal level.

A: He is actually the only "real" conservative running. The problem is he is "anti-establishment". Neither party wants a guy who doesn't put party loyalty ahead of the interests of the United States.

Who should be the next coach of the Leafs? by Q: Ron Wilson has finally been fired as head coach of the Maple Leafs. Now it is time to find a new coach. So who do you think should be the new head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs? Randy Carlyle and Dallas Eakins are considered the favourites. Randy Carlyle has reportedly been hired. What are your thoughts on this?

How seriously do you take these player polls? by Bob Loblaw Six Q: For example, "What coach would you least like to play for?" 24% said Ron Wilson 15% said John Tortorella 14% said Marc Crawford Meanwhile, 21% voted Bruce Boudreau as "The easiest coach to play for." What do you take from this? Does it speak more of a general dislike of these coaches or does it just speak more to accountability? If Mike Keenan was still coaching, would he make that list?

A: Keenan actually did make the list...he was fifth-@ 9% (see link below)...1 % behind (or ahead of-depending on perspective)Brent Sutter. In Wilson's case (like the others listed) it's probably a combination of being around a little toooooo long (getting more people pissed off at you as time passes) and the way he's called out players in the media etc.Let alone the stuff we don't hear about but no doubt anecdotes get passed from one player to another (especially ) as people change organizations.Looking at Tortorella or Wilson neither one is particularly tactful.Then again popularity and success don't go hand-in-hand (look at the Caps from mid-November until late December) To me the whole thing is more media-fodder than anything-and I say this as a (long-time) "Wilson disliker". Old Iron Mike really leaves an impression though...LOL...

What do you think of the leafs new coach? by hockeygalscores Q: What do you think of Ron Wilson, new coach of the leafs? Do you think he will help to tunr them around. Don't answer this in what you want to happen but what you actually think will happen, because the leafs will not win the cup next year, but they could begin to turn around, like the penguins for years to come.

A: Ron Wilson is a great coach, but he's getting stuck with a horrible position. Coaching in Toronto is a death sentence. It's like going to play for the Oakland Raiders. Players only go there to kill their careers.

What sort of damage control should the San Jose Sharks do heading into next season? by Justboo Q: Should they Fire Ron Wilson and the Coaching staff? should they make some blockbuster trades and signings? they where and have been the favorites the last few seasons and had second round exits in all of them.

A: The answer isn't in replacing their staff. Wilson has done a good job behind the bench. They need on-ice leadership. The elite teams have it. Sakic, Lidstrom, Modano etc. The Sharks brought in Thornton to fill this role, and he does it great during the season but fails in the playoffs. The answer is: Trade Joe Thornton and look for a defensive or center leadership.

Who are the main characters of The Third Eye written by lois duncan? by Lindsey G Q: I know three of the main characters of the third eye are karen, tim, and officer ron wilson but who else is one and how are they related to each other?

A: Karen Conners is really the main character

Can anybody seriously claim that Ron Paul is not conservative on foreign policy? by Brad Q: Ron Paul's foreign policy is that of the Founders. It is little different from the foreign policy laid out in George Washington's Farewell Address. He stands for a strong national defense, but no nation-building, no entangling alliances, and no foreign entanglements. This is the foreign policy of Robert Taft, of Warren Harding, and of Herbert Hoover. This is the foreign policy of the Republicans who kept us out of Neo-Con Woodrow Wilson's League of Nations. Can anybody seriously claim that Ron Paul is NOT the true conservative in the area of foreign policy, as he is in the area of domestic policy?

A: They have no idea what classic conservatism is. They only are familiar with the neo-con perspective, which ironically comes from the left. Having an intrusive, nation building foreign policy is anything BUT conservative.

Ron Paul versus Luke Wilson. Who would you vote for in 2012 for president? by I'm Chris Hansen Q:

A: Ron Paul/Peter Schiff 2012

Is Joe Wilson more important than every single representative and senator in this nation's history? by Culture Warrior Q: He clearly thinks he is since he decided to do something that no one, despite many most likely wanting to at one time or another, has ever done in this nation's history. Are the rules and standards that have been good enough for every other congressman and senator from James Madison to Ron Paul beneath Joe Wilson? Should there be a special act of congress to exempt Joe Wilson from obeying other rules? Do those who celebrate Joe Wilson have no understanding of the United States' history and its institutions or do they just have no respect for them?

A: He disrespected a political venue, is what he did. What he did was open big doors for ANYONE from now on to yell at ANY President from now on, ANYWHERE. The fact that liberals did it to Bush is NO excuse for it to be done to Obama. I'm Independent, and I'm SICK of whiny liberals and crybaby conservatives. He's a hooligan, a thug, a disgrace to the US of A.

How close are the politcs of Ron Paul and Woodrow Wilson? by Johnny S. Q:

A: Wilson was an interventionist while Ron Paul is believes in a humble foreign policy.

Why do many Republicans attack Ron Paul for his foreign policy? by _ Q: Giuliani and Romney actually have the Democrats traditional foreign policy of aggressive undeclared war (for example, Woodrow Wilson). Ron Paul's foreign policy is the traditional foreign policy of the Republican Party, which is that of the founders (peace and trade with all nations, entangling alliances with none; "Mr. Republican" Senator Robert Taft also had the same foreign policy as Ron Paul) Why are alot of the Republicans attacking Ron Paul for supporting their parties' traditional position on foreign policy, while they are backing the Democrats' position on foreign policy? Is it because these are Neo-Conservatives who have come over from the ultra-left Trotskyites (followers of Leon Trotsky, the rival who was defeated by Stalin for head of the Soviet Union and was later given a pick-ax in the back of the head by Stalin)? Could it be that these are leftists pretending to be conservatives?

A: Do ideas become extinct? The foreign policy of our Founding Fathers was right and our involvement in all these unnecessary wars that aren't even in our own defense is the consequence of not following it. Ron Paul has one excellent idea, following the Constitution. And that is the greatest idea reality has ever had.

Sharks fire coach Ron Wilson!!!!? by Buffalo Boys Q: Where will he go next?

A: I'm thinking either Atlanta or Toronto. Frankly, Toronto needs a coach like him... a winner. However, he has come up short with strong Sharks teams... so the Leafs stand no chance in the playoffs. Wilson has also coached teams that are a little bit younger, and Atlanta would also be a good fit for him. Despite their results, they are nearing the top of their game. As long as the GM and coach r different, they will do well. Honestly, who knows if he'll even continue? He has said in the past that he wants to, eventually, spend time with his grandkids and play golf, his other pasttime. He was great Sharks coach, despite his shortcomings in the playoffs. Where ever he goes, he'll probably do well.

Sharks fans: Is this evidence of Ron Wilson's poor coaching or is it just me? by Yourmom Q: Ron takes our penalty kill which was something like 2nd best in the regular season and changes up the lines to add Campbell when he was acquired. Ever since the Capbell line change our penalty kill has been mediocre to suck. Not that Campbell is bad or anything but he is known for being an offensive defenseman? Maybe make him a winger on the penalty kill.... or maybe leave what's working alone? I mean seriously why change the penalty kill line ups when they're 2nd best in the whole NHL? Thoughts? Dewman - that is true. Dallas has been playing well and I give them all the props for that. Our penalty kill has sucked though in both series and for the last games in the regular season.

A: Wilson has played Nabokov into the ground... and I think that's part of the reason the PK has taken a nose dive. I know nabokov is a first time Vezina finalist, but his SV% has never been lower in his career and has been dropping steadily since January. No team has allowed fewer shots than San Jose, but when you're a man down - the opposition is going to be able to get shots... and your netminder (who is also part of the PK) will be tested. We just need to do the math here... on the PK San Jose will give up more SOG's, Nabokov has a career low SV% this season (a SV% that's been steadily declining as the season wears on) and currently has the worst SV% of all goalies in the playoffs. That all adds up to a poor penalty kill success rate.

Who goes first Marleau or Ron Wilson?? by bulian1 Q: I don't think Marleau will be traded and i don't see why he would, yes he is having the worst year of his career with the 2nd worst plus/minus in the nhl but who's he playing with Marcel Goc and Bernier? both are alright players but they arent exactly going to help Marleau out with his point total and +-. I Would think Ron has to go, he continues to juggle his lines around dissrupting any chemistry that might form and he's putting crappy line combos out there too, i think he's lowering marleau's potential and worth far too much because he is an extreme talent in the lg but its hard to do anything playing with 2 low scoring grinders. what do u think? captain morgan- your a fool goc has 5 points with a -10 sharkohol-i think if anyone deserves captain it should be joe not jr

A: I've said it since last year. Marleau needs a change of scenery and Joe definitely deserves the "C" on his sweater. Patrick is not playing well at all. Goc, Errorhoff, & Carle need to go. Cheechoo was a one year wonder and I think he needs a change also. But, Ron Wilson will probably be the one to go. I like this coaching staff and all of us Sharks fans can feel their pain, especially when they are playing at home or on the power play. We need defense and a good back up goalie, or Ron Wilson will be fired.

Could Doug Wilson be fired if the Sharks don't win the Cup in the next 2 or 3 seasons? by Grand Theft Auto Q: Doug Wilson has played in big role in the success of the Sharks franchise. But if Ron Wilson can be fired while the team is in contender status could Doug Wilson be fired as well at the same status? How much time left does Doug Wilson have left to win a Cup? If you believe that he can still keep his job without winning a cup soon what do you think at minimum needs to happen in order for him to still have his job as GM?

A: Ok here's what I think. Circumstances: -Sharks don't win a Stanley Cup and then turn into the 06-07 Phoenix Coyotes (Which could happen in 6-10 years)...fired -At any point the Sharks miss the playoffs and still have no Stanley Cup ring...fired -Lose in 2nd round next year...fired, maybe 50-50 -Lose in 3rd round the next 2 years...fired -Lose in Stanley Cup Finals and then don't get passed the 2nd round 2 consecutive years later...fired What Doug Wilson and Greg Jamison have done as far as trading away draft picks have gotten me hot. I can easily see them struggling in 4-10 years do to trading draft picks and prospects...ie Ty Wishart. IF the Sharks get passed the 2nd round odds are he will stay. But if next year it turns to be 4 consecutive years of being eliminated in Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals will get him the boot. It shows that he can put a good team on the ice, but not an elite team. It also would show that firing Ron Wilson was a big mistake. Losing in the 2nd round would mean that he has not improved his team the past 4 years which they have always fallen below expectations. IMO (Yes I will get thumbs down for this) They should have 1-3 cups the past 4 years in either '04 or '06 for sure and possibly '07 or '08. If you think that I'm completely wrong about what I said about winning those cups then send me an email.

Should the Maple Leafs hire Ron Wilson? by KW-08 Q: If they do I believe Brian Burke will be next.....and then the Cup! Well at least it beats being a Senators fan... I don't think they should have got rid of Maurice either... Actually Will, JFJ did bring Maurice into the picture.

A: I think the Leafs need to focus on getting a GM first. If I remember correctly Paul Maurice wasn't a coach that JFJ picked and look how that turned out. We need to hire a GM and have him hand pick a coach.

Is Ron Wilson the Brian Billick of the NHL? by GOREMONGER Q: HE's an arrogant pompas jerk just like Billick... TDK: He may well win the cup but he's still a jerk...He's whining about cheap shots which is not true (if you watch the replay) He said Tootoo started the fight at the end of the game which is not true(watch the replay)

A: I'm curious as to how you came up with that conclusion. Care to elaborate? Brian Billick won the Super Bowl, so does that mean Ron Wilson will win the Stanley Cup? Gore: I definitely respect you for answering my question rather than others who would just go and start calling people names in a childish manner. Point taken.

HOO THINKS THAT rON wILSOn SHOULD TRADE nabokov? by sharkslvr:) Q:

A: Being a sharks fan here, i think they should trade him for a better goalie. He hasn't been performing lately. They should put Toskala as the starter and call up Nolan Schaefer from the AHL for the backup goalie. You could trade him for someone like Curtis Joesph or Tomas Vokoun (pending his recovery from his blood disorder). *****However, Nabokov was recently signed to a five year contract by the Sharks, so this is all very unlikely to happen.*****

Who thinks Vigneault should get the choking symbol from Darryl Sutter, Claude Julien, Ron Wilson and Hitchcock? by Alex Q: I NEED LOTS OF ANSWERS, PLEASE!!!!!! AND THANK YOU,,,,!!!...????<<<<>>>$@#!;.

A: Why? He coached the team to the finals and now he has coached them to the top of the standings (well until Chicago and NY passes us :/)

Who thinks that after when Ron Wilson wins the cup in 2014 with Leafs, he should give Vigneault and Ruff the? by Alex Q: CHOKING SYMBOL FOR ALWAYS choking I NEED LOTS OF ANSWERS, PLEASE!!!!!! AND THANK YOU,,,,!!!...????<<<<>>>$@#!;.

A: What's with your obsession with the canucks ? You mention them "choking" everyday ...

Is Ron Wilson gone if the Sharks lose tonight? by itsallaboutthesens Q:

A: Yes. As a fan, i've always had my doubts about him. He's a bit immature behind the bench in that he shows favoritism to his players regardless of how they are playing. He knows who he likes and who he doesn't and that played a huge role in his coaching strategies on the ice. He doesn't do well in motivating his players, he's not as vocal as he should be, and he makes really questionable coaching decisions. The Sharks need a change and it starts behind the bench.

Will Brian Burke ever fire his friend and head coach Ron Wilson? by usranger13 Q: Toronto loses again tonight and slips further out of a playoff spot. Approaching the end of Year 4 in Burke's 5 year plan to bring the Cup back to Toronto. After the loss last night, Wilson publicly throws goaltender James Reimer under the bus, saying that the first 2 goals were "stoppable" and that led to a poor performance the rest of the way. Even members of the Toronto media (such as Damien Cox) are publicly calling for Wilson to get the pink slip. Wilson received a contract extension in late December. Will Brian Burke fire Ron Wilson if Toronto doesn't make the playoffs?

LEAFS FANS: Paul Maurice vs. Ron Wilson. Who do you prefer? Why? by Mike "in Buffalo" Q: Brian Burke has made it clear that he will not fire Ron Wilson, although, many Leafs fans are frustrated with the coaching staff. I agree with Burke in saying that a change in coaching would not improve this team because the Leafs simply don't have a strong enough team to compete for a playoff spot. But, I ask this out of pure curiosity.. Would the Leafs do any better with Paul Maurice behind the bench than Ron Wilson? 10 PTS for Best Answer. Doesn't matter whether you agree/disagree with me.

A: Adam Proteau of the Hockey News had an excellent quote that pertains to this question......."it is like giving a chef a crouton and a hotdog and demanding he make caviar." Scotty Bowman could be the chef but he still aint makin' caviar out of weiners and dried bread! Would they do any better with Maurice than Wilson.....maybe, but not enough to make a difference. The reason I say maybe is because I have always looked at Maurice as a better teacher while I have viewed Wilson as a guy who works better with a veteran team and since the Leafs are young, Maurice might IMO be the better option but again, it isn't talented youth so it will still be what it is........you can't get blood out of a stone. Brian Burke should look in the mirror, he is the one that provides Wilson with the ingredients and he has provided him with.......well.........a bunch of eggos. I agree with you though........a coaching change isn't warranted. Although, my answer might be different if Ken Hitchcock were an option instead of Maurice, although even then it wouldn't matter. Burke is the change that needs to happen and the new GM would come in with a mess worse than what Burke inherited.

Should coach Ron Wilson of the Sharks be fired? by Teal Town USA Q:

A: I think you should tell me why you think he should be fired....then ill answer your question Okay, since you obviously wont tell me...... No. have you taken a little peek at the standings lately. If every coach got sacked every time his team got their @sses kicked, they would run out of people willing to coach I think he needs to start being a little meaner than he is. Joe says hes the nicest coach hes ever had. I hope he wasnt including his peewee coach. lol Hes a good coach though....once again, look at the standings

Ron Wilson the best scenario for Leafs? by Burnaby Joe Q: Ron Wilson is on his way to Toronto to seal the deal to be their new Head Coach. Interim GM Fletcher says that they have offered Wilson the coaching job and he wants to be there. The Burke situation is coming together nicely. Burke and Wilson played together for four years in college and were co-captains of the Providence Friars. Burke also got Wilson his first coaching job with Milwaukee, then helped bring him to Vancouver as an assistant coach when Burke was the assistant GM. Burke is also the Godfather of Wilson's daughter. Personally, I would not believe my eyes if next year (2009-2010) Burke was the Leafs GM. Should the Leafs have hired a head coach before a GM? Usually you have the GM chose a coach that resembles his own ideas for a club. Your answers are appreciated.

A: Its a start.

RON WILSON as new leafs head coach? by EUROOO Viva L'España!!! FORZ Q: so let me start off by saying i thought that they cliff and team would hire a gm first and then getting the gm to pick his own coach. then it was getting nonis on the team in an administrative capacity to lure burkey here, and now from the mouth of brian burke himself citing "personal problems" as what's holding him back from signing the extention contract from the samuelis. ron wilson and burke are good friends. cliff said "we're in the middle of negotiations" today. ron wilson head coach of the maple leafs with a free pass year for next season. can i just say that i think he's a good coach ron wilson is, but that i don't want him anywhere near a mediocre team/organization & fanbase that eats mediocre for dinner...what can he do for us next year that will actually benefit the leafs...uh bring us into the playoffs so we can get knocked out 1st/2nd round. are they for real? makes me want to curl up in a ball and bawl my eyes out. no it's not "official". everything is always stupid speculation and process. i can't wait to see how burke gets out of this. i think he likes making drama. i think i saw on the news there'll be a news conference for an update tomorrow...or if if i was just seeing things. i think howard berger has been the loudest brian burke is coming to toronto sports writer...and he's not wrong much. also how can you be a sharks fan???? and by the way anything is better than torts in toronto. i wanted to jump out the window when i heard he was on the "list". i'm doing a lot of thinking at 2 in the morning mostly because i'm waiting for game higlights but tsn has switched to espn euros, sportsnet is doing some olympics thing and the score is all wrestling. ugh. as for an expendable coach i thought they could've seriously considered kevin dineen, john anderson, burns etc...why ron wilson??????? what's wrong with the wild. lol. anything to make me feel better so i can go to sleep and not think about waking up early tomorrow for some phantom news conference. i'm what you call a desperate leafs fan...i've been watching them play golf for years and i still can't laugh at how much belak and mccaber suck at golf but that wade belak can actually beat bryan in a game. ugh. they should all just move to florida or something. i also hate love the offseason. i look forward to nhl news, but offseason is usually feeding season for leafs news because even when you think there's nothing more that can be reported...it's actually a never ending well of crap news by all toronto media (it's awesome), and it gets worse right around september because all of it comes just in time to ensure that i give up another school year to watching what's next in leafs land. aside from all that getting ready for nfl beats everything.

A: No coach would be a good coach. The leafs suck and we know it. You can't buy a ticket to see a game but its the biggest thing in the city. The only coach that really did anything was Pat Burns.

Should Ron Wilson Be Fired? by Gikdis Q: Do You Think That Ron Wilson Should Be Fired As Coach Of The Toronto Maple Leafs? Now i know he's had some good "REGULAR SEASON" Success in the past. And he hasn't had tremendous help from his players. But... His leafs are last in league when it comes to powerplay and penalty killing. (The last team to do that was the ducks in 1994. again coached by Ron Wilson.) He hasn't had any success with the leafs in the past two years. Ron has now started battles with some of his players like tomas kabarle and francois beauchiman. Calling them out and having on - ice troubles. And with all these young players coming up how can he help them. They need help to be mentored into the NHL to become effective players. How can that be done when all your coach wants to do is yell at you. Now i have nothing against Ron Wilson and i respect him as a coach and love what he did with team USA this year at the olympics. But do you think that Toronto is the right place for him, or should he move on?

A: He is an ego maniac and will sometimes call his players out publicly which can backfire. Considering the GM is an ego manic and a former teammate of Wilson, they seem to be a good fit. I don't know if he should be fired, look at what Brian Burke has given him to work with. Other thoughts....usually special teams (PP and PK) fall more on the assistant coaches....and the players (which again Burke has supplied him with). I tend to agree with your final paragraph, I think Wilson is a decent coach BUT this team is a poor fit for him, he is better served with a veteran team, not a young team of kids that need to learn. They need an educator, not a king mentor.

Who thinks Ron Wilson and the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup in 2014? by Alex Q: I NEED LOTS OF ANSWERS, PLEASE!!!!!. AND THANK YOU,,,,!!!...????<<<<>>>$@#!;.

A: Their chances will depend on Burke's management on the team. If he can add more fittable supporting cast, defensemans overall, they have a good chance...if Kessel's performance this season is any indication.

Why the hell hasn't Ron Wilson been fired yet? by // Q: Is it because he's the Coach of the U.S. Olympic team? Look at The Pens after they fired their Coach. I'm certainly not saying the Leafs can go on to win the Cup, but I think they do have some talented guys that aren't stepping up. Maybe a Coaching change is what they need, not 1 or zero point games. Burke won't fire him because they're buddies?

A: Who would you suggest they hire that could get them to win games with this severe lack of talent? Ron Wilson is a good coach and even the very best need guys who actually compete night in and night out plus have skill to go with that. Who on that team is even a solid point contributor (not counting Kessel because surely you wouldnt blame Wilson for his injury). Who on that team plays 100% solid defensive zone hockey regularly? There is a huge difference between turning around Crosby, Malkin, Fluery & co. than there is turning around a franchise that has done an incredibly bad job drafting and an even worse job signing free agents. This mess will take a lot of time to fix.....and who are these "talented" guys you refer to? Not trying to be rude or nasty but be honest....there is a severe lack of talent on that team and it shows with all the lapses you see game in and game out. Patience and better management are the only fixes here...not firing a quality coach who has little to work with....again what coach could turn around this mess (there is a reason why the good coaches already have jobs...Bylsma stepped into an amazing set of circumstances where the guys had tons of talent but hated the coach....they would have played harder for Bugs Bunny than they did for Therrien)?

is there a problem between kaberle and ron wilson this season because i think i heard .? by Q: there was problen between them.

A: .

Is Tyler Bozak going to be a 5 star player like ron wilson says? by Q: or is he going to be a 4 star

A: too early to tell

Will the Leafs fire Ron Wilson if they lose again toinght? by Q:

A: I highly doubt it. Brian Burke has gone out of his way to lay the blame on the players while deflecting as much blame as possible from Ron Wilson.

do you think ron wilson will be fired? by SPORTS GURU Q: he can't get the sharks past the 2nd round do you think he will be fired? also what players do you think will be gone?? and do you think roenick will come back for one more season? i hope he does!

A: Yes, I think they will look for some fresh leadership for the Sharks. Wilson has had phenomenal talent but hasn't been able to take the Sharks to another level. Had he taken the team to the Conference Final he may have been safer but the Sharks may look to some of the younger AHL talented coaches out there, especially as the team is getting younger. They may finally give Roy Sommer his NHL head coaching shot or let Dale Hunter take the reigns or Curt Fraser could be given another shot, another name to consider; Craig Hartsburg. Roenick would be smart to hang them up after such a successful year and transition into a coaching role. He would be hard-pressed to follow-up such a phenomenal year with anything close to this though he may still try to grab that brass ring one more time and could probably squeeze out one more year and the young players would benefit from his guidance. As long as Chris Chelios is playing Roenick may play. He would certainly be welcome with USA Hockey if he decided it was time to hang them up.

Why would Ron Wilson take the Toronto coaching job? Doesn't he hate the Canadian media? by Damian Lindendorf Q: I realize he needs a job, but still...

A: He liked the Hazzard Pay Clause in the contract?

Is Ron Wilson the best coach the Leafs have had in a long time? by Krautmeister Q:

A: I find it quite interesting to read these comments. I go back to the days of Joe Primeau as coach of the Leafs. In the same sentence I've read that Imlach was the best coach and Wilson was the worst coach. Wilson because he criticized his players in the media nad Imlach because he was a winner. Those of us who remember Imlach think that Wilson is a player's coach in comparison. Best coach ever would be a tie (in my memory) between Pat Burns and Roger Neilson. The lineup of worsts include John Brophy, Mike Murphy and my friend Nick Beverley. (These coaches weren't bad coaches but were caught up in the Toronto whirlpool that sucked them down.) The Leafs are epitomized not by poor coaching but by poor management.

Should the SHARKS trade Patrick Marleau or Fire Ron Wilson???? by Q: After another early exit from the playoffs, how will the Sharks management handle this? I say Ron Wilson has got to go. Bring in Barry Melrose!

A: You have to fire Wilson. Many will say Wilson has done a great job, but when it comes down to changes, you have to start behind the bench. Its a must after 4 losing playoff years. You can blame Marleau and trade him, or blame Cheechoo and trade him, but that would be a mistake. You may trade 1 player and get a new guy in return, but for the most part, it will be the same team returning back in October. And what happens with that same team when Wilson comes back again in October. What does he tell his team after ANOTHER season of getting eliminated in the 2nd round? Don't you think he's exhausted all his strategies in trying to motivate and bring out a winner from this team? "We did swell last April/May, lets give it another shot huh?" The players can only continue to play for a guy for that many years before it just becomes another season. Its got to start with Wilson and the change has to be made this summer. You can only keep the talent core together for so long before your Stanley Cup window all but closes. Pat Burns is who i'm hoping for behind the bench come October! --EDIT-- I've always liked Marleau. He's a quiet guy, probably better suited being an "A" instead of "C", but a good "C" nonetheless. He took crap during the regular season, but alot had to do with Wilson. When Wilson and him finally saw eye to eye, thats when his numbers went up. Marleau is the heart of SJ and to see him go would be a blow to the team that is beyond talent and name. The Sharks would be wise to keep #12.

Will Brian Burke and Ron Wilson strip Nazem Kadri of his NHL Center Ice? by Q: Who's flub was better Kadri or Kovalchuk? BQ: Should the Leafs start Gustavsson or Giguere be the full-time starter? Kadri Flub: It was an odd man rush (I believe it was a 3 on1 OR 3 on 2) Kadri had all the time to shoot or pass the puck but he literally pulled a Kovalchuk... move was almost identical...once it's on YouTube I will post it.

A: I have (had) the Leafs game on in the background but I must have missed the Kadri flub........enlighten me. BQ- JS............make him earn his 7 million............but does it really matter? I suppose, we don't want Boston getting too good. I want the Leafs to have a great season......they are of no concern to me, Boston on the other hand is starting to be stacked.

Was hiring Ron Wilson before a GM a good move or more Leafs stupidity? by Thekevin Q: why does habs fan have a coyotes jersey?

A: The Leafs have a plan. If we mortals can't see it it is because we are mere mortals. Should they have hired a GM first. Probably but if the best man wasn't going to be available for another year should they let Wilson get away or sign a third choice as GM. Fletcher is better than anyone else available. In a year or two Gainey, Lamoriello, and Burke will be available then the Leafs can hire their GM. If the new GM doesn't like Wilson. It's only money and Leafs do have lots of that. The problem in Toronto isn't that the ownership doesn't know what their doing is that the six thousand journalists in the city think they're smarter. Most of these experts were orange peelers for their high school teams and probably never played a serious game in their life. These brainiacs wanted to see Burke hired so they could prove themselves right. Half the questions Wilson was asked weren't about him or the Leafs but about Brian Burke. Give it a rest. Wilson was the best coach available and the best GM available hired him. end of discussion.

Do you think the sharks should have fired ron wilson? by GF4L™ Q: Im still debating weather if this is a good or bad move like He has been the best coach for the sharks by far! but he has failed to win the playoffs good move by the sharks?

A: Good move, the team has quit responding to him. This year more then any Ron Wilson tried to be the good cop at times and then the bad cop at others times. And for this team with expeditions to make a Cup berth or at the least a West Finals appearance and playing the good cop bad cop routine usually will get a you a pink slip because the GM sees its and probably hears it from his player that if this works we are behind him if not we need a new direction and voice

How do you Sharks fans feel about Ron Wilson being fired ? by TRR Q:

A: Eh, a little mixed. On the one hand, I really liked Ron Wilson because he did a lot of good for the Sharks. On the other hand, I think firing him sends a message to the team that Doug Wilson is serious about doing anything and changing anything to go all the way. I think this will make them think that their jobs in San Jose are also on the line if things don't change. So on the whole, I think it was a good move.

If You are ron Wilson do you pull your goalie to try to get a regulation win and prevent the Habs from clinch? by cdn24fan Q: Dawn D, looks like Mr Wilson does have some class.

A: Naw. That's unsportsmanlike. Have some class.

Should the Toronto Maple leafs Management Fire Ron Wilson? by YYZ Q: Leaf fans were fed up last game boooing the leafs and chanting fire wilson Fire wilson.

A: Yep, Im a leafs fan and I had enough with Ron, I don't care if he has 590 wins or about how he guided Washington to a Stanley Cup Final, that was the past and this is the present. If Wilson can't coach good, then why keep him? Just fire him and if your lucky hire Mike Keenan, at least he could coach properly.

now that tim hunter and rob zettler have joined ron wilson in toronto who will the sharks get? by SPORTS GURU Q: tim hunter and rob zettler have joined ron wilson in his coaching staff in toronto. who will the sharks get to replace them and will this hurt the team? also how many points do you think the sharks will end up with? i say 108

A: Todd Richards, former head coach of Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Pens will be one and the other will be Trent Yawney, formerly with the Norfolk Admirals. This will not hurt the team. They will be fine. Sharks will finish with 106 points.

How long do you think Ron Wilson will last in Toronto before he's fired? by Damian Lindendorf Q: I'll give him a couple years. He hates the Canadian media and after the Leafs miss the playoffs two more years in a row he'll be out the door. Your thoughts?

A: Leafsfan29 Ron Wilson will easily handle the Toronto media, I'm not sure the Toronto media will be able to handle him. He's a dual citizen (He never resigned his Canadian citizenship when becoming an American citizen). He knows the hockey situation in Toronto having been through it (and the media acted the same way towards the Leafs in the 70s when Wilson played for them as they do now. Wilson himself took a lot of flack from the media because he wore Keon's old number). Wilson is a great coach. He's had 1 losing season in the last 11 years and the three years before that he was coaching an expansion team - he has more playoff wins than John Tortorella, Marc Crawford and Bob Hartley - he has been to more Stanley Cup finals than Joel Quenneville - he has a similar wining percentage to Pat Quinn, Pat Burns, and better than Quenneville, Hartley, and Tortorella He was one of the highest profile coaches available He had one of the best resumes available of the pool of candidates that Fletcher was looking for (minimum 150 NHL games coached including at least 10 playoff wins) He is a buddy of Brian Burke (the real fish the Leafs want to catch). The only question that remains to be seen is whether or not he will have the players necessary to put a winning team together.

How will Ron Wilson do as coach of my beloved Leafs? by Steady Eddy Q: I want to predict playoffs but there are so many holes to fill i cant yet. I would settle for 40 wins. Please make a prediction and tell me how you think he will do.

A: he brought my caps to the stanley cup finals

What do you think Ron Wilson said to the Sharks in the second intermission? by Yourmom Q: They're down 2-0 with only one period left and they came out with a ferocity I have not seen the Sharks have in a third period... what did Ron say I wonder? I was expecting to watch my final 20 minuets of the Sharks for the season...

A: i don't know what he told them, but whatever it was, I hope he has more of it for the next two games GO SHARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How long are Brian Burke's and Ron Wilson's contracts with the Toronto Maple Leafs? by Q: How many years did Brian Burke and Ron Wilson sign their respective contracts with the Toronto Maple Leafs since they both arrived on the team around the same time?

A: their contracts are up on friday.....or at least they should be.

Did Brian Burke have anything to do with hiring Ron Wilson? by Q: I'm having an argument with a friend. Ron Wilson was hired on and began coaching the leafs at the start of the 08/09 season, while Burke didn't join the team until November 29, 2008. So I figure, coach was hired before GM therefore GM didn't hire coach. But I'm still being told that it was Burkes decision to hire Wilson, are there any sources to prove this theory?

A: http://sports.espn.go.com/nhl/news/story?id=3431848 this link above (sorry im level 1 you will have to copy and paste) makes look alot like Cliff Fetcher made the deal with Wilson

I am going to ask my first ever question on Yahoo Answers agian today, Will Ron Wilson get fired? by Teal Town USA Q: Will Ron Wilson get fired if the Sharks do not advance past the 1st round? What about the 2nd round?

A: He better. But no worries, theyll bounce back. I know they never do, but i have confidence in them

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