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Rolling thunder

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camila56714 Denco Sports Luggage Oklahoma City Thunder 27" Rolling Duffel (Black): Traveling students, alumni, faculty membe... http://t.co/2TyQlRFF

Diedrafcy Thunder Rolling in the Mountains: This powerful account of the tragic defeat of the Nez Perce Indians in 1877 by... http://t.co/1ITGgS6z

sourabh610 You leave without a word, no message, no number And now my head is pounding like rolling thunder You left me with... http://t.co/8wZdGwCi

NelsonKevan RT @STWuk: Why a US-UK-Israeli war on #Iran would be catastrophic after 10 years rolling thunder over the Muslim world. http://t.co/MWSVJMEJ

jrodwyer RT @June4th: RT @stwuk: Why a US-UK-Israeli war on #Iran would be catastrophic after 10 years rolling thunder over the Muslim world. http://t.co/h0kTxhev

June4th RT @stwuk: Why a US-UK-Israeli war on #Iran would be catastrophic after 10 years rolling thunder over the Muslim world. http://t.co/h0kTxhev

StopWarCa RT @STWuk: Why a US-UK-Israeli war on #Iran would be catastrophic after 10 years rolling thunder over the Muslim world. http://t.co/MWSVJMEJ

crk5 Thunder clouds now rolling over the mountain towards #Hobart. Awesome.

Deansmum some serious thunder here, storm rolling in

TonyDowling RT @STWuk: Why a US-UK-Israeli war on #Iran would be catastrophic after 10 years rolling thunder over the Muslim world. http://t.co/MWSVJMEJ

ChocoAholics RT @AyoKJones EZ-Widers are a poor excuse for rolling papers, but this chocolate thunder blunt power though...

weightlosswithc http://t.co/LiSbB0Jj RT @AyoKJones EZ-Widers are a poor excuse for rolling papers, but this chocolate thunder bl... http://t.co/HNusOMhf

AyoKJones EZ-Widers are a poor excuse for rolling papers, but this chocolate thunder blunt power though...

zephotografer #photojournalisme Rolling Thunder http://t.co/S7giXfJA - life

photojournsg LIFE > Rolling Thunder http://t.co/XuQGIQrJ #photojournalism


In COD Black Ops what would be the better 3rd killstreak: Rolling Thunder or Chopper Gunner? by Krzysztof Q: which will get me more kills on most maps? Rolling Thunder (8 kills) or Chopper Gunner (9 kills). I read that on Nuketown you can kill all the enemies by getting Rolling Thunder so I was leaning towards that but what would you suggest?

A: Chopper Gunner is better against incompetent players since they won't shoot it down, but competent players might shoot it down before you get a single kill, that is the risk with Chopper Gunner. Rolling Thunder is amazing on narrow maps like Nuketown, Summit and Firing range, usually getting 6 kills or more, it is terrible on maps like Array though and only alright on maps like WMD. Chopper Gunner is much easier to use since you just point and click, Rolling Thunder gets better if you are skilled at following spawns well and good a directing air strikes like Napalm. Read my article on Killstreaks for more information: http://gameolosophy.com/games/sports/total-club-manager/black-ops-tips-customizing-your-killstreaks/

whose that girl who sings that country song that says rolling thunder in it? by show145145 Q: they play it on the country station often, the only thing i remember is she says rolling thunder in it

A: Rolling Thunder by Molly Hatchet Brothers riding to the wall from all across the land The wars been over twenty years but they still come who can Read the names of the land of the free Think of the brothers who went down for you and me. I ran into an old friend I hadn't seen in 20 years Talked about the good old days and cried some tears You've never seen the things he's trying to forget Saw hell for 18 months you ain't sen nothing yet Chorus: Rolling thunder writings on the wall Six feet under brothers heard the call Rolling thunder writings on the wall Death with honor dreams will never fall This wall is for Americans who fought in Vietnam Who fought and died for rich old men who never held a gun Read the names of the boys who went down for me and you

How to complete the gears of war 2 rolling thunder mission in hardcore difficulty? by sami Q: I am talking about the mortar mission where you have to kill a reaver which is on the left side...how do you kill that?

A: Cheap way: Plug in a second controller/get a friend to join, set his difficulty to easy and kill it. Normal way: Shoot it the very second it comes on the screen and aim for its face. I can't remember if you can use the Troika in this part or not, so if you can, use it.

where can i find cheat code for rolling thunder ps 2? namco musem? by ? Q: ive tried all over the net and I cant find the cheat for ps 2 rolling thunder off of namco museum 50th aniversary. Can someone pls help me, thakns u so much.

A: Maybe it doesnt exist?

Long Rolling Thunder And Lots of Lightening But No Rain? by prolly Q: What does it mean when there is long rolling thunder and lots of lightening but no rain? There was rain earlier, but not right now. Is the storm ending? Or will it get worse? Thank you to everyone that answered!

A: the dew point is low & so is the air pressure. the rain evaporates before hitting the ground.

What exactly is Operation Rolling Thunder? by br135 Q: Well i know that Rolling Thunder was the massive and overpowering strategic bombing of key targets in North Vietnam. but like besides that what was it??

A: In fiction Operation Rolling Thunder was the "massive and overpowering strategic bombing of key targets in North Vietnam," but in reality it was something different. In reality, the bombing campaign against the Democratic Republic of Vietnam that began on February 13, 1965, and became known as "Rolling Thunder," was to last for eight weeks - but in fact lasted until November 1968. From a program that was primarily political and psychological, it became a continuous bombing program with greater military significance - this campaign of destruction became an integral part of the "limited war" being conducted by the Americans against the Vietnamese. Along with the "key targets" of the Hanoi-Lao Cai railroad, Route 5, and the railroad between Hanoi and Haiphong, the school and hospitals in the heavily populated urban areas were also bombed. For more information, see: Rolling Thunder 1965: Anatomy of a Failure Col. Dennis M. Drew www.au.af.mil

Is the Rolling Thunder bike rally available? by webchiky Q: Does anyone know if there's any place that televises the Rolling Thunder bike ride in Washington D.C. today? Thanks Veterans and Active Duty Military! <3

A: Thank you. I'm a Korean Vet. I been there quite a bit and I know the news stations televise it. Check with the Vietnam Vets web site, they might be able to fix u up.

How many bikes were estimated to have been at Rolling Thunder yesterday, May 28 2006? by lindawillsell Q: I was there and it was a huge turnout, but I can't find anywhere online where someone even estimates turnout numbers in years past, other than in varying ranges such as "tens or hundreds of thousands." I've emailed the rolling thunder organization and will gladly post their response if one is received! Thanks!

A: Hey yeah post it up; I'm curious to the outcome as well.

Is it a requirement to wear motorcycle helmets for Rolling Thunder? by Warden77 Q: Just wanting to know when I ride through the Rolling Thunder Ralley on my bike do I need my helmet? Is it a requirement? Thanks!

A: virginia is a helmet state, so yup. u need it.

What actions in Operation Rolling Thunder are debatable? by Dylan Q: I am trying to figure out what is a good debate topic about Rolling Thunder for National History Day if you could help that would mean a lot to me thanks!

A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Rolling_Thunder The debate going on at the time was happening in the form of anti-war riots on the streets of America. Leftists objected to our taking the fight to the enemy. "Rolling Thunder was terminated as a strategic failure in late 1968 having achieved none of its objectives."

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