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Red Calipers

Nissan rolls out refreshed 370Z for Chicago show
The Sports package will add revised 19-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, red-painted brake calipers and Euro-tuned shock absorbers. "Since the original 1970 Z was first introduced our goal has always been to keep the design moving forward," said Al ...

Eat Park Love
The inscription inside was simple and didn't even mention anything about cars; but what I cannot forget is the red Jaguar E-Type on the front of the card. Then – and now – the E-Type will always be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cars of all ...

2012 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 [w/video]
The latter includes the Carbon Flash Metallic exterior paint over full Ebony leather upholstery, Satin Black Cup-style wheels with red calipers, red accent stitching on the seats and steering wheel, a leather-wrapped instrument panel and doors with red ...

The Audi RS 4 Avant
The responsive V8 with its red-painted cylinder head covers accelerates the RS 4 Avant from zero to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.7 seconds on its way to a governed top speed of 250 km/h (155.34 mph). This can be increased to 280 km/h (173.98 mph) upon ...

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islandniles Nice Audi Q7 there with red brake calipers. How do they afford such extravagances? Mystifying. #gypsyweddings


Painting Brake Calipers and Drums? by Weston Q: I have a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse Black with dark tinted windows and stock chrome rims. The two front wheels have calipers while the back wheels are just drums. The Calipers and Drums are both rusty and ugly. Here are my questions: 1 I know that I need high temp spray paint, but what kind? What's the best? My work sells Rustoleum Caliper Paint but a coworker said its not good. 2 I was thinking of painting the front calipers red, and the back drums black, will this look weird? Or is this what someone normally would do in my case? I like red but I think having the entire drums red will be a bit too much. 3 Do i need any kind of primer or clear coat or anything? Or do I just need the Caliper Paint?

A: Just the caliper paint, and clean calipers and drums (or new drums, if they're close to needing changing anyway) for the best results, a primer won't work. I'd recommend paint rather than a spray can as it's far easier to get it exactly where you want it, and only where you want it. Paint them whatever colours you like, I don't see why what you're planning would look strange!

how to callibrate the calipers on a 2003 hyundai tiburon? by a_dawn07 Q: Changed the brake pads on the rear and after driving smelt something burning stopped and the rotors were red and hot...

A: Same thing happened to me last month after changing the pads. Turned out to be a frozen caliper. If it is bad it's better just to change the whole caliper. Not a hard job for a good tech but a little involving. If you never done it before you may want a tech to do it. From my experience you can't get a new OEM caliper from a parts store. You have to go to the dealer if you want a brand new OEM.

Approximately how tall and/or what caliper size would a 30 gallon red maple tree be, from a tree nursery? by stretchy_mcslapnuts Q:

A: I would think no less than 2 1/2" caliper, 10-15' height.

give advice abt painting my calipers ( my car photos included)? by kayi Q: i am thinking paint my caliper into red....anyone give some suggestion? but this car just have 2 caliper in the 2 front wheel..at the back it doesnt but just hv brake disc. http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a234/kevinyim2001/fffffqq.jpg thanks for giving advice does it good look?

A: so what are you asking???? use heat resistant paint ie. engine painy and you'll be fine paint the drums in back if you want color there

How can I modify the looks of my new car? by Jason Q: i just got a new car (97 Nissan Maxima)and want to modify it to give it a better look. I am just wondering if anybody knows a few cheep ways to improve the visuals of the car? What i plan on doing already: Seat covers, steering wheel cover, floor mats, painting the rims black and the brake calipers red, and a touch screen radio i already own. Anyone else know of some easy cheap ways to improve the visuals of the car?

A: I would recommend taking it to a auto decal place and getting some custom decals made for it. I would say you should just go a talk with a decal shop and see if they can offer some cool idea's. Sometimes subtle is cool. I still remember a GMC truck I once seen that someone had replace the stock pin striping with a barbed wire design pin striping, it was a very subtle touch but looked very cool.

Would you drive my mustang? 1999 rio red gt? by Q: 3" cowl Hood Saleen front bumper Saleen rear bumper Saleen spoiler Saleen side skirts X pipe, 2.5" piping, Mac mufflers, dual center exhaust, 3.5" rolled tips Halo projector leds eibach powdercoated sportline springs maximum motorsports caster camber plates repainted gloss black grille and side vents Red calipers 8" antenna Chrome 20" Verde lockdown Hankook tires Custom stereo system Clean stock interior Leaving mainly stock performance wise due to similar high Milagros but going to completely redo the mechanics when engine goes or after college. Spell check made mileage to Milagros ... sorry haha

what u guysw think??? red or bust??? look wise..thks? by ragular joe24 Q: i have a silver charger. i got 22 inch chrome rims and wanted to add sum spice 2 it..Im thinking of putting red calipers?? what u guys think... only pic i could find? http://media.photobucket.com/image/silver%20charger%20red%20calipers/kupaa06/IMG_8328.jpg so should i put red calipers??

A: love that car!!! don't add the red calipers (whatever those are) mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090405194757AA6Kz0f&r=w

What color should I paint my brake calipers? by Jay Q: For my 2004 Dodge Neon....should I paint them red or blue btw my neon is blue its with the duplicolor caliper paint kit

A: Red.

Red Honda Civic Emblems? by sslammed Q: My mom wants red JDM style emblems for her 03 Civic EX Coupe to go with her red calipers. I have been looking for metal ones that will last instead of the cheap plastic ones, but I am having problems locating anything of good quality. Anybody know if Honda sells these or where else I can get them from? Price really isn't that important as much as quality is. I have scoured the internet looking for these and have found a select few for an 03 Civic however they are $20 and a friend of mine says anything at that price is cheap plastic. Not what I'm looking for.

A: Have you looked here? http://www.japanparts.com If they don't have it listed, you can inquire about it and they'll look for it if it's JDM

What color should i paint my brake calipers on my 2010 electric blue lancer? by Ignacio Q: i was thinking yellow or black or gold or something. red would look nice but everyone has that. But tell me what you think would look best! im having trouble deciding

A: every time you want to clean them you'll have to take your wheels off so the most practical would be a color that doesn't show the caliper dust - black. if that doesn't matter gold plate them - bling

should i paint my breake calipers for a scion tc? by eric b Q: i have a 2005 silver scion tc i wanted to paint the calipers red. would this loo good on a silver tc......the other problem is that i have the stock brakes it came with...so will it look ok, because they look small...especially the rear breakes......so should i paint them red or what do i do P.S. if any body has pictures of a silver tc with red calipers i would appreciate if i could see it thanks

A: no save your money for a new brake system. or a better car.

Cost to Paint Brake Calipers Professionally? by PRIB Q: I would like to have my brake calipers painted red on my Acura RSX. (I refuse to do this with a kit on my own.) Can you tell me how much the job for all 4 would cost for a shop to do it? Thanks!!!

A: Professionally would be to get them powdercoated. Very expensive, but looks amazing.

What is the best way to paint your own brake calipers? by peabody son Q: I want to paint them red. i want them to be proffesional but i wana do them myself. they have to last long and look good. How would i go about doing this?

A: take them off if you want to and sand them down and use high heat red paint on them, they actually have a do it yourself kit out now to do that and I have seen it at autozone or walmart I believe.

Which color for calipers? by Q: I have a 1998 chevy camaro. The car color is white, with the windows tinted pretty dark. I am painting my rims black (5 spoke rim in a star shape) and I have 5 bolts in the middle of the rim (not painted yet). Interior is all black and white. I am trying to find which color of calipers will look good. here are the options: Black rims, White bolts, White calipers. Black rims, White bolts, Red calipers. Black rims, Red bolts, Red calipers. Black rims, Black bolts, Red calipers. Black rims, Black bolts, White calipers. White rims, Black bolts, Red calipers. White rims, White bolts, Red calipers. White rims, Red bolts, Red calipers. White rims, white bolts, white calipers. Or give me a combination you think would be good. Give me your opinion. Thanks.

A: Purple

Toyota Celica??? paint, brake calipers and brake drums? by Ivan1989 Q: which would look better to paint the front calipers red and the drum brakes black or to paint the front calipers red and the rear drum brakes red aswell?? and yes i will use caliper paint....

A: Whatever colour you decide on,make sure that you use the same colour on the front and the back. I have a nice light blue colour on my cars brakes for now but i am seriously thinking about changing to a bright yellow colour.My car is silver so i can use almost any colour but i think yellow would be good.

Brake calipers for my g35 s? by Bettey9 Q: I really love the look of the red brake calipers behind my black wheels. The only thing is they are way to expensive and just seem really high priced. I just was wondering why you cant just make a plastic cover for the brakes i have on my car now. I mean wouldn't that look the exact same and save a lot of money. I am not really worried about new brakes on my car i just really want that look without spending a lot of money. Any suggestions?

A: Get some red high temperature paint

How hot do brake calipers get? by corona c Q: I'm thinking of painting my brake calipers. But I like to know how hot they get. I know theres paint for brake calipers but im not interested in those colors. I was think of painting them with VHT anodized red paint. There paint is made for very high heat (Temperature: 550°F (228°C)) and thought it would look nice to match it up with every thing on the car.

A: unless the calipers are seized they generally do not get that hot. you should be able to paint them with any kind of paint. we do at work all the time with a can of cheap regular spray paint.

should i paint my calipers and how much? ford probe? by Q: i have a 96 ford probe and im trying to find cheap things to make it look better(not rice it out). i put new floor mats in, vacuumed it all out and washed it, air fresheners, but i was thinking should i paint my calipers red? the car is red, and how much would this cost for the paint?(i would do it myself)

A: Auto zone carries caliper paint in their Dupli color brand. The kit is $20 for both calipers. Get a can of brake clean, a small wire brush and some rags while your at it. Get it in the air, no wheels, of course and do one side at the time. Get some news paper and masking tape and cover up the fender, just in case. clean the caliper well. the better you clean it the better the paint will stick, and follow the direction on the back of the box. It will defiantly look cool.

What color should i paint my brake calipers on my 99 white Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX? by Carter Q: My car is very white and clean with 17'' chrome rims... I think blue brake calipers would look cool on my white car... or would red look better? Pleas help, what color!?!

A: Black.. You do not want to draw attention to your brakes unless you have an upgraded braking system.

where can i buy brake calipers? by eric b Q: i have no idea were to find brake calipers for my scion tc....but i want like those high preformance calipers that are red and take up like half of the disk...how much are those... and will red brake calipers look good on a silver scion tc, thanks

A: you will have to go to a performance store like summit racing or jeggs to get what you want and yes red will look great with silver.

What are some cool things to make my 2004 red pontiac bonneville look cooler? by bob Q: I have a red 2004 pontiac bonneville and want to upgrade it with some aftermarket parts or make it look more stylish. Where could i get some colored brake calipers or different body parts?

A: I own bonneville SLE i didn't do some upgrades to it but i bought my repair parts on ebay. epartal is the name of the seller. I got my window regulator for $47 as it is $300 from the dealership. It works the same and have it for couple of months. They offer free shipping. You might want to ask them for parts that you can use for upgrades and maybe they can suggest how to soupped up your car too.

What color should I paint my calipers? by SHANK0P0TAMUS Q: I have a 01 Nissan Frontier. Shes black with stock rims that i painted black. I want to paint my calipers now and was wonder what people think I should paint them. I was thinking either red or black. Let me know what you think.

A: Purple. Really!

what color should i paint the calipers on my audi? by audiquattro Q: Its a 2007 Audi A4 3.2 quattro. I'm thinking either black, blue, red, or yellow not that there are many other colors to choose from ha. I really like yellow but i'm not sure if it will look nice on my car because i've never seen an B7 a4 with painted calipers. What color do you think would look the best? my car is silver.

A: Okay, well than you would either be able to paint them red or black.

What Color Should I Paint My Calipers? by Hunter M Q: I have a black 1995 Mustang GT. Me and my brother are arguing over what color i should paint my calipers. I am saying i should paint them red and he says blue. I have good rims so you can see the calipers pretty good. What color do you prefer?

A: You should paint it red its more Original defiantly go with red.....

What colour brake calipers for my white commodore? by theonewiththenicecommodore Q: Im painting my brake calipers next week. I have a white 1995 holden commodore sedan sitting on 5 spoke 18'' chromies. I was opting for the red paint but just wanted to see wat you guys think would look good.

A: Stick with the red - tried and proven on many cars.

Where can I find Matte Black 3 spoke wheels with a red trim? Dam it would look good with cobalt blue calipers! by berriebush Q: If you could help me find 5 spoke same colors it would be nice, has to have a bit of red on it! But I would prefer 3 spoke wheels....

A: Try ebay. you may have to paint them yourself. It's not too hard if you use the right product. Check with your local auto parts store for the paint and any prep materials you'll need.

Are new brakes and painted calipers rice-ish? by Q: I own a 2002 impala ls ( first car ). I already upgraded the brakes on it but the new calipers arent painted would it be rice like if I painted them also what would look better ( impala is silver ) Red or blue calipers

What color should i paint my calipers? by flyin-low-02 Q: i have a dark blue '05 dodge ram hemi 1500. i want to do some custom cosmetic work on it before i drop money in perforamce parts... i want to paint my brake calipers... what color should i paint them? red? dark blue? black? what does everyone think will look better?

A: Some people try to match the color of the car, thats fine but red looks cooler. Its up to you but i say RED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant make up my mind someone pick black 03 10th anniversary cobra or shadow grey 03 cobra with red mods? by Q: by red mods i mean red calipers and red cobra letters and red cobra emblems everyone tell me your opinion

A: A black car is very hard to keep clean and looking good. Every little scratch or defect is going to show up. I would take the gray one, easier maintenance.

I just bought a Brickyard Red 350z and im looking to buy rims soon and paint calipers, HELP PLEASEEEE!!? by D Q: the brickyard red is basically like a purple, maroon, and burgundy. The car is tinted 20% tinted (thought that might help). What color rims would look good on it. Chrome, Black w/ polished lip, gunmetal, or Bronze wheels. and the car is going to be lowered too and im also planning on painting my calipers, should i paint them bronze, red, black or purple. THANKS IN ADVANCED Here are some wheel options. 1) Stern 18x8.5 all around http://forums.evolutionm.net/sale-wh...-rt-615-a.html 2)R1 RACING Drift wheels 20x8.5(front w/ 3in. lip) 20x10(rear w/ 5in. lip) rimshttp://www.wheelsnext.com/wheels-rims/20_inch-r1%20racing-drift-black%20gloss.html 3) 350z anniversary rims 18x8 18x8.5 http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=...0&tx=104&ty=66

A: why would you buy purple anything? black rims would help. leave the calipers alone, you don't want to make your car look too ricy. but if you must, gold calipers don't look bad, like on my 06 sti.

What color should i paint my calipers on a black g37 convertible? by abie d Q: I have a black g37 convertible with silver rims and i want to paint my calipers. I'm leaning towards red because it would probably look the best on black but its so typical. Anyone have any ideas of a color that would look cool and that is original or should i just stick with red??

A: Nobody's wowed by painted brake calipers. If you want to put in the time and effort for your own sake, then paint them. But doing it for the sake of being "cool" or "original".....well that takes more than red brake calipers.

What colors should I paint my brake calipers? by Hawk Q: I have a 2001 YELLOW Mustang. What color would be good to paint the calipers?? I was thinking red but everyone does red. What do you think??

A: Sky Blue Pink

where/how can i find brake calipers for a 300zx that are red and say NISSAN on them? by lambolover8 Q: sry, i meant for pretty much any performance nissan car

A: The best is to find out which calipers fit as an alternative if the 300zx calipers do not have Nissan on them,myself have a Nissan skyline and my calipers although writing is painted white is does have Nissan on the calipers. IE. http://vr2.chri5.co.uk/images/cars/200sx/brakecal1.jpg http://www.rhdjapan.com/images/product/15890/Image/Normal/Image.jpg

I have an '05 Mustang GT, black w/red interior. What color should I paint my brake calipers & how do I do it? by kevinb671 Q: Is there one kit out there that's better than the others? IS there a way of doing it that's less of a pain in the ass; i.e., doesn't require that the car sit on jackstands for a day?

A: red, powdercoat will last about forever. brakes get incredible hot. and most enamel even high heat will not take it.

What color should I paint my black BMW X5's brake calipers? by Q: I have a 2001 black BMW X5. The wheels are simple silver metal. They are not shiny. They aren't really chrome. I was thinking that the calipers would be painted red, but maybe yellow or even black. The brakes themselves are silvery grey.

A: Chevy hugger orange,I'm gonna need a tissue I'm crying over here

Red brake caliper paint against my paint scheme? Good or bad? by Taytay Q: The color of my car is dark blue, and I plan on accenting it with black (rims, lights, tint etc). I was planning on doing blue brake caliper paint, but after seeing it on a car I realized that it doesn't stand out nearly as much as red. Would it be a stupid idea to throw in red brake calipers against my paint scheme or would it be alright?

A: red will look fine against dark blue.

What does it cost to have Brake Calipers Painted Professionally? by PRIB Q: I would like to have my brake calipers painted red on my Acura RSX. (I refuse to do this with a kit on my own.) Can you tell me how much the job for all 4 would cost for a shop to do it? Thanks for your help!

A: Thats too bad that you refuse to do it on your own, because it would cost less than $20. A shop will charge between $60-$90 per hour and will bill you for at least one hour plus the cost of the paint and taxes and so on. So I figure you would be looking at about $80-$100. At least they won't f@$k it up.

would painting the brake calipers of my stock Jeep Wrangler be a good idea? by Q: I have a 2012 jeep wrangler and am thinking of painting the calipers (red) but am not sure if that would be a good idea considering it's a 4x4 and not a sport....any thoughts?

A: if you want the look, go for it. To avoid a chemical fire, use high temp paint. You don't need to spend the extra for caliper paint. Use high temp engine paint, its made with ceramic. Like said, don't paint the rotors, piston or pads. Also, if you use some brake clean and a wire brush to clean them up nice before you paint 'em, the paint will last longer without flaking off.

what color should i paint my brake calipers on my 03 red mitsubishi eclipse? by Q:

A: I would go with Black, if you are going to use your original brake pads. If Red, I would replace the brake pad with "ceramic" pads. That's because the semi metallic put out dust that will cover the wheels and calipers.

Kind of paint to use on alloy wheels and brake calipers? by Q: Hey, I just bought a 93 Nissan 300ZX. I think the car would look better if the wheels were black. And the car is red, so i wanted to paint the brake calipers red. The wheels are the stock alloy wheels, and brake calipers are stock also. I need to know what kind of paint to use for each of these. And I want to be able to do it myself. Thanks a lot.

A: You will need to use a high temp paint on the calipers. The wheels are clearcoated from the factory so they don't oxidize, so you don't need to worry about the paint sticking to the aluminum. You will need to degrease them and scuff them with a red scotch brite pad. Then use a high quality spray paint. A basecoat/clearcoat paint sprayed through a paint gun would be best, but to do it yourself a high quality aerosol paint will work.

what kind of color would look good for brake calipers on a red car? by Tyler Q:

A: white and brake dust that makes them black again.

do you think blue break calipers would look good on a red 95 civic hatch? by Q: i was thinking red also but everyone has it that color and my break drums would probably just stay black.. thanks for reading

A: I own a red 95 Civic EG8 4dr and I have both the calipers and the drums painted blue. In my honest opinion I think that the contrast in colors looks good and since many people don't have them painted that way it would give your car a unique look. I have JDM headlights + side makers and red tow hooks on my car so it has a stock yet sporty JDM look. Hope this helps!

Porsche Cayenne Red Calipers? by Q: I want the calipers red in my car, but I also want the "Porsche" white logo on them(Like the Original color), but is not worth it to buy new($2,400), so can anybody please tell me around how much will cost in a authorized painter the whole 4 calipers, because the color can be close to the original and they can do it with the oven and all professional? THANK YOU! REGARDS ROB

A: A oven doesn't do shit. It's to speed up the curing of the paint. What you are looking at are big reds. they are on the 964 turbo's and 996/7 turbos 928 GT...... FFR Big black are the same as big reds different color. To get them painted is to use aircraft grade paint stripper and high quality paint. Look up brembo painting on google. the subbie guys do it all of the time. DIY around 200$, professional easy to drop a grand. btw when you go to paint supplier look for gaurds red... ;)

2006 Mustang w/ 16" rims lookin for red calipers? by Will Q: 2006 Ford Mustang, V6... 16" OEM rims. I'm in search of Red Brake Calipers for it. I found some but they are all for 17" or larger or 99-04. so if i cant find, we're just gonna have to paint them. But I thought we'd ask on here to see if anyone knows of any red brake calipers for 16's on an 06 mustang.

A: Painting is an option but I would recommend powder coating them. Higher quality color alteration and much more durable.

whats the difference between the red and yellow brake calipers on 2005 subaru wrx in the uk? by ade h Q: i just brought one with red ones on. is there any difference apart from colour to yellow ones? thought only sti had brembos? they are red with subaru on them. i saw yellow ones on the 06-07 2.5 shape wrx. but when i drove that one the brakes diddn't feel as good as the older red ones

A: No they're both Brembo's. Just different in colour

On a Dark Shadow 03 Cobra does all black rims with red calipers with red cobra letters? by Q:

A: Charcoal wheels with silver lip. No red letters please. Red calipers ok.

I want red calipers brakes but how much does it cost? by Velkon Q: Im not a car expert but i went to a place where they are willing to spray brakes red for $226.80 Dollars . The guy told me he needed to buy a kit. By the way i have an 05 mustang & i live in Austin TX. Am I getting a good deal? or does any body know somewhere else that would do it for cheaper?

A: They sell kits at autozone, murrays,napa, mejier, etc that are made to paint brake calipers and you can get red,yellow,black,blue and i think thats it and its enough to do all 4 and its only $20 or so.

I own a 2003 red accord coupe. I am looking to paint the calipers. Should I go with red or yellow? by tyler h Q: I have the calipers painted red right now, but I was thinking of mixing it up and going with a yellow. Just wanted to get some opinions... Thanks!

A: you should paint it the way you want. ps nobodies going to look at your brakes buddy boy. its a honda, lots of better cars out there.

Should I paint my calipers Red or White on my White Dodge Charger? by Q: I still haven't decided if I should paint my calipers, Red or White on my White Dodge Charger. What do you guys think?

A: Red. Due to the brake dust that will build up on them, it's going to make your white calipers look dirty. I would go with Red.

How to restore the color of fading red Brembo Calipers? by Q: Is there a way to restore the color of the red Brembo calipers that appear pink after a while? I have an evo that has faded calipers and it looks terrible.

A: you can repaint them easily by buying caliper paint from dupli-color.

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