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Robert rodriguez

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TarantinoFM I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/vT3iuRGW Planet Terror OST-Fury Road - Robert Rodriguez

TarantinoFM I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/MNIbdKgx Planet Terror OST-Dakota - Robert Rodriguez

8krumax8 Дети шпионов 4D / Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D (Роберт Родригес / Robert Rodriguez) [2011, Фантасти... http://t.co/AjUJOmoe

BluegrassMMA RT @rockhigdon77: http://t.co/gJJpQ4sJ Hardrock MMA 41 Weigh In Results Fight 3 Andre Rodriguez(weigh saturday) vs Robert Montgomery(185)

TarantinoFM I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/ZUEvGlCR Planet Terror OST-El Wray - Robert Rodriguez

Wot_Tak Дети шпионов 4 / Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4 (Роберт Родригес / Robert Rodriguez) [2011 г., Боевик,... http://t.co/m81OBt27

TarantinoFM I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/5vC8s6AT Planet Terror OST-The Sickos - Robert Rodriguez

TarantinoFM I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/QzxZjM5m Planet Terror OST-Doc Block - Robert Rodriguez

bellaberry I just saw a Robert Rodriguez film before 12pm at the flicks. Admittedly, it was Spy Kids 4.

Cat321977 likes Cherry Darling by Robert Rodriguez on Ping http://t.co/8IrtrQX2 #iTunes

onlineHDfilm Yeni Eklenenler: Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World: Robert Rodriguez mükemmel bir şekilde… http://t.co/xDODUWis

onlineHDfilm Yeni Eklenenler: Spy Kids 4: All The Time In The World: Robert Rodriguez mükemmel bir şekilde… http://t.co/XhW0Y1wv

81stColumn Robert Rodriguez is awesome ! #machete #robertrodriguez

Andrezman #EnlaceWarez Spy Kids 4 (2011) (Dvdrip-Subtitulada) (1Link): Robert Rodriguez vuelve a ponerse tras las cámaras ... http://t.co/5MPyIcco

microstockgroup RT @microstockexpo: 1st panel #mexpo: Distribution for maximum profit Mark Butler (monkeybusiness),Andres Rodriguez(photographer),Robert...


How could I get a script to robert rodriguez? by killledbill Q:

What type of camera did Robert Rodriguez use to film "Once UponaTimein Mexico"? How much does it cost to rent? by L.D. Silver Q:

A: Sony CineAlta. About US$100,000 to buy. Does not include processing equipment. Contact a rental shop: http://bssc.sel.sony.com/BroadcastandBusiness/minisites/cinealta/rent/index.shtml

Is the name of film director Robert Rodriguez youngest child really Reetard? by Nora Q:

Do you think Robert Rodriguez will have done Predators justice? by Drago Q: Do you think it will be good? They dumbed down the Alien vs Predator movies. This newest one is rated R..which is a good start. I hope this will be a good movie. Transformers, G.I. Joe, and A-Team were all garbage.

Should I watch the Robert Rodriguez trilogy in order? by Korey J Q: There are three movies: El Mariachi, Desperado and Once upon A Time In Mexico. I know some trilogies or series dont necessarily need to be watched in order. Asking the people who have seen all three, is it a series that is best enjoyed watched in order?

A: I did not watch these movies in order, I actually saw Once upon a time first, and I loved it. Then I watched Desperado and then El Mariatchi last. They do not go in order at all. They are basically the same movies, just with different things going on. Especially since Desperado is a remake of El Mariatchi. I think each one is a good movie on it's own, not necessarily a trilogy.

What was the directors Robert Rodriguez's biggest hit? by -Priscilla- Q: Hes one of the ones that directed/produced "sin city". Was that his biggest hit? Its for a school project Sin City 2 doesnt come out till next yr?

A: Spy Kids 3D: $197,011,982 Sin City: $158,753,820 Spy Kids: $147,934,180 USD Worldwide gross

Has anyone heard anything big on the apparent Predators film being directed by Robert Rodriguez? by Peter Q: I've heard that he might be doing a third Predator but haven't heard anything huge or anything. I know that both of the Scott brothers will be producing an Alien prequel but still nothing heard on what this movie might be about.

A: Predators - Summer 2010 The following from empireonline.com: Lawrence Fishburn to star alongside the likes of Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, Danny Trejo, Alice Braga and The Shield's Walton Goggins. We love the little plot description at the end of the story: "They play a disparate group of people who land on the Predator home planet only to discover 'unspeakable horrors." Empires story in their October 2009 issue had the fact that the plot would center around a group of people who wake up in a zoo on the Predators homeworld. Check out Empire for all stuff cutting edge movie -wise. They are out of England, so some stuff does not get over in America for a while, but their information is solid. On on the Alien homefront, the next Alien movie will be a Prequel to the original Alien movie. It will reportedly center around Ripley's Dad and a young Ripley, but it is not fleshed out yet. It is due out in 2011. Hope it helps!

How Can I Contact Director And Film Maker Robert Rodriguez? by Chris C Q: I Am A film maker and upcoming director and to long ago i went to a film making convention and spoke to robert himself and he told me to contact him, but i lost his number :(

A: Through his agent. There are books available at Samuel French in Hollywood. There used to be a book called "The Address Book" that had all the major players and talent's phone numbers (their agents', of course) in there.

Is Robert Rodriguez is exerting Svengali-like powers over Ms. Lohan while she is on the set of "Machete"? by There There, Lindsay Q: I worry about Ms. Lohan being around Robert Rodriguez because he already seduced Rose McGowan and I think he may now be using his Svengali-like power as a director to control Lindsay Lohan. I know this is mostly speculation at this point, but don't you think somebody should warn Lindsay Lohan about Robert Rodriguez's powers of mind control and seduction?

A: I will volunteer to help. In fact, I would be happy to be her life coach and to guide her through the Hollywood minefield. Now I ask you, how could this possibly go wrong?

What was Quentin Tarantino's advice to Robert Rodriguez? by Krioni Q: In his book, "Rebel Without a Crew", Robert Rodriguez says that, after having met Quentin Tarantino in 1992 and both discussing their respective films and the filmmaking experiences, Rodriguez writes that he asked Tarantino for story-writing advice. Then he says, 'He gave me really good advice'. In the book, Rodriguez never says what that advice was (that I can recall). Does anyone know, with at least some level of certainty, what that advice was (perhaps Rodriguez spoke of it some other time or in an interview, or Tarantino has given the advice before or since, etc.) ?

A: He told Robert to change the name to his film to: "Once Upon A Time in Mexico" If you buy or rent the movie dvd, Robert tells you the information on directors remarks, if you option the dvd to play "hear the director's comments."

10 minute cooking school Sin city breakfast tacos The Robert Rodriguez 10 Minute Film School - Part 1 of 2 Kobe Bryant is, 'The Black Mamba'. Directed by Robert Rodriguez. The Robert Rodriguez: 10 Minute Film School (The 1st & Original) Robert Rodriguez on The Late Late Show in 2005, Pt. 1 Robert Rodriguez's 10-Minute Cooking School: Texas BBQ Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez talk Grindhouse!!! Robert Rodriguez - Film is Dead Part 1 Robert Rodriguez on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 1 SDCC 2011 - Robert Rodriguez Announcement (Sin City 2, Machete 2, Fire & Ice, Heavy Metal) Robert Rodriguez - How to make cool home movies Robert Rodriguez - Austin Filmmaker Killer Tacos with Robert Rodriguez Desperado Del Castillo playing with Robert Rodriguez - Chingon 10 minute cooking school: Puerco Pibil Kobe Bryant is, 'The Black Mamba'. Directed by Robert Rodriguez. Official Trailer 1 Grind House Trailer Desperado Robert Rodriguez & Michelle Rodriguez - Machete Interviews Movies and Technology with Robert Rodriguez Black Mamba bedhead (short film) изголовье The Robert Rodriguez 10 Minute Film School - Part 2 of 2 Sin City Soundtrack Robert Rodriguez & Graeme Revell Marv Robert Rodriguez Five Minute Film School Machete Official Trailer 2010 Chingon (Live at Antone's) - Malagueña Salerosa - HD Robert Rodriguez's Predators Kobe Bryant and Robert Rodriguez talk about The Black Mamba film, ads Kobe Bryant on Robert Rodriguez, The Black Mamba ads and film Robert Rodriguez and Henry Selick - SXSW Film 2009 COMIC CON 2008: Robert Rodriguez talks Machete EL MARIACHI - Trailer ( 1992 ) Robert Rodriguez Interview 'Shorts' Robert Rodriguez's 10-Minute Cooking School: Sin City Breakfast Tacos Robert Rodriguez Talks 4D In 'Spy Kids: All the Time in the World' Robert Rodriguez on... Robert Rodriguez On Making Music 4 His Films Robert Rodriguez on Jimmy Kimmel Live PART 2 Quentin Tarantino Robert Rodriguez interview for Grindhouse Once upon a time in mexico - spanish guitar 'Predators' International Red Band Trailer 2010 [HD] Robert Rodriguez Comic-Con 2011 Hall H Four Rooms - The Misbehaves (scene) Robert Rodriguez on Lindsay Lohan at 'Machete' Premiere Robert Rodriguez 10 Minute Cooking School: Volcano Cookies Sin City 2 - Robert Rodriguez SXSW '10 Interview Robert Rodriguez and Me Robert Rodriguez Q & A Session At Comic Con 2011
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