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Rock the boat

Russian Legislators Approve Greater Government Control Over the Internet and ...
“Yes, there should be political activity, but it should not be allowed to rock the boat which is called Russia.” Officials have repeatedly suggested that the antigovernment protests of the last six months were financed by foreign governments, and the ...

Athletes continue to rock the boat
Athletes continue to rock the boat. Date: July 17, 2012. Read later. Samantha Lane. Tweet · Email article · Print. LONDON: Another day, another Australian Olympic distraction. With more than a week to go before London's opening ceremony Nick Green, the ...

Epic fraud: How to succeed in science (without doing any)
Whatever you do, don't rock the boat. Don't do research anyone cares about. This is a close relative of point three, but with a subtle distinction—people may care about your work even if they don't find it strange. They may even want to repeat it with ...

Reid Defends Vow to Change Filibuster Rules Next Year

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WhereWeAtNigga RT @_WhatsItToYa: I want you to rock the boat. work it in the middle. change position. 😏

TonyStark1914 Tonystark Is Playing Aaliyah - Rock the Boat on All Digital Radio's Hip Hop and R&B Station http://t.co/0bWv27LJ

Tim_sbgb Rock The Boat #RIPAaliayah

hisangelbabe I still cry when I hear Aaliyah song rock the boat cuz i kno that waz her last song she did b4 she died :'(

adebukola_xoxo Lol RT @xConcreteRosexx That awkward moment when you find out what Rock the Boat is really about <<<.... It's not a real boat

_UrSoREPLACED Rock the boat, work the middle, change positions, stroke it for me

AaliyahAmazes RT @DZChoc: "Rock The Boat" is so FREAKY but peaceful .

HoeUAintNoModel #nowplaying rock the boat . aaliyah

poppin_Pee RT @KydaahlHaughton: Rock The Boat Is Such A Sad Video To Watch. I Love It So Dearly Though. #TeamAaliyah Will Forever Miss An Angel Gone VERY Too Soon. <3

poppin_Pee RT @___jacjac: Aaliyah was my favorite singer when I was little. I even memorized the Rock The Boat choreography lol

GabbyMone The lady from let's stay together was a dancer in the rock the boat video

___jacjac Aaliyah was my favorite singer when I was little. I even memorized the Rock The Boat choreography lol

THE_protege_ [email protected]: That awkward moment when you find out what Rock the Boat is really about <<<.... It's not a real boat” lmmfao!!!! 

aaliyah53145819 i love rock the boat


who was the last person to rock your boat ? by return to sender Q:

A: The Ty-D-bowl man

I like to know where you got the notion to rock the boat, baby? by Q: Anyone remember the Hues corporation? Number 1 song July 4th 1974

A: Yes great song i also remember the year before ''? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLNR4xfh1Qc

Is Obama's "plan" to get enough people on the govt. payroll that they won't rock the boat for fear of losing..? by Obama 2012 (NeoCons wet dream) Q: Is Obama's "plan" to get enough people on the govt. payroll that they won't rock the boat for fear of losing their only source of income in a crappy economy?? kelly.........the govt. is bigger than just Obama's cabinet.

A: Of course it is! Seems to working according to plan, too! Of course, no big deal for Liberals. They would much rather be on the dole than work anyway!

Who agrees with me that R&S would be dull without the atheists here to rock the boat? by Q:

A: As dull as heaven ! Imagine Isn't God great ? Yes yes yes Isn't Jesus wonderful Yes Yes Yes

Why would a person rock the boat? by I love you too! Q:

A: Oh yeah... I got one word for you: Integration. GOOD LUCK! P.S. I hope you like Math!0!

Poll: Is it easier to not rock the boat in a relationship? by Q:

A: Yes, to an extent. You can't stay silent forever:)

What happens to the water level in a pool if a rock is thrown overboard out of a boat? by confused physic girl Q: Complete question: A boat loaded with rocks is floating in a swimming pool. If the rocks are thrown into the pool, the water level in the pool, after the rocks have settled to the bottom: a. rises b. falls c. stays the same d. there is not enough information to answer please which is the correct answer (explain your reasoning). Thanks

A: It goes down. When the rock is in the boat (assuming the rock has a density greater than water), it displaces a volume of water greater than it's volume, enough to equal it's weight. When you throw it over, it will only displace it's own volume, so the amount of water displaced goes down. displace a smaller amount of water, and the water level goes down. The last step is unclear (at least to me). In more detail: Take the rock and put it on the ground. The water level goes down, as the volume displaced by the rock is missing. Take the rock and put it in the water. The water level goes up, but not as far as it was, as the displacement is smaller. net, it goes down. .

What does the phrase "Rock the boat" mean? by [email protected] Q: Was does the phrase mean?

A: it means don't shake things up where they can turn up side down

Am upgrading from a nikon d-40 to 90 or 300s what lens would be good for boat ride pics with landscape/fishin? by Shaun M Q: need advice on a lens selection on rocking boat with varied distance to subject and landscapes,have decided on the 300s over d-90 because of sea salt spray with sealed body.. plus low light shooting /overcast/fog.all help appreciated or will a d-90 be ok

A: If you will be in wet/salty weather the D300 is better than the D90 because it is weather sealed better. And in that environment you may not want to be removing and changing lenses which will expose the internals to the weather so you might want a zoom lens with a wide range of focal options. 18-200mm etc......

reggae song - rock the boat..i got the...? by marina Q: so i heard this reggae song in my art class one day on a mix cd and i remember some lyrics going like "i got the rock, bring me the boat/ rock the boat..." it says something about i got the/bring me the boat its a good song and i've been DYING to find it but idk who sings it its not bob marley ahh please help! oh and it could be like reggae/indie since i heard it in my art class.. its a REGGAE song

A: Rock The Boat - Hues Corporation I'm not sure...there are quite a few songs like that...best way to know would probably be looking at songs on youtube

What does rock the boat meen? by Brandon G Q: i have homework and i need 2 write a discussion on the subject should we rock the boat and im not sure what to write cause i dont know what it meens

A: To "rock the boat" means to cause trouble. "Should we rock the boat?" there must be more information... Such as: the rules for lunch period are strict, but should we rock the boat? Should we possibly cause trouble for ourselves and others by questioning the rules Think about it literally: if you rock the boat...it may tip over, dumping you in the water

Does Aaliyah's Rock The Boat song sound like a sex song to you? by Yasmin Q: Chorus: I want you to (rock the boat) Rock the boat, rock the boat Rock the boat, rock the boat (work it in the middle) Work the middle, work the middle Work the middle, work the middle (change positions for me) Change positions, do positions Do positions, do positions (now stroke it baby) Stroke it for me, stroke it for me Stroke it for me, stroke it for me

A: yep it is.. but i cant stop listening to it..

What do I have to do to "rock the boat"? by Boots Q:

A: "don't filp the boat over, rock the boat..."

Why is it sometimes necessary to rock the boat? by Bluebootz Q:

A: To get the barnacles seasick.

Gilligans Island,,,Maryanne or Ginger,who would you like to rock the boat with? by Q: Who?

A: Maryanne....I like my girls corn-fed.

I hit a rock with my boat and the motor was stuck down. It will not go up only down? by Trav Q: I have a 89 johnson 88 hp. I released the trim with the valve and lifted the motor and locked it up. It will push on the lock down but will not go up. It was at idle speed in gear. Nothing wrong with the lowwer end. I just bought the lift assembly a week ago used for $400.00 New engine is $8,000.00 moron.

A: If the "release" failed to allow the engine to come up when you hit a rock, that shock could be transfered to the Hydraulic assembly and damaged the valving. For an engine that is that old, I would consider getting a new one to replace an engine that is twenty years old. The parts to repair it will cost more than it is worth. Your other option is to remove the damaged "Lift" cylinder, plug the lines and raise and lower it by hand until the engine is just worn out in a couple more years down the road. Provided the lower end isn't' toast from the hit.

What does the quote "Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat." mean? by Q:

A: Only the people who aren't working hard can cause disturbances or trouble (since they wouldn't have enough time to).

Rock the boat, work the middle, change positions, stroke it for me. Whats this mean? by Q:

A: It's a giant metaphor for sexual intercourse. Think dirty..

What do I have? I just came from a cruise and have been feeling nauseated, like Im still in a rocking boat? by Call me Silly Q: For some reason I feel so hungry all the time? Im not pregnant so it is not that

A: You have motion sickness on land..its quite common.. Most people will be on a boat for a while and then when they get on to land and have what they call "jelly legs".. the feeling of still being on a boat rocking back and forth..It will eventually get better in a day or two..You wont feel that way.. Your being hungry, however, may have somethign to do with the nausea if you havent eaten enough..it could be your body telling you to eat something or it could be compeletly un-related

How many atheists were onboard Noah's Ark? Did they rock the boat? by Deputy Ant Q:

A: Satan gave us a speedboat.

has anyone heard of the musical dont rock the boat? by robbie k Q: my schools drama club put on a musical called dont rock the boat and when i decided to look it up, i couldnt find anything

A: It's a comedy for 11 men, 14 women (and extras) and is available through Eldridge Plays and Musicals http://www.histage.com/history.asp

What have u done lately to 'rock the boat'? by Dianne G Q:

A: umm when am I not a rebel? my last name isn't an adverb for the heck of it.

I am trying to locate a kids game that came out in late 70's early 80' called Don't Rock the Boat. by vrgerb Q: It is a ship that you put game pieces on and whoever tips the boat loses. I cannot locate this on any search. Thanks!

A: try ebay its has everything or google

How did Aaliyah the girl who sings rock the boat die.? by Estem wiz Q: please put alot of details! whoever gets this gets a thumbs

A: plane crash. pretty self explanatory she was in an airplane and it crashed she and eight others died in a plane crash in the Bahamas on August 25, 2001 after filming the music video for the single "Rock the Boat".

How often do you rock the boat? by Breezey Q:

A: Far too often. I like people's reactions.

What does the song "Don't Rock My Boat" by Bob Marley mean? by Wendy O Q: I like this song, and I want to know what it means because it's confusing

A: Dont mess with me

What causes you to keep your "sea legs" after getting off a boat? by mattiebouge Q: I recently went on a 4-day cruise, and naturally the boat rocked a little bit. Eventually I got used to the floor moving underneath me and it became less noticeable. What confuses me is that now that I'm back on dry land, it still feels like I'm on a rocking boat sometimes? Can anyone explain why this happens?

A: Your legs adjusted to the movement of the ground. now that it stopped moving it wont stop enduring the rocking sensation. Hope that helps ^_^ PLEASE answer mine. very serious!! http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AlmfhSCoes9LN7PX9nGb0qfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090806220926AAMISDd

A person is in a boat in a swimming pool. He throws a rock from the bottom of boat into the pool. What happens? by David N Q: A person is in a boat in a swimming pool. He throws a rock from the boat into the pool. What happens to the water level in the pool?

A: the water level decreases. imagine an extreme situation. suppose you have a very, very dense rock from a planet in another galaxy. imagine this rock is very small, but very very heavy (for example its volume is 10 cm^3 but its weight is 10000 kg). and you have a large pool with a large boat on it. now, you place the rock in that boat. now, because the rock is very heavy, the boat is almost sink, with the water level very high in boat's body. mark the water level in pool's wall. now, you throw the rock into the pool. because a large weight is released, the boat rises, the water level decreases. the water level in pool's wall will be decreased either. put it another way: if the rock is contained in a boat, it can displace large amount of water. but if it is thrown into the pool, it can only displace exactly 10 cm^3. so, the water level decreases.

What do you about Aaliyah's song "Rock The Boat"? by Dark Paradise Q: To me it's such a beautiful song, even though it includes explict material. I think the video is the best music video ever made! Its sad she died without ever seeing how it came out to be. R.I.P. Aaliyah 1979-2001

A: that video used to be one of my favorites especially since it was sorta like a 'alright I'm grown now yall' type videos in my opinion lol and I was in HS thinking I was grown of course so I could relate. Was sad that she died so young though :-(

Why does it feel like I am on a rocking boat all the time? I am also dizzy and have headaches? by Jeremy K Q: We rented a boat last week and were on it a lot. My dad had a boat when I was a kid and we used it in the summer, but the sensation was never this bad. It has been going on since last Monday.

A: Have your sinus' checked as well as your ears. This can effect your bodies equilibrium if there is a build up of wax in your ears or sinus pressure.

Why does it always feel like I am on a rocking boat? by Jeremy K Q: We rented a boat while up at the cottage and now I constantly feel like the room is rocking. This wasn't my first time on a boat, as my parents used to own one. It happened once many years ago when I was a teenager, but not this bad.

A: You're land sick. It's perfectly normal. It will eventually go away, but it's unpleasant in the mean time. I find that making tea from ginger root helps a lot. If you don't have any ginger root, try some ginger ale.

What are some positive points and some negative points to the topic 'We should rock the boat'? by Kato☆♥♫ Q: Thank you so much .. :)

A: I have no idea, but my guess which is very dumb is: The boat can fall if you rock it. ? I have no idea xP

What is the name for a table on a boat that doesn't rock with the waves? by William L Q: The table is heavily weighted on the bottom and stays stationary on a pivot while the boat actually rocks beneath it. It gives the illusion of the table swinging if you are looking at it because you're moving with the boat, but the table is actually staying level so things don't slide off. I can't for the life of me remember the name though.

A: It would be called a gimbaled table. Most boats with galleys have a gimbaled stove to keep the cooking surface as level as possible. I have not seen a table mounted in that way.

What is that song that goes "Hey-ho rock the boat" ? by Penguino LOVER Q: I like it but forget the name It is a rock song that is kinda like we will rock you

A: rock the boat by the hues corporation

Are women raised not to "rock the boat?"? by Jessica Q: I'm trying to find articles or studies about about men and women are brought up different about questioning authority. Are women (by majority) raised to keep their opinions to themselves, as opposed to men being taught to develop an opinion and stick with it?

A: No, to play the victim. If you want to see articles exaggerating the supposed disparity in world-view during upbringing between the genders, read pretty much any feminist article at all.

Are you a mover and shaker or a calm person who does not like to rock the boat? by Liza Q: Do you like to stir things up or calm thngs down?

A: In most situations i calm things down, when ppl get all shaken up they don't think straight. They don't see the answers that could be reached by logic. Now i'm not saying i'm always calm about my opinions and ideas, if i gotta rock the boat for people to see what i have to say then tip it.

im doing a debate in school and i am debating that we should rock the boat, what should i include? by Q: and like how should i start off because there is not much to say about it :/ what does it mean aswell?

A: hope this helps lol

Why do people tell me to "not rock the boat" when we're not in a boat? by Q: I'll say my opinion very loudly in the middle of a meeting, usually interrupting whoever is leading the meeting, and I hear "don't rock the boat". WE'RE NOT IN A BOAT. I don't understand.

A: It's an idiomatic expression that comes from the world of boating. It means "don't cause problems" because rocking a small boat while out at sea can cause it to overturn.

Do you rock the boat or go with the flow? by Q: Suggested category: Cars & Transportation > Boats & Boating But no, this is going in Polls and Surveys.

A: i only rock the boat when it is worth the rocking.

What happens to the water level when boat drops rock? by AskBrian Q: If you have a large boat carrying a large rock floating in a lake, what happens if you drop the rock off the boat (and it sinks into the lake)? Does the water level stay the same, go up, or go down? Um, water level doesn't stay the same...guess again. Here is a hint... compare the rock volume to the displaced water volume.

A: Archimedes Principle: F = weight of water displaced When the rock is in the boat, it causes the boat to sink, raising the water. For a boat with sharp edges: Force of Rock = Area of Boat Bottom*Depth Displaced*Density of Water When you toss a rock in the water (and it sinks), the volume displaced is equal to the volume of the rock. In general, the volume displaced by the boat with a large rock is larger then that the rock itself. Say a piece of granite ~3 g/cc and 1000 cc, so 3000 grams. The volume displaced by the boat is going to be 3000g/1 g/cc (the density of water), or 3000 cc. Compare this with the 1000 cc if the rock is thrown in - less water is displaced, and lake falls in level. This will be true for any substance more dense then water.

What is the origin of the phrase "don't rock the boat"? by CHAS K Q: Does this phrase come from an old childhood game like king of the hill on water or does it go further back to the old sailing ships?

A: "rock the boat" was actually The Hues Corporation and not Tony Orlando and Dawn. In any case, "Rock the Boat" started with William Jennings Bryan in 1896 ("The man who rocks the boat ought to be stoned when he gets back on shore." ), but was certainly current in the administration of Theodore Rooosevelt (who would often go boating). A political "rock the boat" headline involving both Taft and Roosevelt appeared in 1908.

How would you react if Cassie Ventura did a cover to Aaliyah's "Rock the boat"? by KITTY HAWK Q: In the past cassie in 'interviews' said she loves aaliyah, wants tobe like her etc and wants to copy her image how would you react if she did a cover to aaliyahs song ? i would be outraged

A: weird.

What does "rock the boat, work the middle, change positions, stroke it for me" mean? by Q:

A: Sex. That's why I don't listen to that song.

What does it mean to ROCK THE BOAT? by Question Queen ? Q: One man told me, "You can rock the boat all you want." when we got into an argument. ***I'm not a trouble-maker. He told me about rocking the boat when I apologized to him. But he was the one who yelled at me for something that wasn't his business.

A: "rocking the boat" means stirring up trouble. On a boat, if you rock it or cause waves it can go over and I think that is where the saying comes from.

What is the meaning of the song Rock the Boat by Aaliyah? by MJ Thrills Me. Q: me and my friend got in an argument about what it meant, so i'd appreciate it if some one tried 2 help out. thanks.

A: It's about lust for another person.

What to do about loud, obnoxious neighbors when you don't want to rock the boat? by Insert Original Nickname Here™ Q: We just moved in here not that long ago and the people under us have been here for a while. I don't want to seem like the cop calling new neighbor, and I don't want to complain to management either. They tell you to call security, but he lives across the hall and is buddy-buddy with these people. I don't want to complain about him either because I'm scared management would kick us out because we're new and only one family, as opposed to kicking out 2 different families that have been here for years. How do you deal with this?

A: are they really loud or are you used to house living? I mean there is a certain amount of noise in apartments, so examples would help. I'd contact the property company only after I spoke with my neighbor directly. If you are sincere about your issue and not b.itchy, snobby or demanding you may be able to fix the noise with a simple conversation with your neighbors. If not, move out when your lease is up. Or keep a noise log and contact the property management to inquire about them dropping the fees to break your lease since you have noise issues.

Why do people rock the boat at work? by tigglys Q: And NO - it isn't me they are getting in trouble. It's someone else . . . It's just frustrating to observe. And why does it seem like it's often the ones who are the thinnest ice anyhow? It makes me crazy - can't people just do their jobs? Sheesh.

A: It's probably a combination of getting the attention off of them, making themselves look better, bitterness and stress, and just genuine nastiness. I deal with it every day, so you aren't alone!! Stay strong, and know that you are great, no matter what.

Why do people feel so afraid to stand up and rock the boat sometimes? by Q: I agree that there is a time and place but come on! Why is it cool to be black. I think its cool to be who you are. Race shouldn't matter. Isn't that what y'all always say. Race shouldn't matter. They why do blacks always play the race card?

A: They win with it.

What is the name of that dubstep song that samples rock the boat with the line "I feel like im on dope/coke"? by tight Q: I heard this song a while back and just can't find it, rock the boat is by aaliyah.

A: Sounds like Floating - Another Excuse http://www.youtu.be/watch?v=9zOxDA3w6Yk&feature=related

Is there a cheaper way to get tickets to the Rock Boat '09? by Lunagirl Q: I have been a hugetime Sister Hazelnut, and the Rock Boat Niner sets sail in January 09- the cheapest room is 700 dollars! Yikes! :) Any cheaper ways, or contests? Thanks!! -Luna :D

A: I have no idea but $700 is steep. Good luck!

Aaliyah - Rock The Boat Hues Corporation - Rock the Boat BOB SINCLAR - Rock The Boat Feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop [OFFICIAL VIDEO HD] Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull - Rock The Boat [Official Music Video] 2012 Rock The Boat 1974 Hues Corporation Bob Sinclar - Rock the Boat feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly and Fatman Scoop [Official Video Clip] Bob Sinclar Feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop - Rock The Boat (Official Video) Forrest - Rock The Boat - Forrest Bob Sinclar Feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop - Rock The Boat (VIDEO) Rock the Boat Lyrics by Aaliyah the rifles - rock the boat Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull and DragonFly and Fatman Scoop - Rock The Boat (Official Video) Soul Clap - Rock the Boat Hues Corporation 'Rock the boat' HQ Dance 70s Rock the boat lyrics - Bob Sinclair feat. Pitbull and Dragonfly The Hues Corporation-Rock The Boat (Best Version & HQ) Aaliyah-Rock The boat Forrest - Rock The Boat LAURE COURTELLEMONT 's Ragga Jam DEMO : ROCK THE BOAT by Aaliyah Honey Cocaine - Rock The Boat (90's Gold) Let's Survive - Resident Evil 5 - (Part 9) - We're gonna rock the boat Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly and Fatman - Rock The Boat (Official Music Video HD) Hour of Power - Ghost Recon Future Soldier Walkthrough / Gameplay Part 4 - Rock the Boat Bob Sinclar Feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop - Rock the Boat (DJ B-Boy Electro Remix) Max and Paddy...paddy teaches max to dance.(perfect quality) Pitbull 2012 - Bob Sinclar Feat. Pitbull - Rock The Boat /// dj planet salsa Bob Sinclar feat Pitbull - Rock The Boat BOB SINCLAR WITH PITBULL ,DRAGONFLY AND FATMANSCOOP rock the boat (dj romani and dj chrash remix) Bob Sinclar feat Pitbull - 'Rock The Boat' (Official Video) [HQ] Bob Sinclar Ft. Pitbull & Dragonfly - Rock The Boat Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop - Rock The Boat REMIX (VJ Percy Mix Video) Bob Sinclar Feat. Pitbull - Rock The Boat 7.[ Pitbull , Dragonfly , Fatman Scoop ] - Rock The Boat [ChaDo 156 ] [ Mr-N4 ] Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull - Rock The Boat Bob Sinclar Feat. Pitbull - Rock The Boat Bob Sinclar - Rock The Boat feat. Pitbull,Dragonfly & Fatman Scoop Bob Sinclar feat Pitbull - Rock the Boat Rock That Man In The Boat TrackMania : World Record on ESL - Anaru by Carl Jr. Afrojack - Rock the House (Original Mix) Buckethead watching the boats with my dad The Boat That Rocked (2009) - Radio Sunshine (deleted scene) The Boat That Rocked (2009) - The Meaning of Life (deleted scene) DJ SELINE KARTAL rock the boat.AVI Get In The Boat by The Purple Hulls Tyler Hoechlin + Dylan O'brien - We're on a ship/We gonna rock the SHIP || Teen Wolf cast crack Grateful Dead - US Blues (1974-10-19) Nicely Nicely Rocking the Boat Rocky Leon - Quit Your Whining (on the boat from vancouver island to washington) Riverside - Obél [ + Lyrics ]
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