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Richard cordray

Obama Unlikely to Get Opportunity to Appoint Cordray in Recess
After the US Senate blocked the nomination of Richard Cordray to be the first director of the bureau following months of partisan acrimony, Obama said he won't “take any options off the table” to put him in the post. While presidents have the power to ...

Richard Cordray nomination blocked by Senate GOP
Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked President Barack Obama's nomination of Richard Cordray to be the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, as both sides accused the other of playing partisan politics with the new watchdog ...

Then there's Richard Cordray, the former Ohio attorney general named to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by Congress in landmark financial reform legislation last year. Nobody denies that the office he's been tapped to lead ...

GOP to Wall Street: 'Richard Cordray Sleeps with the Fishes'
Richard Cordray, President Barack Obama's choice to run the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, testifies at his nomination hearing before the Senate Banking Committee in Washington, DC in this Sept. 6, 2011 file photo. ...

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Evelyn_Gomez5 Senator Scott Brown endorses Richard Cordray for consumer watchdog bureau http://t.co/L9NM88sM

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Dawn_KJ RT @davidbadash: RT @SenGillibrand The American people expect & deserve better than the Senate GOP's filibuster of Richard Cordray to head up the #CFPB today

kirktc_487 President Obama Speaks on Confirming Richard Cordray http://t.co/TKVRnbng Ask Osama bin Laden & 22 top alQ whether I engage in appeasement.

ObsoleteDogma . @CitizenCohn on the filibuster as nullification, and Richard Cordray http://t.co/4JOv9uvo

Pat67B RT @ThePlumLineGS: Senate GOP filibuster of Richard Cordray shows just how radical GOP filibuster abuse has become, sez @jbplainblog: http://t.co/IdyPDQLE

stellabellaqlts RT @TheNewDeal: #Retweet to Tell @BarackObama to Sidestep GOP Obstruction & Recess Appoint Richard Cordray to the @CFPB Rt #OWS #p2

virtusolutions Lousy Filibusters: Richard Cordray Edition http://t.co/0JjEVOEX

PhillyPhil_OFA The GOP seems to have forgotten that it was a lack of regulation that led to to the economic downturn. #Obama2012 http://t.co/b85NEwcR

Garrett_Sam GOP blocks vote on Richard Cordray to head consumer bureau [Updated] http://t.co/5UHQ6c26

janeconley RT @TheNewDeal: #Retweet to Tell @BarackObama to Sidestep GOP Obstruction & Recess Appoint Richard Cordray to the @CFPB Rt #OWS #p2

Elaine_Barber Lousy Filibusters: Richard Cordray Edition http://t.co/YFsSp4Vx

KLeveK The GOP seems to have forgotten that it was a lack of regulation that led to to the economic downturn. #Obama2012 http://t.co/nyg14Tds @of


can someone help me think of a way to remember these people for my government test? I only know 2 ...? by h_kinsey Q: George W. Bush Jr. - President - Republican - Know because of news press Dick Chaney - Vice President - Republican George Voinovich - U.S. Senator - Republican Sherrod Brown - Vs. Senator Republican Zack Space 18th Vs - Represenative Democrat State Government Ted Strickland - Govenor - Democrat Lee Fisher - Leutenant - Democrat Mark Dunn - Attorney General - Democrat - know because of news press Jennifer Brunner - Secretary of State - Democrat Richard Cordray - Treasurer - Democrat Mary Taylor - auditor - Republican Joy Padget - 20th state senator - Republican Jennifer Garrison - 93rd State Represenative - Democrat. Spelling counts, but only 1 point for every 3 misspelled words. I remember the states and capitals by a cartoon song in Youtube, so I'm hoping there's something like that to remember these. Test is Tuesday. I only know those 2 because of the news.

A: Read up on a couple of things about each person, and their position, (this will help you link person with position) and of course study.

my name should be off sex offender list what gives? by [email protected] Q: april of 2000 was my sentence and my first day on the OHIO sex offender registry for having sex with my underage girl now wife. I was labeled teir 1 and was suppose to reg for 10 years now to be that means april 2010 I am off. but because of the attorney general I was moved to a teir 2 and told to reg for 15 more years. however the supreme court found that was unjust and ordered the Attorney General Richard Cordray to undo the decision and move me back to tier 1, with means im off the list.but here it is oct and im still there so my questions 1 is there someone I need to talk to get actually get removed or should it be automatic ? 2 im suppose to reg in NOV. via the law the Attorney General Richard Cordray was told didn't apply to me. and I plan on not showing up waiting for the sheriff to show up and sue the shit out of them.will this make them get off there ars. and do what the courts told them too? ya not showing up is extreme but if the government would do what they are suppose to do instead of screwing people over. Maybe but I want to make a point. as for Anthony what brought on windowless van? Do you have the IQ of a plant?

A: if your name is on the registry you are assigned an agent and you could easily phone this agent and ask such a question as this. from the attorney generals office every 90 days each registrant is required to verify the Information of your residence, sign the form and return it to the departnment within ten working days. so your 90 days has taken place, april of this year and it's october now and you should have recieved these papers and then you could have followed up with the latest news of your case.

how can I remember these people for a test. Normally I can only remember if there in the news a lot.? by h_kinsey Q: George W. Bush Jr. - President Dick Chaney - Vice President George Voinoviche - U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown - Senator Zack Space - Representative Ted Strickland - Govenor Lee Fisher - Lautenant Marc Dunn - Attorney Jennifer Bruner - Secretary Richard Cordray - Treasurer Mary Taylor - Auditor Joy Padget - State Senator Jennifer Garrison - State Representative

A: Make visual memory cues with each one. Have something odd that you associate each one with. Something that would easily spark your memory. For example, you could associate "Mary Taylor" with "tax police" or something weird like that. Dick Cheney - "The VP that shot a guy in the face while bird hunting" Bush - Makes weird pronunciations like "Nuc'u' ler" etc. Whatever works for you though.

how long has Richard Cordray been the Ohio State Treasurer? by Bmoore Q:

A: Since January 2007. He was elected November 2006.

President Obama Speaks on Confirming Richard Cordray Sen. Franken's Floor Statement in Support of Richard Cordray to Lead the CFPB Richard Cordray Obama appoints Richard Cordray to lead CFPB Senate hearing with Richard Cordray Elizabeth Warren, Richard Cordray and the new CFPB Reed's Questions at Confirmation Hearing of Richard Cordray Richard Cordray Gets a New Job Debate Over Consumer Agency Continues as Obama Taps Cordray to Lead Senator Reed Urges Confirmation of Richard Cordray to lead the CFPB Meet Richard Cordray Miller speaks out against Republican efforts to block the confirmation of Richard Cordray Senator Menendez Urges Senate to confirm Richard Cordray as Director of CFPB Senator Blumenthal speaks in support of Richard Cordray's confirmation to lead the CFPB. Senator Shelby Issues Warning About Consumer Czar Vitter Tells FBN's Gerri Willis He Will Block 'Credit Czar' Nominee Richard Cordray Obama Thanks Warren, Nominates Cordray Shelby Talks Consumer Nominee Block and MF Global on Bloomberg Obama Appoints Cordray to Lead Consumer Agency New government agency Elizabeth Warren 'Fights' for Your Consumer Rights Ralph Nader: Obama is a 'Political Coward' For Not Appointing Elizabeth Warren Cordray for Ohio 2010 - Ad 1 Protecting Consumers: Sheldon Urges Support for CFPB Nominee Reid: GOP Attempts to Hamstring Consumer Watchdog Will Leave Americans Vulnerable to Scams, Rip-Offs Ohio's Ex-Attorney General Gets a New Post President Obama Nominates Director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Menendez Warns GOP Filibuster of Cordray to Lead CFPB Will Hurt Middle Class Warren Backs Cordray as Nominee to Head Consumer Bureau Obama Joker Johnson Takes to Floor to Urge Senate to Stop Blocking Consumer Protection Nominee John Glenn for Richard Cordray OHIO AG: RICHARD CORDRAY ON BANK FRAUDCLOSURE 10-28-2010 President Obama to Nominate New Director of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Obama to Nominate Cordray to Head Consumer Protection VOA60 - USA: July 19th, 2011 Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray talks about foreclosure issues Spartan Sagas: Rich Cordray Kevin Salisbury Interviews Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray Richard Cordray Interview OHIO ATTORNEY GENERAL SUSPECTS 'THOUSANDS' OF CASES OF FORECLOSURE FRAUD Richard Cordray Interview Working with state regulators to protect consumers Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Nominee Cordray Faces Senate Battle Rori Cassirer Expects CFPB Lawsuits On Day One Richard Cordray (D) - Party in the Park 5 Peter Principle in Politics: Obama Appoints 'Jeopardy' Contestant to Top Consumer Protection Post Sen. Shelby Discusses Regulators and Consumer Bureau on Squawk Box Debating the Constitutionality of the Federal Health Care Legislation 11-18-10 RICHARD CORDRAY - PITP 7
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