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Rolling stone

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santeran Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary Edition | Album Reviews | Rolling Stone http://t.co/Ztg5DZay vía @rollingstone

RogueRage74 It's not just for men, reminds me of a pre '90's Rolling Stone without the emphasis on music. Solid journalism. http://t.co/hIGrZaud

Dedemesquita A Rolling Stone está DE-MAIS, este mês: são 10 páginas de Bob Dylan e OITO de Chico Buarque. Compra pra ti @Jorane_

patrickalvesdj @AmoraSampaio Já Viu A Capa Da Rolling Stone Desse Mês?

431GarconNoir Stone cold, rolling stone, I'm a stoned nigga. Write it on my tombstone, I was stoned nigga. A$AP

Ma_r_ley BTW; I'll be 23 in 4months. Yup. Me and my sister only 4months apart. Poplar was a rolling stone.

JussEssentially Video Justin Bieber The young heartthrob answers fan questions http://t.co/nIiZ2xJ5

CalixGreen #np the weeknd ; rolling stone .

Mazorca 'Like a Rolling Stone' é uma música sensacional. Bob Dylan é muito, muito foda.

AGENTSOF Fashionable Faces Posters — Mama's A Rolling Stone Magazine http://t.co/WcbCgoBm

tatha_yank Done event bday @rscafe rolling stone cafe..heading to birdcage

adriano_vieira Bom almoço! - Like a Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan, from #SoundHound http://t.co/PF4qsNRB

Freyadjhc @paulaakpan like a rolling penny..... Stone #youknowhatswhat

RodBranco How does it feel... how does it feel? To be without a home, like a complete unknown... like a rolling stone?

tim_baran Wall Street Isn't Winning It's Cheating | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone http://t.co/Y4tVUaHB


What does a rolling stone gathers no moss mean? by pgd Q: What kind of stone is it? Stream? River? Ocean? Other? Rolling from where to where? Here to there? Moss is what color? Green? Other? Is the proverb talking about a woman? Man? A mature adult? A young adult? A teenager? A child? Age? When was the proverb invented? By whom? Occupation?

A: No relation to stone, man, geography, colour, creed, etc. Its a proverb meaning that a person who keeps moving does not get gel with the rest of his surroundings.

What day of the week does Rolling Stone hit news stands? by Sarah D Q: Hi. So, I wanted to buy this weeks issue of Rolling Stone mag, which features Adam Lambert on the cover. The article I read on Yahoo said it comes out Wednesday, but others have said differently. Does anybody know what day of the week it comes out?

A: Gosh! I have the same question cause i also want the Adam Lambert Rolling Stone :S

Is it possible to order a certain issue of Rolling Stone magazine? by Future Actress <3 Q: I want to buy a past issue of the Rolling Stone magazine, is that possible? If so, how can I do that?

A: Hi,have a look through Rolling Stone and when you come to the credits(writers,publishers,photographers etc) it should have an email address or phone number of the publisher,they should be able to help.Most magazines are recycled but if you call the publisher they still may have some copies of old issues...hope this helps,good luck :)

where can i find a rolling stone poster of the jonas brothers? by Megan Q: i know that the rolling stone magazine came out and the jonas brothers are on the cover. i was wondering if anyone knows where i can find a poster of it.

A: When you go to any mall theyres always a place where you can get celebrity magazines. Like , BOP or TIGERBEAT. If you find any of them, there are ALOT of jonas brothers posters and pictures and news in it. Check them out!. && I also checked out some fansites. I saw the rolling stone cover on it. So you can either print them out (: www.joe-jonas.com and they show you links too the poster.

How long will the Rolling Stone magazine stay on newsstands for? by Zaikai2008 Q: how long will The commemorative Rolling Stone edition with Michael Jackson stay on sale for?I'm not sure if it's out on newsstands already. Also does anybody know the price of it?(I live in Canada) although the US price would be good too, if anybody knows..i want to buy it real bad thanks!

A: i live in Canada too, and im pretty sure ive seen it around. I think it will stay on newsstands until next months issue comes out. So you have around the beginning of august to buy it. and sorry i dont know how much it is.

If your subscribed to Rolling Stone, will you automatically get the Michael Jackson commemorative issue? by Kilde B Q: I've been subscribed to Rolling Stone Magazine since November and saw on their website that they have a new Michael Jackson commemorative issue, and that it's selling for around $10. If your subscribed to the magazine will you automatically get it through the mail, or are they only going to sell it in stores?

A: Yeah you should get it, they might make you pay an extra $1 or something like that.

What two fonts do Rolling Stone Magazine use for their body copy? by Jeremy Q: I am doing a project for my publication design class and am trying to duplicate the Table of Contents in Rolling Stone Magazine. I think one of them is Times New Roman, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

A: body { font-family: georgia, 'times new roman', times, serif; }

what makes the rolling stone magazine cover so appealing and different? by Princess Q: What do you guys think is the most interesting thing about all the covers from Rolling Stone Magazine; the girls, the colors used, the style, or what? Personally i think its the style of the layout but I want to know what you all think. So tell me what you guys think is interesting about the covers.

A: I think it's the high quality of the pictures, along with the ability of the layout people to effectively keep the typed words out of the way of the picture but not have it look the same every time. I feel like it all works together to showcase a really awesome picture in the best possible way.

Rolling Stone? by butterflies&&stars Q: Is there a site where I can read the latest Rolling Stone on the internet for free?

A: try rollingstones .com

Rolling stone? by Tommy Q: i have a question is there any connection between the uses of the term rolling stone. i first heard it in the bob dylan song like a rolling stone. but in that song rolling stone is moreof used as a way to describe someone as a tramp/homeless/hippie/or beatnik. there there is the band the rolling stones. where they before or after bob dylan and his use of the term? then there is rolling stone magizine... will you guys please help me out? what is your opinion?

A: Just off the top of my head I'd say the Stones (band) was around before the Dylan song. As far as a connection, I suppose I could buy the Band-Song connection, but the magazine I have no idea. I think they just wanted a name that brought to mind good music.

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