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IloveJBapplepie @llcomiskey he was a rescue whippet <3 Thankyou, I took it when he was looking right at me

J2FamilyFandom Several people are making donations to A Dog's Life Rescue in Harley's name. Here's the link if you want to also.... http://t.co/LyWgWYL8

KarlaJT RT @westnewsprod: The Fire Brigades Union earlier told me of the heroism of the rescue services. Diving into burning cars to save people. Moving cars by hand

SPN411 Several people are making donations to A Dog's Life Rescue in Harley's name. Here's the link if you want to also. -Lea http://t.co/WXuVIYAQ

BiggDaddyKray Will you be my savior , rescue me ? please ..

TheKitchenCop RT @westnewsprod: The Fire Brigades Union earlier told me of the heroism of the rescue services. Diving into burning cars to save people. Moving cars by hand

InsignificantMe RT @westnewsprod: The Fire Brigades Union earlier told me of the heroism of the rescue services. Diving into burning cars to save people. Moving cars by hand

yourworldmylens Gratitude Journal | mutual rescue http://t.co/U24KC9zU

fateeyma224 #Teamnokayansallah rescue me

BBCBristol RT @westnewsprod: The Fire Brigades Union earlier told me of the heroism of the rescue services. Diving into burning cars to save people. Moving cars by hand

BrainiacMcD somebody PLEEEASE Rescue ME!!!! this is a living hell

motun_debayo Who is disturbing you....jst lemme knw RT @XtremelyEndowed: @motun_debayo u will nt come nd rescue me nw...

OscarsLaw Petbarn are an ethical pet shop that choose not to sell companion animals, instead they work with rescue... http://t.co/QJWUxEL1

sforswags Dream: determination to rescue the environment and man, so what's your dream,mention me to tell me what your dream is as the meaning implies


Where to adopt or rescue or get a free St Bernard in michigan? by [email protected] Q: I want to adopt, rescue or get a free st bernard in michigan! I realy love this breed and have always wanted to get one and ad him to our family. Where can i get one? Does anyone have experience with this breed what is it like to own one. How affectionate are they? If anyone wants to give one away please send me a message!

A: Saints can certainly be affectionate. I've had them sit in my lap! While the dogs aren't free, you save a ton of money as everything is included in the adoption price that you would need to pay for with a "free" dog, but at a much lower cost. So, essentially a shelter pet is cheaper than a "free to good home" dog. Also, by supporting rescue, you aren't supporting a backyard breeder or puppy mill by taking away their giveaways. http://www.msbr.petfinder.org/ http://www.saintrescue.org/ http://www.saintrescue.org/michigan.htm http://www.barkbytes.com/rescue/stbern.htm http://www.netpets.com/dogs/dogresc/breeds/dogsbern.html http://www.dogsindanger.com/ http://www.petfinder.org/ http://www.petharbor.com/ http://www.1-800-pet-rescue.com/ http://www.animalshelter.org/shelters/Michigan.asp If you're interested in adopting a dog but live too far away from it, there is often the option of having a dog transported to you/closer to you. Google "dog rescue transportation."

How do I start an animal rescue? by Kim Q: Once I get out of college, I really want to start an animal rescue- something similar to Best Friends. Does anybody have any idea what my major should be? Also, I know that starting a rescue will take an incredible amount of money. I don't know of any other ways to get money for something like this rather than earning the money myself- and that would take a long time. Does anybody know if it would be possible for me to start something like this right out of college? Any information is appreciated- Thanks!

A: People with animal rescue leagues don't usually have a specific major, and many don't have college, at all. Best Friends is a very large group and I would suggest contacting them, or better yet, going and working with them to learn what they do, and how they do it. Perhaps if you are involved in a program about animals, within your schooling, you could work at a place such as this as part of your program after you are farther along. People in rescue leagues don't make any money - it is, of course, a charitable organizaion. They do, however, often have fundraisers and such. One way to get volunteers to help is to post ads in the pet section of www.craigslist.com. But, remember, most rescue leagues run penny to penny. One league I know of, in Michigan is called All About Animals. They have received donations from someone in one of the large computer corporations, because one of the ladies used to work there. With that, they run very low spay/neuter clinics in order to reduce the pet population. If you really want to help: Try getting a program together to educate the children - maybe right within the schools as a program/guest speaker. Help them to learn what it is to be a good pet owner, how many animals are not kept and what happens to them, engage them to help raise money for spay/neuter or to release an animal from the shelter, etc. The children of today are the pet owners of tomorrow. Maybe we can get a new generation who will not get a pet, at all, unless they will keep it for its lifespan and neuter it. Children need to know what pet ownership REALLY means! OR. . . find a way to get the word out about neutering. Please look up how many animals one pair of cats, for example, can end up creating by means of all their offspring. And, yes, you can start this yourself - but you need to remember that animals in need, are often animals with vet bills, or in need of neutering. You will need fosters and people willing to go to adoption events at places like Petco or Petsmart with you. It takes a lot of time and devotion. If you are to get a 501 c 3, you are not to make any money for yourself.

What episode of rescue me involves the men running from a bear/wolf in the firehouse? by I. Ron Butterfly Q: I was in the break room at work and watched a hilarious episode of Rescue me where the guys are running from bear/wolf type thing in the firehouse. They end up hiding in lockers/closets. I've watched every episode to my knowledge but don't remember seeing it on the dvds. Any help would be appreciated!

A: I think what you saw was a promo to promote Season 3. It was only 15 minutes long and aired in 2006. It was called "Phobias" It is on the Season 3 DVD set as an "extra". Many people refer to it as Rescue Me 2.5

How could i become a rescue swimmer in the navy and then become an officer? by Jason Cufrey Q: Ok so here it is, i want to become a rescue swimmer. I would like to become an officer because better PAY. So what would the steps be for me to become a rescue swimmer in the navy and then become an officer?

A: two WAY different worlds. pay is better but you cant be an officer as a rescue swimmer its an enlisted job. if you are joining the military for pay dont... if your joining for the experience good luck and have fun/. if you only want to be an officer then i would look into ROTC in your area. if you want to go the hard route you go enlisted for 5 years or reach the rank of E5 WITH a minimum of 30 college credits and you can apply for OCS but it is very competitive not only do you have other enlisted trying to get in but you are competing with college kids with 4 years of college behind them.

How do you become a recognized rescue orginization? by Tiffany Q: In the future I would like to start a rescue orginization for dogs that rescues them from shelters, but I don't know how to go about it. What paperwork would I have to fill out to be recognized as a rescue organization by the government? If I should post this in a different forum, please let me know. Does anyone know how to register as a charity?

A: In order to be considered a legitimate rescue, you will want to apply to the IRS for your 501(c)3 non-profit status. For that you will need a mailing address (a PO Box works) and decide if it will be a public or private organization, among other things. You'll also want to put together a board with voting members, have policies and procedures, etc. I'm pretty sure there's a Charities for Dummies book out there, that would be a good place to start.

REscue Me:? by furfur Q: Is it starting July 1 or March 2009? Please cite a source. Thanks!

A: "Mini-sodes" start June 24th. Not sure what that means exactly, but I watched a commercial for it a little while ago. "The show was renewed for a fifth season of 22 episodes. In an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show on Thursday, May 15th, 2008, Leary revealed season 5 had been delayed until March 2009 thanks to the writer's strike, but that all 22 episodes would air on consecutive weeks. Leary also said there would be a number of "mini-sodes" airing in June and July to bridge the fourth and fifth seasons."

rescue me? by mikentammy76 Q: does anyone know when rescue me with dennis leary is coming back on? I love this show !!!! This one and nip tuck...wish it would hurry up.

A: that show is my favorite and it wont be back on until may sometime. great show isn't it?

Rescue me? by lacalledelapicara Q: What happened on Rescue Me last night? Did Tommy's son appear as a ghost and talk to him? If not wouldn't that be really cool?

A: He appeared but didnt talk. I cant wait to see what happens this season when he finds out his wife is sleeping with his brother. What a terrible situation.

Rescue Me? by Mike C Q: Does anybody know of a site where I can watch full episodes of the fourth season of Rescue Me?

A: try FX or youtube.com

My mom won't let me rescue this dog? by Omg Its Russell Q: My uncle has 4 kids right now. He has a dog and a turtle. The turtle sees more daylight than the dog. Seriously. It pisses me off soo bad. His wife is pregnant with a child (possibly twins) and they got rid of their cat and told the kids that she ran away. They have 4 kids (7, 5, 5, and 2). They are the most bratty kids ever. The 7 year old still pulls the dog's ears and tail. They lock the dog up in a crate and cover it with a blanket even if she doesn't do anything wrong. It's because they can't handle a dog, obviously. The other day the power went out. My house was the only house that had power so they came over with 3 of the kids. ( last one was with grandmother ). The dog came too. She was doing so good. She didnt pee inside AT ALL. But when everyone was drinking and watching the game, she was scratching on the door. No one cared to take her out, so I did. she peed. About a hour later, she did the same thing. only i couldnt get to her (i was upstairs looking down.) she peed all over the floor. my uncle screamed and put her in the crate. i took her out at night and let her sleep in my bed (without them knowing) I asked my mom if we could save her. Really, it's not fair because they cant take a dog they lock it up. They need to grow up. She said no it will poop and pee everywhere. I said "Well I can train her, and ill keep hber in my room so you wont have to worry about her." but my mom wont bust. shes so stubborn. how can i persuade her to let me rescue the poor dog? Thanks. 10points :]

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