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CelebrityFIX Reese Witherspoon Gets Black Eye from Car Accident http://t.co/Yo1xV2XP


Jessica Simpson fans only. If Jessica was the 50ft Woman,who should she step on? by gerbil31603 Q: No Jessica haters allowed on this question NO ADDING TO THE LIST EITHER! The List Osama Bin Laden Dr Phil Carrie Underwood Tom Cruise Nick Lachey Hilary Duff Reese Witherspoon Ashton Kutcher Lance Bass A Tour De France drug tester The cop who pulled Mel Gibson over Pam Anderson(that would make a popping sound) Simon Cowell Charlize Theron Mandy Moore Paula Abdul Jewel Tim McGraw Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas Gwen Stefani Dave Matthews

A: Hilarious!!!! I'd have her Put her Pretty foot down on all mentioned above and ask her if she would grind down extra hard on carrie Underfed, I mean Carrie Underwood and Dr. Fool, I mean Pill---Drats I meant Phil! Thanxs for the Good Laugh, gerbil.

Whats Your List Of The Most Over Rated Entertainers? by gerbil31603 Q: My List Carrie Underwood John Lennon George Clooney Hilary Duff Madonna The Black Eyed Peas Robin Williams Larry The Cable Guy Ron White Jeff Foxworthy Reese Witherspoon Moby Alanis Morrisette Alec Baldwin Howard Stern

A: Ok, there's a few i agree with there, but not many! Hilary Duff Mary-Kate and Ashley Busted (Thankfully they are busted now!) Raymond whatsisname! The dude off of everyone loves raymond! No they don't! Ellen Dick and Dom Darren Day Blazin squad/ Friday Hill Orlando Bloom Kiera Knightley

Is this any good so far? by eochika100 Q: I took a deep breath before entering my first block, English. There was a month until school ended but I still needed to be here my past behind me...hopefully."I can survive this. No problem, how hard can it be?" I asked myself. I opened the door stopping the teacher's lecture. "Who might you be?"His voice was gruff as he spoke. "Starr Tyler sir."I replied using my real name instead of the one I had originally planned on using. "Yes, well, take a seat in the back next to Reese. I’m Mr. Rice." I nodded and followed his instructions. Reese had black hair, and wicked grin, pale skin, blue eyes, snake bites, and muscles. I silently set my binder in the desk and stared at it. I jumped slightly as a folded piece of paper landed in my range of vision. I unfolded it slowly not really wanting to see what it said. I elegant hand writing I read: What’s your name again? Quickly I wrote: Starr Tyler I looked to my left where the note had come from after refolding it. Reese gave me a small smile and I gave the note back and waited for my reply. Reese Holcomb where’d you move from? Out of town… Okay… What are you doing this afternoon? Homework if I get any but other than that nothing, why? “You wanna come to the skate park with me and some friends? Sure… I never got a reply. I watched as Mr. Rice explained in depth the structure of a novel. Class passed easily and before I knew it the bell had rung. “So you wanna come?” A seductive voice asked. I looked up from gathering my papers and binder to see Reese leaning against my desk. “I said I did didn’t I?” I moved a strand of black hair out of my face. “Yeah but I wanted to be sure.” He gave a stupid grin. “What’s you next class?” “Uh, gym.” I glanced at my schedule. “Sweet so do I. Mid if I walk you there?” “Give it up.”I started down the rows of desks to get to gym on time. “What?” He followed me. “I’m not into the whole mushy relationship thing and that’s exactly what you’re trying to do and we don’t even go out.” “Wow never thought of it that way, but you’re wrong, we don’t go out but we may.” I chuckled and stopped turning towards him. “Look, your hot I’ll admit that, but I’m new here and I feel like exploring for a little bit, cool?” “Totally, so you think I’m hot?” I rolled my eyes and continued for gym with Reese by my side. “Alright Miss Tyler, you can sit out for the day to observe how the daily exercises are completed but I expect you to join in tomorrow. Are we clear?” Coach Young asked. “Yes sir.” I sat on the bleachers and drew absently on my note book glancing up periodically so see how things were done. The main things they did were basic and then they ran twenty laps around the gym. When the bell rand I left to wait outside the gym doors for Reese being the last class of the day. “Waiting on me?”Reese asked coming to stand beside me dressed in red skinny jeans, a black t-shirt and converse. “No, I’m waiting in front of the gym for my ride when I’m supposed to go to the skate park with you.” I said sarcastically. “So who’s your ride?”We started walking in the direction of the parking lot. “Most of the time it’s Mason. If you wanna give me a ride I can tell him to go home.” “I’ll give you a ride.” “Okay hold on, I need to call Mason.” I pulled out my Droid and dialed Mason’s number. “Hello? Mason, hey listen you don’t have to pick me up just unpack everything okay? Bye.” I looked at Reese and smiled. “Ready?” “Totally.” He led me to a blue Nissan 370Z. Form the school to the skate park was about thirty minutes. When we pulled in we were instantly surrounded by people, mainly guys. “Reese, dude, you made it!” A guy yelled running up to the car. He was taller than Reese but had the same eyes though his hair was blond. He was wearing black from his sock hat to the Etnies he wore on his feet. Even his spider bites were black rings. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world Ryder.” I got out of the car and just stood there feeling awkward and not really knowing what to do. Thankfully Ryder said something to end the awkwardness. “Who’s the hottie?” He asked Reese nodding towards me. I walked around the car to stand beside Reese. “I’m Starr Tyler. I’m the one who bought that old mansion next to the cemetery.” “Ryder Holcomb. I’m Reese’s older brother.” Ryder seemed to have a carefree attitude as he preformed tricks on his death print, birdhouse skateboard. I watched as Reese, Ryder and some of their other friends I wasn’t introduced to try and top the others stunts. “Idiots aren’t they?” A black girl asked me coming to sit next to me where I was perched on top of one of the bowl pits. She was unlike any other black girl I’d seen. Her hair was short choppy and black streaked with different shades of blue, green, red, pink, and purple. Her eyes were a turquoise so she had to be wearing contacts but other than that she was just another skater. She spoke English correctly though and she was diffide

A: Personally, I don't like it :( I'm sorry. But it doesn't really appeal to me. I think it's kind of boring. Keep writing though :)

How should I have my main characters meet? by omgidkttyl Q: There is a really pretty, tough, tomboy girl, Reese. She's new at school, and in town. Then there is Zane, the hot, but cocky jock, who is also mysterious. They are going to go to the same school. Should Reese: A: unwillingly be beautified by her sis for the first day of school B: have to meet the neighbors during summer, and Zane is the neighbor C: any other ideas??? and if anyone has any other ideas about the characters, please add the idea, Reese has medium brown colored hair, green eyes, and doesn't care what others think. Zane has black hair, dark brown, almost black eyes, olive skin tone, and doesn't care that girls basically stalk him, but is surprised when Reese doesn't react to his looks. They do end up together.

A: To me it's a tie between A. and B... because Reese can go over to Zane's house and pay him no mind... Or Reese is transformed and Zane's friends tries to get to her but also pays them no mind and Zane takes action... Or! you can do both!

Would curly hair look good with these types of bangs? by americanlivvy Q: Hi :) I have really curly hair. On on a scale of one to 10 of curliness it would be an 8. But I have darkish lightish brown hair. (not to light not to dark) I also have brown eyes. I want to enhance my appearance a little bit and make my eyes pop more without wearing too much makeup. If i darkened my hair and had my bangs cut like this do you think my hair would look good? http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/cm/goodhousekeeping/images/reese-witherspoon-bangs-hg-de.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/showthread.php%3Ft%3D81794&usg=__PvRpWkmE6nxPv2byrEYRswW4t1o=&h=325&w=325&sz=31&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=D9-Ztl9UQiyKEM:&tbnh=131&tbnw=139&prev=/images%3Fq%3Ddark%2Bhair%2Bwith%2Bbangs%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1920%26bih%3D818%26gbv%3D2%26tbs%3Disch:1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=462&vpy=338&dur=142&hovh=225&hovw=225&tx=84&ty=115&ei=Pu55TP3ULsL98Abi_-DxBQ&oei=Pu55TP3ULsL98Abi_-DxBQ&esq=1&page=1&ndsp=55&ved=1t:429,r:16,s:0 (sorry the link is so long.) But like this, but dark dark brown (sort of almost black) Would curly hair look good like this, or would i HAVE to straighten it every day?

A: uh yeah, you probably would have to straighten it everyday...unless you relax it, u know, with chemicals...which is reeally bad for your hair =/ yeah i think you should have your bangs cut like that and dye ur hair a couple shades darker, but i think it would look great curly. embrace it. im asian and i love curly hair, but u probably know that most asians have straightish hair...

(: Play a short BNG!? by ṡτεllα Q: Boy #1: First name = Birth month. Jan/Apr: Benjamin. Feb/Nov: Kellan. Mar/Dec: Parker. Jul/Sept: Caden. Aug/Oct: Liam. May/Jun: Carter. Middle Name = Birth day. 1-6: Seth. 7-12: Nicholas. 13-18: Elijah. 19-25: Maddox. 26-31: Grayson. Girl #1: First name = Eye color. Blue: Holly. Green: Alexis. Brown: Heidi. Grey: Delilah. Other?: Olivia. Middle name = Hair color. Blonde: Felicity. Brown: Mae. Blonde/Brown: Reese. Black: Bryn. Red: Claire. Other: Sophia. Boy/Girl Twins: First names = Time Zone. Pacific: Oliver & Harlow. Mountain: Brenner & Brietta. Central: Noah & Ashley. Eastern: Adam & Ava. Other: Kohl & Kirsten. Middle names = What room you're in. Family Room: Gabriel & Eileen. Living Room: Xavier & Noemi. Kitchen: Zane & Valerie. Bedroom: Jack & Loretta. Other: Ryder & Kate. Do you like your names? (:

A: -- Liam Nicholas (September 9) -- Holly Felicity (Blue eyes, blond hair) -- Adam Gabriel and Ava Eileen (Eastern, family room) ~ Liam Nicholas - 8/10 - Not going to lie, this name is absolutely adorable! I've never been a huge fan of Liam, but lately it's been growing on me. It's one of those short, sweet, and simple names that sound great. Nicholas is a great middle name and it flows really well with Liam as the first name. Holly Felicity - 5/10 - I have always had a soft spot for the name Holly. I think it's like Liam, short and sweet, more on the traditional side, but it still has a modern twist to it that makes me like it even more. I don't like Felicity and it doesn't really flow with Holly (they both end in the "ee" sound). Adam Gabriel - 10/10 - How ironic! This is the exact combination I have on my list! Adam Gabriel is my number two all-time favorite boy name that I definitely plan on using for my son one day. It's short, handsome, masculine, and the two names just roll off the tongue very well. Ava Eileen - 4/10 - Ava is just a bit too trendy and popular for my taste. I know a lot of little girls with this name, so it's slowly becoming less and less appealing to me. I'm not even sure how to pronounce the middle name, so I can't judge its flow all that well. It's not my favorite combination.

What do you think of this story? by Monica Q: "Shit!" breathed Reese, doubling over as she tried to gasp for breaths of air. She entered through the double-doors of Brandon Albertson's home, running into the sweet, aroma of pot. Her eyes watered as she managed to walk through the hazy, smoke. Megan and Maris followed closely behind them as they made their way through the crowd. It wasn't the first time Brandon held a party where pot was the source. He was known for selling drugs and doing them. Reese even bought a couple of his products just to experiment. Electronic music blasted from the stereos in the lobby. Dozens of her classmates bumped and grinded to the music. John should have been at the party by now. He was five minutes late. Where is he? Reese thought to herself. "I'm gonna go check on the booze." Megan said, sashaying over to Oliver who was having an intimate bond with a bong. Reese sighed, shooing smoke out of her face. This was not the type of party she had in mind. She liked parties as much as the next guy, but she didn't want to go to a party that was asthma hazardous. All at once a hand shot up, knocking her back onto a nearby couch. She yelped, landing on her back on the plush sofa. The attackers was none other than her new boyfriend, John. She smiled with relief, offering her hand to pull him down with her. "Well, it's about time!" she laughed delightfully, reaching over the coffee table to grab a bottle of Sweet Carolina Lemonade Vodka. She grabbed two flutes and poured the drink in each of them. "So are we on for Sadie Hawking's?" he asked, taking a sip. "I know it's pretty boring, but why not?" "I don't care." she said nonchalantly. "We have nothing better to do." They let out a laugh in mutual amusement. Since their other friends decided to go, they didn't see why they shouldn't. It may even be fun. Brandon Albertson walked over, smuggling several cans of beers in his hands. He was the class clown since seventh grade. Reese liked him, but she found him to be extremely annoying. "Buddies!" he sang, falling onto the couch next to them, dropping the beers in the process. Reese groaned, scooting over surreptitiously. He reeked of pot and beer. This shall be interesting. "Is that Megan bitch here?" he slurred, glancing across the room. "I can't believe she showed her face up at all places." "Just ignore her." John advices, rolling his eyes at Reese. They were trying to have a private moment and Brandon was infringing on it. "I can't!" he complained. "She keeps telling me how much of a dick I am for letting Pam suck my dick. She's such a slut!" Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? Reese wondered Just when she thought this couldn't get any worse, Andy came bumbling his way towards the group with Courtney hanging onto him. Inebriated, of course. "I just threw up." Andy snickered, trying hard to think of another word to say, but couldn't. "Awesome." Reese said sardonically, turning her head around. "Aww..." Courtney warbled, hopping onto Reese's lap. "You two are such cuties!" Then she did the worse thing possible. She grabbed both Reese's and John's cheeks and started to squeeze them. "Love yous!" she screeched, randomly planting a quick kiss on Reese's lips. Reese wiped frantically at her lips. Not what she wanted to happen. Andy just stood there laughing maniacally. She hated when he did this. No matter what party they went to he always managed to get drunk. After Palma's death his drinking at parties had worsen. "You wanna get the heck outta here?" John asked Reese, taking her by the hand. "Heck, yeah." she said wryly, pushing Courtney off of her lap. Outside of the party, students laid on the grass trying to count the stars in the sky. It was like Woodstock all over again. A student smashed in her, spilling beer all over her. "That was a new shirt, too." she said disappointingly, frowning at her beer stained sweater. "We'll hitch a ride from one of the Sophomores." John said, flagging down a burly football player with shaggy, blond hair. "Hey, Adams! Get over here!" Todd Adams strolled over to the couple. He was the only one who didn't seem drunk. He was a safe bet compared to the other sophomore who was engaging in debauchery. Such as Corydon Winstead and Stephanie, who were making out seemingly passionately Ew, ew, ew! Reese's inner voice whined. So scarred for life. Reese felt like she was going to scream. She was finally going out with John and idiocy like this was happening. She wanted to punch someone. Now she understood how Savannah felt. Feeling uncomfortable at those parties from seeing all these people act like animals. Speaking of which, she needed

A: Too many "as she" to start story. You use too much description---you try to describe every action and sentence. The spelling needs to be looked over --No spell checker? Cut down on your adverbs---way too many. Go back and cut out all the fat of the story. Stop trying to tell the reader every little detail. There are some good sections,and you have a good vocabulary. It is just too wordy.

What do you think of my story, opinions please? by Monica Q: Reese groaned in agitation as she waited for the boy to get off of the computer. He had been on it for thirty minutes and the whole time he was on it, he was just looking up youtube videos and racy photos of women. She seethed, clenching her hands together. Impatience was always a burden on her. Especially when she had work she needed to do. She looked at the clock on the wall that told her it was 9:56. She had just arrived at the computer lab a few minutes ago, receiving the pass from her homeroom teacher. Her English paper was due today at 1:33 and the boy at the computer was wasting her valuable time. She could have been almost done by now. Sighing, she flipped open her magazine and read a few pages from it. Damien walked into the computer lab with Savannah following by his side. Reese knew Savannah had to work on her newspaper report while Damien needed to finish his math homework. She waved them open, a look of exasperation on her face. All the computers were taken. Savannah groaned. "They're not even looking up anything important. That guy is just looking at pornographic pictures." "I know!" complained Reese, clasping her manicured hands together, "they need to do that stuff on their own time, not one the ones who are actually trying to get a good grade." But luckily, the guy and the two other people around them clicked off of their sign offs and left their stations. All three of them looked at each other, relieved that they had finally got a computer. Damien sat on either side of Reese and Savannah. He opened up his orange backpack, pulling out an Algebra text book. He then seemed to be looking for something else, but he couldn't find it. Grumbling, he walked away and left the computer lab. "I have so much work I need to do." Reese said, tapping her fingers onto the table. "What about you." "I don't have that much." Savannah said, wiping her dark hair out of her face. "I just have Journalism and English to do." "Lucky." sighed Reese, typing away at the computer screen. Finally she was getting somewhere. She wasn't going to fail English without at least trying to pass. Her summary on Fahrenheit 451 was pretty astounding. She had read the book everyday, not able to put it down. It had been so intriguing to her. She would never live in a Dystopian universe. When Damien came back, he carried a homework sheet with blank answers. Just when he was about to sit in his original seat, Dexter slid into his seat. He still had that black eye from when Andy had punched him repeatedly. That was good to her. Dexter deserved to be punched. "Ha-ha!" taunted Dexter, flipping him off. Reese moaned. She disliked Dexter with a passion. She remembered unpleasantly about the time when he slid under her desk in the seventh grade, trying to get a glimpse of her underwear. She had been so upset that she kicked him in his forehead. Dexter was the one who got reprimanded while the teacher just smiled at her and let her get away with it. "Hey, Andy!" Reese yelled from across the room, waving at an invisible person. Savannah looked around. There wasn't any sign of Andy anywhere. "I don't see Andy anywh---" Reese lightly, but firmly kicked her in the leg. "Owie!" exclaimed Savannah. She now knew what Reese was trying to do. Dexter's eyes immediately widened. He whipped his head around trying to find Andy. Even though he didn't see him, he got up and left anyway. Damien sighed in relief. "I was about to do the same thing." "Yeah, no problem." she smiled. "He's so annoying. I hate him!" "No wonder he doesn't have any friends." added Damien. "The annoying dick." "He's not that bad." Savannah said softly, looking down at the floor. Was it pity? Reese hoped not because Dexter pretty much brought stuff onto himself. She had to praise Savannah anyway for having a kind-heart. There weren't many sympathetic people in the world anymore. "Come on, Savannah, he is a little weird." she told her. "He hasn't bothered me." "For now, anyways." responded Damien. "Just give it sometime." Reese remembered when she had been nice to Dexter. She actually felt bad the he was given a hard time by his peers. But now she felt he deserved it. He wasn't the kind of person you could feel sorry for. Reese turned to her computer and started typing some more. Almost three pages were already done. Her words were flowing as she continued to type. She looked over Savannah's shoulders and saw that she had gotten to nearly ten pages. Savannah was a fat typer. She could type a hundred words in a minute or less.

A: This is a wonderful story, it really kept my attention the whole time I was reading it

Is this a good start for a chapter? by Monica Q: Reese sat in the chair that was spaced from Savannah during homeroom. In between them was a chair that Damien was going to sit in. He walked over, getting ready to sit in the seat, when Dexter fell into the chair. "Ha-ha." Dexter laughed. Damien simply pulled Dexter and the seat away from the girls, pulling up another seat in between them. Reese noticed that Dexter had a black eye. That was alright with her because Dexter deserved to be punched by Andy. "Jeez, no wonder that guy doesn't have any friends." complained Damien. "I can't stand him." agreed Reese. "He's not that bad." Savannah tried, shooting Dexter and apologetic look. Reese loved how Savannah gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, but Dexter didn't deserve her kindness. "Come on, Vanny, he's a little weird." she responded. Reese remembered when Dexter slid under the table where she was sitting in the sixth grade. What was worse was that she was wearing a dress. She had kicked Dexter in the forehead, making him cry out in pain.

A: It's decent. It's a little stiff though.

Black people, when you hear some whites boast about their diverse eye colors and hair colors........? by Rachelle K Q: What are you thinking to yourself? I've thinking to myself the only reason their diverse in hair and eye color is because of a genetic mutation that occurred between 6,00 and 1000 years ago. All humans used to have brown eyes and brown hair: mutation that occurred between 6,00 and 1000 years ago: http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://msnbcmedia1.msn.com/j/msnbc/Components/Photo_StoryLevel/080131/080131-reese-witherspoon-9a.widec.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22934464/&usg=__W3MFwSZ_gsLAFGgySjeCx84KzLU=&h=389&w=298&sz=18&hl=en&start=8&um=1&tbnid=o3fgFfrYqXURzM:&tbnh=123&tbnw=94&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dgenetic%2Bmutation%26hl%3Den%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-us:IE-SearchBox%26rlz%3D1I7ADBF_en%26sa%3DX%26um%3D1 No I'm not jealous nor do i think eye colors can be inferior

A: I laugh and remember how hard they try to tan, dress the same as we do, play our music, eat our food, and act like us. Oh, and my president is Black. Welcome to America.

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