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Robot chicken

'Robot Chicken' Producer On His New Larry David, Larry Flynt Comedy Central ...
The duo behind Robot Chicken is developing an animation showcase entitled TripTank at Comedy Central. The project is set to feature a collection of recurring animated shorts built into a half-hour block much like the 1990's hit Liquid Television. ...

'Robot Chicken' Duo Launch Animation Studio
Robot Chicken duo Seth Green and Matthew Senreich are teaming for the launch of an animated studio. Dubbed Stoopid Buddy Stoodios -- based on the name of their Stoopid Monkey Productions shingle, the duo will partner with Buddy Systems' John Harvatine ...

On Saturday Morning Cartoons, Professor X waxes romantic and Chuck Norris ...
Generator Rex and company head to Egypt, Professor X's past is picked through, a stalwart of the edutainment industry meets her death, and Gandalf makes a stellar appearance on Robot Chicken this week. Young Justice, Clone Wars, Ben 10, and Thundercats ...

Megatron Unwraps Holiday Cheer in New KRE-O Stop Motion Animated Short [Video]
Taking a cue from Twisted ToyFare Theatre/Robot Chicken/Marvel Superheroes: What The--?!, Hasbro's commissioned a series of stop motion animated shorts showing the toys in action. The latest short, "A Gift for Megatron," is just in time for the ...

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DiabloDaGeneral RT @NICCI_ISNEECHEE: Sometimes Robot Chicken either be funny as shit or way off and weird. lol

iSmileAriana RT @thecrsarmy: Robot Chicken ? No no no, it's Ceramic Chicken!

lil__brookie #nw robot chicken since nothing else is on.

Acey2x Man no one told me Robot Chicken was on -_-

FearlessSimpson RT @thecrsarmy: Robot Chicken ? No no no, it's Ceramic Chicken!

CRSwagge RT @thecrsarmy: Robot Chicken ? No no no, it's Ceramic Chicken!

NoeliaMarquezJ Robot Chicken; ¿Especial de navidad? \m/

Justjoshinyaaa @kelsaaaay44 always a #allnighter w me. I went out tonight tho. A tad drunk..ish. Haha watchin robot chicken

thecrsarmy Robot Chicken ? No no no, it's Ceramic Chicken!

FantasticGleek Robot Chicken in the TT list. I think that Twitter is crazier than me lol


What the episode of robot chicken where the cereal mascots act like scarface & where can i find & watch it ? by Q: I've been looking everywhere for this episode & I can't find it!

What is the song called that was played during the Robot Chicken sketch "Kill Bunny"? by echiax Q: It was a variation on the original kill bill theme, was it released or is it just for the show?

A: Find the episode on YouTube, then post a question there or look up the series on Wikipedia.

Why does Robot Chicken hate Dean Koontz? by Q: The writers of Robot Chicken obviously hate Dean Koontz. What is their reasoning?

A: well my guess is because they feel he's Stephen King's copy cat and competitor since he writes in the same genre. In the episode "Not in That Way" Stephen King's new neighbor is Dean Koontz and he annoys King until King runs him into the wall with his car and pays the cops to say it was a "supernatural incident." In the Family Guy episode "Brian In Love", Brian hits a man with a car and asks him if he's Stephen King and the man says he's Dean Koontz and continues to run him over, showing he doesn't give a care for his work as he does for King's. So i guess people like Stephen King's work better so they trash his competitor/other best selling author, Dean Koontz

Where can i find this funny robot chicken scenes? by toby J Q: I watched a lot of robot chicken stuff long ago, and one of the most funniest ones i saw was something about, jesus, where he led some men across the water and through a lot of stuff, and each time something bad happened, he just said "Turn the other cheek" and they got pwned, the last one is a cyclop thing that bashes jesus to the ground, i would like it if anyone got a link or something to this so i can watch it again ^^

A: Here you go http://www.adultswim.com/video/?episodeID=d1710250e83ab0a601077180a950919d

Robot Chicken segment name where the student messes up the pledge of allegiance and then all hell breaks? by redsoccerdude Q: I want to find it on youtube and don't know what to call it.

A: I think that is the "Suck it" episode.

Which episode of Robot Chicken is this? by Q: There is an episode of Robot Chicken where the unicorns and other creatures miss noahs ark. Which episode is this? The number and the season?

A: I think it was Season 1 Episode 3. It's titled Gold Dust Gasoline. "Missing the Ark," reveals the truth behind the animals that made it onto Noah's Ark. Go into a third-grade classroom to hear a kid's version of heroism, true love and fart jokes in "The Best Cowboy." Then, join Vin Diesel, Batman and Robin, Michael Knight KITT, along with a multitude of others, in "3 Fast 3 Furious." http://www.adultswim.com/video/?episodeID=163101089933a30dba15507510270a06

What is the best Robot Chicken episodes? by Q: Can you please tell me the best robot chicken episodes

A: Dude all of them are great, but my favorite one is the first Star Wars Special

Did Robot chicken made the gummy bear song? by Q: Well my friend keeps saing the robot chicken made the gummy bear song idk what the hell his talking about

A: GummyBearIntl Made The Gummy Bear Song

Anybody know the name of the Robot Chicken episode that came on last night? by jc Q: It was the one with the kid playing dance revolution and then seeing the robot doing this dance, then his sister started doing it, and his dad, his mom, and a preacher. What is the name of it and the season and episode numbers?

A: Unionizing Our Labor Season 4 episode 14

where can i watch robot chicken free online? by connietalbotfan Q: what sites can i watch robot chicken free online? and also, does anyone know the name of the episode where the guy had a car run over his nuts as a dare, and then he got a transplant from a serial killer and his nuts were killing people?

A: www.adultswim.com and click on Video.

Which is better Robot Chicken,Family Guy, or the Simpsons? by Red Pikmin Q: Another hard question because Robot Chicken is random, Family Guy is funny, and the Simpson's are yellow, you decide but give detail please.

A: The Simpson's has been the longest running animated series and is an extremely adaptive parallel to the daily lives of many blue collar family's and very entertaining. Family Guy is also in most respects another parody of the daily life of the blue collar family and is also entertaining and subliminally suggestive usually provoking laughter.

Whats the robot chicken series about? by Q: I've just seen a few episodes and its was like making fun of a bunch of random shows. I loved it! So is that the main idea of the show? How'd they get the name robot chicken?

A: The name "Robot Chicken" is just random like the show! Lol the main idea is to make you laugh at random stuff!

what is scene from in Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II? by rckchkhwk Q: The AT-AT skit in Robot Chicken Star Wars Episode II when they jump over the rebel and he yells "they're beautiful" Any one know what that is from?? I think it's a movie or something but can't remember

A: i believe its free willy or something dolphiny...

Robot Chicken Question: What is that episode where everybody goes to war with each other called? by Q: I saw it only once, and it was SUPER funny, haha. The whole episode had a plot, I think, unlike the regular random Robot Chicken episodes...and at one part, everybody just starting shooting, slashing, bombing, and fighting each other in a big building. XD Please let me know if you know what episode it is...

A: This might have been the episode tha ended one of the seasons where the adult swim creator told seth green robot chicken is canceled and they decided to shoot all the cast members of robot chicken and their names appeared on the screen.

Song? On an adult swim commercial advertising robot chicken wars? by Long N Q: i live in southern california and i was watching t,v, suddenly it was an adult swim bump commercial advertising robot chicken star wars DVD. can anyone identify the song in the background?

A: Wasn't it a Robot Chicken-ish version of "Imperial March" from the original Star Wars movies?

Does robot chicken(and similar) steal characters and stuff? by Need a Answer Dispenser Here Q: I'm wanting to know if they steal characters/shows/episodes from other series without permission because I'm making a small animated series and I don't want robot chicken making my series look like crap. If they do have some legal rights on doing this, is there a way to prevent them from using my characters?

A: They don't steal, they parody. And may I ask why you think your small series will even go pass the creators eyes? Just keeping it real....

Is mad soppost to be like robot chicken but for kids ? by Q: Im talking about mad on cartoonnetwork the show that kinda seems like rip off of robot chicken what do you think?

A: I've never seen it.....but I would assume it's based on the humor magazine Mad. In which case that magazine has been around far longer than Robot Chicken. They may have decided to make a show based on the success of something like Robot Chicken. But since I haven't seen the show...I don't know if it's more like the magazine or not. Sorry.

Where can I find this skit from Robot Chicken? by The Kid MT Q: Is there a website that has the whole video of that "Robot Chicken" skit "Archie's Final Destination" where Archie and the gang try to escape death?

A: Go to this link: http://www.adultswim.com/video/index.html

Can You Help me Find a Specific Robot Chicken Sketch? by ADAM P Q: I'm looking for a Sketch from Robot Chicken where there's a Black Couple trying to get a Loan and they get turned down, then they show the same scene but switch the couple with a white couple but keep the same Audio. finally there's a third version with all sorts of crazy things going on. I don't know the season but does anyone know where I can find the clip?

A: You are one lucky person because specific things clips like the one you described are never easy to find. BUT!, i just bought all three season of robot chicken and i just got through watching season 3 and i remembered that clip. It's from season 3 episode 9 More Blood, More Chocolate the scene is called And How Did That Joke Make You Feel? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/More_Blood,_More_Chocolate#And_How_Did_That_Joke_Make_You_Feel.3F You can watch it here: http://video.aol.com/video-detail/how-did-that-joke-make-you-feel/775168370

where can i find the ending song to robot chicken season 3? by Q: I was watching Robot chicken and at the end they played there usual theme song except that the tune had change, so i was wondering where i could listen to the song (i believe it was play on the final episode of season 3)

A: It's the same dude

what is the name of the song that appear on the new robot chicken commercial on adult swim? by Q: does someone know the song that appear on the new robot chicken commercial on adult swim??

A: i don't know but the show gives me some freaky dreams

where can I find a puppet used on robot chicken? by Q: I am a HUGE robot chicken fan and I want to buy a puppet/character used on the show(maybe on ebay or something).Please tell me where I can get one and don't give me an answer like, "You can't buy one".Thanks

A: Toys r Us has some licensed robot chicken figures. Most of the toys they use to make robot chicken are customized Mego figures. Most all the toys used are readily available on the second hand market. What isn't readily available the build/make themselves.

From where i can Download Robot Chicken Episodes ? by Harry Q: Plz help me to Download Robot Chicken Episodes. This is my favorite show. I want to collect all the episodes of this show for my PC.

A: Good Luck:- http://robot-chicken.edogo.com/

What is this episode of Robot Chicken called? by David B Q: I saw an episode of robot chicken a long time ago and loved it and they have been laying it recently on adult swim and I would like to know what it is called. In the episode there was a really hyper girl who went to go see usher and she talked really fast and wouldn't stop. She went home and on her whole journey home she was still talking and even when she got home she was being hyper and talking until her mom gave her a shot and put her to sleep while she was strapped in her bed. What was that episode called?

A: it is from the first season and the episode is called "Atta Toy". you can buy season one on DVD.

What season of 'Robot Chicken' has the Raiders of the lost arc spoof? by Q: The TV show 'Robot Chicken' does a spoof of Raiders Of The Lost Arc. The spoof is of the opening scene of the movie. In Robot Chicken it takes place before Indiana Jones enters the temple. The temple (with the big bolder) is under construction. and the village leader is in charge of construction and he is explaining how all the booby traps work to he King. I will gladly buy the whole season If I knew which one it was in. --Any Robot Chicken fans out there ???

A: refer to a TV guide or Wikipedia

How did they come up with the name of the show Robot Chicken? by Q: Where did the name Robot Chicken come from?

A: According to Wikipedia... "The shows name was inspired by a dish on the menu of a west hollywood chinese restaurant, Kung Pao Bistro where Green and Senreich had dined. Although the series originally was intended to be called 'Junk in the Trunk'"

What are the lyrics to the "dark crystal" song on robot chicken by T pain? by Q: theres a song called Dark crystal by T pain. it was on Robot chicken. plz help me find the lyrics?

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oizQPksxw2Y&feature=related I couldn't find the lyrics but here is a video maybe you can catch the lyrics

Why did YouTube pull my Robot Chicken video? by C. Francis C Q: YouTube pulled my Robot Chicken video due to "copyright infringement", yet there are over 40 current Robot Chicken videos STILL on YouTube that have never been pulled! Why was mine pulled and not the others? If one is pulled then they ALL must be pulled!

A: Apparently they suck at finding them all, I guess. Maybe the ones that are still up there are actually like the 40th repost of the same video.

What is the bump before robot chicken recently? by Q: Yea I like to know what is the song that they now play before robot chicken since they started the 5th season if you find it could you send the link where I could listen to it thanks

A: its called the robot chicken theme

Does anyone know what episode of Robot Chicken had this skit? by Guzzy Rawks Q: In one episode of Robot Chicken, it was about a little girl who got a new cat, who was actually Lion-O. And she brought him to "Show and Tell" in her school, and Lion-O ended up beating up little kids. It was a hilarious skit, but I can't find the video anywhere!

A: The episode is called "Federated Resources" from season 2 episode 2. If you go to wikipedia.com you can find all the episode list there.

Is it just me or is the theme music on the show Robot chicken really creepy? by LilWayneLover<3 Q: i am always on the computer late at night [like i am right now] and my older sister likes to watch the show robot chicken but the theme music drives me nuts!! [and the T.V. is right across the the room from the computer] it is sooooooooooo creepy to me! am i the only one who thinks that?

A: I think the theme itself is creepy. Imagine a real robot chicken...it would gather up an army of chickens and ban together to kill the human race for bringing their lives to an end at the hands of the infamous KFC. You're not alone.

Is there a robot chicken stuffed animal? by Spencer Q: I have seen a robot chicken stuffed animal on the robot chicken commercial but i cant seem to find it. is it just for the show or are there some out there?

A: No. They talked about it coming out soon (and the humping robot) about a year ago in Toyfare but nothing more has been said.

Robot chicken episode with a guy who turns into a car and his girlfriend and another guy have sex inside him? by Q: I remember turning on Robot Chicken in the middle of an episode and a guy turned into a car and his girlfriend walks by with another guy and they get inside the car and have sex. Then various other horrible things happen to the car guy afterwards, too. I think some other random guy walks by and has diarrhea inside him and he eventually blows up, but I have never laughed so hard at a Robot Chicken episode until then and I can't find the clip for the life of me.

A: That has to be one of my favorites too, but this insn't a question.

What song is playing in Robot Chicken s5e10? by Q: What song is playing in the robot chicken season 5 episode 10 when Snoppy is dancing? This song has the words like "i wonna fly so high i gonna spread my wings".

What is the name of the character, and robot chicken episode, who is nerdy and wears a meatwad t-shirt? by David J Q: On Robot Chicken there is a nerdy kid in a meatwad t-shirt who gets picked on in multiple clips by a bully. I have searched www.adultswim.com and I cannot find it.

A: hahaha i just watched that like 30 minutes ago. im not sure... but one my favorite episodes of athf came on, little brittle

What episode of Robot Chicken is this? by Q: There is an episode of Robot Chicken where two scientists are standing at a chalk board. One of them marks something and they both start laughing, Can anyone tell me which episode this is on? I have to know because this is one of the funniest scenes from the show. Thanks.

A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpD5AWej0Ho I don't know which one it is but here it is.

How to find Robot Chicken on Demand? by Q: I want to watch robot chicken on demand but i cant find it?

A: Have you tried this???

where can i watch online robot chicken episodes in australia? by mohatu01 Q: youko is way too slow to load & robot chicken.net wants you to install zango n adult swim don play the clips for aussie ip address so is there any site that wil play the episodes apart from those?

A: i noe? just go to australia =]...

Do you think Family Guy and Robot Chicken are similar? by The Angry Stick Man Q: I have noticed the cuts away from the "storyline" are basically the same thing as Robot Chicken....I know seth green does both but I just never made the connection until now, what do you think?

A: It's funny that you use the word "storyline". lolllllllll :)

Does Robot Radio have anything to do with the creators of Robot Chicken? by Q: I recently found this podcast on itunes called Robot Radio. It was hillllllarious. I wanted to know if the guys from Robot Chicken had anything to do with it.

A: Perhaps it does.

Where can i watch Robot Chicken and The Boondocks online? by Ryu Q: I just can't find all the episodes of each seasons for Robot Chicken.

A: Try out Surfthechannel.com, megavideo.com or Veoh.com Surfthechannel has the most though

What episode of Robot Chicken featured the Humping Robot for Wii Fit? by Grant M Q: What episode of Robot Chicken had the Wii fit game called Humping Robot?

A: season 4, episode 73 "Unionizing Our Labor"

What is the name of the Giant Fire Eye character that was featured on Family Guy and Robot Chicken? by Q: He is in a fiery lava world. In Family Guy he said that he is so gonna get grounded and in Robot Chicken he has trouble getting his eyelash out of his eye since he has no hands.

A: Yeah, that's the "Eye of Sauron" from "The Lord of the Rings".

What is the song that plays at the end of Robot Chicken? by Alex Q: I remember hearing the song before, and it's like Robot Chicken remixed it with chicken noises. Can someone tell me what the original song is?

What was the episode of robot chicken that the geek guy is dead and become the shield of the man? by Q: What was the episode of robot chicken that the geek guy is dead and become the shield of the man that carries him? Please tell me because that's one of my favorite episode

A: "Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy" Season 3 Episode 7. I'm not 100% sure. If this is not it, here are the episodes where the NERD (the geek guy you are referring to) appears. Joint Point Operation Rich in Spirit Suck It Federated Resources Adoption's an Option Book of Corrine Robot Chicken: Star Wars Werewolf vs. Unicorn Yancy the Yo-Yo Boy Robot Chicken's Half-Assed Christmas Special Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II We Are a Humble Factory Maurice Was Caught President Hu Forbids It Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry

What happened in the Harry and the hendersons clip in robot chicken? by bully buster Q: I heard that robot chicken Season 4 episode 6 contained a really gross clip featuring Harry and the hendersons... I tried searching for this clip and went through millions of results until i found one titled "goodbye harry" but it wasn't available in my country... what happens?

A: try it here: http://robotchicken.wikia.com/wiki/Goodbye,_Harry if you still cant watch it, it's implied that harry starts masturbating and he makes the family watch

What episode of robot chicken star wars is the one with the little darth vader guy running around? by Q: Is it robot chicken star wars 1, 2, or 3, where the little darth vader guy is running around on the table and stuff where he is on like a talk show? It is hilarious and I need to find it.

A: I believe it was the first one. The talk show had Zuckuss voiced by Conan O'Brian. Great little skit.

Robot chicken? by Lucie Q: Has anyone seen that series called Robot chicken by seth Green?

A: yeah that sh*t is hysterical I love the use of old action figures and the crazy things that they come up with on that show

Robot Chicken? by mrgusgus85 Q: What episode of Robot Chicken features the Giraffe caught in the quicksand?? What is the name of the episode?

A: i am not too sure but i just had to post to say! that show is amazing:)

robot chicken? by Torii Q: is there a website were i can watch all the robot chicken episodes without having to pay? ._.

A: yes www.Adultswim.com

Robot Chicken - Star Wars Special [1] Robot Chicken: The Emperor's Phone Call The Muppet Murders (Robot Chicken) Robot Chicken - Arkhum Asylum Shawshank Redemption [adult swim] Robot Chicken: Quicksand Robot Chicken: Bad Boy Meets Damaged Chick With Daddy Issues Robot Chicken: Take Your Daughter to Work Day Robot Chicken - Jason Voorhees at Home [adult swim] Robot Chicken: Mario Meets Parents Robot Chicken: The Joker Cookie Monster Attacks The Keebler Elves (Robot Chicken) Robot Chicken: Nerd Tron Robot Chicken: Our Newest Member, Calvin Dora the Disaster (Robot Chicken) Robot Chicken: Super Race Robot Chicken: O Great Pumpkin [adult swim] : Robot Chicken - The X-Men Get Fried Robot Chicken: Sneak Peek: New Episodes of Robot Chicken Season 5 The Dark Crystal: Dark Cristal (Robot Chicken) Robot Chicken: Strawberryland Names TILA TEQUILA ON ROBOT CHICKEN Robot Chicken: Darkest Sketch in History Robot Chicken: Potter, You Fool [adult swim] : Robot Chicken Star Wars - Yo Mama Robot Chicken: Boba's Back! Robot Chicken: 1776 Robot Chicken: Bring a Sidekick to Work Day Robot Chicken - Blue Rabbits Fcking Robot Chicken: Contra Lives Robot Chicken: Rape Ghost Robot Chicken: Spider Sense Robot Chicken: What, What! Robot Chicken: Halo Edition Ep. 1 Robot Chicken: Apocalypse Pony Robot Chicken: Aquaman Vs. Big Oil Robot Chicken: Richie Rich's Cribs Robot Chicken Star Wars Robot Chicken: Beginning Season Five [adult swim] : Robot Chicken Star Wars - Wrong place wrong time Robot Chicken: Delicious Gummy Bears Robot Chicken - Metropolis Seth Green On 'Robot Chicken' (CBS News) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Robot Chicken Commercial Robot chicken-star wars trailer Robot Chicken - Star Wars (part 2) Robot Chicken: Faker Crashes the Party [adult swim] : Robot Chicken - The kiss of death [adult swim] : Robot Chicken - Send out for more booze Robot Chicken: Le Wrath di Khan Spore Galactic Adventures Robot Chicken Day Two Trailer [HD]
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