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OguzhanG02 RT @xxJuliaax_: I take some with one of your friends, just to revenge • Hahaha dan weet ik dat alvast =p

LT_Njolo RT @fcfortune: Never take revenge on a man for cheating... Its a waste of ur energy & (cont) http://t.co/HVZRt3iw

TGoDT Here's a clip from this week's episode of REVENGE... http://t.co/dEfGBrdK

randyprasetio Sometimes the best revenge is to smile, move on, and do nothing.

agmsportsscores News: Gaels Seek Revenge vs. Siena in MAAC Quarterfinal http://t.co/o7ByRBrY

Yaboy_Holloway Revenge is one of the greatest motivators

proTrishJaNelle Cats and Ramona: Revenge of Kitty Galore (Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore) #replacemovietitleswithRamona

myturn8 Revenge is the perfect motivator

ArcheVixen So naive. Thought i could trust you. But all I found was anger, and a will for revenge.

RandomlyWoman [email protected] The best revenge is just moving on and getting over it. Don’t give someone the satisfaction of watching you suffer.”

IvettSch RT @gunsnroses: I don't believe it! SHACKLER'S REVENGE @axlrose http://t.co/n4sU9rtd

AmiraMarlisya I nak hide jugak lah wall post i ! #revenge

Faeeeez Tap Tap Revenge 4!

CatHealy @thestorysiren oooooo! Revenge! Sadly I was hoping to love Ringer as much, but it's been so bad. Also, it doesn't have Nolan. Ha!


What are some ideas for sick revenge plots? by solvent Q: I'm writing a novel about a girl who's obsessed with a man who isn't interested in her. He's married and the obsessed girl eventually starts hating him for loving another woman. She wants to get revenge on both of them. What are some good revenge plots that can involves anything from kidnapping to bodily harm, but not murder? Any ideas welcome. Thanks!

A: Have you ever watched any of the Saw movies? Sure, Jigsaw didn't do it for revenge of a 'lost' love, but it'll give you some sicking ideas.

How do I take revenge on this infamous asshole? by Sanjana D Q: My teacher gave me an assignment: a free-writing on planning the "sweetest" revenge. I got my person, Adolf Hitler, but how do I take revenge on him? (Assume I went back in time to his day). Violence is allowed, but not too much; simply because its a high school assignment. Thank YOU!

A: Your teacher gave you an impossible assignment. Hitler was narcissistic, nothing you say or do has any affect on a narcissistic person. No amount of proof or evidence changes them. In his mind he is right and the world is all wrong, he doesn't have a problem, the world does. In his mind he was a God, a Saint, he did no wrong, in his mind. There is no cure for narcissistic personality disorder, so even if you were a psychologist, you would have had no affect on him. Narcissistic people can spend years in therapy and have no change, because in their mind, they do no wrong, so they have nothing to be sorry for. If you went back in time and killed him, he becomes a Martyr, so I don't even think that would be revenge. They say with bullies you kill them with kindness, maybe you could have done that. Maybe you could have said something kind to him that would have made a difference in his early childhood, but you would have had to do it in early childhood. It seems like you have a tough assignment. Hitler had a wonderful strategic mind as a soldier, so it is unlikely you could have attacked him and killed him. He even had hidden runways. If you dropped a bomb on him, you might have killed other innocent people also. It is not likely as a sniper, you would have found him. I would imagine that even his food was tested for poison, so it isn't like you could have been his private chef and poisoned him. Well maybe for the sake of your story you could go with something like that. I don't know if they have Oleander in Germany.

How do I get revenge on someone who stole your girlfriend? by Calvin S Q: My brother is in middle school (:P) and he has a girlfriend, but me and his friends saw her cheating on him so i want to suggest him on how to get revenge (not mild revenge, epic revenge) on him. Anyone know a way? her cheating on him so i want to suggest him on how to get revenge (not mild revenge, epic revenge) on him. Anyone know a way? EDIT* If revenge dosent solve anything, why is it fun? :) Seriously people im talking about revenge on the person she cheated ON

A: Please grow up; there is nothing to be gained by getting revenge in middle school. It just shows a lot of immaturity. Teach him how to move on, and take the high road. The revenge thing always backfires.

How can getting revenge feel so good but then becomes the cause of your loved ones harm? by James Richardson Q: Why does Rage,Anger,and Vengeance will hurt the ones you care about? Why does Revenge have a funny way of settling the score? Why is revenge good but then terrible in the end?..but then again revenge is never good.

A: - I have no beef against revenge. It's never hurt the ones I love. I don't consider rage or anger a necessary component of revenge. Just the opposite, it's best served cold. Fear of revenge is what keeps so many people in line. Why do you think so many idiots become bullies on line? . . . they act like idiots because they do not fear revenge. Justice is just a state sanctioned form of revenge.

REVENGe!!!!!!!!!!? by kaykay Q: okay, i've been seeing this guy for a while. my friend thought he was sus so made a fake myspace account - it was pretty pro - then organised to met up with him to have sex. of course, no one showed up, excepted for HIM, prooving that he would cheat on me, sleep with someone else then come back to me expecting sex. yuck! fkn guys. anyway, so we lead him on with this account, then stood him up. but he has no idea that this chick doesn't exist or that i know! i haven't ditched him yet, but haven't talked to him since he got ditched by her (last night.) Me and my friend want to make it a continuous string of events. He deserves it. He is a player. any suggestions?

A: set him up with a transvestite.

REVenGE?! ?!? by Anna G Q: My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago. We still go to the same gym, and at the same time too. I want to bring my new boyfriend swimming with me, where 99% likely I will see my ex, I want to make him jealous. Is This the right way to go?

A: If you think it will make YOU feel better, do it. but if its just to make HIM feel bad, then your not over him yet and parading a new boyfriend around will probably make you feel worse.

ReVenGe? ;)? by Anna G Q: My boyfriend and I broke up a month ago. We have each other on Facebook. I am planning to put up pictures of my new boyfriend and me on facebook, and I want my ex boyfriend to see.... is this the wrong way to go?

A: The best revenge is no revenge. Why make him see that you are trying to prove something to him. Move on with your life without worrying about him. Thats revenge enough.

REVENGE????????????????????????????????????????????? by !__! Q: I need to get revenge on my friend. I don't want it to be too mean, because its just a small thing, but it really bothers me that she did it. and don't say forgiveness is the best revenge, because I don't care about what you say, I'm going to get revenge whether you like it or not. So don't post some stupid thing about niceness 'cause you're just wasting my time! P.S. If you help me I LOVE YOU ... i mean deeply care about you <3 xoxo

A: you should elaborate on what they did, as to make it on an even keel or better yet. Make sense as to the activity.

revenge????????????? by CENA4LYFE Q: after last night when michaels announced he wasn't going to fight anymore and to make it short do you think shawn will come back for some sweet revenge against jericho for punching his wife? regardless if it wasn't meant to be. i believe he isn,t finna walk away that easily.

A: Yeah I definitely think he is going to come back, this storyline seems very interesting we'll just havekep watching to see what unfolds in the meantime.

Revenge????? by ♥surf lika girl♥ Q: Does anyone have any good revenge plots? I know revenge isnt the answer!! But in this case it is!!! Anything???????

A: To Kill A Mockingbird. Atticus (layer) defends a black man named Tom Robinson. This is in the deep south during the racist times. Tom is convicted of raping Bob Ewells daughter Mayella. The evidence is on Toms side but since he is black he is arrested. Bob swore to kill Atticus for defending a black man. One night Atticus's kids are walking home in the dark. (the kids name are Jem,13, and Scout ,9,) and Mr Ewell runs up and attempts to kill the kids with a knife. Scout was in the Halloween pagent and had her coustum on. Mr Ewell brakes Jems arm and leaves him knocked out. Thats when he tries to stab Scout. There Mysterious neighbor Boo Radley saw everything and rescued the kids. The Sheriff comes down his name his Heck Tate. Atticus is convinced Jem killed him. Heck says "He fell on the knife"

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