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Rocky iv

Browns' Paxson compares Pittsburgh trip to 'Rocky'
“Instead of Rocky going to Russia, we go to Pittsburgh. “They hate us like we're Rocky. People around here look at Pittsburgh like it's Russia.” As the story heats up, Drago, the invincible heavyweight in Rocky IV, has recently punched American legend ...

Rocky Hill Resident is Magical When It Comes to Guitars
By Joseph Wenzel IV The owner of Guitar Magic has always had a passion for music and an uncanny ability to fix the instrument he loves. Steve Kubica was born with "above average mechanical skills" and "very strong hands." When he was just a baby, ...

Ceremony Remembers Veterans Young and Old
By Joseph Wenzel IV An event to honor the men and women who have served our country was held Saturday afternoon at the Col. Raymond Gates Veterans Cemetery. The Wreaths Across America ceremony in Rocky Hill was one of over 600 events held across the ...

Chartwatch: Drake Nears Platinum and The Roots Come "Undun"
Today, Drake released the dates for his Club Paradise Tour, which will kick off in February with Kendrick Lamar and A$AP Rocky. The Roots 13th album, undun (Def Jam), sold 48211 copies in week 1, debuting at #15 on the charts. ...

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Conky_S The Scorpions' Winds of Change ended the Cold War. Just joking, Rocky IV did. Sleep sweet!

ChrisRyndak One day, the robot from Rocky IV will be up for sale in an eBay auction and I'm going to win it.

FabMigliaccio95 #NowWatching Rocky IV… <3

Daviardo No más pelis x hoy. Terminé d ver Rocky IV, cuando le saca la madre al Ruso. #ViejasPeroBuenas

CAvalos7 #NowWatching Rocky IV. #USA! #USA! #USA! #ROCKY! #ROCKY! #ROCKY!

movingsideways RT @bklynbrewshop: @movingsideways Other than being comprised mostly of heart, the same can be said of Rocky IV.

bklynbrewshop @movingsideways Other than being comprised mostly of heart, the same can be said of Rocky IV.

FelipeRevueltas Recordando q Rocky IV malogra toda la saga. Esa gringada contra los rusos; un asco.

LnzHull Rocky IV Pauly's got "don't tread on me" on his jacket in Russia - he was tea party BEFORE the tea party!

Fletchr23 Holy shit! The first round of Angulo/Kirkland was amazing. Was like watching Rocky IV.

OchoaJuanM Un cover de una canción de la mejor saga de Películas: Rocky (IV) http://t.co/VFXQa5Hy vía @youtube

fsnorthmaggio @DanaWessel If Party Rock were WWE, it would be the theme song to Rocky IV -- is that about the only way to combine the three?

DanaWessel Just had a minor internet scare but I am back. Who wants some Rocky IV/Party Rock/#ifwasWWE tweets?!?!?!?!

nacho_ns A la cama con el bolso hecho a ver Rocky IV

cicelyjohnston watching rocky iv for my masculinity studies paper-- very fitting


Does anyone know where i can get a Director's Cut of Rocky IV? by markwillstar Q: I want the theatrical release from 1984. With every scene that came out in theatres. One scene that has never seen the light of day for some reason is the Round Card girls during the Rock vs Drago fight. I have checked for deleted scenes and its never resurfaced.

A: yea that would be cool...I think they should start production of them right now I bet they sell 1 to you and...well that is about it.

Does anyone know the Workout Sylvester Stallone Does for Rocky IV? by rocky_freak_03 Q: I was wondering what kind of workout plan Sylvester Stallone does to look like he does in Rocky IV against the Russian cuz he is ripped. just curious if any1 knows the workout he did for the movie not whats in the movie

A: It's not just from 1 movie. It takes years to look like that.

How does Rocky IV have such low reviews? by MoreFoolishThanWise Q: It even swept the razzies in 1986, but, it is a bad azz flick. Why, how?

A: Rocky IV is a guilty pleasure movie. I LOVE it, but as a film it's not very good. Ivan Drago is probably the most one-dimensional character ever. Which is awesome, but we're not talking Oscar performance here. The movie is pretty formulaic, too. Friend gets killed, guy avenges friend. Theme: Boxing. Don't get me wrong - Rocky IV is one of my favorite movies ever created. "If he dies, he dies" is quoted by me constantly. But it's in there with movies like Tom Yung Goon which has ridiculously fantastic fight scenes, but in the end, has a premise that is so stupid that you have to do a crossword puzzle immediately after seeing it to prevent a cascade of idiocy that would leave you at a 3rd grade reading level.

How do I download Rocky IV for free and burn it onto a DVD? by LionQueen Q: I've been trying to download it and all I end up getting is the sound...

A: u should torrent it with frostwire or somthing from a torrent website make sure the file is a dvd rip but if this doesnt work ur out of luck because thats all i got

Can anyone tell me how I can simulate the cake in Rocky IV? The one w/the couple in the boxing ring? by CCL Q: It's for an anniversary cake, and I want it to read "I'd go another 10 rounds with you". I've looked around the net and haven't found any cake toppers with a boxing theme. I'm looking for a boxing ring, along with a wedding couple inside.

A: Most bake shops can take a picture and put it on the cake for you. I think they use something like a laser printer, but it is edible. Not a 3D ring and all, but a picture of whatever you want. I've seen near photo quality on cakes.

Rocky IV: Did Paulie's jacket always have a flag on the back? by Q: Just watching Rocky IV on TV and wanted to know... Did Paulie's coat have a "Don't Tread on Me" flag on the back? Was it there in the original? I have watched the movie about 500 times, but never noticed that before. Just wondering. Also, does anyone have images of the scene with Paulie falling in the snow where the back of his coat is visible?

A: HI there! I don't know, myself. But, I called my friend, a huge Rocky fan, and read your question. He said he's 99% sure it did NOT say that in the other films, and that what happened was, Paulie got more and more extravagant and stuff with each film. So, it makes sense that by IV, we're noticing something never seen before. Hope that helps.

In Rocky IV Ivan Drago kills Apollo Creed in a boxing match, what would have caused him to die? by Huw W Q: In the film Apollo boxes with Drago and suffers multiple high powered blows to the face and body. He dies standing up and his death seems to be caused by a final blow to the face... What would have the most likely cause of his death? Are here any cases in real life where this has happened and what killed them?

A: I'd say a brain hemorrhage 1 sec, I've wrote an article on this in a forum: there: Fadly Kasim, an Indonesian boxer, was knocked out due to multiple blows. He was rushed to hospital, where he died moments later- June 19, 2006 Record- 0-1(1)-0 Leavander Johnson, IBF lightweight champion at the time, died defending his title against Jesus Chavez. He was also rushed to hospital, where he had several operations. Sadly, he died because of bleeding to the brain, "He fought like a warrior when he was on death's door," - September 22, 2005 Record- 34(26)-5(4)-2 Martin Sanchez, a Mexican featherweight, died one day after being knocked out- July 2, 2007 Record- 13(10)-8(5)-0 Lito Sisnorio, a Filipino superflyweight, died from injuries sustained in his last fight (fight was not approved, nor did he have a licence, with Filipino boxing commission)- March 31, 2007 Record- 10(3)-6(3)-0 Kevin Payne, an American welterweight, died a day after winning a match, due to injuries sustained- March 19, 2006 Record- 14(6)-5(5)-1 Jackson Bussell, an American light welterweight, died after his fight, due to injuries sustained- September 21, 2007 Record- 1(1)-1(1)-2 Samorha Msophi, a light flyweight, died in a non title bout in East London. He fell into a coma after being knocked out- June 30, 2008 Record- ? Choi-yo sam, former WBC light flyweight champion, died from a brain haemorrhage, after collapsing during his fight on Christmas day- December 25, 2007 Record- 32(19)-5-0

what song is playing when drago walks out to the ring to fight Rocky in Rocky IV? by nohawebb Q: I am thinking about using this song for starting line ups at basketball games and can't figure out the name. I do not think it is "training montage" either.

A: It's called "War". "Training Montage" is good too. Makes you wanna work out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ingPbmcNlkQ

What is the address of Rocky's home in Rocky IV? by Q: I'm trying to locate the address of the home where Rocky lives in Rocky IV. It is the mansion in the background when he's driving away in his Lamborghini.

A: im the biggest rocky fan its 3509 Wiltemont blvd

Rocky IV??? by precious_van_1307 Q: my husband and I have an ongoing debate about what Ivan Drago says at the beginning of the last round in Rocky IV. I Say he says, "Til The End". My Husband thinks he says, "Your Dead" what does he say? Yes, he does say I Must Break You, but im talking about in the LAST Round at the beginning of it. and how are we "Faking It" why do ppl even answer questions if they dont have a clue what they are talking about??

A: You both are fakin it so it doesnt matter.

Training Montage - Rocky IV Rocky 4: FINAL FIGHT - 1985 Rocky IV (4) - 'No Easy Way Out' by Robert Tepper in High Definition (HD) **WOW** Rocky IV trailer TRAINING MONTAGE FROM ROCKY IV Rocky 4 training montage - Hearts On Fire (HD) Rocky 4 - Apollo's Last Fight - Classic Film / Movie Boxing Match Rocky VS Drago rocky 4 HD Survivor - Burning heart (Rocky IV) HQ Rocky IV - Training Scene - Hearts On Fire Rocky IV (4) - TRAINING MONTAGE in High Definition (HD) **WOW** Rocky IV Rocky Balboa VS Ivan Drago Remix Rocky 4 - Review rocky 4 soviet anthem Rocky 4 training montage Rocky IV Trailer (2009) Rocky 4 Robot Vince DiCola - War (Rocky IV) Rocky IV: The Musical (Sylvester Stallone) Rocky IV Training Monatage Rocky IV Duke Guile's Theme Goes With Everything (Rocky IV) Rocky IV Opening Rocky-Drago No easy way out- Rocky IV OST movie clip Rocky IV Montage - Hearts on Fire Rocky IV - 'No Easy Way Out' Rocky IV speech Dolph Lundgren vs Sylvester Stallone - Rocky IV 1985 Rocky IV-Apollo Dies Rocky 4 - Apollo Creed and James Brown - Living in America - HD He's a man! ROCKY IV Ivan Drago entrance - Rocky IV Rocky IV Montage - No Easy Way Out WAR THEME FROM ROCKY 4 James Brown - Living in America (Rocky IV) HD Rocky IV vs. BumbleBee! Rocky IV - Training Montage (3 in 1) [HQ] HD Rocky IV[1985]death of apollo creed vs Ivan Drago ROCKY IV - No Easy Way Out Rocky 4 Final Countdown Rocky 4 Hearts on Fire Rocky IV - Hearts on Fire (FULL extended version) Smoke DZA feat. ASAP Rocky - 4 Loko (Chopped Not Slopped) (Official Music Video) Rocky IV - War (Film Version) Burning Heart - Survivor (Rocky IV Version) Rocky IV (1985) Alternate Teaser Trailer Rocky 4 - No easy way out (The car scene) - good sound quality ROCKY IV in Figures
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