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Wrangler National Finals Rodeo a tough event
By Brett Hoffman During the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, two prestigious titles are at stake in each event. There's the world title that's awarded for finishing as the year's top money winner in a single event. ...

CARAS Announces Blue Rodeo to be Inducted into Music Hall of Fame
Blue Rodeo has been making music together for nearly thirty years. They've sold over four million albums, won 11 JUNO Awards and can now add Canadian Music Hall of Fame inductees to their growing list of impressive accomplishments. Blue Rodeo joins the ...

NFR wraps with an injury that could've been worse and exciting plans for the ...
Bullrider Shane Proctor of Grand Coulee, Wash. is carried out on a stretcher after being stepped on by the bull during the final round of the National Finals Rodeo at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas Saturday, December 10, 2011. ...

Mackenzie Carr, Vernonia resident, crowned 2012 Miss Rodeo America
By Molly Hottle, The Oregonian View full sizeAP Photo/Las Vegas News Bureau, Brian JonesMackenzie Carr of Vernonia, Oregon, is crowned Miss Rodeo America 2012 at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011. ...

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Josee_VasqueZ RT @LuisRlz23: En #Rodeo y luego pal cesar pala con @Josee_VasqueZ

therankintwins @DazeyDuck @jamie_lee83 @calijonathan @tx_tomgirl @eze_81 @thunder_beads WE ARE PLAYING AT MIDNIGHT RODEO WITH @corymorrow Nov. 18th!!

ATL_Saint @CBL1978 @jeffhaws first time to the rodeo.

tika_uwwie kepalanya kaya yg di tusuk jarum, diiket tali rodeo, diputer puter kay es puter -___-" eeerrr~

LuisRlz23 En #Rodeo y luego pal cesar pala con @Josee_VasqueZ

ROYAL_T_SPEAKS #Np rodeo: Juvenile

beIIatorne143 @jaco_alex *rodeo tu torso y con mis dedos ago cosquillas siguiendo el abrazo* te enseño el abrazo divertido!!!! xDDDDD

joseibarra80 @MTAguilarR @golcar1 borracho y rodeo de 400 policas y critican a cilia flores

aracascasio @HalconPR si y el del payaso de rodeo cm seria? Kuajajaja

CharlyBrassette @Mariabellob Hoy tour de bares con mi novi @t_kelleher // para cerrar el rodeo sus mesas son lapidas ...

Chutenacostela @TheWordAlive Casanova rodeo, cuz it makes me wanna kill everyone :D and you should call Austin carlile cuz he's kick ass :D

LavoneFuston Bailey Western Pro 5X Hat Silver Belly/7 1/4: You could be a professional rodeo performer, bullrider, or ranch h... http://t.co/YPBOXibf

SeanBroChill17 @TheWordAlive casanova rodeo is awesome and having mike hranica do a guest vocal would be amazing

aracascasio @HalconPR q kbrn ella me iso la noche yo duermo hoy ni q el caballo d oro y payaso del rodeo

ReddHanded_KC @zayPOMC & @ReddHanded_KC - Rodeo #POMCKC.. http://t.co/ZnKHfALf


What type of SUV is similar to the Isuzu Rodeo? by Mom with a Misson Q: I have a 1999 Rodeo with 165,000 miles on it. I love this truck and I have never had any problems with. I am looking at getting a new vehicle in the next year but I am scared I will never find another vehicle like this. I will be keeping my Rodeo until it kicks the bucket but I would like to have a nicer vehicle for business outings etc. I am looking at the Ascender as well. Any suggestions or opinions. Thanks I am looking for a "NEW" car, I know the Passport and the Rodeo are the same but Honda doesn't make the Passport anymore.

A: Honda Passport

How much can i sell my 2002 isuzu rodeo lse for? by Jazn1234 Q: I want to sell my 2002 rodeo lse. It's fully loaded and has 106,000 miles on it. I looked at kb value but I don't know if i should trust it with the economy and the way gas prices were fluctuating. Also i want something sporty in return. What cars are within the same price range as the rodeo I have, yet are sporty. I liked the Volvo C30, but since its so new thats not really an option. Thanks!

A: hmmm since you dont trust kbb.com...i suggest that you go to www.craigslist.com click on your local city/area then search up your car. then see what other's asking prices are and may get a sense of hint of how much you should sell your car for. in my opinion i think your car is worth maybe around 4-6000 at max deoending on the quality of your exterior and interior.

How much for houston rodeo tickets under 12? by hsmajor_94 Q: I want to go to the Houston Rodeo on March 20th (Taylor Swift) How much do children cost. My brother is 4. Is he free,or does he have to have a ticket?

A: ticket

What does it take to become a rodeo queen? by kl presicew Q: so i,ve been looking at rodeo queens and such recently, and just wondering if i sound like i could do it... i have been riding western all my life and compete in team penning and sorting, whay does the horsemenship part entail?im 17 i definantly have the cowgirl look, and spend lots of time serving my community and such, i dont know..i just think it would be fun to be a rodeo queen or princess... so basically what would it take and should i do it?

A: There is a lot that goes into being a rodeo queen. first you would need to become a member of a rodeo association that has a queen. there will be a contest held annually. most contests consist of modeling, speech , impromptu questions, horsemanship and a personal interview. You have to be dedicated to the association you serve and be willing to be the face of rodeo wherever you go. many times it is required that you go places to promote rodeo and are always dressed in western attire with sash and crown on. It is important that you are willing to put in the time and effort because with most associations you will be considered a member of the board of directors and will attend meetings and be in charge of coming up with fundraisers and activities to promote rodeo. As far as the Horsemanship pattern goes. every pattern is different but most include figure eights with flying lead changes, sliding stops, flag carrying on horseback and a presentation ride( ridding while waving to the crowd)

What time does the performance of rascal flatts start at the rodeo? by polkadog6 Q: so i am going to rascal flatts on thursday at the houston rodeo and the ticket says that it starts at 6 45. does that mean that they perform at that time or is that when the actual rodeo( the bull riding and stuff) begins?

A: I asked myself the same thing the first time I went. First they do all the bull riding, horseback riding etc... The artist doesn't hit the stage until maybe 830 or 9. I've never actually checked the exact time but the artist definitely doesn't hit the stage at 645.

What is the oldest historical evidence relating to rodeo? by bigcowboysteve Q: I know the Greeks did something like bulldogging and before that some other culture used dogs to bite bulls on the lip to bring them down. I thought maybe there were cave paintings or something that take rodeo back even further.

A: stone craving..

Why does my 1995 Isuzu Rodeo have a ticking sound in the engine? by Rod E Q: I have a 1995 Isuzu Rodeo, V6 automatic transmission, 3.2L 2WD. It will tick for long periods of time and then go away for about 20 to 30 minutes then start up again. I have changed the oil and the fluids are tapped off.

A: lifters maybe, but a good oil additive can fix that. the 3.2 rodeo and the 3.5 trooper have 2 very common and bad problems with them. both create the noise that you think or discribe as a ticking. it is known to most mechanics to be a very occuring theme with the rodeo and trooper. the timing belt tensioner makes the same noise you speak of, and most of the time under 2500 rpm. and the next thing is that they have a very bad rod to stroke ratio. in a very low amount of miles develope a piston slap (ticking noise) which is where the piston skirts starts to get lose from side load at the bottom of the stroke, and slaps up against the cylinder wall. sorry to be so blunt but the rodeo and trooper motors are junk. i have accually started to refuse to work on them because they are such a POS.

How do i become a rodeo queen or princess in my area? by Horse-Training-101 Q: I really want to go for rodeo queen this year. i have rodeo experience and i ride very well, western and english. Who should i talk to and what should i practice with my horse to pass?

A: The NHSRA Queen is selected based on her judged performance in these eight categories: Modeling, Personality, Appearance, Personal Interview, Prepared Speech, Impromptu Speech, Written Test, and Horsemanship. [[NHSRA is national...county competitions may require less]] There are seven events the girls can compete in for high school rodeo. They are barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying, breakaway roping, cutting, the queen contest and team roping. here's some sights that should help: http://rodeoroyalty.com/ http://www.missrodeo.com/ http://www.missrodeousa.com/ http://www.queenconnection.com/ http://www.hobbyhorseinc.com/

Rodeo!!!!!? by Barrel_Racing_Cowgirl Q: I'm going to this rodeo in a 1 1/2 weeks and i'm taking my 15 yr old QH gelding. The problem is he does not like to go faster than a walk. When i do get him to go faster than that i have to stuggle to keep him from slowing down to a walk. What can i do to get him to have lots of energy? Would it help if i fed him alfalfa pellets? If it's possible.......I would really like to get his energy level up before the rodeo.

A: To want him to get his energy running up that high in less than 2 weeks is not healthy for him for one event. He needs to be built and worked with at least a month or two constantly for it to not be unhealthy for his body. Is that his natural gate? Is he overweight? Any lameness or respiratory conditions that require him to be tired/winded going any faster? Alfalfa pellets won't increase the energy. What you can do is give senior feed and endurance John Lyons feed for working horses. These has extra vitamins, minerals and energy sources to help boost his body to feel good and nutrition. My 28 year old is the same way sometimes. Due to his age is most reason why. However, senior feed and a little of Mare n Foal perks him up. I feed alfalfa pellets as supplement to help keep his weight on.

rodeo!!!!!!!!!!!? by just a plane normal HORSE FREAK! Q: i LOVE horses but iv'e never been IN a rodeo.im doing my 1st on march the 1st!i know the routine like:barrel racing,poles,and the figure 8,but i dunno the other things u gotta do. my momma and daddy said,just watch what the other people do its not the stuff i know how to do,its the stuff i dont know how to do.plus, its a new horse,but i can handle her.

A: Hi! I am not a rodeo expert, but I do know that in rodeo they do barrel racing, pole bending, calf-roping, team penning. It all looks so exciting! I would be willing to give it a shot, but I do not have the resources. Good luck and have fun!

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