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CNN's Roland Martin suspended for homophobic tweets
By Erik Wemple On Super Bowl Sunday, Roland Martin of CNN issued some homophobic tweets that got him in trouble with gay organizations and this blog. CNN stayed silent on the matter, until just moments ago, when it issued this statement: “Roland ...

Roland Martin's mea culpa: Hermeneutics of the self-erasing (non-)apology
Roland Martin has issued a mea culpa about remarks he made on Super Bowl Sunday which he acknowledges may have been construed as homophobic and which thus dismayed or distressed members of the public. GLAAD, in turn, has posted a counter-statement.

CNN suspends Martin for 'offensive' comments
Click here CNN suspends Martin for 'offensive' comments Published: February 8, 2012 3:36 PM By The Associated Press (AP) -- CNN is suspending political analyst Roland Martin for tweets during the Super Bowl that the network said were "offensive" and ...

Missouri primary a waste of time
By Roland Martin, CNN Contributor A Gingrich supporter attends a rally on the eve of Tuesday's voting in Missouri, Colorado and Minnesota. Martin: GOP objects to wasting taxpayers' dollars, so why support this vote? Editor's note: Roland S. Martin is a ...

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HawkPurple RT @thinkprogress: After offensive comments, CNN suspends liberal @rolandsmartin but not conservative @dloesch http://t.co/wwXV4JqC cc…


do u watch roland martins fishing show? by rayquazaguy22 Q: i do but mostly for laughs the entire show is just advertising products for his sponsors one day he was bass fishing and he caught this 4 pounder and he said "this is a great tournament fish and speaking of tournament fish you have to keep them alive and wat i use to to that is this powder stuff (i forgot the name) then he said "but were not in a tournament so ill just throw it back" ro one time he was redfishing and the whole time he would just talk about the lure he was using and not like effective ways to use it, just things like were you can buy it and stuff the products that he advertises work, but still his show is like an infomercial for fifty different things

A: he is a good fisherman and all but you dont really learn from his shows. He talks about the products (some every show like his "yoko ono sunglasses with the readers on them so i can tie knots because im getting old" or his own line of products) his ego is a little to big, i think

Who is your favorite political pundit? by Middle Man Q: I have many favorites mostly from CNN like Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper, David Gergin, Roland Martin, John King, and many others. I can't pick one. Who is your favorite pundit?

A: I like Joe Scarborough, Mika Brezhinski, and Mike Barnacle on 'Morning Joe' on MSNBC.

What do you guys think of the Spike-it color-c-lector? by Dane Cruz Q: The one that Roland Martin pushes really hard on his show. Do you guys think it's just another gimmick, or do you think Spike-it is really on to something?

A: Personally I think it is a gimmick, because in my experience you can only really tell what colors to throw through experience. There are four things I consider when selecting bait color. Water clarity, the rule of thumb here is the muddier the water is the darker the color you want to use. Color of the bottom, prey animals tend to match the color of their surroundings, ex. colors like watermelon, green pumpkin and pumpkin. Match the hatch, what are the fish mostly feeding at that time? If they are feeding on shad throw a bait that looks like a shad. Light penetration, Is it sunny or cloudy? Is the wind blowing? If it is cloudy I like to use bait with more white and if the water has a little color maybe throw on some chartreuse. If the wind is blowing I like to do the same, but also use a faster moving bait like a spinner bait.

Why are there so many more black commentators on TV this election cycle? by lacrosse2lax Q: Is it to avoid being called "racist" for having non-blacks talk about Obama? I always notice some of the black commentators like Roland Martin always whining, being kind of uppity about his candidate. And a ton of others too. Why is affirmative action so common on TV nowadays?

A: if obama was white, oprah will not endorse him.

Why do black people defend Obama no matter what he does? by Q: Every time I watch CNN, there is a loudmouth black like Roland Martin or Donna Brazzil defending Obama mo matter what...don't they realize that they make themselves look stupid when they defend people just because they are the same race? Every president makes mistakes, but these two idiots make it look like Obama is the nest messiah or something. What is their problem?

A: They don't. I've seen a lot of black men talking bad about Obama. And there are TONS of white people that think Obama is the messiah too, don't fool yourself!

who sings the theme song for roland martins fishing show? by Q:

A: Bobby Bare "Great American Fisherman". Roland has had him on the show many times to fish.

How did rappers become the ideal image for all black men? by Q: We bypassed Michael Eric Dyson, Cornell West, Lamont Hill, Tavis Smiley, Roland Martin,Don lemon and other intelligent black men as an representation or ideal black man. But Gucci, Plies, and other talentless gangster rappers are the ideal and quintessential black man. When you are debating or bring up the subject about black men. The names I had mentioned are not brought at all. They are simple ignored but they will bring up rappers. Why?

A: because they see how the media hypes them up, and they want that same "respect" (since it really isn't respect) remember whites control the media, and therefore they will only show negativity towards blacks...and if you do it for so long, some black people become brainwashed, and believe to be black and popular you have to be negative I'm sorry but most of these rappers they idolize are not positive role models TBH any entertainer isn't a positive role model

How do you think America will be around 2042 in a minority run country? by Q: By 2042 according to TV One Washington Watch report done by Roland Martin the USA will become a minority majority country (African Americans and Latinos) Do you think the two groups will work together for the good are will treat each others as whites have treat both groups through out the years?

A: its not going to be worst than when the minority of whites surpassed the native american population

Who has a better voice: Martin Gore of Depeche Mode or Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears? by bazooka jane ♥ Q: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOtRZOlE0WM Head over heels by Tears for Fears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWJPa0bvWnM

A: They're kind of similar. But I have to say Roland. Thanks for taking me back.

Was the Martin Solvieg and Dragonette song 'Hello' filmed with an actual packed crowd at Roland Garros? by bobby Q:

A: They probably used film from a crowd at a real Roland Garros match and replaced the court with their own footage.

where can i find a picture of roland martins rocket fishing pole? by ponygirl Q:

A: here you go

What would Jesus really do, Roland Martin? by [email protected] Q: I just love these kind of touchy subjects. If the Jews will give him a second chance. Jesus would do it all over again with no regrets. Why would God regret anything? When Jesus came there was turmoil created by the Jews. Were the Jews happy with their results? After awhile look at what we have done. Here comes turmoil again. Created by who? God alone knows, but God does share the knowledge with whoever God pleases! Be very aware that good and bad are the ways of the world. The good will never condone EVIL no matter how bad they are. Back to square one. Conservative. Is a conservative one who conserves and preserves all that is his? Go reserve a seat, and observe what it is to conserve, and what it is to preserve of your conservatism to the preservation in your personal reservation, while we check you out, or in. Show me a person with Red Skin, and I'll show you a white person who had been under the sun to long. Black, White, Yellow (olive) Brown (chocolate). Remain vaguep***s Scooby Doo would do, if Scooby knew. What can Scooby do, if Scooby don't know? They say it's better the second time. That is if Jesus does come. Is there a Jesus in your life? Are we in the 51st century? In 2007 it is not only historical but so far most Christians belive so. Only those who don't believe seems to have a problem with all those who does.

A: Jesus would probably just forgive you and turn the other cheek (that is if he could figure out what you were trying to say - I sure can't)

can you beleive roland martin? by Matayeos Q: i mean i like his show and the fish that he catches but the advertisments on this show are ridiculous i the one i just saw he holds up a stick cranckbait and claims that the only thing that has better action than this one crank bait is live bait it self now from my experiances crankbaits dont look anything like fish swimming but the colors vibration and rattles and sometimes flash combined are what makes the fish bite this isnt really a question i just felt like telling you guys and wanted to know what you thought of it

A: I'm not a big fan of Roland Martin anyway, so I honestly don't believe three quarters of the stuff he says.

Is CNN'S Roland Martin biased? by Cranberry101 Q: He will go to no ends to defend Obama it seems like.

A: He's used as a commentator. You sort of expect a particular point of view from commentators.

Does anyone like Roland Martin? by seasea Q: Talk about a kiss A#$#$, I know, I'm prejudice,can't be, I'm black, no, indian, no, mixed ,du

A: seasea sucks - does anyone like you?

who was the better T.V. fisherman Roland Martin or Bill Dance? by johnny trash Q:

A: That's a tough call. I'm going to have to go with Roland Martin though. I think. What exactly is the criteria - they both caught a bunch of fish . . .

Do you all agree with Roland Martin: It's Time for Obama to 'Go Gangsta on GOP'? by Lame Duck 0bama Q: http://www.rolandsmartin.com/blog/?9UlVBX8H

A: Like the typical House Niggas I am so tired of all these so called black intellectuals following Obama like a bunch of lemmings even though many of them know what he is doing is helping to destroy this nation as we know it. I think as long as blacks keep following one party in lock step there well never be any reason to address any of our concerns because "why pay attention to you if you are going to vote for me anyway."

Do you think CNN's [email protected], Roland Martin should be fired for his homophobic tweets? by Q:

Roland Martin theme song? by Q: I know this has been asked before, but I seen no legit answers for it. Who in the hell sings this song? I've looked and looked and looked some more, but still came up with nothing. That's exactly who I heard it was, but when I looked up the song, it was a totally different version. I don't know, I guess there's a couple of versions floating around out there by him. Thanks guys.

A: How bout' 'ol Bobby Bare <);-3 http://www.fishingwithrolandmartin.com/media/theme_song.htm

Was it inciting violence when Roland Martin told Obama to "go gansta" on the Republicans? by Hakim Al-Kabīr Q: The funny thing is that the liberals only complain when Sarah Palin uses the "reload" metaphor. I guess liberals are immune to the double standard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wSv6mkSXXQ&feature=PlayList&p=06100BFB715BE1C8&playnext=1&playnext_from=PL&index=18

A: what's new it's obvious Democrat are people that gave up on facts long ago and think that their party has never done anything wrong.

Why is Roland Martin (CNN) such an obnoxious, rude, fat-headed idiot? Really, I'm serious...why? by ? Q: He is the Naomi Campbell of pseudo-journalism....

A: lol, I know right. Whenever someone has a good point against his, he goes in rage mode to make it look like he's right.

How to remove an old page (Roland S. Martin) from posting on my wall? by Q: Along time ago I "liked" a news anchor, Roland S. Martin's page. The page then started to put status updates in my news feed about the news and other crap. Eventually I unliked the page so I would not have to see his status updates and on my computer this problem was solved. However 2 years after I unliked his page, I still see them EVERY day on my iPhone and it is so annoying. Does anyone know how I can get him off my news feed on my iPhone. I have already unlike his page and Roland S. Martin is not in my facebook friends. Thanks

A: You can maybe block the page

Should CNN's Roland Martin keep his mouth shut? by Brandon ツ Q:

A: Anybody that watches the rubbish on CNN needs help

Anyone find Roland Martin annoying? by Undecided Q: He's so dam bias. Talking about segregation at a black journalism event? Please tell me someone else notices this. Reminded me of O'Reilly.

A: he is biased and i believe he is a black elitist.

Do you think cnn's roland martin is a obama supporter(even though he claims he is not)? by Fiddy Kong Q: he has been defending this pastor wright thing since it started because he said that he is a journalist wants to investigate all the facts. but when fracco( whatever her name is) said that obama was lucky to be black he said she was a racist right away before investigating

A: absolutely!

Had anyone heard of Roland Martin before Jesse Jackson said CNN was "all white, all night"? by WhoDat Q:

A: nope and i still don't know who he is.

where can i buy the roland martin helicopter lure kit?it was on the market in the 1994 time frame? by TERRY L Q: this is a soft type plastic fishing lure

A: They are now collector items, your best bet to find it ..is on eBay, or may still find some on small tackle shops in rural areas that have some not sold sitting on a shelf covered in dust

Is Roland Martin a racist? by Curious George Q: I believe he is. That is all he harps on is race race race. Im sick and tired of his racism and his love affair with Obama's skin. All bullfrog boy Roland ever does is rant about everybody is racist. HE is just as bad as Jesse Jackson.

A: Of course he is; you should read his blogs, and his writings going back into the 90s. He has always been a black racist and his words and sound bites while the primaries were going on prove it. He absolutely trashed Sen. Clinton every night on ONN (fka CNN) ... and he is still snearing whenever her name is mentioned Have you noticed that 90% of the news coverage is about black issues; and only 15% of the population is black. This should tell everyone the news media is trying to elect Obama to prove they were right to trash Sen. Clinton. Soledad O'Brien is paying so much brown nose homage to the Black Race that one has to wonder how much Oprah and George Soros are paying her.

Roland Martin on CNN, did anyone ever see him on 1960's-70's TV LAUGH-IN Program? by The Judge Q: I never saw him but man he's real funny on the spin answers for Obama Why are Obamaites so serious are they that worried he going to lose again today?

A: He is a spinmaster allright. He is an orgasmic Obama supporter

Does Roland Martin still believe that Hussein Bin 0bama should go gangsta on the GOP? by 0BlameYa®™℠ Q: http://www.cnn.com/2010/OPINION/02/09/martin.obama.republicans/index.html

A: That's actually pretty funny.

Why are anti-gay marriage views & homophobia so prevalent among [email protected] L!beral men, like Obama & Roland Martin? by Q: "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman." -Barack Obama ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A CNN anchor was benched after sending homophobic tweets during the Super Bowl. Roland Martin shocked viewers when he tweeted that any male fans of David Beckham’s underwear commercial for H&M were not “real bruhs.” “If a dude at your Super Bowl party is hyped about David Beckham’s H&M underwear ad, smack the ish out of him! #superbowl” he added. He also made fun of a New England Patriots player earlier in the day who arrived wearing a pink jump suit. “He needs a visit from #teamwhipdata-” he quipped. At first, he tried to justify his tweets saying that he was just making fun of soccer. But many people weren’t buying it. In addition to taking flak from many of his Twitter followers, GLAAD called for Martin to be fired — immediately. “Based on this history, this doesn’t seem like a playful jab at what Martin considers an inferior sport. It seems like a jab at what Martin considers an inferior community of people.” Last year, Martin defended Tracy Morgan when Morgan said that if his son were gay he would "take out a knife and stab him." Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/television/roland-martin-suspended-cnn-homophobic-tweets-article-1.1019302#ixzz1lpadc2Oe Why do you call me Lesbian Slander?? More homophobic name calling from the oh-so tolerant Left???? :)

Does anyone find Roland Martin, CNN "contributor" grating and annoying? by Sara love Q: when he discusses politics, or anything?

A: Yes he is an apologist for any and all black racist

Roland Martin on CNN posed the question "What Would Jesus Do?"? by Jed B Q: Would Jesus have voted in favor of the Iraq War? Roland seemed to think that He would have. What do you think? Explain your answer.

A: Several members of Congress have expressed the opinion that, if they knew then what they know now, they would have voted against authorizing the war. Since Jesus is omniscient ("all knowing"), He would have known then. Therefore, I conclude that if Jesus were a member of Congress, He would have voted AGAINST the war authorization?

This was an article by Roland Martin on CNN concerning Obama's elitist statement, read and comment? by Janice Dickinsons' Shrink Q: http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/04/15/roland.martin/index.html Personally, although I support Obama, I think all(including him) are elitist. They don't understand the everyday worries, and struggles of the "Average" or as Obama said it "Typical" family. While it doesn't change my views on the candidate I stand behind, I feel that anyone who is able to run for President won't understand the daily impact the government has on the typical Amercian family. What do you guys think?

A: I agree it was phrased in an insensitive way. Very much so. I wish he could've put it better so I wouldn't have to waste time trying to explain it, 'cause some here just don't listen. I myself am not "working class," there really isn't much of a working class in southern Connecticut, and if any of my friends here at college in Albany are working class, I don't know. I don't care enough. But I think Obama clearly gets something McCain and Hillary do not: voters aren't happy with how things have been in Washington. They want government by the people and for the people, not government by special interests for the special interests. And I think Obama might be able to give us that. Obama is a bit elitist, but he should be elite: he's running for the president of the USA, I should hope he's well-educated and successful, because being the POTUS is the hardest job anyone can ever have. hhe doesn't claim he's something he isn't, and he doesn't pretend everything's fine in Washington...and he can get some laughs out of the working class about it.

Did Roland Martin, CNN political commentator, deserve to be suspended over his tweets? by pdooma Q: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/cutline/cnn-suspends-roland-martin-over-offensive-super-bowl-195422269.html

A: I really have mixed emotions about that. My personal opinion: No he should not have been. Living in a PC world allows too many people to get their panties in a wad.

Mel Tillis on the Fishing with Roland Martin show.? by Q: A few years ago Mel Tillis was a surprise guest on the Fishing with Roland Martin show. Mel dressed up as a woman and was waiting for Roland on the bank. It was so funny but I cannot seem to find it anywhere on the net. Does anyone know where I can find it on the internet. Thanks

A: It was Bill Dance, (thumbs up to GMB). Here is a link to the "Fishing with the Stars" video starring Mel Tillis, Jerry Reed, Etc- http://www.fandango.com/billdanceoutdoors:fishinwiththestars_v207509/summary Here is some of Bills funniest highlights. (Some of these seem staged; but not ALL!) (LOL)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2eGc8uO3yA

Is CNN's Roland Martin a Preacher / foreign policy expert / political campaign commentator? by Hand-me-down Blues Q: Where does he find the time to preach the word of God?

A: don't forget radio personality, resident race relations expert and social commentator.

Roland Martin said that in many churches they talk about american politics does your church do this? by Fiddy Kong Q: my does not

A: How many churches/religions does Roland Martin belong to?

does Roland Martin of CNN know about these verses - 1 corinthians 14:34-35 ? by chutedent Q: Roland Martin 's wife is a baptist preacher. 1 corinthians 14:34-35 "Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. 35 And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church."

A: Don't misinterpret God's word, blasphemy is a terrible sin.

What is Roland Martin on CNN wearing? by fruitinspector007 Q: He is working in a dasheki? What do you people smoke? One sees it and calls it traditional African garb (Roland is not African) and two say I see nothing. Maybe I should smoke it and I'll say I didn't see it either AND that that He was wearing traditional plaid pajamas, the regular wear of CNN correspondents. Romare, I am black, just not black like you. I'm different.

A: you will know if you watch=]

What was the theme song to the old Roland Martin fishing show? by Money Q:

A: Need more information.

Is commentator Roland Martin a racist? by Truth Q: He called Bill Clinton a racist for not endorsing Obama in the primaries, and thinks that the trial of the guys who were alleged to have killed an illegal, was wrong because white people were acquitted. Is he a racist?

A: Roland is so Afro-centric and paranoid it's embarrassing . CNN doesn't seem to care.

Why is CNN's Roland Martin calling on Obama and friends to go gangsta & do a drive-by shooting on the GOP? by demhater Q: CNN political analyst Roland Martin stirred things up on CNN.com with his editorial "Time to go gangsta on GOP." Martin is sick and tired of Republicans holding up Obama nominees, so he’s suggesting that the president act like Al Capone or maybe the movie version, Robert DeNiro in The Untouchables http://www.rolandsmartin.com/blog/?9UlVBX8H

A: Roland Martin is an idiot and an azz. I hope Obama will go gangsta on the GOP. It'll just make him look more like a ghetto trash.

Is CNN's Roland Martin the next Al Sharpton? by Q: Roland Martin seems poised to take over Al Sharpton's job as the resident angry black man...He was just on CNN tonight arguing that it's not okay for Americans to honor Confederate veterans of the Civil War.

A: I've wondered this myself. He seems to be taking some of the same "stereotypical" attitudes and even some of Sharptons mannerisms. I really used to enjoy some of his views but he's really gone way too over the edge and is almost becoming disgusting. Perhaps he needs to watch a replay of himself. Peace, Love & Happiness

What do you think about Roland Martin's analysis on CNN? by Bob P Q: Is he 'fair and balanced'? An Obama or Clinton supporter? Neutral? Credible? Well informed?

A: He is pretty fair, but definately has an Obama slant. However, he is not nearly as biased as the guy who is the Hillary Supporter. He is in denial every single time I see him on TV. Don't get me wrong....Hillary will probably be a great candidate, but he keeps denying the math.

What happened to Roland Martin from CNN? by Dj S Q: His show on the weekend (x) Weeks to Go is replaced with Bill Bennett and I haven't seen him on CNN at all the last couple days.

A: He's on my campus debating with Bay Bucannon tonight.

Where was the outrage when Roland S. Martin incited violence by telling Obama to "go gansta"? by Obammunism sucks Q: I hear all this shyt from Dems about Palin using the "reload" metaphor but I never heard these libbies complain when CNN contributor Roland S. Martin told Obama to "go gansta" on his enemies.

A: First off, one incident is not comparable to multiple incidents. And many on the Right are partaking in dangerous verbiage in their rhetoric at a time when there IS violence. You see, militia groups with the intent of murdering our police officers is a bad time to be talking about reloading or putting rifle sights on congressional districts whether you are on the LEFT OR THE RIGHT. Maybe next time you can actually frame a question on an "answer" site.

Roland Martin had a guest who was a police officer from Chicago? by chukki Q: Whose son was shot by street violence. The officer had good information and advice on how to remedy street violence in Chicago where 350 teens were injured from gun shots. Yet, CNN gave a mere few minutes to this eye opening problem that is happening in a major US city. Why didn't CNN just cut out the stupid story on how Pres. Obama's mother-in-law lives with them and give the air time to a person who is informing the rest of us that have no clue about the violence of the inner city?

A: roland martin is a liberal punch line. plus, cnn has already made the determination it is guns, not kids that are the problem. sort of like blaming the spoon for americas obesity problem.

Will Roland Martin start using a Barbie fishing rod now? by . Q: After that little girl put him to shame with that miraculous catch of a 50lb fish, shouldn't he reconsider his tools?

A: I hear that little wench cheated. She used a billy club to knock it out first, then put it onto her hook, then acted all surprised and innocent. That's the word on the street.

Where can I write to complain about the Roland Martin Rocket Fishing Rod? by lindysflygirl4ever Q: It is a piece of junk and I want my money back. Where do I write to customer service?

A: You can write to the company that did the manufacturing, and to the persons who did the advertising. But, your best option, would be to contact your state attorney generals office, as well as the Better Business Bureau in your region. If, you write to customer service, they will only send you another one that does not work either. This may help you. My brother's girlfriend bought him a new phone for father's day, which was suppose to be new, found out it had been refurbished, and sold as new for $400.00

Roland Martin Says Donald Trump Is Politically Ridiculous And A Political Fraud Donnie Simpson, Jawn Murray, Don Jackson And Roland Martin Discuss The Legacy Of Don Cornelius Roland Martin: The GOP Race Will Go All The Way To The Convention ROLAND S. MARTIN: President Obama Probably Did Check Gov. Brewer Over Book Roland Martin To Herman Cain: Your Endorsement Makes No Sense Roland Martin: SOTU Appeals To Struggling Americans Trying To Keep Their Homes, Put Kids In College Roland S. Martin: Aggressive Romney Played To Win In Florida, Gingrich Has To Tailor His Message Roland S. Martin: Fans Need To Understand The Health Crisis Affecting NFL Players Gingrich Has Problems With Women Voters, They Don't Trust Him Gingrich Got It Wrong: Admits ABC News Did Not Refuse To Interview Witnesses Is There An Enthusiasm Gap Amongst Republican And Democratic Voters? POTUS Should Take His Message To Red States And Ask What Has The GOP Done For Struggling Americans Who Is Fighting For The Middle Class And Poor, Is Congress Doing Enough To Help Those In Need? Washington Watch Roundtable: Romney Not Concerned About Poor People, New Housing Plan From POTUS Roland Martin of CNN Goes Off on Sarah Palin Domestic Violence Or Honor Killings? Three Family Members Convicted Of Murder Gingrich Is All Over The Place, Attacking And Preparing To Go To The Moon Which GOP Presidential Candidate Will Drop Out Or Will They Keep Fighting Until The Convention? Former White House Economic Advisor Cecilia Rouse On The Economy, New Jobs Report Nancy Pelosi Says Newt Will Not Become The President Of The United States The Impact Of Romney's Not Concerned About The Very Poor Gaffe Washington Watch Roundtable: What Happened To The GOP's Family Values? Congress Approval Rating 11%: Americans Should Stop Complaining, They Put Them In Office Washington Watch Roundtable: Gov. Jan Brewer And Disrespect Of President Barack Obama When WIll The GOP Presidential Candidates Talk About Issues Working Men & Women Deal With Jammin' To Prince's Baby I'm A Star On Starting Point With Soledad O'Brien Republicas Are Still Not Enthused About Romney, The Impact Of The Economy On The 2012 Election Self-Deportation? Romney, Gingrich Hammered On Their Immigration Policies Romney Takes Florida, What's Next For Gingrich And Santorum? GOP Presidential Candidates Face Off Before The Florida Primary President Obama Calls For A 'Fair Shot' Economy Washington Watch Exclusive: Roland Martin's Full Interview With Dr. Cornel West Michael Steele, Roland Martin Discuss Santorum's 'Blah People' Comments, GOP Presidential Race ROLAND S. MARTIN: Newt 'Chuckie' Gingrich's Current Goal Is To Destroy Romney ROLAND S. MARTIN: Santorum Has To Deal With His Comments About African-Americans And Entitlements Roland Martin: No Shock In Santorum Rise, Bachmann Defection Roland S. Martin: Rick Perry Was Not Ready To Play Big Boy Politics Roland S.Martin: Will Newt 'Chuckie' Gingrich Show Up At The GOP Debate Pastor Jamal Bryant and Roland Martin Pt. 1@KineticsLive Bill Dance and Roland Martin Bloopers GOP Debate No. 1758: Final Faceoff Before The Iowa Caucuses, This Time Ron Paul Is Surging CNN's Roland Martin Tweets Anti-Gay Stuff Pastor Jamal Bryant and Roland Martin Pt. 2 @KineticsLive Jawn Murray Talks Legacy of Don Cornelius on 'Washington Watch With Roland Martin' Pastor Jamal Bryant and Roland Martin Pt. 3 @KineticsLive Pastor Jamal Bryant and Roland Martin Pt. 4 @KineticsLive The Black Room: Roland Martin & Pastor Jamal Bryant Recap Their Twitter Battle Bums Or Patriots? Roland Martin, Ben Stein & Joy Behar Discuss The Occupy Wall Street Movement Pastor Jamal Bryant and Roland Martin Pt. 5 @KineticsLive Superbowl XLVI, Brandy & Monica It All Belongs To Me, Roland Martin & More
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