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Roman numerals

Super Bowl a good opportunity to teach kids about Roman numerals
They may know what X means, or V and I, but Roman numerals beyond the basics have largely gone the way of cursive and penmanship as a subject taught in the nation's schools. Students in high school and junior high get a taste of the Roman system during ...

Roman numerals are Greek to kids
Roman numerals for Super Bowl XLVI frame the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Monument Circle in Indianapolis. / Michael Conroy/AP The Associated Press NEW YORK — Kids LOL and OMG each other all the livelong day, but ask them to decipher the XLVI of ...

Super Bowl XLVI: Gettin' kinda commercial
Instantaneous translation of Roman numerals into American numerals ain'ta skill I ever mastered. It's all Vs and Xx and Ls and Is and if they start throwing in a C or and M there's no hope. I feel my lips moving as I try to figure out which Super Bowl ...

This month's other big sporting event returns to Indy for 58th time
If the Renfro family wanted to add some pizazz to the name of its popular and long-running Indianapolis show, it could use Roman numerals like the Super Bowl does. But Kevin Renfro, one of the owners of Renfro Productions & Management Inc., ...

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PatriciaMeyer3 Super Bowl XLVI's Roman numerals Greek to modern youth http://t.co/ekWS6g5n

amandalandryx Is it bad I still can't read roman numerals?

klalennon pop quiz what number superbowl is this...dont use roman numerals..

Wtgensch So it's super bowl 20 LV or something.... I'm behind on my roman numerals...

Chris_Ard RT @breezy_fm: The #SuperBowl just brings out Americas inability to read roman numerals.

ianpatterson99 Waking at 2am on Superbowl night not good. Why does the US use roman numerals by tradition to number superbowls? #surprisinglyintelligent

GusRamsey after Super Bowl L, I'd like the NFL to go to regular numbers. give the Roman numerals to our presidents... or let Rocky keep them alive.

ElectricEmmy I can't read Roman Numerals, cuhh.

smeasell34 "God who invented the Roman Numerals??" ................ (Everyone at once) "Uhhh the ROMANS!" ......WOW @sn_wamp18....wow

FortMinorLP I don't understand Roman Numerals

PR_Parker I didn't know Americans knew how count with standard letters... Let alone Roman Numerals.

Divadreams13 RT @Reetreet98: @Divadreams13 46< Thanks I just heard him say it as they showed the Roman Numerals so its possible I got a math lesson too

MyHalo_angel11 They need to stop putting the superbowl in roman numerals... I can read em that high. Lol.

trishbaden Holy amount of #Superbowl roman numerals.


Why clocks with Roman Numerals have the number 4 with four IIII instead of IV? by Q: I always noticed that most clocks (including the Big Ben) with Roman Numerals have number 4 with four "IIII" instead of IV wich is the correct form.

what are the roman numerals etch on a USMC NCO sword? by Q: There are several thing etch either by acid or laser but I need to know what the roman numerals are. There is a star and the United States Marine Corps etched.

A: You don't know how to read Roman numerals??? WTF?

How do you quote a book preface in mla if the page numbers are in roman numerals? by Q: in the book i am reading there is in the begin a few pages in roman numerals and then it goes on to page #1. how do i quote from the pages in the beginning?

A: Use roman numerals for the intro pages. I was taught to do that in school, so it's definitely right.

How to convert birthday into roman numerals? by contayjuss1 Q: I know alot about Roman Numerals and converting it but there is one thing that is stumping me... my birthday! I want to get it tattooed on my hand for my 21st birthday but I just cant figure out how to write it. I know: January= I 3rd= III and... 1989= MCMLXXXIX The thing is Im not sure how to write it since my birth month and my birthDay are single characters. Heres what I thought: I.III.MCMLXXXIX.... THANKS!

A: maybe with the slash marks like in a regular date? I/III/MCMLXXXIX or maybe have it done in a circle with no starting or stopping point.

How would i write my birthdate in roman numerals and roman months? by Q: okay so my birthdate, january 20, 1995... so i would want january in roman, 20 in roman numerals, and 1995 in roman numerals... can anyone help? or it could be like 1/20/1995

A: In the Gregorian calendar, in Latin : Dies Veneris xx Januarius MCMXXCV

What is the chord structure of the 12 Bar blues in Roman numerals? by Kalelah Q: I know about the 12 Bar blues as I have been learning a little bit about it in music and doing triads etc but i'm not sure of the roman numerals.

A: 12 bar blues is what's known as a 1-4-5, or in roman numerals, I-IV-V If you're playing blues in E, the E is the 1, or I... counting up from E, you have F as the 2, or II, G is the 3, or III, and A is the 4, or IV. B would be the 5, or in roman numerals V. Notice we are not counting sharps/flats, but full steps, therefore a 12 bar blues in the key of E means the chords are going to be E-A- and B. 12 bar blues in A would mean the chords are A-D- and E (A is the one, B would be the 2, C is the 3, and D is the 4, making E the 5. A-D-E 1-4-5.... or I-IV-V 12 bars...with 4 beats per measure, in the key of E, basically means this..... E-2-3-4.....E-2-3-4...E-2-3-4...E-2-3-4 A-2-3-4.....1-2-3-4 E-2-3-4.....1-2-3-4 B-2-3-4 A-2-3-4 E-2-3-4...1-2-3-4 Hope that made sense?

Can you tell the age of wood beams by carved Roman numerals? by krysoco Q: How can you tell the age of wood beams? I have some that have Roman Numerals carved into them. On one of them is XVII. What does this mean?

A: those are for assembly,to find there location!

How do you write this date in Roman Numerals? by WLDCAT10 Q: I need help with writing this date in Roman Numerals. The date is 4-20-2011. Any help is appreciated!

A: It is IV.XX.MMXI.

Does an outline have to start with roman numerals? by Cookie n Cream Q: An outline for a summer reading book I have to write about. Before beginning my outline I wonder if i have to have roman numerals

A: Yes, most Outlines start with Roman numerals, if it's going to be a really short outline using Capital letters, lower case letters and Arabic numbers are usually sufficient.

Can a arabic number in billions be translated into roman numerals? by meinert35 Q: I would like to know if the following numbers can be made in Roman Numerals. They are 4,123,572,145 Thanks

A: Without inventing new symbols, the largest number represented by Roman numerals is 3,999,999. Makes sense, as no-one will ever be able to count up to a billion

What is my birth date in roman numerals? by dameyou_13 Q: MY birth date is April 19, 1990, how would it be represented in Roman numerals ?

A: MCM (that is 1900) XC (that is 90) MCMXC (we recognize it for years, but not full dates, as if you put IV, XIX, MCMXC people might not understand)

How do you get Roman Numerals on Google Docs? by Kincso D Q: Hi! I have to write an essay and first I'm starting it off with my outline. For that I have to use Roman Numerals. Since I don't have Word, I am using Google Docs, so how do I get Roman Numerals on there?

A: Lowercase l(L for Lazy) l ll lll lV V

What are some really interesting facts about Roman Numerals? by Diana Martin Q: I am looking for about 6 really interesting facts on Roman numerals. Not just regular facts that I can find anywhere but something cool and different.

A: Roman Numerals sounds like Ramen Noodles. :)

What are the Roman numerals for a minor scale? by Q: I am studying for a CM test and I kneed to know the Roman numerals for a minor scale.

A: I really have no idea what you are talking about, but a harmonic minor scale compared to a major scale has a flattened 3rd and 6th and a melodic minor has just the flattened 3rd on the way up and flattened 7th, 6th and 3rd on the way down. It may just mean you have to recognize what degree of the scale it is so if its the tonic its I if its the supertonic its II then III IV V VI VII respectively

How can i make microsoft word number the first 4pages with Roman numerals and the rest with numbers? by PsYcHoSyS Q: I am writing a paper and the first bit of stuff needs to be numbered in Roman numerals and i can't seem to make it work for me, P.s. im using office 2007 microsoft word

A: well i dont know which one you have but realy its just a HeaderFooter. go to Header and just type them. its very simple if you just play with it. thats what i do.

How do you write the following dates in roman numerals? by Geni_4rm_da_block Q: I'm thinking about getting a tattoo and finally made up my mind. I have 2 boys and would love to get their date of birth tattooed in Roman numerals. Problem is, I don't know how to write 9/17/03 and 8/19/08.

A: 9 = IX 17 = XVII 03 = III (BUT 2003= MMIII) 8 = VIII 19 = XIX 2008 = MMVIII (8/19 same as my sis)

Can someone please translate a date into roman numerals for me? by BOHOCHIC Q: I need this date translated into roman numerals. Its for a tattoo, so if you have any reference sites or anything like that, that i could check out. The date is (11) nov 7 2009.

A: are you looking for the number 11? If so it is "XI". Here is just a basic rule of thumb for Roman Numerals: 1=I 5=V 10=X 50=L 100=C 500=D 1000=M So if you're following that rule then the 11 will be XI and the 7 will be VII and 2009 will be MMIX

How do I convert a date into Roman Numerals? by Q: I want to convert the date May 5, 2007 into Roman Numerals for a tattoo. Are there any sites that can do this? Or do you know it?

A: Well if you're trying to do it like the Romans would have, May 5 would be the III Nones of May (abbreviated III Non. Mai.). Then you convert the year into Roman Numerals, which is MVII.

What is the largest number you can express in Roman numerals? by Kitty Q: What is the largest number you can express in Roman numerals if you have one each of the following letters? (NOTE: You cannot use any of the letters as powers or exponents.) C D I L M V X

A: MMMDCCCLXXXVIII 3888 You can use M,C,X and I three times, but you can't do that with D, L and V. To write even larger numbers, the romans wrote a bar over the numeral that means times thousand. __ C means 100,000 _________________ MMMDCCCLXXXVIII would be 3,888,000 But I guess you need the answer without bars.

How do you write zero in Roman numerals? by Q: How do you write zero in Roman numerals?

A: actually, you don't. the concept of zero was an invention of ancient Arabians, hence, was a NEW thing in arabic numerals.

In an outline, if I have already used roman numerals through lower case letters, what subcategory is next? by NinaMaria Q: I am writing an outline for English class and have already used Roman Numerals, capital letters, numerals, and lowercase letters, what symbol should I use for my next subcategory? To clarify, it looks like this: V. Art and Media Issues of the Decade A. Influential Music in general 1. Big bands in general a. Big band singers in general and I need to talk about different big band singers here. Thank you!

A: try a dash (-) so it would be: V. A. 1. a. -

How do you write July 29, 2008 in roman numerals? by Erika Q: I am looking to get my son's birthdate in roman numerals tattooed somewhere and I have no idea what it would look like. Anyone know?

A: I'm having my daughter's birthdate done in Roman Numerals as well. July 29, 2008 (or 7/29/2008) would be VII XXIX MMVIII

Why do you think Roman Numerals are used in these modern ways? by Jazzy D Q: Roman Numerals are still used today in 2 ways. One place where you often see Roman numbers is on a clock face. The hours are marked as I to XII. Another place where you see Roman numbers is in the copyright year shown at the end of British TV programmes. Why do think that is????

A: Roman Numerals are still around and in use, because every culture still uses them. It's like a universal mathematic language.

How do you convert a date into roman numerals? by yuknowit Q: How do you convert the date June 5,1992 (06-05-1992) into roman numerals but i'm not sure how to do it.

A: 6 = VI 5 = V 1000 = M 900 = CM 90 = XC 2 = II => 1992 = MCMXCII

What is the correct way to write a date in Roman numerals? by Q: My question is what is the correct way to write a date in Roman numerals. My birthday is 7.13.1993. So would you write it 7.13.1993 or 13.7.1993. I am confused.


How do I write my birthday in roman numerals? by Q: My birthday is December 1st, 1991 (01/12/1991) and I want to know what that would all be in roman numerals for a tattoo I wanted!

A: I-12-MCM-CMI is Dec 1, 1991 Hope this helps

How do you write 1990 in roman numerals? by Q: I want to get my birth date tattooed. I was born in the year 1990. How would I write this in roman numerals?

A: you are actually relying on yahoo answers for information in regards to a tattoo...something that is to stay permanently on your skin?

What is the correct way to write 4 in Roman numerals? by oldteacher Q: I have noticed lately than most clocks w/Roman numerals use IIII, but in my math books (I have taught for 40 years) the correct way is IV. Is the IIII a newer way or is there another explanation?

A: There is one reason why IIII is preferable to IV, and it may have caused the change. On the other side of the clock dial the VIII is the heaviest number, consisting of four heavy strokes and one light one, as it is usually made. It would destroy the symmetry to have the IV with only two heavy strokes on the other side. Thus IIII with four heavy strokes is much to be preferred. The change may therefore have been made for reasons of symmetry. John313181, IX is only 3 positions away from XII, whereas IV (or IIII if you like) is 4 positions away. VIII is the same distance from XII as IV (IIII). However, for reasons other than clockmaking, I agree IV is preferable and more logical than IIII.

Why does the Super Bowl use Roman numerals instead of the year? by Click Click Derk Q: Why is it that every Super Bowl ever, all of them used Roman numerals like (XXL) instead of the actual year? Its so confusing to be able to follow it right. Why do they think they so special that they have to use that instead of the year like every other sport?

A: This is just a guess, but maybe because the NFL season begins in one year and ends in another, so instead of using the year they number the seasons. Like I said just a guess!

How to insert roman numerals using microsoft word 2007? by Q: I am working on my thesis and copyied and pasted the first section that requires roman numerals as page numbers into one document and then the rest of the text that should be standard page numbers into another document. I have tired inserting them manually but they automatically change from i, ii, iii back to 1,2,3. I have also used the format page numbers way of putting them in and still no change occurs. Any suggestions???

A: Try this: 1.At the top of the first page you want Arabic-numbered, click the Page Layout->Page Setup->Breaks icon. 2.Insert a Next Page type section break. 3.Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon. 4.Click Page Numbers->Format Page Numbers menu item. 5.In the Page Numbers dialog box, select Arabic numbers in the number format list box. 6.If you don’t want the page numbers to be continuous between the two sections, set Page Numbering to start at number one. The radio button should switch to Start At. 7.Click OK. 8.Go back to the first page of the document (now in the first section). 9.Repeat steps 3-5, but this time set the Number format to Roman Numerals. 10.Repeat steps 6-7. (Note: The actual insertion of page numbers in the page header or footer doesn't have to happen. Only the formatting selection is necessary. To avoid the insertion, click the Cancel button instead of the OK in Step 7). That should do it.

How do you figure out Roman Numerals for Seventh Chords? by Q: I'm having trouble figuring out what roman numerals go with seventh chords. I know what the chords are, but I don't fully know the process of going about getting the number for the roman numerals.

A: Well in traditional analysis you just need to add a 7 after the numeral. So let's just look at C major, you've got C Dm Em F G Am and Bdim. C is the first chord, so that's the I chord. D is the second chord, so it's the ii chord. Lower case indicates minor. Diminished chords are indicated by a little degree sign. In a major key, a 7th chord built off scale degree 7 is a half diminished 7th. It is indicated by a degree sign with a line through it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-diminished_seventh_chord If you just write a normal degree sign, it's a diminished 7th chord. There IS a difference.

What are 3 ways that roman numerals are used today? by Q: I'm doing a presentation for school on Roman numerals and I need a concluding statement that shows different ways that Roman numerals are used today.

A: They are still used in almost all cases for the copyright date on films, television programmes, and videos - for example MCMLXXXVI for 1986. You can see an example of the current copyright date written in this way on the web at the BBC site, currently of course MMV. They are also used to show the hours on some analogue clocks and watches. Intel, the computer chip maker, called the new version of its Pentium processor launched in May 1997 the Pentium II. They can be used for the preliminary pages of book before the main page numbering gets under way. Here they numerals normally use lower case letters so pages i, iv, xi and so on. Sporting events are often numbered using Roman numerals. The Athens Olympics in 2004, the 28th games in modern times, were called the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad, showing that it is the 28th games of the modern era since the first in 1896. The 2006 Winter Games in Torino, Italy will be the XX Winter Games; they began in 1924 and were in the same year as the Summer games until 1992. Beijing will be the XXIX Olympiad in 2008 and the 2012 Games won by London will be the XXX Olympiad. When counting Olympic Games the ones cancelled during war in 1916, 1940, and 1944 are included. In the USA the American football championship is called Super Bowl. In 2005, the 39th championship was Super Bowl XXXIX and the 2006 event will be Super Bowl XL. Monarchs are usually numbered in Roman - eg King Edward VII of England, Louis XIV of France. Popes are also numbered using Roman numerals so the late Pope was John Paul II and the current Pope is Benedict XVI. This form is also sometimes seen in naming eldest sons in American families where successive generations bear the same first name. The first time it happens the son is called Junior or Jr. In further generations Roman numerals are used. They are found in numbering paragraphs in complex documents to clarify which are main sections and which subsections so II.3.iv.(5). And they are used for similar reasons to show the volume number of periodicals eg vol.VI no.5. The New York Times still does this on its front page - eg VOL. CXLVII..No.51,305. You will sometimes find the first and second world wars referred to as World War I and World War II or even WWI and WWII. Roman numerals can be seen on public buildings, monuments and gravestones, sometimes when the inscription is in Latin but often just to give the date a certain gravity. On gravestones, as well as the date of death, Roman numerals can be used for the age of the deceased. Before the 18th century they were widely used for the publication date on printed books. Since that time they are still sometimes found on the title page, usually on specially printed or luxurious editions

Why does everybody like roman numerals better than numbers? by Q: You have to put World War II instead of World War 2. Also almost all movies use roman numerals instead of numbers. I think 2 is better than II & 3 is better than III. 5 is better than V Numbers are alot easier to work with than roman numerals. I think roman numerals can eat shit.

A: Roman numerals are regarded as being more dignified and classy than using numbers. Numbers have their place, but they are usually not used when naming important events.

How can I type Roman numerals on the computer? by demi Q: I am writing a report on something where I need to type Roman numerals. How can I DO them; Is it possible? QUICK RESPONSE, PLEASE.

A: by using the font times new roman on microsoft word and typing I II III IV V VI and so on

What would happen if you paid your taxes in roman numerals? by Q: My physics teacher went off in a tangent one day, and he wondered if it was against to rules to pay your taxes writing in something other then Arabic numerals. So I was wondering if it's against the rules to write them in Roman Numerals.

A: If the numeric box was not filled out in conventional numerals the bank would not honor it, nor would the IRS accept the check.

Is there a way to incorporate roman numerals into a tattoo? by Dexter goes rawr Q: I'm considering getting a set of roman numerals tattooed (they represent an important date to me). Is there a way to incorporate this into a tattoo? I love stars and lillies, but I'm not sure how either of these would look with roman numerals. Any ideas? I would be ok with just getting the numbers on my body in a fancy script, but I'd really prefer something else to embellish the letters. The letters are IXIXMMVIII by the way. Thanks! I'd like ideas and suggestions.

A: you could get just the roman numerals, or else go to your artist and tell them you want a little something around them and i'm sure they could draw you something up. you could even get like a lilly like you said you like and have the roman numeral like inside of it in a way if you know what i'm saying. that might be a cute idea. hope i helped!=]

Help in Microsoft Word! How do I get roman numerals for like 2 pages then start with numbers for the rest? by Q: I need roman numerals for my dedication page, and contents page. Then I want to use normal numbers for the rest of the book... Help me! I don't know how! I know how to make the roman numerals & the numbers, but I can't put them together like this. Please help!

A: This way: In Word versions prior to Word 2007: 1.At the top of the first page you want Arabic-numbered (1, 2, 3), click the Insert->Break menu item. 2.Insert a Next Page type section break. 3.Click the Insert->Page Numbers menu item. 4.In the Page Numbers dialog box, click the Format button. 5.In the Page Number Format dialog box, select Arabic numbers in the number format list box. 6.If you don’t want the page numbers to be continuous between the two sections, set Page Numbering to start at number one. The radio button should switch to Start At. 7.Click OK. 8.Click OK again. 9.Go back to the first page of the document (now in the first section). 10.Repeat steps 3-5, but this time set the Number format to Roman Numerals. 11.Repeat steps 6-8. (Note: The actual insertion of page numbers in the page header or footer doesn't have to happen. Only the formatting selection is necessary. To avoid the insertion, click the Cancel button instead of the OK in Step 8). In Word 2007, 2010: 1.At the top of the first page you want Arabic-numbered, click the Page Layout->Page Setup->Breaks icon. 2.Insert a Next Page type section break. 3.Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon. 4.Click Page Numbers->Format Page Numbers menu item. 5.In the Page Numbers dialog box, select Arabic numbers in the number format list box. 6.If you don’t want the page numbers to be continuous between the two sections, set Page Numbering to start at number one. The radio button should switch to Start At. 7.Click OK. 8.Go back to the first page of the document (now in the first section). 9.Repeat steps 3-5, but this time set the Number format to Roman Numerals. 10.Repeat steps 6-7. (Note: The actual insertion of page numbers in the page header or footer doesn't have to happen. Only the formatting selection is necessary. To avoid the insertion, click the Cancel button instead of the OK in Step 7). That should do it.

Why do the roman numerals mean in the name of chemical formulae? by Sirakyn Q: I have a few questions: Is this numbering limited only to the transition metals? As if it is something like Tungsten (VI) Fluoride it refers to Tungsten. Does VI mean the charge? Can an element have a 6+ charge? Basically, do the roman numerals mean the charge? All metals are with a + charge right? Appreciate your help. Very, very much.

A: yes they do mean the charge e.g. Iron (II) Oxide = Fe 2+ O 2- Iron (III) Phosphate = Fe 3+ PO4 3- Copper (II) Sulphate = Cu 2+ SO4 2- Technically they are only linked to transition metals, because transition metals can have different valencies/charges. Metals only lose electrons so they are always with a positive/+ charge. some elements can have a 6+ charge but i havent seen one before, but some transition metals might be able to. e.g. your example Tungsten (VI) flouride is WFe6 is W 6+

Should we switch from Arabic numerals back to good old fashioned Roman numerals due to the terrorism? by Q: Should we really use the numbers of the people who are trying to kill us? Should we go back to Roman numerals since they seem friendlier?

A: I personally can't wait to see widescreen TVs on sale for the low low price of $DCCCXCIX.XCIX Doesn't that just make things so much clearer?

Why were Roman numerals created and how was a relationship establish between them and the current numerical sy? by . Q: Why were Roman numerals created and how was a relationship establish between them and the current numerical system? Just something I have wondered and couldn't find too much information on.

A: Every society in antiquity had its own unique system of counting. The Roman system grew out of Roman society -- there's really no other answer. It has no relation to the current system, which originated in India and was brought to the west by the Arabs.

Where would a tattoo of roman numerals look good on a woman? by Dexter goes rawr Q: I'm considering in the [near] future getting a tattoo done of roman numerals. Yes, these numbers mean something important to me. I'm not sure exactly where to get them. I've been tossing around either on my rib cage or on my back right/left shoulder blade. Where do you think a roman numeral tattoo would look good on a woman? I'm up for any suggestions.

A: Well, that depends on the woman, the numerals, and their overall artistic design, really. Also, placement would be key. The ribcage area actually sounds lovely, if you're looking for a larger piece. No doubt it will be painful, but tattoos will be uncomfortable to get, no matter where you get them...you might as well get one where you really want it -- and, wouldn't mind seeing there permanently. Some of the most beautiful tattoos I've ever seen have been along someone's side, across their ribs. If you'd like a smaller piece, I like the inside of the wrist and the lowest base of the neck, right above the center of the shoulder blades.

How do I change roman numerals to arabic in Word 2007? by caitybird08 Q: I am writing my thesis, and I need the first page to have no numbers (which I have already), the numbering to start on the second page, and the first four pages need to be roman numerals--the rest will be Arabic numbers starting with one. Can anyone help me do this? Thanks!

A: This is going to be a bit long, but it should do it. (I am going to include your first page in case anyone else needs the answer to this question) This works for either the header or footer, I am going to explain the header. 1. On the second page of your document, go the the "Insert" tab in the "Header & Footer" group select "Page Number". Choose "Top of the Page" Choose "Roman 1" 2. The "Header & Footer Tools" "Design" tab will become visible. Check the box in the "Options" group that says "Different First Page". (This will remove the number from the first page.) 3. Click "Close Header and Footer" button in the "Close" group. 4. Go to the bottom of the 4th page and go to the "Page Layout" tab. Click the "Breaks" button in the "Page Setup" group. Select "Next Page" under the "Section Breaks" heading. 5. (You may need to hit the delete button once or twice, as most of the time the section break will add an extra page) 6. Go to the "Insert" tab and click "Page Number" in the "Header & Footer" group. Click "Top of Page" and choose "Plain Number 1". 7. In the "Design" tab under the "Header & Footer Tools", turn off the "Link to Previous" button in the "Navigation" group. (This will allow your numbering to start back at 1.) 8. In the "Header & Footer" group click the "Page Number" button and go to "Format Page Numbers...". 9. Choose your number format, in this case Arabic. Click the "Start at:" button, and make sure it says "1". And there you have it. I hope this helps

How do I make roman numerals in a document? by ilovejohnnypacar Q: I am doing a report for school, and I don't know how to put roman numerals on a microsoft document. Does anyone have any idea?

A: Depending on the keyboard you have, you can just use capital I's for the 1-3, IV for 4, V for five, VI for 7, VII for 8, IX for 9. and X for ten.

What Roman Numerals are there, and what number do they equal to? by Q: Well, i haven't worked with roman numerals for about a year or two. And i need to know them to make a school project more formal.

A: Here's the numerals: I = 1 V = 5 X = 10 L = 50 C = 100 D = 500 M = 1000 and here's how to use them: I - 1 II - 2 III - 3 IV (1 before 5) - 4 V - 5 VI - 6 VII - 7 VIII - 8 IX (1 before 10) - 9 X - 10 XI - 11 XII - 12 etc. XX is 20 XXIII is 23 XXIX would be 29, while XXX is 30 XL is 40. 49 would not be IL (1 before fifty), but would be 40 + 9 = XLIX XC is 90 CD is 400 CM is 900 999 would be CMXCIX. The year 2009 would be written as MMIX. Basically, you will never need to put more than 3 of the same letter in a row. Notice that there is no zero.

How to type in roman numerals for first five pages then switch to regular numbers? by Shubham S Q: How to type in roman numerals for first five pages then switch to regular numbers for microsoft word. But keep the roman numerals too.

A: Check out page 4 of this PDF. This is for Word 2007. Thanks!

How do I use roman numerals when naming transition metals in compounds? by Q: Alright, my first chemistry test is roughly two weeks away and I'm having trouble understanding the proper usage of roman numerals when naming compounds in Chemistry. I know that you use roman numerals when dealing with transition metals but thats it. For example, FeCL2 is Iron(II) Chloride and Fe2O3 is Iron(III) Oxide, how do you get the roman numerals in the proper names? Thanks in advance!

A: These roman numerals are used to specify the oxidation state, or charge of that atom. This means that Fe(II) is the same as Fe2+, which means that the Fe atom has lost 2 electrons, leaving it with a positive charge of 2+. This is important to know in order to balance compounds and do reactions. For example, if someone says "what is the formula for iron (II) nitrate?", I can see that the charge on iron, Fe, is 2+ because of the II in parenthesis. I know that nitrate, NO3- has a charge of -1, so I need 2 nitrates for every iron in order to cancel the charge. Therefor, iron (II) nitrate is Fe(NO3)2. Alternatively, if I see the compound Fe(NO3)2, I can figure out the name by knowing that since N03- has a negative charge, and there are 2 of them, together they have a charge of -2, so I need a charge of +2 to cancel it out. Therefore, iron, Fe, has a charge (oxidation state) of 2+, and so it is written as Iron (II) Nitrate. The same goes if it has a charge/oxidation state of 3, it is written and Iron (III). Hope this helps!

Roman numerals? by Ben H Q: Am I correct in saying that the number '2007' translates into 'MMVII" in Roman numerals?

A: Yep. Perfect!

ROMAN NUMERALS... ???? by MiSS MANDA Q: how do i write 02/01/1951 in roman numerals? i just need to know if whati got is correct.... thanks!!!


roman numerals? by just chill chill just chill Q: hi! umm i need help with roman numerals i did all the hard ones and i dont get one of the easy ones and i feel stupid so plez help how would you convert 499 to a roman numeral thanks i appreciate all your help bye

A: ID For those ppl giving you C's and L's it is because there are many ways, they are correct also, but mine is the simplest was to indicate 499 because D is 500 and I is 1 so 500 minus 1 is 499 ID is 499 DI is 501 For example 55 can be: XXXXXV VVVVVVVVVVV (many more combinations) or in simplest, LV since L is 50 and V is 5 Put it this way, its how the Romans would have written 499, which is the simplest form- ID __________________________ Roman Numeral Referance Sheet I 1 V 5 X 10 L 50 C 100 D 500 M 1000

Roman Numerals? by K L Q: how do you write a roman numeral for 40 100 and... 400? For my lab report I need to use those roman numerals to express somthing and I have no idea.

A: 40 - XL 100 - C 400 - CD Hope I helped you Good luck!!!

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