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SportsLMC RT @SoAdamSandler2011Playing part of New England Patriots fan lets NY Jets coach Rex Ryan get into the act  - Ne... http://t.co/NjVOjpuX

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sportsnewsPG steelersPG: #steelers Jets' Ryan is cast as Patriots fan in film - Rex Ryan still expects to win the Lombardi Trop... http://t.co/i8mRxMih

SoAdamSandler Playing part of New England Patriots fan lets NY Jets coach Rex Ryan get into the act  - New York Daily News http://t.co/2KcZeOcP

SoAdamSandler Rex Ryan not expecting Oscar for role as Pats fan in Adam Sandler flick http://t.co/aIwpON6s

SoAdamSandler Playing part of New England Patriots fan lets NY Jets coach Rex Ryan get into the act  - New York D... http://t.co/ESya9j6q #AdamSandler

SoAdamSandler Rex Ryan not expecting Oscar for role as Pats fan in Adam Sandler flick: FLORHAM PARK, N.J. - Rex R... http://t.co/uSO81blk #AdamSandler

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Bolts_Chick Rex Ryan will play Patriots fan in upcoming Adam Sandler movie http://t.co/hltWpEMe

mchammer1pa Rex Ryan To Appear As Patriots Fan In Adam Sandler Movie Also Starring Vanilla ... - Deadspin

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SportsLMC RT @ticknfl2011Playing part of New England Patriots fan lets NY Jets coach Rex Ryan get into the act - NY Daily ... http://t.co/NjVOjpuX

SportsLMC RT @loyaltyproducts2011As actor, Ryan does his Patriotic duty: NY Daily News » Rex Ryan, delivering a deadpan im... http://t.co/NjVOjpuX


Did Rex Ryan send pictures of his feet to Jen Sterger? by mikey Q: He may have needed his "supermodel" wife to snap the pics though because Rex can't see his own feet? Because of this embarrassing story will Rex Ryan eat more this weekend or less? Best answer is 10 points.

A: i just spoke to rex, and he told me to tell you that its a personal matter, and he'd rather not comment. again, its a personal matter.

Are the NY Jets guilty of tampering with leading head coach candidate Rex Ryan of the Baltimore Ravens? by joe_brady2007 Q: Are the NY Jets guilty of tampering with leading head coach candidate Rex Ryan of the Baltimore Ravens? Is Rex the leading candidate for the Jets HC spot?

A: No, there is a new rule that teams can contact coaches earlier than before. Steve Spagnulo of the Giantts has already been contacted by several teams.

Do you think Rex Ryan will the Rams new head coach? by djdeeznutz Q: Rex Ryan is the defensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. ANd if Rex Ryan does become the coordinator do you see the Rams drafting AAron CUrry Cuz Ryan Runs a 3-4. IF Ryan Runs a 3-4 with the Rams do u see them getting a true nose tackle (free agency) moving cariker to RDE and Chris Long to ROLB?

A: As a Ravens fan i hope not... But honestly no one deserves it more.. The man has made a dynasty out of Baltimores Defense,,, No one team has had a more powerful defense for so many years.. alot of people say his 2000 Super Bowl Champion team was the best defense to ever step on the field

Do Hotel maids quit after cleaning the toilet bowl Rex Ryan uses? by mikey Q: A serious, thought provoking question: I was just curious if you think Rex Ryan causes a high turnover rate in the maid services at any and all visiting hotels he stays at during the season. Because of his extremely unhealthy diet I would imagine that he isn't very kind to any porcelain potty he sits on. Thanks.

A: LMAO That's just nasty

Does the Jets lack of real punishment on Braylon only support Rex Ryan's lack of discipline over the team? by Matty Icepack Q: Rex Ryan's and the Jets' ownership both. Sure Braylon Edwards isnt starting, but he is still playing. What a joke.

A: That really is a joke, I agree. An undisciplined team is one that will self-destruct eventually. We're seeing the beginning of it now, and the lack of punishment is going to make other problem players like Cromartie feel enabled. We're only seeing the beginning of the Jets' on and off the field problems. Penalties and arrests will mount each week, until they become an obstacle that derails the Jets championship hopes. I admire Rex Ryan and his style of play. Even his arrogance and the way he brings it every week. But he's quickly showing that he has no control over his players, and that is a problem far worse than incompetant coaching. The Super Bowl Giants of a few years ago were arrogant. Belicheck's Patriots reek of arrogance. But both managed to control their teams completely. Rex needs to figure that out and quick if he's going to make good on his predictions.

who else wants rex ryan to just shut up and actually win a super bowl? by daSaint Q: Now I hate the Jets with a passion, but my favorite player is LT, so I just want them to win the super bowl and get over with it. Rex Ryan seems more interested in making headlines than actaully winning a super bowl. does anyone else feel like this?

A: There's a few reasons for why Rex talks as much as he does. One is that he's just a Ryan, plain and simple. His dad talked a lot and didn't give a f**k, and he and his brother are the same way. Another is that its beneficial for your players to believe you have faith in them, and who has more faith in their players than Rex? But the most underrated reason is that it actually takes the pressure off his players. Think about the playoffs. Before the Colts and Pats game all everybody talked about was how Rex said that it was personal between him and Rex and how he made a big deal of the matchup between him and Belichick. If the Jets had any other coach all the pregame talk would have been about the players, mostly Mark Sanchez. Rex's trash talk allowed them to just focus on playing their best football, and it worked. Actually, as soon as he stopped talking trash they came out as flat as week old soda. And as far as football goes, theres not much to not like. He needs to become more of a well rounded head coach instead of a glorified defensive coordinator and he has to learn how to consistently get the best from his players instead of alternating between brilliance and flatness, but he's still early in his head coaching career and has a lot of room to improve. And if his talking really gets your panties in this much of a bunch, I advise you stay as far away from ESPN as possible until Rex is out of a job. Because until then you'll be hearing from him allllll the time. Get used to it.

Should Roger Goodell fine and/or suspend Rex Ryan for his deviant sexual preferences? by Q: I believe yes because the NFL is supposed to be family entertainment and the stuff Rex Ryan likes is immoral. Also, do you believe Rex Ryan put out those videos in an ill-advised attempt to distract from Tripgate?

A: If the NFL addresses the foot stuff then they'll eventually have to address the other, more deviant, stuff in Ryan's alt posting. They don't want to go down that road and hope time will solve the problem. Goodell should just show up at the Jets camp and go to Ryan with a "Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet", have a big laugh, and then go back to his ivory tower.

Will the hiring of Rex Ryan improve the Dallas Cowboys defense? by Michael Kelly Q: It's official. Rex Ryan, nephew of famed former Eagles coach Buddy Ryan, is now the new Defensive Coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys. Ryan has a reputation around the league of stirring the pot, but has been successful with the New York Jets, guiding them to two straight AFC East titles, two conference finals, and a Super Bowl berth against the Indianapolis Colts three years ago. Though Ryan comes across as cocky, and controversial, players and other coaches in the NFL say he is a brilliant defensive mind. With the Dallas Cowboys defense having struggled for so long, is Rex Ryan the right man to steer them in the right direction?

A: Actually its Rob Ryan, not to be confused with his TWIN brother Rex. The facial hair is a big distinguishing factor besides the name. I think its a great move for the Cowboys. Their defense has been horrid over the past few seasons. The defense as it stands has talent, but the coordinators in place were never able to introduce discipline. There were moments when the Cowboys defense had key stops in games they needed to win, but the defense overall was inherently inconsistent. I think its going to prove to be a successful year for the Cowboys. The defense has been its biggest issue besides QB play from Tony Romo, along with Cowboys receivers dropping passes. On the flip side, I think the Browns will suffer because they actually had a pretty good defense with Ryan there. But for the Cowboys, its a step in the right direction. We just might see them in the playoffs and maybe win the NFC East, but it will be tough with surging Eagles team and a desperate Giants ball club in the hunt for redemption.

Why did Rex Ryan throw his punter under the bus after the loss to the Packers? by Dan Q: It could have been worse though. At least Rex Ryan wasn't in the bus when it ran over him. The Constitution protects us from Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

A: rex needed someone to blame because he sure as hell wasn't gonna put the blame on himself. i call that pulling a lebron

What can Rex Ryan do to get back control of his Jets players? by Nick Q: Now that Rex Ryan let Sal Alosi take the fall for his orders, the players have all the leverage. The players know how Rex instructed the staff to lineup during returns. If Rex does anything they arent happy with, someone will leak out the truth.

A: Excellent point...I feel for his players...knowing your leader is a liar and a cheat must wear on them...but the jets under Ryan have never shown any class, so maybe they are just paying the piper now.

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