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Ricki Lake

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NinePipeDou Ricki Lake Hoping To Stay On 'Dancing' - Access Hollywood

jenetics Watching Dancing With The Stars - Ricki Lake and Ron Artest! How could I resist? Don't judge me!

O_Ash Who remembers watching Ricki Lake?

laurenmarie0011 You was hot when? Ricki lake

Doulamaddie More Business of Being Born http://t.co/MFtX8KH3

SoAlaMorissette Ricki Lake gets up close and ... - So Alanis Morissette in real time http://t.co/YJsCSsrc

culturecringe 7 hours since you went away, 11 coffees/Ricki Lake on play.

SoAlaMorissette Ricki Lake gets up close and ... - So Alanis Morissette in real time: Alanis Morissette, Gisel... http://t.co/Jz2oW6t9 #AlanisMorissette

BillboardNika What your tired?! U need a break? U was hot when ?! Ricki Lake .

pagliakzas1 Wait what movie is Ricki Lake dancing to? I missed the intro! dwtsAQfTcq

velobeir2 Damn girl ricki lake got a 29! Good for her DWTSRQb

poirotwyftoe5 I'm at the bottom of the tv barrel watching DWTS but that being said vote for Ricki Lake. She's RickWeKG

WhiskeyNShyt #WhatsFunnier Jenny Jones vs Ricki Lake

marinftnh8 Who thought ricki lake would be such a darn good dancer?!?TpCx

juzlikcandi RT @RICHROSEBKLYN: Where is the talk show host Ricki Lake? #justasking <---- on dancing with the stars


who do think will win charm school 3 with Ricki Lake? by googirl77 Q: I was rooting for Bay Bay Bay, but she of course gave her spot up. I kind of think it sucks that the girls who make such an improvement get expelled. Mostly because they should have a chance at the money and they don't because they come to a point where change is not needed. I am sure it's all been pretaped and such, but what are your thoughts on what will happen?


Who has been expelled from Charm School 3 w/ Ricki Lake so far? by Bianchi Q: As of right now, who has been expelled from Charm School 3 and what were Ricki's reasons for expelling them? Thank you for your answers.

A: Beverly: got kicked out for violence, she pulled Brittaney Starr's hair. Gia: for drinking to a point where she could barely stand. Ki Ki: for instigating fights, and the other girls came to Ricki saying she was a big bully. So Hood: couldn't stand the thought of getting expelled before any of the Rock of Love girls, so she quit. Farrah: felt she would walk out of Charm School worse than she started out if she stayed, so she quit. Brittaney Starr: all the fights seemed to go back to her, so Ricki had no choice but to expel her. Natasha: Ricki felt she had changed all that she needed to, despite Natasha saying she hadn't fully changed yet. Hope I helped =]

Who do you think is going to win Charm School with Ricki Lake and who do you want to win? by Jesusrocks™ Q: I think K.O. might win Charm School, because she seems like she will impress them the most. I want Risky to win though because I think she really wants to win and I like her the best. What do you think?

A: I think K.O. will win because she's really interesting and giving. She is real and awesome. She doesn't have a family so i feel really bad for her. She really needs this money so she can at least start her life over in a great new way. She said every day is a challenge 4 her and it makes me want to cry because she's a great girl who is struggling in this world! I think K.O. is the best! Good luck K.O.

Do you think ricki lake choose the right person to win charm school 3? by ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷкнαℓιαƸ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♫ Q: I do what's your opinion?

A: i do i really do believe that risky truly changed for the better

Is anyone else disappointed that Ricki Lake is hosting charm school? by Kit Q: I'm ticked now I'm so gonna miss Monique she called pumpkin a ho,remember plus I just can't stand Lake anyway.

A: I am, I haven't heard from Ricki since the talk show days(my mom used to watch her) they should have Monique back she had all the sass needed for the show to set those girls straight, even make them cry which is just what they needed to do.

What song did Ricki Lake and Derek dance to on Ellen today? by motorcyclemama Q: It was a slow ballad. What a great song! What is the name of it and who sang it? Thanks! It was not This Year's Love by David Gray. It was a female singer....fyi....thanks!

A: Gravity by Sara Bareilles

How do you find an episode of Ricki Lake? by Dante_Ash Q: My parents were on it back in the 90's and I can't find the tape. Anyone have any ideas?

A: Dante_As - Check out the websites below: http://tv.blinkx.com/show/ricki-lake/8mRELSr0L05rQkqV http://www.clickfornick.com/tvonline/2009/04/watch-ricki-lake-episodes-online.html http://video.tvguide.com/Search/Ricki+Lake http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricki_Lake_(talk_show)

How do i watch all Ricki Lake Shows from year 2000? by CC is a CUTIE!! Q: I wanted to find a show and i couldnt find it.so.. does anyone know where i can find all ricki lake shows from year 2000 and 2001.

A: It's very difficult to find all of her old episodes. I only found some clips of it. http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=466C781E80E36188&search_query=ricki+lake http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ricki+lake&search_type=&aq=f

Okay, So my mom was on the ricki lake show when i was little, And i want to see it, How do i find it? by Yasmine Q: So i was talking to my family, And they told me when i was little my mother was on the ricki lake show. I started thinking about it and now i want to see the episode, But i don't know how to find it. Please help!

A: Trust me, as someone old enough to remember the show... you do not want to see your mom on this show. If you decide you do, make sure that you know for a fact that: A) your mom is your mom, and B) that she is originally a female.

How can I get my daughter to stop watching Ricki Lake? by Donny Osmond Q: My daughter is 7 years old, and she loves to watch Ricki Lake. But I don't want her watching it because I feel it is inappropriate and she is starting to pick up some bad language from it. Right now it's "Men are scum week", and she is starting to get the impression that all men are bad. Any advice? I'm a single mum! I can't keep a close eye on her 24/7! Kerplunk31786 - You're obviously not familiar with The Critic. I pity you.

A: If you don't feel that it's appropriate then maybe your daughter is watching too much television and single mom or not you can make her earn her tv time. The only problem is she'll have to do chores to earn it and by the time she can choose what time she has her tv time so she may still watch Ricki Lake. Even though you don't approve just remember that your daughter is a growing little person with her own thoughts and ideas. The fact that you are a single mom and most of the people on those type of shows are single parents in bad situations might show that she relates to the show in some way. Instead of trying to push her away from it or flat out telling her she can't watch it (this is a syndrome of parents that they believe that they can control their children and everything they do...People children have little minds, thoughts and opinions of their own) you should watch it with her. Take notes to keep discussion open with your child during the show. Get all kinds of technical with it. Turn it into something that's not as bad as what the show makes it out to be. Like teaching her to try to see all sides of the problem. Example "Men are scum week" Does she even know what scum means? If she doesn't look it up with her. Find out if she really thinks that all men are scum. If she does find out why. Question her. Talk to her. Try to figure out what's going to happen next. Get her ideas and thoughts about what's going on on the show during commercial breaks and have discussions with her. These are very grown up issues but sometimes seeing how it affects children and talking about it with your children can possibly help her see that not everything is as bad as it's portrayed on television and maybe one day she won't make these same mistakes when she's older. These type of conversations tend to stick with kids and they learn from it. Just try to make sure your daughter is learning the right things. If she's going to watch smut television make sure that you're there with her discussing things and trying to point out all sides of the story. You could even tell her instead of watching Ricki Lake alone, she can only watch it when you're around.

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