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Robert kardashian

Robert Kardashian Speaks from Grave -- I'm Khloe's Dad
Robert Kardashian swore that Khloe IS his biological daughter ... torpedoing claims by his ex-wives that Khloe was fathered by another man. When Robert was seeking to have his 2nd marriage annulled from Jan Ashley in 1999, he submitted a declaration to ...

Kris Jenner Sets Record Straight on Khloé's Dad
In response to recent rumors of Khloé Kardashian not being the biological daughter of the late OJ attorney Robert Kardashian, Kris Jenner appeared on ABC News, and said, "It just gets weirder and weirder. I have never heard of such crap before in my ...

Khloe Is Not A Kardashian: Her 'Dad's' Final Confession Revealed
By Radar Staff Robert Kardashian's ex-wife and widow have come forward in a Star magazine exclusive in which they both claim that the late Kardashian expressed his doubts about the paternity of Khloe. "Khloe is not his kid -- he told me that after we ...

Kim Kardashian admits her marriage was 'doomed'
Her mother was apparently shocked by Kim's lack of devotion to her new husband and said she and her late ex Robert Kardashian were “obsessed with each other” for the first ten years of their marriage. “I didn't even want him to go to work. ...

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AshaBee09 The sad thing about the whole Khloe being/not being a Kardashian is that Robert Sr cannot speak for himself.

PinoyVideosTK Video: F4 Meteor Garden NG Bloopers @ http://t.co/MygbD7Rd #robert kardashian

GabyGallardo18 WTF?!?!? No way "@eonline: Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/QMppa77O"

lady_money Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/Ptpf8dpe

californesota RT @ENews: Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/ZMkBM8d4

AmandaCangro RT @eonline: Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/WplD4L3k

ThatsMsLeAnne2U "@eonline: Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/YXK71duE"

MrChuck_Finley Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/O3qrFhN4

Taliakaylasmom "@CelebBRK: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/oSIKIfRr"<---the exs are looking to be relevant @KhloeKardashian

Wordfairy Check out this article from FOX News. Robert Kardashian's widow, ex-wife claim Khloe isn't his, allege Bruce Jenner is a cross-dresser: http

JLiuzzi RT @eonline: Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/WplD4L3k

SandraFrazier3 Robert Pattinson: El mejor y Kim Kardashian la peor ¿De acuerdo? http://t.co/FRmBBQCG

Jenifer_HS Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/0f93hInE

KissilaSilveira RT @eonline: Khloé Kardashian Odom Dad Drama: Robert Kardashian Swore He Was Her Father http://t.co/WplD4L3k

whit_x0x0 Robert Kardashian = hottest man alive!


robert kardashian and adrienne bailon? by Q: are they still datingg??? i NEED to know

A: yes they are .....

is robert kardashian fat? by elmontgirl Q:

A: No, and it wouldn't matter if he was.......

did robert kardashian and adrienne bailon break up? and whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!? by manan o Q: i watched the season finale of keeping up with the kardashians last night on monday may 25 2009 and i want to know did they really break up? are they back together now? and WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: ok all i no is that she is like moving so they broke up I think she is join to new york so rob moved in with Kim for the time being.

which of the Kardashian that Robert Pattinson find really ugly and disgusting not his type at all? by Q: Kardashian women Kim, Khloe or Kourtney

A: how the hell would anyone on here know

Did Robert George Kardashian play football in the NFL? by jimiejams Q:

A: No he was a lawyer his whole life, never played football at any level

Robert Kardashian Jr hair? by Sfdsdf D Q: Anyone else notice a big chunk of hair missing from one side of his head?

A: Yes. These Kardashians have done nothing w their lives, have zero values and are being rewarded as a result... It really irks me. :(

Does the fact that the Kardashian's are famous bother you? by Q: I understand Robert Kardashian was OJ's lawyer but other than that they haven't done anything. They have a show & make millions because their daughter has a big butt and was in a sex tape. They are all spoiled brats if you ask me, especially the younger ones.

A: YES! they are famous just for being famous. and they're all ridiculously unattractive and full of plastic. i don't understand why people are obsessed with the kardashians.

what did robert kardashian do as a job, besides being o.j.'s lawyer? by scarlett928 Q: i know he was o.j.'s lawyer but what else did he do as a job /

A: He flipped burgers at Wendy's

do you think i look like robert kardashian? by soccerfan Q: ignore de cigg plz i was tryin to look cool http://i482.photobucket.com/albums/rr186/161allday/fahria11.jpg

A: nope

Is Robert Kardashian Amernian? by Q:

A: Yes, he is.

Is Adrienne Bailon Dating Robert Kardashian Jr? by Q: He has a picture with her on his myspace.

A: Who and Who?

why didn't the media comment on the face of robert kardashian when o.j. was found not guilty at his trial? by mamiof4our Q: he looked shocked that o.j. was found innocent i know that alot of people thought he was guilty, but your own defense attorney looking like he was punched in the gut is something different. and by the by, the question is being asked 12 years later b/c the dude is in trouble AGAIN!

A: To answer your question.. Probably because he was guilty as sin. Edit: I went back to refresh my memory of Robert Kardashian(deceased) because I recalled he was an attorney, O.J.'s friend and that O.J. stayed at his house, but I forgot he was part of the "dream team" Here is a quote I found interesting.. "He stood by O.J. irrespective of how he felt because he felt that nobody else was standing by O.J. Not because of his innocence or guilt, but because there was a friendship there," said author Larry Schiller, whose book "American Tragedy" focused on the tensions and strategies of Simpson's legal team.(link to story below) Thanks for asking the question =)

Am i the only one who think robert kardashian has a big nose??!!? by Joshua D Q: http://www.televisioninternet.com/news/pictures/rob-kardashian-photo2.jpg

A: i guess sooo .... ;)

Do i look like Robert Kardashian, Kims brother? by Go Lakers Q: someobody said this and i hate Robert, so yah lol http://i524.photobucket.com/albums/cc328/haikiscool/l_811bcbdefc364eb081245d1002678e-3.jpg

A: No! and Robert Kardashian is the father but his son is Robert Kardashian Jr. ( That bit of info is for those who didn't know this)

who is the father of robert kardashian ? by alper d Q:

A: Arthur Kardashian is the father of Robert Kardashian Sr, the grandfather of Robert Kardashian Jr, and the great grandfather of Mason Disick

do you think robert kardashian is hotttttttt? by ♥LEXi&AUBRi'S MAMA♥ Q: just wondering I DO and do you think hes too good looking for the cheetah girl? or is she too good for him just wondering

A: yes he is HOTTTT!,i think he would be better of with mee.

where does robert kardashian jr. attend school? by MEEEE Q: he is the brother of the three famous sisters, kim, kourtney, and khloe kardashian.

A: He goes to USC

What do you think of Robert Kardashian and Cheetah girl Adrienne as a couple??? by Lovable Q:


Does Kris Kardashian think that OJ Simpson killed his wife? by Dolores D Q: I know she was married to Robert Kardashian, who was on the defense for OJ. I was just wondering if anyone knows her take on it.

A: well she has never really talked about that but on the kardashians she states that OJ's wife was really close to her and she didn't expect an of it to happen

wasnt robert kardashian sr defending o.j simpson a confilict of interest didnt ne one take that into account? by Q: since they were good friends?!

A: no

how much money did robert kardashian leave his kids? by Q:

A: No one knows that, except the lawyer handling the will!

Were Robert Kardashian's parents from Armenia? by Mary K Q:

A: His grandparents were from Armenia and his father was born shortly after they arrived in the US.

Was bruce jenner and robert kardashian friends? by Q:

What do u think about the kardashian sisters dating younger men>? by I Love people Q: Kim dated reggie she is 29 he is 25, Kourtney 31 dats scott 26, adrienne billion 26 was dating robert kardashian 23 how do u eiw this?

A: age difference of 4 years, 5 years, and 3 years respectively. none of them are big differences. and if you mean older women and younger men, who cares .. it doesnt make much of a difference. besides, kim and reggie are no longer together, kourtney and scott are on the rocks if not already broken up, and adrienne and rob have been g=done for a while now.

is adrienne bailon and robert kardashian still together to this day? by Davide B Q: Ive seen when i googled adrienne and robert that it says they have split, can that be so?

A: Earlier in the show this week they were arguing about her leaving out peanut butter and not wiping off the counter "good enough", so my guess is, if they haven't broken up yet, they will be soon.

Robert Kardashian question...? by g_bling Q: Did Robert Kardashian know how to speak Armenian fluently?

A: I really want to know that too..and if he did know Armenian, why didn't he teach his kids? Theres an episode on the E! show website, dedicated to the memory of Robert Kardashian..he asks his kids when they're little, "Do you girls know any Armenian", and one of the responds to the viewers, "we don't know ANY Armenian!"..

Does anyone know where Robert Kardashian's father was born? This is Kim Kardashian's fathers dad. (read detail by sunshine Q: It is known that Robert Kardashian's father was Armenian, I want to know where he was born, like Armenian from where? Please give me this correct information for 10 points thank you Thank you, but i am talking bout Robert Kardashian Sr.'s father, we dont even know his name, but do you know where he was born? and sorry for the incovenience.

A: I don't know where he was born, but on her site, she says her granparents were Russian-Armenian and Turkish-Armenian. http://www.officialkimkardashian.com/2008/04/a-note-about-my-armenian-backg.php

Are Robert Kardashian and Adrien still dating right now? by Logan Q:

A: yes they are still dating right now and i will give you the link so you can see it for yourself

Are Robert Kardashian and Adrienne Bailon Still together? by yanswers Q:

A: No they broke up months ago

how did Robert Kardashian jr. get that scar on his head? by Q: http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Kim+Kardashian/Robert+Kardashian+Jr./Kim+Kardashian+Out+Santa+Monica/IsU85SmoJPh

A: That's not a scar. That's from his older buzz-cut haircut, still trying to grow.

who was Robert Kardashian's date in Las Vegas? by just wondering Q: who was the woman at dinner at Kim's birthday that was with her brother Robert?

A: are you talking about the one who looked EXACTLY like Kim..ugh just weird idk

who was married to robert kardashian before he died? by dalcy c Q:

A: He only married Kris Jenner in his life ,they divorced hoped i helped ;)

why did robert kardashian look upset when they announced the verdict on the oj simpson trial? by noneyourbizniz Q: if he was defending him why did he seem disgusted???

A: I love that, Nick. I was very vocal about Kardashian's expression when the OJ verdict was announced. I believe Kardashian got into defending OJ because the families were quite close. But as time progressed, Kardashian saw that OJ was really guilty after all. He expected the jury to convict OJ, but when it was announced they declared him NOT GUILTY, Kardashian's expression told the whole story. And evidently, he defended OJ against the wishes of his family who believed OJ was guilty. Kardashian lost a lot by defending OJ. Sadly, he died not too long after that. People: Be careful who you defend....

What do you think about Robert Kardashian (Kim Kardashian's bro) and his girlfriend? by Q: be honest...

A: Robert Kardashian seems ok but a lil spoiled

How long do you think Adrienne Bailon & Robert Kardashian is gonna last?? by lil_tip6 Q:

A: til he starts makin the big lawyer bucks and trades up to something better.

Anyone know where I can buy Robert Kardashian posters?! I have been searching everwhere online and can't find ? by Q:


Are Adrienne Bailon and Robert Kardashian back together? by Jazmíиε♥ Q: Are They back together?

A: no I don't think so.

Did robert kardashian get voted off dancing with the stars? by hey hey Q:

A: Nope. Ron Artest of the L.A. Lakers and his partner Peta Murgatroyd did. Their score was only a 14 and apparently they weren't that popular.

Which of the Kardashian that Robert Pattinson find really ugly and disgusting not his type at all? by Q: Kardashian women Kim, Khloe or Kourtney. That Robert Pattinson finds really gross

A: Khloe

What type of Armenian is Robert Kardashian? by coolRyder Q: there are three different types of Armenian: Western Armenian, Eastern Armenian, or Persian Armenian. Armenians speak the same language in all three but in different dialects. I am a complete Armenian myself and I'm Eastern Armenian ;)

A: Robert Kardashian Born Robert George Kardashian February 22, 1944(1944-02-22) Los Angeles, California Died September 30, 2003 (aged 59) Los Angeles, California Cause of death Esophageal cancer Ethnicity Armenian It seems you interest is in an American Armenian

Were Kris and Robert Kardashian divorced before Robert died? by Q: Because it says on this old episode I was watching that he died 5 years ago but they have Kendal and Kylie who I thought were Bruces and Kris girls. So my 2 questions are was Robert and Kris divorced before Robert died and are Kylie and Kendal Bruce and Kris kids or Robert and Kris Kids?

A: Yeah they divorced before the youngest Rob was even a teenager. Bruce has been in the Kardashian Kids' life since they were kids...young kids. Kylie and Kendall are obviously Bruce's considering the other other girls and Rob all bear the same Armenian resemblance.

How much does Robert Kardashian jr. worth? by Q: I just wanted to know how much the kardashian family esp.Robert Kardashian jr.'s worth....

A: $2.75 million not alot

Robert Kardashian say's the games are rigged do you believe him? by BRITTNEY Q: Robert Kardashian is Khloe Kardashian's brother..and Khloe is married to Lamar Odom[Plays 4 Lakers]...hmmm wat do u think??? I just saw him say it's rigged and gonna go to Game 7 before game 6 on TMZ and it's on their website

A: Ya I just seen it. I know that the NBA can make just as much money without it having to be rigged. So I really hope it isn't. vI love this game too much and It would break mine and many other fans hearts to find out it is.

do you think Robert Kardashian is underrated in the looks department? by Q: I think so. he is one of the most beautiful man I ever see he is so much hotter than his sisters better like who let's see what you got! same to you man

A: I don't think he's super hot. But he has a cute babyface.

Is Robert Kardashian friends with Scott? by Sergio M Q: are they still friends? i was watching last weeks episode and they were celebrating Scott's birthday and Rob didn't say hi to him or anything. Are they still friends or not?

A: No. Rob & Scott stopped really being friends last season.

Are Adrienne Bailon and Robert kardashian still together? by Heavensfynest Q: We never see them together anymore but you always see pics of her and his sisters on their website. Plus mediatakeout reported that they might have broken up.

A: no ones know for sure wait till march when the show comes back on ;)

Is legendary trial lawyer Robert Kardashian rolling in his grave with his daughters disgracing the family name? by Q:

A: "Legendary trial lawyer???" Please. He had to reactivate his law license to work for O.J. Kardashian was more of a family friend than lawyer. His name may be associated with "the Dream Team" but at best, he was a very, very minor part of it.

is robert kardashian dating the black twin from ATL? by Gem_cole Q: there have been photos of them making out and everything! her name is malika haqq she was in ATL as one of the twins. they look very cute together. looks like the whole kardashian group has the fever, lol!! i luv em.

A: i thought he was with the chick from the cheetah dolls. what the heck happened. they were like living together.

Was Robert Kardashian an Armenian Gypsy? by ghost Q: I have heard Kim Kardashian say she is Gypsy, and there are a lot of Gypsy in Armenia.

A: Very doubtful. First off, Kardashian is an ethnic Armenian name, not like anything a traditional Roma family would use. Second I do not think he was actually from Armenia, (again, he is an ethnic Armenian), and his ancestors probably immigrated to this country prior to the formation of the modern Armenian state (The 1915-1920 period). Therefore, if he was a Gypsy, he would just call himself a Gypsy, 'Armenian' gypsy would be meaningless, unless he was a Gypsy from the Armenian highland. Third, the Gypsies (or Rom) make up a very small percentage of modern Armenia. Armenia is 98% Armenian, with Kurds and Russian making up most of the other two percent. Pure Rom could only make up, at most 0.3 % of Armenia. Even speaking nationally rather than ethnically, there is little chance of him being a rom.

where does robert and kourtney kardashian live? by Q: does robert kardashian jr live with khloe and lamar? and kourtney and scott, do they live with kim? if not, where?

A: Rob stays with Khloe & lamar, Kourteney and scott have their own place, so does kim, shes rich enough ayee.

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