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Richmond va

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What is the forecast for Richmond , Va after Hurricane Irene hits? by TriRi_ButterFli Q: I live in PA but I am living for Richmond Va August 28 I just want to know is it still safe and ideal for me to continue my vacation and what will be an accurate forecast for the week of August 28-Sept 2nd ?

A: The Weather Channel notes that Sunday, August 28 will be windy, high of 88, and 10% chance of precipitation. The rest of the week will be sunny/mostly sunny and in the 80's. It is up to you if you want to come down here for vacation. We'd love to see you. However, the storm may knock out power and do some damage. Therefore you might not be able to do everything that you want to do here. I hope that this helped. Good luck!

What is the starting salary for a new grad RN in Richmond, VA? by Chris L Q: I'll be graduating from nursing school soon and was wondering what the starting salary is in Richmond, VA. Any ideas?

A: Try www.salary.com You can put in the city, occupation, and see the range of average salaries. Generally, new grad RNs make between $40k - $50k per year, or around $22-$30 per hour, depending on the job setting (hospitals pay better than clinics and nursing homes, for example).

What is the cost of living in Richmond, VA? How much personal taxes I have to pay, both state and federal? by newcomer Q: I am thinking of moving to Richmond, VA from overseas. Want to know what will the cost of living be like? Rent, car, daily expenses and taxes.

A: ~~ The link below will help you out on the personal tax rates in Virginia: http://www.bankrate.com/yho/itax/edit/state/profiles/state_tax_Va.asp ~~ Rentals will vary of course with location and the property. The link below is to City-Data's entry on Richmond; this has a absolute plethora of information on the city with external links to property rental sites: http://www.city-data.com/city/Richmond-Virginia.html ~~ Below is a link to the local TimesDispatch newspaper, ready to go at apartment rentals: http://www.timesdispatch.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=RTD/HTMLPage/RTD_HTMLPage&c=HTMLPage&cid=1063025704927 ~~ You might also like to have a look at this Richmond website. Though a tourist site, it has other information about the city as well. http://www.visit.richmond.com/

What are good and affordable areas to rent and live in richmond va? by Witty P Q: Im moving to richmond va next month and have been searching for apts. I'm told parts of south side and north side are bad but the fan district, meseum district, cary town, petersburg are good.. how do i know whats a good area and whats bad? Also I've found all apartments require a holding fee of at least $150.00. Do i get this back if Im approved but dont go with that apt? Or do I only get it back if im not approved? Thats alot of money if i send it for each apt i apply to... help

A: Cary town is expensive but nice. Avoid south side of Richmond. Chesterfield County (Chester, Virginia) south of Richmond is very nice to live. Colonial Heights is also a nice place to live. Petersburg is a nice town if you are looking for a small town. But avoid downtown Petersburg.

What are some good vacation spots in Richmond, VA? by Mohammed A Q: I need to know about a few good toursit attractions in Richmond, VA. It would be helpful if they were historic vacation spots.

A: Virginia Museum of Fine Art Hollywood Cemetery Canal Walk (they also have cruises for $5) Valentine Richmond History Center Agecroft Hall Science Museum of Virginia Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden American Civil War Center Museum & White House of the Confederacy John Marshall House Haunts of Richmond Tour Woodland Vineyard James River Cellars Winery Henricus Historical Park Here are some other nearby places: Hanover Tavern (in Ashland) Scotchtown (in Ashland) Berkeley Plantation (Charles City) Shirley Plantation (Charles City) Pamplin Park (Petersburg) Blanford Church (Petersburg) Appomattox Plantation & Grant's Headquarters (Hopewell) Weston Manor Plantation (Hopewell) Historic St. John's Church Cold Harbor Battlefield Visitor Center (near Mechanicsville) Washington's Ferry Farm (Fredericksburg) Kenmore (Fredericksburg) James Monroe Museum (Fredericksburg) Mary Washington House (Fredericksburg) Colonial Williamsburg (Williamsburg) Williamsburg Winery (Williamsburg) Busch Gardens - Europe (Williamsburg)

what are the names of the managers at abercrombie and fitch richmond va? by Elisa Soria Q: I really need to know the names of the managers at the store in richmond VA (Short Pump) It's REALLY IMPORTANT! Thank you!

A: Julie Maynard, Bridget Akinson

How to get from the Philadelphia airport to the Richmond,VA? by Qwer Y Q: How to get from the Philadelphia airport to the Richmond,VA?

A: Its about 250 miles south on I-95 south.

How to avoid Thanksgiving traffic when traveling from Richmond VA to Fairfax VA? by epicas Q: I am going up to Fairfax tomorrow from downtown Richmond VA and I was wondering if anyone who has made the commute a lot knows any tips on how to avoid insane traffic. I try to avoid Northern VA at all costs typically.

A: If you're going in the middle of Thanksgiving Day, I don't think it would be that bad because lots of people will be with their families and not commuting then. When you go back home, make sure not to go on Sunday late afternoon/evening - it's absolutely awful. Go earlier in the day or very late at night if you need to go on Sun.

What is the cheapest way to travel from Richmond, VA to Lynchburg VA? by snowboardchick1989 Q: I am a student trying to get from Richmond International Airport to Lynchburg VA the cheapest way possible. Help please. Thank you!

A: walking is always cheapest It's always free

What is the best way to drive from Richmond, VA to Connecticut? by rydogg88 Q: I am driving home this Thursday night from Richmond, VA to Naugatuck, CT. What is the best way to go to get home as soon as possible? I want to avoid as much traffic as possible, especially around DC and NYC. I am leaving Richmond at 5 pm. Usually I go I-95 to the Beltway continuing up 95 to Jersey Turnpike then Garden State Parkway to Tapen Zee to I-84. Let me know your thoughts.

A: What time do you plan on leaving? If you miss the rush hour in DC, then you should have smooth sailing up until you get to NY. The route you suggest is the easiest. However, you can take I-81 north and then head east on I-84. This will avoid a whole lot of traffic... but it does go out of the way. You could take route 301 north. Take the Carmel Church exit in Caroline County to 301. I would do this if your travel takes you through DC during rush hour. You can take I-97 from Route 301 to get back to I-95 around Baltimore, or you can stay on 301 and pick up I-95 at the Delaware Bridge. (You can pick I-95 or I-295 here, I can't recall if they call I-295 the garden state parkway but for some reason I don't think it is.) Anyways, stay on I-295 for a "cheaper" ride. (There is also much less traffic.) You can stay in the interstate or pick up 301 again... But everything is funneled through NYC so that is your choke point. My honest opinion, your route is the best. Taking a western route will avoid a lot of the traffic, but it will add time to your trip. However, the I-95 way has a lot of traffic congestion. If you are driving up late at night, then do I-95. If you will catch DC during rush hour, take 301 around DC and pass that parking lot. If you are gonna be on the road during holiday traffic, take Route 17 (in Stafford) across and pick up I-81 in Winchester and avoid the whole mess. (Yes, I head north a lot during holidays and I do hold I-81 as an option.) I hope that this helps. Good luck!

River City (Richmond, VA) SouthSide Reunion 2010 (Richmond Va) Travel Richmond, VA: Drive through Carytown shopping area D From Moseby Court, Richmond VA Burns down da mic!! VCU RICHMOND VA circa 1977 filmed by Glenn Hamm (version 2) PART 1 of 2 Black mobs disrupting Richmond, VA UFO sighting in Richmond, Virginia Obama Victory Parade The City of Richmond Virginia Travel Richmond, Virginia: Downtown Richmond from bridge Protest against TSA at airport in Richmond, Virginia Occupy Richmond, VA getting raided and bulldozed Pup's Trip to Vapercon 2011 in Richmond, Va Yo Gotti Arrested in Richmond, Va Monument Ave, Richmond VA HD Video Barack in Richmond, VA: 'We All Love This Country' Richmond Virginia Quint 6 Dash Cam Lil Wayne Throws Coat at DJ in Richmond, Va Tesla Roadster in Richmond, Va Indecison - The National - Richmond, VA Project Pat - Richmond, VA - MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND (NO RATCHETNESS) - www.1080Gee.com Richmond VA Push Brother Love 'PUSH' Travel Richmond, VA: Front of State Capitol Building Grateful Dead - Richmond Coliseum Richmond VA 11-2-85 Set Two SOUTHSIDE REUNION RICHMOND VA OFFICIAL VIDEO Man.v.Food.S03e05 Richmond, VA part 1 Canon 60D Test Richmond Virginia Jimmy Eat World 'Polaris' - Live in Richmond,VA 2/8/11 Young Jeezy in Richmond Va @ The National Cisco-Tv 2219 Hanover Avenue, Richmond, VA Barriers - David Archuleta - The National - Richmond, VA, 2/25/09 Hurricane Irene in Richmond VA metro area 2011 The Berkshire Apartments for Rent in Richmond, VA The Lost City, Richmond Virginia Hurricane Isabel Storm Chase and Richmond VA Damage Survey SOUTHSIDE REUNION 2010 RICHMOND VA!!!!!!! Barack Obama Victory Speech in Richmond, VA 2/9/08 Part 1 Richmond Aftermath: VCU vs KANSAS, ELITE EIGHT to FINAL FOUR Zero Gravity - David Archuleta - The National - Richmond, VA, 2/25/09 Cloverleaf Mall Richmond, Virginia Eric Stanley Performs at Cary Street, Richmond VA Restaurant Review of Benny's BBQ | Richmond, VA Richmond VA Freeway Tour #1 VCU RICHMOND VA circa 1977 filmed by Glenn Hamm- version 2 Part 2 of 2 BANG 1971 Richmond VA. Flood Damage Richmond Virginia RICHMOND VA : TRAVELING with 'Ya Man' BAM PRT 2 13 Wither Live Richmond VA 1993 Ben Folds Paper Airplane Request Show-Richmond, VA 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Lifted Richmond, VA
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