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Reggie bush

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carishunter Reggie Bush , kiss my asss , you ruined @KimKardashian's marriage !

PDeRycke11 I had a dream telling me to start Reggie bush, let's see how this goes @Shawn_Gates @sacobrennan @luke_fraser @ryan_crowley6 @jjulien17

aDUDEnamedDREW I'm notta dolphins fan but I like reggie bush cuz he was a saint..this dude said he's horrible..get outta here .

Aint_I_Da_Shit Reggie bush should have another 100 yard game with a touchdown at least since Kim kardashian divorced

reggiewaynewoo http://t.co/cclJxcpl Reggie Bush rebuffs a gaggle of randy women at the Delano - http://t.co/N2k0ehcq (blog)

BobOfBowie @SiriusXMFantasy PPR league, go with Lawfirm, Daniel Thomas, or Reggie Bush? Thanks

BobOfBowie @ShanePHallam PPR league, go with Lawfirm, Daniel Thomas, or Reggie Bush? Thanks

longhornwr1 @SiriusXMFantasy non ppr, choose 1 for flex spot: Reggie Bush, Chris Johnson, Tony Gonzales?

ImRissaBro #IveAlwaysWantedTo BANG Reggie bush ! Jk . I wannna meet him soooo bad tho ! ;) I love that dude .

RepMySchool ***Kim Kardashian Met With Reggie Bush Days Before Filing Divorce?*** http://t.co/yI4tPSaN

Thebullvic You niggas smokin reggie bush that shit is so boring

tennis_newsnow Daniel Thomas Injury: Is This Bad News for Reggie Bush Fantasy Owners? http://t.co/XR4wjRgO

JuiceBoxx_809 I don't see it RT @R3SPECTmyFR3SH: The amount of ppl that said i look like Reggie Bush was crazy

juststrizzi who gets the flex spot...McGahee/J. Battle/Daniel Thomas/Crabtree/Jonathan Baldwin/Reggie Bush @CleveNole @MatthewBerryTMR @NorthernNole92

sportzgeeek Daniel Thomas Injury: Is This Bad News for Reggie Bush Fantasy Owners?: Bush's NFL career has been impacted by n... http://t.co/DPPA6FL4


Which cleats should i buy between the new Adidas Reggie Bush 2 Superfly or the Nike Speed 2 Low? by 123th345345466666663464534534534 Q: Which cleats are better? The new Adidas Reggie Bush 2 Superfly or the Nike Speed 2 Low??????? I play lacrosse for my high school and football with friends and i don't like lacrosse cleats. Which cleats are better for running around more and changing direction an speed alot and moving directions?

A: reggie

Reggie BUSH!? by dObOi 1z BaLL1N Q: Ok I noticed Reggie is a great back my favorite running back. Now don't hate but this guy is explosive! I jus wish he had a great O-line (like the vikings) and got more carries 13 isn't good enough. He had 64 yards. in the loss to tampa(fumble to wr devry henderson). Now times that by 2 which is 26 carrys 128 yards :). Then add 7 more carrys 168 yards. and add one big explosive play thats 200+ plus td's. So don't hate on Reggie give him a better line and more carries he would easily make 1800 yards. Now alot of people think adrian peterson Is SUPER GOOD. Lol hes ok but vikings have a leet o line widerecivers that are great blockers and all Ad has to do is run into one defender usualy a safety. What Nao

A: Please, if you can't seem to see that Reggie is not all he's cracked up to be, look at the college stats. Reggie, in his career had 3169 yds rushing behind the monstrous O-line at USC, scoring 25 TD's. He also had 1,301 yds receiving and 13 TD's. Adrian on the other hand had 4,045 yds rushing and 41 TD's. He did not have as many passes his way, only 198 yds and 1 TD. Adrian also missed much of the 2006 season, playing in only 7 Games. AP played in 30 total games in his college career, Reggie played, 38 total games. Reggie has never been the load carrier, he had White at USC and did have Deuce in NO. Now, Adrian has always done it on his own. In their respective freshman seasons, Reggie's highest carry total was 12, Adrian has 3x that at 36. The only time that Reggie really broke loose was on kick off and punt returns when there wasn't anyone close to him and he could juke to make a guy miss. Face it, Reggie will never be a great back until he gains 15-20 lbs and makes people respect him by pounding the ball at them. If all he's going to do is run for the corner, he'll never be considered great. When NO drafted him, they drafted a talented player, who was great at returns but a 2nd tier back. If your looking at O-lines and how bad they are...why did Barry Sanders do so well? If Barry could do it, why can't Reggie, if he's so good?

Will Reggie Bush have a Press Conference Announcing That He is Going to Take His Talents To South Beach? by Julius C Q: BQ-1: Which Reality Show Starlet is going to try to ride his coattails? BQ-2: Will The Miami Dolphins use Reggie Bush in certain running and passing situations just like the Saints did or will he get more carries in Miami?

A: He wont need a big suitcase to carry those "talents".. BQ-1: Surreal life, he'll be known as "guy who for some reason dated Kim Kardashian". BQ-2: They'll utilize his speed the only way possible, as a special teamer and occasional backfield catcher.

Who should I start in my flex position Lance Moore or Reggie Bush? by Robert G Q: For Monday nights game who has more potential Reggie Bush or Lance Moore? I have my flex position to fill and I do not know which one to start.

A: I'd say Reggie Bush...Yes, over the past 2 weeks Moore has 14 catches for 180 yards and 2 TD's, but look at his first 2 weeks where he had 3 Catches for 20 yards in both games combined. Reggie is full of consistency, sure he had an off week last week but he still leads the NFL in catches and is a decent threat on the ground, Im not looking for Deuce to steal too much of Reggie's thunder. Plus Reggie had over 20 Fantasy point in weeks 1 and 3, so looks like this week he is due if he follows his pattern of putting up a good performance every other week/

What ever happened to the Reggie Bush and USC contoversy? by Nancy N Q: What ever happened to the Reggie Bush and USC contoversy? Have they ever finished the investigation, if so what did they find out? Allegedly Bush received free rent, vehicle, clothes, etc, then dumped his first agent. If these alligations are true, supposedly, USC should loose their championship titles. What ever happened?

A: USC paid somebody to forget what they were looking for Oklahoma is 10x better than USC

What team does Reggie Bush play on and is he still dating Kim Kardashian? by Jenny Thompson Q: Hello! I was wondering what team Reggie Bush plays on and is he still dating Kim Kardashian? Also what position does he play?

A: He is halfback/runningback for the Saints. And him and Kim broke up awhile ago. She is engaged to the basketball player Kris humpries

Why do people love Reggie Bush and actually consider him a threat in the Superbowl? by Q: Reggie Bush never proved anything. He can catch run and jump. He can't break tackles. He avoids them as much as Ben Roethlisberger. Yet everyone thinks he is an important part of the game.

A: I agree that he is overrated,but on so many occasions I have seen him turn a game with one move. He's better than average and I wouldn't mind him on my team.

Will Reggie Bush continue to get opportunities and a huge contract because of his success at USC? by Ranto Q: I think Reggie Bush will have 4-5 more years to at least earn 5 mil a year. While he is unproductive except in special teams and passes out of the backfield. His age and the fact he did good at USC is going to have teams thinking he can become a superstar in this league. By age 30 or 31 if he fails to show he can be a legit starting back he will playing for minimum age or he will retire.

A: Probaly, and he will continue to get as much media attention and publicity as he wants because of how famous he's gotten for being one of the worst starting RB's in the NFL.

reggie bush? by lil reggie bush jr Q: what is reggie bush favorite running back

A: probably Walter Payton hes the greatest running back ever

Reggie Bush? by kaplump Q: Whats up with the reggie bush questions everyone has? I mean honestly.

A: It's just the hype

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