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Rental cars

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Can I use prepaid visa gift cards to prepay for plane tickets, hotels and rental cars on travel websites? by xxunforgetfulxx Q: I'm planning on going on a multiple destination trip and I was wondering if I could book my flights, hotels, and rental cars with my prepaid visa gift card.

A: of course you can,watch your money,they'll disappear very soon.^_^

Do any rental car companies offer cars with an interlock device? by M.Lorey Q: My husband has been charged, but not convicted with a DUI and currently has a restricted license requiring an interlock device. Do any rental cars offer this?

A: none that I know of you have to pay to have the interlock installed so I would not think a rental car company would allow it

How can rental cars companies bring the vehicles online? by feedmymind Q: "as rental car companies bring more of the vehicles online, prices(hybrid and conventional cars) should start to reach parity" bring online?0_o I don't get it.

A: Chuck norris doesnt need a coffee pot. He grinds the beans with his teeth and boils it with his own rage.

Can enterprise rental cars leave their cars in front of houses? by Oliver O Q: On the street i live on there are 8 enterprise rental cars lined up on my street. I visited the enterprise and they told me that its legal, and that they won't do anything about it. They are there for usually 3-4 days. Is it legal to leave their products on a public area?

A: I am thinking, because it is a public place that Enterprise is well within their right. However, if there are numerous complaints and parking of the cars pose problems for your neighborhood, I suggest you take it to your city councilman. File a complaint, make sure your neighbors are behind you on this. Call your city councilman's office and see what forms you need and the procedures to follow to get your complaint on the agenda at your next town hall meeting.

How do they make rental cars smell like new? by :D Q: The "new car smell" air fresheners don't really smell like the real thing, but rental cars always do, no matter how old they are. What do they use? I don't smoke, and I don't allow smoking in my car, so that does help. My car doesn't really smell like anything, though, and I want it to smell like I just bought it.

A: Maybe they spray them with formaldehyde which is used in the manufacture of many of the carpet and upholstery materials used in new cars. It's also what undertakers use to preserve dead people and it can cause breathing problems. It is the source of the "new" car smell. Some people are seriously allergic to it.

Is it possible to find a rental cars history? by Eric B Q: I bought a car from a lady I work with (it's a 1999 Chevy Lumina), and I bought a carfax report after I bought it for fun to just see it's history, and it turns out it was a rental car in Greensboro, NC for a year. Now, I will say this car is an excellent car, with no problems whatsoever, and it never has anything major (just the usual things car have like batteries or tires). In my opinion it is as dependable as a new car, and one of the best cars I've owned. For fun, (I'm really into the history of my cars), is there any possible way to see the history of my car when it was a rental? All I know was that it was in Greensboro, NC, but I dont know which company owned it. It says it was a major company is all..... Is there some type of way I can see it's history? The carfax report doesn't help me, because I want to know about it WHEN it was a rental. Thanks!

A: There are no such stats anywhere for that. Your only option would be to contact the rental car company and ask them. And I guarantee they will not help you. Most businesses don't keep records, even in their computers, for more than 7 years.

How car rental companies move their cars from one location to another? by qadata Q: I am working on an application and need to understand how car rental companies move their cars from one location to another when there are too many cars left by customers at one location. One way is to give dirt cheap one way rental offers to customers originating some specific location. However, I am trying to understand do they use auto transport companies to do this for them? If yes how much business auto transporters get one average from such scenarios? Also, do car rental companies have some sort of contracts with auto transporters saying they will move rental cars always or on demand basis? Thanks for your time!

A: Wut about those trucks that carry cars around?

rental cars?? by Chunkerbutt Q: say you got a rental after a car accident, and you purchase a new car and havent returned the car in almost 3 months. what happens?? say they have been caling but you havent returned any calls back. can you go to jail for that? does anyone know what can happen?? first its not me its my mother, and she got it after we got into a car accident and yeah lets just say shes lazy. she took the car somewhere and left it. can i tell the rental place and not be in trouble for it?? i just found out a month ago she hadnt returned and when i confronted her about it she told me she was going to take it in and from what i understand they are still calling her... oh and the other parties insurance company is paying for it... i wanna call and tell them were its at but i dont wanna get into trouble

A: The best thing for your mother to do is just go ahead and turn the car in. and tell her not to ignore their calls. She needs to call them. As long as she ignores their calls, she is just digging herself a deeper hole. What the hell is she thinking anyway, doesnt't she know that she has to take it back where it is rented from?? If the other insurance companty is paying for it, it may be that they have stopped paying for it and the rental company is wanting their car back. I am surprised that there isn't already a warrant out for her arrest. I strongly suggest that you take the matters in your own hands and let them know that you know where the car is (for your mother's sake) if it makes her mad, oh well, she will just have to be mad and she will have to get over it, they will not be able to go after you legally, unless your name is tied in to the rental. if it isnt, you are fine. It is going to be up to the rental company and possibily the insurance company as far as any charges filed, if not already done.

Rental Cars? by Officialy Missing You... Q: Hello world! Does anyone know of any rental car places in los angeles where you don't need a credit card...or should I go pull some teeth? Thanks!

A: Avis will do it if you qualify with a $300 cash deposit. I don't know what the requirements are but it's usually good credit and clean drivers record. 800-323-7598 Or most will do it on a debit with a visa or mastercard logo.

Rental cars? by JEM Q: I am driving from NJ to Florida (about 2500 miles there and back) How much would a rental car cost excluding the expensive gas. Do the rental car places charge you by the mile or what? Anybody know? Thanks in advance.

A: You can get them for a certain amount of days with unlimited miles but it's like $65/day at the cheapest plus insurance.

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