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Richard mourdock

The next Indiana Senate contest: Defining Richard Mourdock
Dick Lugar conceded defeat Tuesday, the next big Indiana contest began – defining his opponent, GOP nominee Richard Mourdock, as a tea party extremist. The success or failure of that effort could have a bearing on control of the Senate next year.

ANALYSIS: Five mistakes that cost Richard Lugar his job
There were conditions Lugar could not control but some variables were within his command — ranging from how his campaign portrayed the senator and his opponent, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, to who ran his campaign and how, and to where he ...

The Same Tea Party Crowd Backing Richard Mourdock is the Same Tea Party ...
The Same Tea Party Crowd Backing Richard Mourdock is the Same Tea Party Backing Sen. Marco Rubio The tail has been wagging the dog, but it will be time for the dog to wag the tail. Cuban-American Sen. Marco Rubio had better do better than to offer ...

Mourdock leads Lugar in Delaware County; Sue Errington has edge for District 34
MUNCIE — With 48 of 78 precincts in Delaware County reporting by 7:10 pm Tuesday, Richard Mourdock was leading Richard Lugar with 57 percent of the vote for Mourdock and 42 for Lugar, according to the Delaware County clerk's office.

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WDHN RT @ABC: Longtime Sen. Richard Lugar has suffered a historic loss after six terms in the Senate. http://t.co/rI1d9yzl

oshaqir RT @cspanroadwh: VIDEO: Richard Mourdock & Sen. Lugar primary night remarks http://t.co/OKtD5abb @cspan #INSEN

gonitnas RT @biggovt: Mourdock Wins: Tea Party Looks To November: It's official: Richard Mourdock has unseated six-term Senator Dick L... http://t.co/7KnsWXPy

idontcopit RT @JimDeMint: Please help Richard Mourdock fight back against liberal attacks. @SCFpac launching nationwide fundraising surge http://t.co/O5Qu8SoQ #INSEN

kylepadams RT @rollcall Dick Lugar falls to Richard Mourdock in #INSEN primary: http://t.co/rvY0F2u0

TigerClaus RT @FoxNews: GOP Sen. Lugar conceded to challenger Richard Mourdock in IN primary, says he 'hopes opponent prevails in November' http://t.co/5fwKZ2lU

ZJohnGarcia Indiana Senate Richard Mourdock topples veteran Lugar in Republican primary Tea Party activists mass hope for win Se... http://t.co/FhDSSKRS

ncginny Oooops! Richard Mourdock! with a 'd'

Carlson_Dave RT @secupp: Rubio email: "I am proud to announce Reclaim America PAC's endorsement of Richard Mourdock, and to offer my personal support as well."

politico .@charliepolitico is already looking at the next Indiana Senate contest: Defining Richard Mourdock: http://t.co/nmQQAPG9

LarryCal1 [email protected]_Basterd: Richard Mourdock wins Indiana primary http://t.co/ie8TzfQM #twisters #tcot” - YAAAAYY!! Let's hear it for the Good Guys!!

RobertCherry1 RT @FoxNews: GOP Sen. Lugar conceded to challenger Richard Mourdock in IN primary, says he 'hopes opponent prevails in November' http://t.co/5fwKZ2lU

LoganQuest1 RT @FoxNews: GOP Sen. Lugar conceded to challenger Richard Mourdock in IN primary, says he 'hopes opponent prevails in November' http://t.co/5fwKZ2lU

Silence2DoGood Senator Dick Lugar Loses To Challenger Richard Mourdock - the founding bloggers http://t.co/OxBBZy4N


Will Indiana Conservatives defeat the Old Guard GOP in the senate primary? by Q: In corner #1 is a 36 year incumbent fossil "Republican" that has captured the hearts and minds of liberals, that person is Dick Lugar. He and his wife have been using a bogus address for 30 years, for their driver's license and voter registration. They haven't lived in Indiana for 30 years. In corner #2 is the State's treasurer, Richard Mourdock.... The Indiana GOP committee called him up and request he run because Lugar shifted too far to the left. In corner #1 is Gov. Mitch Daniels and the Chamber of Commerce, with tons of cash from their Bilderberg Group connections. Plus the $4MM in Lugar's war chest already. In corner #2 are patriots, digging deeply into their pockets for a hundred bucks. Some have written the Senate Ethics Committee about Sen. and Mrs. Lugar's voter fraud, and have called upon the DNC to file a law suit against the Lugars. Daniels and his Chamber of Commerce cronies have refused to listen to the Conservative base. Many have stated they would vote Libertarian if Lugar got the primary, to deliberately throw the vote toward the NRA endorsed democrat candidate Joe Donnelly.... Joe would vote the same as Lugar on court appointments anyway, no change. Bonus question: Will the stubbornness of Bilderberg Group cronies make the seat a bloodbath for the right? Does 36 years seem long enough to you? At 80 years old, would that make the pretend Republican Lugar a lame duck, casting votes to the left with impunity?? Does it seem that the Republican Party has NOT learned anything from the last election where their pretend Republicans lost seats like Mike Castle? Would it seem like a better idea in this case for Lugar to announce retirement, use his war chest and endorse/campaign for Mourdock? Will the Republican Party awaken to the fact they've ignored their Conservative base as standard operating procedure? Is there any difference between Lugar's "R" and Mourdock's "R" when it comes to obtaining a senate majority? I just don't get it, so I am asking this question.

A: I still don't understand how our choices for POTUS was John Amnesty McCain last time.... And... Even further Left Romneycare Romney THIS TIME?????? What the H3!! is going on with Washington DC's RNC??????? Moving left is the problem N O T the cure......... † FNS † (he shakes his head in disbelief as he hits submit...)

Has there ever been a Tea Party & democrat alliance before, like with this Dick Lugar (R) battle in Indiana? by Q: QUOTE: The charge by GOP challenger Richard Mourdock is just the latest in a series of them levied against the Republican senator by an unlikely alliance of Democrats and conservatives who have joined forces to argue Lugar no longer has much to do with Indiana. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_INDIANA_SENATE_LUGAR_RESIDENCY?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT

A: Since the Tea Party has only been in existence for 2 and a half years, I gonna go out on a limb and say, there still isn't an alliance nor will there ever be.

Does Lugar's defeat prove once and for all, if you support the US government, you will lose? by Q: http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/richard-mourdock-defeats-sen-dick-lugar-indiana-235126443.html Death to America! Tea party victory!

Do you think Dick Lugar will pull a Lisa Murkowski and run as an Independent if he loses the GOP primary? by Q: The most recent poll has him 10 points behind the Tea Party-backed candidate Richard Mourdock. The election's on Tuesday. @ David F: Uh, yeah he is: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-mct-lugar-on-brink-of-first-defeat-in-decades-20120505,0,7607796.story

How is Michelle Bachman alligned with the TEA Party? by Q: http://news.yahoo.com/michele-bachmann-endorses-richard-mourdock-indiana-senate-race-212706979.html BQ: will her endorsement of Romney help win over mass majority of TEA Party members for November.

Will the Lugar - Mourdock Primary battle bring attention to May 8 Romney vs. Santorum INDIANA Primary? by Q: 10 points for best information and prediction as far as media / ad campaigning over next 28 days or so -- here's POLITICO angle (www.politico.com/ column) Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney are essentially tied in Indiana's Republican presidential primary, according to a poll commissioned by the Indiana political site Howey Politics Indiana. The survey -- taken by the bipartisan polling team of Fred Yang and Christine Matthews, and largely focused on the state's Senate race -- shows Santorum with 27 percent support to Romney's 26 percent support. Both Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich clocked in at 6 percent. [35 percent undecided or uncertain] The Indiana primary is scheduled for May 8, and would be an important battleground if the Santorum-Romney fight lasts past the Northeastern primary date of April 24. The main headline from the poll is that Sen. Dick Lugar is in serious danger of losing his own primary fight, polling at only 42 percent against state Treasurer Richard Mourdock. The man who could potentially sway either the presidential or Senate primary: Mitch Daniels, who has an 86 percent approval rating among Republicans. _____________________________________________________________________________________ thanks for polite postings and interesting observations

A: Your question has only a shelf-life of 7 days -- the Primary is a month away Lugar is definitely a walking "Bull's Eye Target" -- he is sort of a Romney type (1% wealthiest -- not even resident of Indiana any more) Mourdock may get endorsement by Mitch Daniels -- that would be quite a brawl if GOP Indiana types fight it out in a public, open air kind of way

If Richard Mourdock wins IN primary will he suffer the same fate as Sharon Angle in the general election? by Q: http://news.yahoo.com/democrats-could-gain-indianas-lugar-loses-u-senate-172346831.html

A: OH BROTHER !!! That guy was proven to be a crook, in Europe, & he's running for office, in this country ?

Mourdock leads big in Senate race Lugar Faces Toughest Test Among Indiana Republicans Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock at CPAC Richard Mourdock on His Campaign Against Sen. Richard Luger in Indiana Richard Mourdock - Indiana State Treasurer Running for Senate Send Richard Mourdock to Washington and Retire Dick Lugar It's time.... for Richard Mourdock CPAC interview with Indiana Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock SarahNET.net - Mark Levin: The always reliable Sarah Palin has endorsed Richard Mourdock CPAC 2012: Richard Mourdock Richard Mourdock for Indiana Senate Donate to Support Richard Mourdock Today! Richard Mourdock for US Senate 2012. Lugar & Earmarks - Richard Mourdock Monica Boyer at the FreedomWorks Rally for Richard Mourdock Richard Mourdock is the Tea Party Favorite in Indiana Hoosier conservatives and @FWforAmerica 'Get Out the Vote' for Richard Mourdock in Indiana Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock joins Kevin Can He Pull it Off? Richard Mourdock may be on his way to toppling Dick Lugar. Tea Time with Max Pappas: Richard Mourdock, Episode 1 Tea Time with Max Pappas: Richard Mourdock, Episode 2 Tea Time with Max Pappas: Richard Mourdock, Episode 3 US Senate candidate Richard Mourdock at the Madison Indiana Tea Party event RS at CPAC: Richard Mourdock. Richard Mourdock, Indiana Treasurer, at Isreali Bonds Dinner 2010 Richard Mourdock on Cutting The Deficit Tony Katz talks with IN Senate candidate Richard Mourdock Richard Mourdock's Clueless Budget Plan Richard Mourdock - Background Music RICHARD MOURDOCK Richard Mourdock Visits 2012 Mourdock Campaign Ad Attacking Dick Lugar As Being Just Wrong Richard Mourdock stops in West Lafayette Support Richard Mourdock For Senate The Lugar vs. Mourdock Senate Fight - CBN.com Weapon of Monetary Destruction - The Printing Press FreedomWorks Rally for Richard Mourdock in Indianapolis Mourdock Moment - Gov Daniels Asks Richard to be Treasurer Richard Mourdock at BlogCon11 Two questions for Richard Mourdock Richard Mourdock on the Rick and Rick at Night Radio Show December 19, 2011 Lugar camp faults Mourdock for decades-old statements Richard Mourdock at RedState Gathering 2011 Rock Rally For Richard Mourdock Richard Mourdock's Campaign Pillages Database Immigration Excerpt from Lugar-Mourdock Debate Sen. Lugar Attack Ad on Richard Mourdock Josh Gillespie and Jennifer Wagner debate the Lugar/Mourdock Senate GOP Primary and the Obama Budget Pledge to Vote for Mourdock on May 8th! Super PACs outspend Senate candidates
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