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Polfy99 @BrighteyesRBLX http://t.co/2VDvcAvK How do you think? it uses textures I made myself

SekaiRailNews [railroad] My Version of The Magic Railroad chase (Roblox w/alternate Ending) http://t.co/1N5QVbb8

howtows Roblox TŞ Professional Soccer 2011 - TPS 11 Tips And Tricks http://t.co/vQ7nYPmE

bulidmaster RT @BrighteyesRBLX: Wow - I think personal build servers might be the best thing ROBLOX has ever done. I had so much fun with you guys tonight!

AnomazCP *Plays Roblox* http://t.co/m3uRN16L

LukeRules12345 @BrighteyesRBLX New Visor for veterans day. So far it has 195 takes http://t.co/TGsbXnra

JJohannsen69 geomark123s day at art class with friends :lag - Roblox Jr High School created Feb 23 2009. This game is actually pr... http://t.co/AbSw0OzB

AnomazCP Break Time! Who Wants To Play Roblox? http://t.co/m3uRN16L

Sammyguy576 @Shedletsky Can I get in "The Islands"? Sammyguy576 on Roblox.

piedeROBLOX @Shedletsky May I please enter the personal server? Roblox username is piede.

LuckymaxerRBLX @Shedletsky I entered the code to a roblox card, it was a $10 one. I double-clicked, and it accounted for $20. - A bit of a major glitch :P

BrighteyesRBLX Wow - I think personal build servers might be the best thing ROBLOX has ever done. I had so much fun with you guys tonight!

Greatvideogame Jamie4423's Roblox Video: Roleplay gamei hope you all had an awesome halloween, post about it in the commentsnew... http://t.co/RjQWpthI

TREVORRBLX @RealAlexnewtron Hey mind adding that app your making to your Roblox Browser?

wwevstna2 @Shedletsky May I be allowed? My twitter name is the same has my ROBLOX username.


How do you make something to wear on roblox? by Mini Elliex Q: Specifically, how do you make hair to wear on Roblox? Or other clothes?

A: You can't create your own hair or hats you have to buy them from the catalog. As for clothes go to My Profile > Stuff and then pick either T-Shirts, Shirts or Pants and there is a little create button above your clothes. You must have BC/TBC/OBC to be able to create clothes though

How do you create a battleground on Roblox? by Onxanthy Q: I want to make a battleground on Roblox, and I don't know how to make morphs, add attacks, teleports, etc. Does anyone know of an easy tutorial or this, or know themselves how to make it? Also, I would like to know how to create attacks and morphs, such as a monster.

A: Well, you could either get it from free models (which I would not recommend, try to make things your own) or have a friend make models for you. If you want to learn scripting (which will take time), the best place to learn it is on the roblox wiki. It is not easy to become a great scripter. Making morphs involves scripting and building. There are many, many battling places on roblox. Try visiting a few of the more popular ones. I am not saying to copy them, because you shouldn't, but it is good to see what the popular places have in them. Try to make something completely new, that not everyone could create. Try to start out with a simple map that doesn't involve a lot of scripting. Start adding scripts once you have a good map. Once you become more comfortable with it, add gui's and update your old scripts. Add different maps.Try not to reset players that often, use teleporting scripts instead. Many players do not like to constantly be reset and watch their WO's go up. Another way to learn scripting is to go on the roblox wiki, and just study the scripts. Look at them and see the design in them.

How do you make teleporters on Roblox? by Jim Jones Q: I must know how to make teleports on Roblox. I am making a paintball place like miked's and it would also help if you told me how to make weapon giving teleporters, so it can help with classes. And I don't mean the teleport tool, I mean the teleports where you step on them and they teleport you.

A: look in the free models i know there is 1

On roblox is there an easier way to delete badges from your stuff? by Flopsy1996 Q: Is there i don't want to waste hours deleting, and there's some badges i don't want to keep, this question is only for people who play roblox.

A: Sorry, You have to delete them by hand by clicking on them on your profile and going to the badge's profile then pressing delete.. I know it takes A LONG time if you have as many as 200 - 400 pages as me! Add me if you need anymore help. I'm Lola64732

How many times can you get banned from roblox? by (x(xLOLGRLx)x) Q: Okay so i was wondering how many times you could get banned on ROBLOX before getting your account permanently deleted. My account on ROBLOX is falloutgrl3. I've been banned twice already.

A: I think, unless you do something serious, and the admins feel nice, you dont get premanently banned, but eventually you will if you keep getting banned.

How do i start off making a planetary game roblox? by Sponpi999 Q: Im going to making a planetary exploration game on roblox, but i dont know how to start it off? any tips?

A: Try in this order: 1:Station and ships 2:start gear 3:planets 4:Stuff on the planets to explore 5.Put in a space background 6:Test it 7:if it works publish it if you need more tips, ask a player that made one already and ask him for tips.

How do you download an ad template from Roblox onto paint? by Slayer219 Q: I am trying to make an 728X90 ad for Roblox for my new shirt, but i cant find out how to download the template.

A: Go to the place where you upload your ads, then open the picture for 728X90 ad, save the picture and open it on paint.

ROBLOX ? by Edward Cullen Q: i was on roblox in my roblox playing with like my little area thing and it said click on tools to build stuff, or insert to decorate ur house, those buttons are gray so i cant click on them HELP

A: You are most likely in Online mode, but if you clicked Build, you should find that it pops up about five seconds after you enter. Contact me on ROBLOX if you want. I'm mjt510. (http://www.roblox.com/User.aspx?ID=46069)

roblox...............??? by aka Q: how can i put guns in my roblox game coz all i got is building stuff

A: I'm guessing that u should search it up... I was able to find a radio on Roblox that played Soulja Boy im my room. They have almost everything so try searching it up

Roblox??????????????????????????????????? by $y|)n3y Q: what head do u have to have to wear a golden wig on roblox?

A: Any head works, it's best to stay with the default head.

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