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Respiratory system

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Hellovieana Hate my respiratory system.

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soupytwists @kalebrecht Brain med concoction suppresses my respiratory system, so anything affecting that is out :/

akshaymattoo my respiratory system is clogged bcoz of continuous breathe in of turpentine......

uniceeeey @trianglehearts @thenamesarah even sitting down makes me breathless. i don't know what the fuck is wrong with my respiratory system now.

Liliannenicole I totally fucked up my respiratory system

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congarich on prednisone and combivent inhaler...this flu truly has reaped havoc on my respiratory system!

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How does the respiratory system change as the frog undergoes metamorphosis from a tadpole to an adult frog? by VitaminWater Q: Here's the whole question (it's a lab question): Describe mating in frogs and the stages of frog development. How does the respiratory system change as the frog undergoes metamorphosis from a tadpole to an adult frog? Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Please and thank you~

A: from gills to lungs The tadpole is the aquatic larval form of the amphibian (frog in this case), a descendent of the fish which retains its gill apparatus for extacting dissolved oxygen from the water. After metamorphosis, the frog switches over to an air-breathing lung system and hops onto the land From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amphibian "The most obvious part of the amphibian metamorphosis is the [1] formation of four legs in order to support the body on land. But there are several other changes: [2] the gills are replaced by other respiratory organs, i.e., lungs, [3] the skin changes and develops glands to avoid dehydration, [4] the eyes develop eyelids and adapt to vision outside the water, [5] an eardrum is developed to lock the middle ear and [6] the tail disappears. .

How is the human respiratory system like other pneumatic systems? by arcticpeanut Q: How is the human respiratory system like other pneumatic systems? And how is it difrent? Please help me with this question I asked the teacher at the college but she never called back after like 2 weeks. Thanks your answers are apreciated.

A: the lungs work by creating a vacuum (pressure gradient) by contracting the diaphragm -- air moves in and flows through the bronchial tubes and into the alveoli. when the diaphragm releases, then air flows outward. how it differs from a typical pneumatic system is the gas exchange that happens in the alveoli. air that comes in is a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, co2 and other gases -- but the lungs exchange gases with your bloodstream and so the oxygen is taken into the blood and co2 released, thus you get different gases on exhalation than came in -- otherwise, you'd be dead!

What everyday system is similar to how your respiratory system works? by Madison Q: I need help thinking of ways the respiratory works. So if someone can think of a system that works like your respiratory system does, that would be great :) If you dont understand my question, think of this; muscles work the same way a rubber band does.

A: yellow chickens

How does the respiratory system rely on the immune system? by Comet Q: What does the respiratory system need from the immune system, and vice versa?

How does the respiratory system contribute to the other systems? by animeaddict Q: I know I may be asking much, but it's for a PowerPoint project for school. If you attempt to answer the question, tell me how the respiratory contributes to the o Circulatory System o Nervous System o Skeletal System o Excretory System o Digestive System o Endocrine System & o Immune System You can tell me how it contribute to one, some, or all. All answers, preferably on the simpler descriptive side, will benefit me.

A: Circulatory - Oxygen from longs pass into red blood cells (hemoglobin) to carry around the body to other organs/muscles. Actually... thats pretty much the same for all of the systems. Oxygen. Into lungs. Into Blood. Blood carries oxygen to everything. Everything in body needs oxygen.

How is the respiratory system and circulatory system work together? by William H Q: The respiratory system helps us to breathe while the circulatory system helps the heart move the blood cells, (pump blood) through the body. They both depend on each other. If one of these systems died, you would die. This is because these systems are both connected to each other, so they need each other to function properly to keep you alive.

A: Oxygen that you breathe in gets around to all of the red blood cells in your body and helps those cells perform daily functions. So if your cells do not have oxygen then that can not do the things that help keep your heart from functioning.

How does the respiratory system connect to other bodily systems? by Mckenzie Q: I'm doing a science project, and talking about how Pulmonologoy and the respiratory system relates to other bodily system. I've already found info on the Digestive and and Cardiology system, but I'm at a loss for how it relates to the Endocrine, Excretory and Nervous systems. If you know any or all, please answer! Thanks so much!

A: nervous system: there are nerves that enervate the diaphragm (and thoracic muscles), which are critical to muscular manipulation of the lung volume. Endocrine: see renin-angiotensin system. Excretory: perhaps the surfactant excretions that decrease surface energies, so that the lung doesn't collapse onto itself.

Respiratory system.........? by !!! Q: what's the order of oxygen entering our respiratory system starting either in the mouth or nose?

A: Nose/mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, right/left lung, and lastly the alveoli

Respiratory System? by bigbassgurl Q: Is your heart included in the respiratory system?

A: Your heart certainly plays a key role, but it is not part of the respiratory system. the heart is part of the circulatory system.

respiratory system ? by haleigh Q: what portions of the respiratory system are referred to as anatomical dead space?

A: Anatomical dead space is the gas in the conducting areas of the respiratory system, such as the mouth and trachea, where the air doesn't come to the alveoli of the lungs. hope I was helpful! -Bri

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