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davidguti79 ¿Qué fue de RAMBUS? Otrora competidores del sistema SDRAM, ahora se dedican a los litigios: http://t.co/m84kiUbe

aaljuffali RT @JonErlichman: U think you're having a bad day? Shares held by co-founders of #Rambus (Farmwald & Horowitz) have lost $34M in value today $RMBS

technologynew Rambus loses key patent case: Rambus's days as a patent troll appear to be numbered after it lost an important $... http://t.co/UGYPEL5t

mrmsrinivas Rambus loses key patent case - Shares plummet and troll turned to stone | TechEye: http://t.co/KuVxcEZx

YoniGenerations RT @JonErlichman: U think you're having a bad day? Shares held by co-founders of #Rambus (Farmwald & Horowitz) have lost $34M in value today $RMBS

Dirkatxpsforum Rambus verliert Milliardenklage gegen Micron und Hynix http://t.co/pY0JjyVE via @ComputerBase

weeworldalerts Rambus thrust rocks tech bonds during close: By Rex Crum, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) — A late thrus... http://t.co/341iRnWE

Nautilus99 Rambus、HynixおよびMicronに対するメモリー関連訴訟で敗訴 - ニュース:ITpro http://t.co/W17Xpjpt

SRG222 RT @ixbtcom: Компания Rambus за один день потеряла 1,2 млрд. долларов http://t.co/wYekX4E8

ITProPortal Jury Decides Against Rambus in Antitrust Lawsuit http://t.co/Vj349xIQ

DickPassarelli Rambus Inc. Non Normal Trade in last session - NASDAQ:RMBS ...: Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) witnessed volume of 17... http://t.co/b2rUSDon

ARWardMadrid Jury delivers antitrust blow to Rambus - http://t.co/YtD5JyZ1 - Technology http://t.co/WH8WLUVz

PriCapLLC Rambus Inc. Non Normal Trade in last session - NASDAQ:RMBS http://t.co/lj4N3bHy

alcor71 RT @ForbesTech: Rambus Loses Antitrust Case Vs. Micron, Hynix; No Damages http://t.co/PP4pgxDi

alcor71 RT @ForbesTech: Rambus Loses Antitrust Case Vs. Micron, Hynix; No Damages http://t.co/ltGK7nOh


what is the latest in memory cards, how can I replace my rambus cards? by liberals sequestered from truth Q:

A: There are so many choices for computer memory (better known as ram); check out this site to look at some possibilities: http://www.newegg.com/Store/Category.aspx?Category=17&name=Memory Also before you start buying more ram for your computer, figure out which one your computer needs. Read the instruction manuals that came with the computer, or go online and find the info you need based on the computer. In order to replace it read this: http://www.ehow.com/how_4897319_replace-desktop-sdram-memory.html Hope this helps, if it doesn't just email me. Btw, nice username.

technical question, Can you use one rambus memory card? by liberals sequestered from truth Q: Or do you need to install additional memory or install continuity everybody knows when someone is selling something

A: Rambus is old tech. not generally available, you may find it made by Samsung but I don't know were...Try Yahoo shopping...as I remember it it was 184 pin DIMM, .. before "dual channel" came in so you can use single sticks.

What is the new generation of RIMM(rambus in line memory module)? by smileyface Q:

A: I thought that went out a long time ago! apparently after a quick Google, apparently (RAMBUS) is one of the world's premier technology licensing companies, is trying to promote is new ranges of high speed memory (FFS it's about time they sorted a standard type out) we just got used good old DDR3 for crying out loud.

Where can i purchase affordable Rambus ram for my Dell Dimension 8200? by ServiceVille.Com Q: seems really expensive anywhere I look.

A: Link 3 and 4 are less expensive than link 1 and 2 http://www.cheapestrdram.com/advanced_search_result.php?search_in_description=1&sort=3a&keywords=dell+dimension+8200&x=14&y=8 http://www.memorysuppliers.com/memoryfinder.html?systemid=3343&name=Dell+Dimension+8200+2.0G http://shop.vendio.com/ChoiceDeals02/item/782748838/?s=1215699272 http://www.memorystock.com/memory/DellDimension8200400MHzFSB.html Good Luck!

If I have rambus ram can I use a different kind of ram 4 my computer? by the ghost Q:

A: rambus uses rambus channel instead of fsb. so you can not get any other ram, and for that matter the ddr ram gives 2 bits in a clock and rambus gives 4 bits per clock, so why you want another type of ram, you have the beter one, though expensive.

Can RDRAM (Rambus) be used in a conventional motherboard? by Chaosman Q: I have 4 sticks of 128mb Rambus that I'd like to put into a modern motherboard (less than 5 years old). Before I do, however, I'd like to know if it will be compatible. Have motherboard manufacturers discontinued support for Rambus modules? Thanks for the quick answers guys.

A: None of the current motherboards use RDRAM. Intel phased out their RDRAM motherboard offerings a long time ago. The last RDRAM motherboard Intel offered were for Socket-478 Pentium-4's (D850 chipset).

Can RDRAM ram chips be used in place of RAMBUS? by allen s Q: I have an older motherboard, and it uses RAMBUS ram chips. I was told by some that I could use RDRAM with it, and some say that I must use the older RAMBUS chips. RAMBUS chips are hard to find and expensive when I do. Can anyone say with certainty whether RDRAM can in fact be used inplace of RAMBUS?

A: RDRAM is the hardware, RAMBUS is simply the name of the company that "invented" the specs (depending on who you believe in the lawsuits). When talking about the hardware though, RDRAM and RAMBUS are the same thing.

My current system has Rambus type of memory what other memory type can it be replaced with? by sffsss11 Q: I would like to upgrade from 512Mb to 1Gb. I currently have 2 512 PC800 sticks or RDRAM.

A: Some motherboards let you replace RD with SD but to make sure check the motherboard maker website. If you replace it though you are going to lose the benefits of rambus.

What do you think of RAMBUS (RMBS) losing lawsuit to Micron? by global imrc Q: Today their stock plunged 60% from around $18 to $4 at the lowest and closed at $7.19. In August the stock was at around $10 and until earlier today the stock was at $18 so it kept rising the last few months but their fundamentals weren't good. Do you think Rambus will drop tomorrow or do you think it'll retain at least some of its losses and possibly go above $10 tomorrow. What do you think?

Can I replace RAMBUS memory with another type? by Cal E Q: This is for hardware geeks: My 8-year-old Dell has 256MB total RAMBUS memory in 4 184-pin RIMMs. I'd like to add memory to keep it running (as a backup) but RAMBUS modules are rare, expensive, and appear to be all second-hand. Can I install any other type of memory in these slots? If so, please be very specific so I'll know what to search for. Thanks!

A: You can install other brands yes, but not other types of RAM: It doesn't matter what brand it is, as long as its the same type of ram that your motherboard uses. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=184-pin+RIMM&oe=utf-8&cid=11199781918047889873#ps-sellers Its still a bit pricy but thats becaus RIMMs are pretty expensive. But at the rate of price for that, youd be better off to buy a new computer. RIMMs are totally outdated and you cant put much more ram than you already have in it :\ Hope this helps! -Garrett

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