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Ray lewis

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Samantha_Haas RT @TorreySmithWR: Ray Lewis speeches>>>> he has you so hype you could run through a brick wall and come out ok

Candiceqkd Ray Lewis Autographed Wilson Replica Football - Baltimore Ravens - Autographed Footballs: Super Bowl 35 MVP and ... http://t.co/7qM6HXrk

AlliMcKeeFit RT @JordanCrespi @AlliMcKeeFit Going to be an intense game. I'm going with Ray Lewis and the Ravens!

schislertheman RT @TorreySmithWR: Ray Lewis speeches>>>> he has you so hype you could run through a brick wall and come out ok

LISASISSORHANDS @DJRizNyc my boys need to beat these Pigeons tonight....damn ray lewis & them! Lol. Have a safe flight;) #GoSTEELERS

iClownAllDay I've been played so much I should have a matching salary like Ray Lewis

andymilner Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Ray Charles, BB King http://t.co/Yxf2Fhnx via @youtube Sooo many musical greats on this....

OutTheFire_13 Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, or @RayRice27 jersey for the game? #decisions

claydillonstp Headed to the burgh to scream obscenities at josh. I mean ray lewis

BristleKRS What a surprise to see #UEL deeply mired in the Ray Lewis conflict of interests/incompetence mentoring scheme farrago: http://t.co/iIARrr80

YsanneBueno Dear God, I Pray that U Bless my Pittsburgh @Steelers Today! PLEASE DO NOT let the B'More Ravens Ray Lewis Murder Them Today! #NFL #FOOTBALL

JPMarkle31337 Hines Ward gets ejected in the third quarter for a cheap shot. Ray Lewis just laughs at him. #InsomniaPredictions

DGyoungcapo wen MYDAD ray lewis comes out tonite im tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekn twitter lmfao!!!!

jimmyorr21 RT @TorreySmithWR: Ray Lewis speeches>>>> he has you so hype you could run through a brick wall and come out ok

Ten31Scorpio RT @TorreySmithWR: Ray Lewis speeches>>>> he has you so hype you could run through a brick wall and come out ok< I can believe that :) lol


Is there anyone the Ravens can look at within the next 2 years that is worthy of raplacing Ray Lewis? by Q: They have to start finding his replacement now whether it''s from college, freeagency of somewhere else. Give me some names for them to go after that could make us Ravens fans feel like we don't need Ray Lewis anymore. Enlighten my mind College football fans.. Give me someone that is at least close to him. Maybe like a Patrick Willis

A: They can get Rolando McClain from Alabama.

Ray Lewis may receive offer from the Dallas Cowboys? by Bourne4good Q: Dallas Cowboys are looking to offer Ray Lewis big bucks to play for them next year, as Ray's contract ends and will soon become a free agent. Ray Lewis in the Lone Star State? Good/Bad for Dallas? Good/Bad for Baltimore?

A: Jerry Jones has a long history of signing great guys just when they have used up all the gas in the tank. That said, I do not believe that is the case Ray Lew. On the other hand, he was very vocal about his contempt for the 3-4 when the Ravens ran it for a couple years. So, because of this I do not believe he would go to the Cowboys.

Now that the Birdies are out of the playoffs, how will Terrell Suggs and Ray Lewis blame the refs? by mikey Q: The Baltimore Birdies' most famous murderer (Lewis) and little linebacker (Suggs) often like to whine about preferential treatment by the officiating crew to certain teams. For example: Terrell Thuggs wouldn't shut his mouth this week about Tom Brady. Ray Lewis likes to wine about the refs, too. So how will Shruggs and Murderin' Ray blame the refs this time for this epic playoff collapse?

A: Ray Lewis will kill them all. Terrell Suggs will talk about how they won, and the refs suck. Then he will bash Ben Roethlisberger and Tom brady saying that if he played them he would own em. Such idiots

Is Ed Reed the best safety and Ray Lewis the best Linebacker in the NFL? by Heat Fan Q: Reed has five pro bowl invites in only 7 seasons and holds NFL record for longest interception return. He is also the first person in NFL history to return an interception, punt, blocked punt, and fumble for a touchdown. also set the NFL mark for most interception return yardage. Ray Lewis can be argued as best linebacker from 1998-2004 era and was part of baltimore ravens defensive that set record for fewest points scored.

A: Ed Reed is the best.Some of the plays he makes are ridiculous. Ray Lewis is not nearly the player he used to be but is still a leader in the locker room.

Who would win in a fight to the death, Ray lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, or a chimpanzee? by Chris Q: No weapons involved, I'm talking about one on one fight between the two to the death. I say ray lewis hands down would kill a chimpanzee.

A: Dude! I have heard this kind of arguement before,... and I think its ridiculous to think a chimpanzee could beat a BIG, STRONG, physically fit, fully grown man!!! Chimpanzee's great jaw strength, and have VERY great arm strength, from supporting thier body weight from hanging, and swinging from tree branches all day, but that's it!!! Chimps are low to the ground, they have short little legs, they have SLOW ground mobility, AND,.. They have no idea how to fight!!! They just grab at whatever they can and tear at it, and try to bite when they can. In addition, they also may try pull the taller human down to their level, to srcatch and bite us. That is all they can do! However, THAT paired with a chimps raw untamed SAVAGENESS,... IS MORE than enough to mame and disfigure women, especially physically weak middle aged women. Like,... the famous case from 2009. But,... Imagine how much worse it would have been had it been a crazy big strong man,... Like Brock Lesnar trying to kill the women,... they would have been beaten to death in seconds!!! Ray lewis would kill a chimp!!! You tell me,... WTF would a chimp do when Ray Lewis punt kicks the chimps short statured head like a foot ball??? Again and again and again!!! When the chimp hits the floor WTF is he going to do when Ray kicks and stomps on the Chimp while he's on the floor??? WTF will it do when Ray punches the chimp in its face!!! The Chimp will F'ing die!!! That's what!!! Ray lewis may walk away with some scratches, and mild lasereations,...but the chimp will be utterly DEAD!!! The same is true for just about ANY strong, fit, adult MALE, over 200 pounds, with ANY fight in him!

Is Ed Reed the best safety and Ray Lewis the best linebacker that ever played in NFL? by Heat Fan Q: Ed Reed made 5 pro bowl appearances already. Has season record for most interception yards. Record for blocked punts returned for touchdowns. He is also the first person in NFL history to return an interception, punt, blocked punt, and fumble for a touchdown Has highest and second highest interception return for touchdown Ray Lewis Ray Lewis had most impact of any linebackers and any defensive player from 1998-2004. Was only second linebacker to win Superbowl MVP.

A: Ed Reed: i dont kno about him being the greatest ever in his position. he's definitely in the top five, maybe top three, but not the best. However, in my opinion, he does have the best ability to make a play after he gets the ball in his hands. Ray lewis: Based on his playing, probably not. However, Ray Lewis' greatness expands beyond the field, as he is one of the best leaders in the NFL. During his prime, he played like one of the best, but his spiritual support and leadership raises him higher, so yes he may be the greatest ever to play the game.

where can i find a ray lewis mens black jersey? by Brady S Q: i can not find the mens replica black alternate ray lewis jersey. they have other peoples black jersey but not his and they have two of his just not the black one. where can i fiind one i've already tried nfls online shop.

A: go to http://www.brandshops88.com they have some really nice NFL Jearsey which offer very good price and low price.

What was better Ray Lewis fake crying before the game or him and his whole team really crying after the game? by Nick P Q: I honestly think Ray Lewis should be an actor after football or a preacher.

A: Being from the Baltimore area, I can tell you that Ray wasn't "fake crying". This man has truly changed his life and does so much for his community. Despite how he acts on the field, he is a kind and compassionate person off of it. Last week on the Baltimore news, Ray would barely talk to the media; but when he did, he said Sean was like his brother and the two were very close. On his weekly radio show he also spoke about his relationship with Sean. I don't think that anyone would need to fake cry if they lost a close friend. But I think you're right about the preacher part. He has spoken at several churches and Christian events, including Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, and he does an excellent job. He has turned his life around and is an inspiration to anyone who knows him. http://raylewis.fsmgsports.com/_foundation/_pdf/channel_magazine_issue3_web.pdf

ray lewis!!? by cristina Q: why does everyone bash ray lewis so much. i love him and he is cutee. every one still associates him with murdering someone. that was like 10+ years ago. hopefully someone can answer my question.

A: My favorite linebacker of all time BIG FAN RIGHT HERE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ray Lewis??? by johnp5255 Q: Ray lewis stated in an interview recently that he was in the best shape of his life. Now i am a huge fan of Ray i think that this will be his seventh or so year of saying he was in the best shape of his life. What i want to know is when you think people in NFL are in the best shape of their life?

A: They are usually in the best shape of their career during a contract year. Strange how a majority of players play beyond their capabilities when they will test the market at the end of the season. But yea, i feel players usually are in their best shape during the last year of their contract.

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