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Rock hill sc

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PerryJoanne US (SC): Rock Hill man may have grown World's hottest pepper http://t.co/zXhnzBzB

CelebrityNews69 Rock Hill Sc Amazing | Map of Rock Hill SC college-... | http://t.co/yikuBT8E

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Diamonddwrrx RT @Mosesjp: Dam twister devastating Rock Hill SC We were going to do show there next month

RHHerald_JSelf Employee of assisted-living home charged in death of 82-year-old resident | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC: http://t.co/Yb7OAhgU via @AddThis

madi4peace RT @RedCrossSC: #Redcross volunteer assessing #tornado damage in Rock Hill, SC. #scnews @RedCross http://t.co/JsSun173


anyone know of something fun to do in rock hill,sc? by its just me Q: me and my b/f wanna go out and do something fun today but theres nothing we can think of. do any locals know of something fun and new to do in rock hill, sc?

A: Yeah i think James is right.. for more info. try the following page also..

Wanting to find a hotel in Rock Hill, SC or Charlotte,NC that offers honeymoon packages? by alyssa8132002 Q: I am getting married in Feb. 2007. And we are just wanting to get a really nice room at an hotel here in Rock Hill, SC or Charlotte, NC. But we want to see if any have any kind of honeymoon packages? I have tried looking but was unable to find anything. And help will be appreciated.

A: Well but It won't work unless the AI525 runs first .

Where can you find Electronic Cigarettes in Rock Hill, SC ? by Candace Q: im wanting to try Electronic Cigarettes but have been unable to track any down... i like smoking but the prices are so high figured it was time to look into something different. if any one knows where in rock hill you can find them id be a very happy camper :) ty very much for the answers ive found a personal seller so im good now ;)

A: You can also buy them online at http://www.cloud9smoking.com

Ideas for an outside wedding ceremony in Rock Hill, SC!? by Michelle M Q: Hi, my fiancee & I are getting married about this time next year. In May or June of 2010 in Rock Hill, SC. We are really leaning towards an outdoor wedding ceremony. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am at a loss as to where to go. We could also use some CHEAP ideas for our wedding. We are on a very fixed income, so any cheap ideas are greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

A: well, it's not rock hill, but 2 hrs south is sumter sc, and there's a gazebo in swan lake that rents for $25 for 2 hrs. that's where my parents got married and where i'm getting married :)

How can I get from Rock Hill SC to Lenoir NC? by Quik_Silver_Babe Q: I don't have a car and I want to visit my grandparents.

A: I wouldn't recommend it, but you could always go the old fashion way of hitch-hiking. Makes life dangerous, but all the more exciting!

Im located in rock hill, sc what does the majority think about taking up Medical Assistance in college? by 4EverHis Q: I read online that its in high demand, but then people say dont take up MA because you wont find a job for it down here. Please help me!

A: "Medical Assistant" is often a job that pays barely above minimum wage.

Where do I find a Mechanical Engineering undergrad summer internship in the Rock Hill, SC- Charlotte, NC area? by Sarah Q: I am currently in my second year as an undergraduate at Clemson University for Mechanical Engineering. I am looking for a summer internship close to home, Rock Hill, SC. I am having a hard time finding available internships in the area. GPA: 3.62

A: Owens Corning

What is your opinion of the Rock Hill, SC area? by zaidin Q: I'm considering buying a 5 bd house in the Carnegie Estates subdivision in Rock Hill. What is this area like and has it been hit by the real estate downturn? If not, what are the chances that prices will drop in the next couple of years?

A: I live in Rock Hill and I will NOT move for anything. I love it here. I live out in the country but I aint far from everything either. As mentioned above about Comporium. They have the market here and no other phone company will come in. I have them for for Internet, phone, and cable. I aint never had any problems out of the phone. It seems likethe cable bill goes up .50cents every month though. If you are talking about getting a house off of Hall Spencer then it is would be a nice place to live if I am thinking of the same place. I think that you will like it here if you decide to move here.

What's the best way to get to Lexington VA from Rock Hill SC? by freedomfries08 Q: I know I'll probably have to leave from Charlotte or Gastonia instead of Rock Hill. I'm looking for either a charter bus or a train that has an ending destination as close as possible to lexington, and then I guess a cab company to get me the rest of the way. I've already looked at Grey Hound. They don't have a station in Lexington, and I'm not familiar with the Lexington area. Please post actual stations / terminals, not suggested websites.

A: no train. no charter bus. try greyhound.com.

Kittens for sale in or around charlotte NC and Rock hill SC? by Tracey Q: I am looking for a black (pure black) cat/kitten for sale in or around charlotte North carolina. And in or around Rock Hill SC. Simply because my sister lives there. I would love a small kitten but I'm willing to go up to two years old. Please let me know if you have any for sale, or give me links to other web sites, Thank you !

A: Go to http://www.petfinder.org Black cats and kittens are usually the last ones adopted so I'm sure your shelter has plenty of them. FYI - skip craigslist. If you get a "free" kitten on there you'll have to fork out $300-$400 to get it altered, up to date on shots, deflead, dewormed, tested for disease and microchipped. Go to a shelter and for an adoption fee of around $100 all that will be INCLUDED.

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