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Regina spektor

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Mauri11Greg Regina Spektor - No Surprises (Radiohead Cover) http://t.co/S03mi2fS via @youtube

bbarreto #listeningto "Regina Spektor, On The Radio" http://t.co/BexAsDNi

Bohnum #NP : Us - Regina Spektor

_robotboy @alienatedduck Agreed! And you can add Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Little Boots, Clare Maguire, Roisin Murphy, Dragonette, Amanda Palmer…

Bohnum @Benoit_H alors Ben Folds + Regina Spektor, c'est top !

Jumbso I love Regina spektor, I'm also a tool

josslpz Sun by Regina Spektor.

Lily_W27 Yes, I like popular artists like 1D and Olly, but I also like people like Regina Spektor

thayeux RT @Jesycamiel: Listening to The Call by Regina Spektor. This song really driving me to tears (º̩̩́__º̩̩̀)

Jesycamiel Listening to The Call by Regina Spektor. This song really driving me to tears (º̩̩́__º̩̩̀)

bikerchick456 When pandora plays The Beatles on my Regina Spektor radio #thelittlethings #happy

pedro_a @greenrabbit eu toquei regina spektor na festa onteeeem! xD

Dannyduu The call By Regina Spektor :)

BetMT Tremenda canción :D RT @VioletaLockhart: #suena Fidelity.- Regina Spektor

PrincessPPink I am really in love with the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack <3 #nowplaying Us - Regina Spektor. This song is beautiful. And so is Regina <3


What Regina Spektor songs are in CSI Las Vegas? by Ellen Q: My friend was watching a CSI Las Vegas marathon on Spike and she freaked out when she heard a Regina Spektor song that I had made her listen to but now she can't remember it. We have come to the conclusion that it was in early season 8 and below because Grissom and Warrick were still in the episodes. And yeah.....I hope you guys can help me!

A: Are you sure it wasn't CSI: NY cause they played her song Samson on that show and that song is in her album Begin to Hope.

Is regina spektor due to do a tour in Britain anytime soon? by jenny Q: I am a huge fan of regina spektor and i would really like to see her in concert but i cant find out if she is planning on doing any sort of tour/concert in Britain (where i live) so i was wondering if anyone knew anything about one? yeh okay i know its in the wrong category. I selected music but for sum reason after i submitted it it had switched to royalty. Not my fault. and a pointless answer.

A: Yes, she's doing two shows in Britain--one in England and one in Scotland. It's difficult to tell about her tour because her home page is not up to date. You can check her Fessebouc group (first link below) under the "Events" tab. They list everything scheduled, including an appearance at the "T in the Park Festival" in Scotland on July 12 and the "Oxygen Festival" in Ireland on July 11 and the "Latitude Festival" in Southwold in Suffolk on July 17. Those are the only concerts planned to date, unless you go to the continent or the US. The Fessebouc site is very good at keeping up to date and informing fans about the latest developments.

Where can I find a free download for Apres Moi by Regina Spektor? by Liam Q: I really like regina spektor and I really really like Apres Moi but I've got no idea where to find it. Help would be appreciated.

A: go to mp3raid.com.I checked myself to see if they have it. When you find the song on the website, just right click on download and click save target as.

Are there any songs by Regina Spektor that have to do with the world? by Charlotte Q: I need songs that have to do with either the good or evil of the world. Does Regina Spektor have any? I want something that not only fits the theme but that I like. Any songs by her that have to do with the world, or songs by people similar would do. Thanks!

A: What do you mean by "the world?" If you mean the physical world, "Field Below" talks about a field and roosters. If you mean the state of the world, "Consequence of Sounds" is pretty good. One of the lines says ""The worlds got a nosebleed" it said, "And we're flooding but we keep on cutting The trees and the forests!"

What lipstick can I buy that looks like the red colour that Regina Spektor wears? by lola! Q: I love Regina Spektor, and I love her bright red lipstick. Does anyone know what kind she wears, or at least one that's close to the colour she wears?

A: MAC has awesome reds in all shades. I love GLAM because it has a pink undertone and really makes your teeth look white. They have a bunch of reds so you will definitely find something at MAC! Just remember that if you get one with yellow undertones, your teeth could look bad. You want your teeth to look really white when you wear red lips!

What is your favorite Regina Spektor song? by Rachel Q: From her older albums such as Begin to Hope to her newest entitled Far, Regina Spektor is basically a musical god. To all you other fans out there, I was wondering what your all time favorite song is.

A: I'd have to agree with justkaci and Pteradactyl Kat. My favorite changes from moment to moment but is The Sword & the Pen at this moment. It will probably be Man of a Thousand Faces next week. The Calculation was my favorite from Far a couple weeks ago, and Braille is an all-time fav that probably registers in the top five. If I had to pick one favorite over the past 16 months it would probably be Back of a Truck. There's nothing else like it anywhere. I might also pick Pavlov's Daughter, but she and I have been arguing lately 8-) Like Pteradactyl Kat, I like everything that comes out of her mouth. Most songwriters have a few duds here and there, but so far Regina hasn't had a single dud.

what are some easy songs to play on piano by regina spektor or muse? by xxkannon Q: I really want to play The Call by regina spektor but I printed the sheet music and it's too hard. I know there are many versions of it so I'm not sure if I just got a harder version of the song but does anyone know any songs by either Muse or Regina Spektor that are easy, or have any other suggestions for me. I've only been playing piano since school started and I've been taking keyboarding class.

A: starlight by muse might be easy... look up videos on youtube

Which Regina Spektor lyrics are the most inspiring to you? by Rhea H. Q: I love Regina Spektor's music, and just wanted to know what your favorite lyrics by her are.

A: I love "On the Radio" Especially the part of: "No, this is how it works You peer inside yourself You take the things you like And try to love the things you took And then you take that love you made And stick it into some Someone else's heart Pumping someone else's blood And walking arm in arm You hope it don't get harmed But even if it does You'll just do it all again" I think its really pretty

regina spektor? by graceisamazing. Q: what is this song called? i know its by regina spektor. I am a mermaid but I've sold my voice for a couple of feet and they always bleed when I go walking in the road

A: The song is called Mermaid

Regina Spektor? by Buggy Q: What genre of music would say Regina Spektor produces? Would you consider it indie rock?

A: i like regina spektor.. but i would consider her alternative rock, piano rock, ,,indie rock could be considered too

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