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Robert griffin iii

Robert Griffin III only won Heisman because of final game (Sound Off)
By Press-Register staff Robert Griffin III, of Baylor University, holds the Heisman Trophy award after being named the winner, Saturday, Dec. 10, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/Heisman Trophy Trust, Kelly Kline) I thought the Heisman Trophy was to be ...

Robert Griffin III 2012 NFL Draft Scouting Report
What makes Baylor's Robert Griffin III a great NFL draft prospect? Let's get inside the game of the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback to see what traits he brings to the next level and what areas need improvement. As part of the pre-draft process, ...

2012 NFL Mock Draft: Robert Griffin III Goes To Redskins
Griffin may not have the complete package that Andrew Luck has, but he would be worthy of the first overall pick in any other year. Griffin took home Heisman honors Saturday after leading Baylor to a 9-3 record and a third-place finish in the Big 12. ...

Heisman finalist Griffin changed Baylor perception
Robert Griffin III smiles Monday, Dec. 5 2011, after the Baylor quarterback was announced as a finalist for college football's Heisman Trophy, during a watch party on campus in Waco, Texas. (AP Photo/Waco Tribune Herald, Jerry Larson) By Stephen ...

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Felicitastldzl RT @detredwings1: Baylors Robert Griffin III will beat Andrew Luck for Heisman Trophy - Stewart Mandel - http:tcoq60WzVKt http:tco3VTKIDtI

Santosyjzek RT @SportsCrunch: Update: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III will be 1 of 5 finalists in NYC for tonights - Detroit Free Press http:tco5mPJWbLN

Randall_Peters Robert Griffin III: 2011 Heisman Trophy Is Likely Engraved in His Name http://t.co/f28pttmV

detredwings1 Baylor's Robert Griffin III will beat Andrew Luck for Heisman Trophy - Stewart Mandel - http://t.co/q60WzVKt http://t.co/3VTKIDtI

Cathy_Holmes Robert Griffin III leads Baylor past Texas http://t.co/p6L0b7Qy

FantasyTackles #IDP 2012 NFL Mock Draft Week 14: Washington Redskins and Robert ... http://t.co/WrvPYNRC #FantasyFootball

WheelerWendy Robert Griffin III leads Baylor past Texas

Uno_DaDon yeah Robert Griffin III Got it or Trent Richardson

Liseybogr RT @xavitivo13: Baylors Robert Griffin III will beat Andrew Luck for Heisman Trophy - Stewart Mandel - http:tcosmhEYebI http:tcoBrsQxAI9

Sports_Crunch Update: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III will be 1 of 5 finalists in NYC for tonight's ... - Detroit Free Press http://t.co/5mPJWbLN

Super_Keyword "robert griffin iii" Youtube video and Twitter's think. http://t.co/QFhoRxjQ #Super_Word

barbecuetips New blog post: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III will be 1 of 5 finalists in NYC for tonight's ... http://t.co/9aMYr6hj

TopDaily_News Baylor's Robert Griffin III is the late Heisman Trophy favorite http://t.co/jx8BzZM3

JohnG592 Robert Griffin III for Heisman!

Randall_Peters (December 8, 2011)--Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III and his go-to receiver Kendall Wright won first team h... http://t.co/KJKuFKvd


Andrew Luck & Robert Griffin III are both from Texas? by Tech Golfer Q: How does Texas produce so many legit QB's?

NCAA: so it's done Robert Griffin III will win the Heisman? by Fried Chicken RG3 for Heisman Q: everyone is talking about it, sports shows, newspapers, internet...lets just wait for Saturday to make it official

A: Not done Andrew Luck probably wins it

Who backs me up when i say that Robert Griffin III is one of the greatest college freshman players? ? by Listen to good music Q: pretty much glad i go to Baylor now

A: I watched him play against OU and i have to say he looked pretty good. I was impressed.

What team will draft Robert Griffin III ? by Q:

A: My money's on Washington

Robert griffin III or Denard Robinson? by Raven Q: Which QB would you go with? Which is more reliable and which is more athletic?

A: One can throw the ball, one can't. So I'll go Griffin.

Just How Good Will Robert Griffin III Be? by Honey Badger Q: Is his upside higher than Vick's? How good can he be? Is his arm good enough? Predictions...

A: It depends on his work ethic, especially with his eating and exercise habits, during every offseason. If Robert Griffin III eats healthy, and exercises by doing a lot of running every day, he will get into better shape, which will greatly improve his chances of becoming a successful NFL quarterback in the future.

Does Robert Griffin III deserve to win the heisman? by kevin Q: He has proven he is a legitimate contender. He at least needs to beat Luck in the race, seeing that ESPN is always on his d*ck

How overrated is QB Robert Griffin III of Baylor? by Rebot Q: He sucks so bad against good teams!

A: He's not overrated at all? Are you insane? 22 TD to 2 INT. He had more TD passes than incompletions for the first 3 games! And the first game was against TCU, he looked pretty damn good against them didn't he? Hes 142-182 in passing the football. Thats a 78% completion rate. He wasn't even that bad today, he threw 3 TD passes and only got picked off once.

How to Make Robert Griffin III on Madden stats and equipment? by Matthew Tat Q:

A: I'd suggest asking someone in the games section.

Thoughts about robert griffin III returning for a senior year? by MN_Wild7922 Q: I hope he does but will rg3 return for a senior year? If he leads Baylor in a victory in the Alamo Bowl (against Washington- a #12 team against unranked Washington? Seriously?!) comes back for senior year leads Baylor to bcs bowl (possibility) what would it mean to the program at Baylor?

A: Smart....theirs a ton of QB's coming out of this years draft including several who will probably be picked ahead of him. Also RG3 can prove once again he's legit and he will earn alot more $ next year.

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