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Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid's 10 best knocks
By Kanika Sikka Growing along with the cricketing greats like Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid has emerged as 'The Wall' of Indian cricket. With his consistency and classy approach to the game, Dravid's place in history has been sealed ...

Rahul Dravid: A sober man who loves wild life
BANGALORE: March 9, 2012: From being someone who enjoyed the great outdoors for leisure to becoming a staunch advocate for wildlife conservation, Rahul Dravid's astute approach is not limited to just his batting. Described by his\friends - who also ...

Rahul Dravid -- All figured out
With 13288 runs from 164 Tests, he is the second highest run-getter in Test cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is ahead of him with 15470 runs in 188 matches. In one-day internationals, he has aggregated 10889 runs from 344 games. He is one of the 10 players in ...

Rahul Dravid: 6 facts about The Wall
Rahul Dravid has been prolific with his bat on the field and his humility and charm off it. Over the span of his cricketing career, he has won over most who have seen, heard or met him. Most, because opposition bowlers may not have recovered yet from ...

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Sanjiv_Sanj RT @cricketicc: Rahul Dravid announces his retirement from international cricket #cricket

YahooCricket Rahul Dravid retires from International and domestic first class cricket

BBCMukeshS Rahul Dravid announces retirement from International and First Class cricket. More pressure on Tendulkar!

Depli RT @cricketicc: Rahul Dravid announces his retirement from international cricket #cricket

shika_mohan Rahul Dravid's press conference will be live on #timesnow, for people abroad catch it on http://t.co/Of86TdXF

HuzeifaGanijee RT @cricketicc: Rahul Dravid announces his retirement from international cricket #cricket

nijoshi RT @Ae_Kaun: From 1999 to 2004, Rahul Dravid batted 120 consecutive innings without a duck in ODIs - a record in ODIs.

NotThatMP @gabbarsingh Rahul Dravid though should be content being the only cricketer who's name appears in our National Anthem! #cricket

SportalIndia Rahul Dravid says its time to move one. Will not play domestic first class cricket as well #thewall

akashapprox cannot imagine an INDIAN TEST CRICKET TEAM out their on the field without RAHUL DRAVID,none can fill his shoes..

htTweets Rahul Dravid announces retirement from domestic and international first class cricket #RahulDravid #ht

1playmaker RT @cricketicc: Rahul Dravid announces his retirement from international cricket #cricket

csu_livescores Rahul Dravid announced retirement from international cricket :'(

SakshamAg RT @cricketicc: Rahul Dravid announces his retirement from international cricket #cricket

adityapoddar Thx for ur gr8 contribution to cricket... Rahul Dravid. The #Wall ;)


From which web site I can watch address of rahul dravid and ohter batsman? by Anoop Agrwal Q:

A: No body would land their e-mail addresses in an open forum. If you want write to any player you can go to the BCCI web site and post a message. Trying to find that is a seriously tiring business. I'm not too sure whether BCCI have a web site at all.

Where to buy Rahul Dravid poster? by Sush Q: I live in Brampton Canada and i am searching for a Rahul Dravid poster, does anyone know where i can buy one.

A: Look For Web If You Found It Then Get Print Of The Poster Best Way......... All the Best

Is it right to send Rahul Dravid in opening in next march ? by Kirit Q:

A: would be madness...

Do you know Rahul dravid and Aamir khan? by Sportsboy Akash Q: Just answer in yes or no and if you tell yes then you should also mention who they are. I want to know how many of you know them i.e. i want to know how famous they are.

A: amir khan is a bollywood actor a director and producer wheres as rahul dravid is a current indian cricket team player go check on wikipedia

Should another young player be given a chance in place of Rahul Dravid in the Current IPL series? by satish Q:

A: Dravid may not have the best strike rate but he is not the reason RCB are losing (atleast he is not the only reason). If some one has to be dropped it should be Jaffer. He hasn't even played in ODIs. Switching from Tests to T20 mode is difficult.

rahul dravid was the 3rd indian batsmena to score over 10000 runs in test cricket true or false? by sridevi Q:

A: 100% true after sachin & sunny

where can i get Rahul Dravid bowling video? by Q: if you know please give me the link. thanks.

A: I would suggest that you search in YouTube.

Has Rahul Dravid finally become a good captain? by hardrockdesi4lyfe Q: I believe he's improved a lot since gaining the post. He's shown that in the previous 2 series against Sri Lanka and West Indies.

A: there have been visible signs of improvement in dravid's captaincy. experience is a very crucial factor and dravid's experience has helped him evolve as a good captain.however this doesn't imply that he is a best captain we have ever had. there is still room for improvement and the indian team will be in a position to reap the benefits of his captaincy only when he is given a long run as a captain.

is tis good to take rahul dravid out of eleven in indian cricket squad? by smartg Q:

A: No

What are your Greatest memories related to Rahul Dravid? by Kane Q:

A: His match-winning partnership with VVS Laxman in the Kolkata test match, in which he scored 180 runs. His two 300+ Partnerships (one with Sachin Tendulkar and other with Sourav Ganguly) in ODIs. His Double Century (247 runs )at Adelaide His 270 at Rawalpindi And his 95 on test debut at Lord's

Is rahul dravid's wife expecting a second baby? by Lavanyaa M Q: This is something i got from Vijay Mallya's interview. Anybody from bangalore, please give more info about this.

A: Dravid also xpecting the same...;)

who will be selected as successor to rahul dravid? by slevin Q: for both test and odi team and why?

A: dhoni

Rahul Dravid has resigned as the captain of 'Team India'. What are your thoughts on that? by The Great Montitude Q: Is it a right decision or a wrong decision? I think that he was good enough to lead Indian team for the next 1 year atleast. I know he is not a great captain but still i think among the seniors of our team he is the best person to lead the team. i don't think that Yuvraj & Dhoni are ready to lead the team. They need some time. Rahul is a very uncontroversial kind of a guy. He is simple & with no big 'EGO' like Ganguly. He is a permanent member of the team. He is respected by everyone. So i think this decision has come at a very wrong time. Indian team is still recovering from the poor show at WC. They need a captain like Rahul. Not many people realize that Rahul is doing a job under a lot of pressure. I have given the first four answerer a thumbs up for giving good & +ve answers. Re:Piyaa - Ma'm in India & Pakistan , captaincy is not as easy as in Australia, South Africa & England. In these two countries captain is always under the hammer & is blaimed for every mistake. The guy who's the captain in India & Pakistan takes a lot of pressure off the other members of the side. Many people don't realize this. Rahul is very under-rated when it comes to captaincy. This is the same captain which led India to a 6-1 win over Sri Lanka. This is the same captain which led India to a 4-1 win over Pakistan. He is the first captain to win a series in West Indies in i think 31 years or more. First captain to win a test match in South Africa. I AM NOT AT ALL TRYING TO SAY THAT HE IS A GREAT CAPTAIN. But he's a decent captain. He has his own style. He is aggressive in his decisions sometimes, may be not in the body language. Ganguly is for sure better than Rahul as a captain. Re : mm - Again good to see you man. Agree with you. Rahul has done a lot for our national team. He is very under rated. He is such a nice person. Cheers

A: I fully agree with you that under the present circumstances, Rahul Dravid is the best person to lead Indian team. Though there have been lot of criticism about his captaioncy, he should have ignored them and continued as captain some more time and should have resigned atleast after the series against Australia and Pakistan.

why is rahul dravid retired hurt in the 4th test match against australia? by Q: what happened to him?

A: He got hit on the finger by a Lee delivery I think. (That's what they say)

Is it true that Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly are not going to participate in the 2008 Champions Trophy? by Ha! Q:

A: Yes it is true. Dravid and Ganguly both failed to find favour for the 50-over format,so younger players instead have been named into the squad. 30 Member Squad Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, Rohit Sharma, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan Singh, Robin Uthappa, Suresh Raina, Piyush Chawla, RP Singh, Irfan Pathan, Ishant Sharma, Praveen Kumar, Manpreet Singh Gony, Pragyan Ojha, Parthiv Patel, Dinesh Karthik, S Badrinath, Mohammad Kaif, Manoj Tiwary, Abhishek Nayar, Pankaj Singh, Murali Kartik, Virat Kohli, Ravindra Jadeja, Ajinkya Rahane, Yusuf Pathan, S Sreesanth -whoo

Rahul Dravid rises in ICC Player Rankings for Test Batsmen. Will he continue to fire in the ODI series as well? by Run Silent Run Deep Q: He is currently the No. 10th batsmen. No. 10th batsman.

A: He deserves it, He was head and shoulders above any of his team mates. Three centuries in a side that got flogged 4-0. He alone can hold his head up amongst the batsmen.

Is Rahul Dravid the richest cricketer in IPL? by Scott Q: Because he is an icon player, that means he earns 15% more money than the highest paid cricketer in his team, which is KP, who is worth 1.55 million dollars. So Dravid should have a price tag of about 1.8 million dollars. Am i Right

A: Yes.... Few days back I saw in a news .... they said.... RAHUL DRAVID is the richest player in IPL with a price tag of about $1.8 million Check this link http://www.wellpitched.com/2009/02/rahul-dravid-highest-paid-ipl-cricketer.html

What's stopping Rahul Dravid from being included in the 'elite' group of batsmen? by Nineteen Q: ie the group which consists of Tendulkar, Ponting and Lara.

A: I can think of two reasons 1) The lack of agression in his batting Such a sweet timer of the ball, those delicate flick of the wrists to the leg side, those elegant cover drives against the turn of an off spinner. But we hardly get to see any towering sixes or unorthodox shotmaking which the supposed "elite" frequently do. It makes Dravid a synonym for "boring batting". The batting prowess of dravid is of a different nature, but fans dont idolise batsmen who play more defensive shots than attacking. 2) The Media The Indian media has gone gaga over the Little Master ever since his debut at 16. they dont bother about the rest of the team. anil kumble is the most successful indian bowler, even he didnt get as much publicity as sachin. he certainly deserved his fair share of coverage, as does rahul dravid. most of the publicity they used to get was negative, when they werent in form. the media is very influential in determining the popularity and aura surrounding a player. fans wont regard him as a true great unless the media first portray him that way.

how do i know every thing about my favorite cricketar rahul dravid?? by sofiyan Q: i got a interveiw tommarow.because of i hadnt have any favorite star i dnt know any thing about any star.so i want to know few things about rahul dravid.

A: Please check the following links for complete details about Rahul Dravid: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rahul_Dravid http://members.tripod.com/~VineetV/HOMEPAGE.HTM

Is it true Rahul Dravid is sponsored by clothing company "The Gap"? by Uncle Rico Q: My friend says he will change his nickname from "The Wall" to "The Gap" because he gets bowled every time these days. Could it be truth? Cunning plan Dontcha know?

A: He is like the Berlin Wall these days. Crumbling ruins.

Virender Sehwag: a key batsman for India or Rahul Dravid/WasimJaffer ready to bat VS Aussie bowlers? by Furioso Lion88 Q: Virender Sehwag shall replace Dravid for the 3/4 Test match at Perth, Australia 2008 right. After all, he will be the key Indian batsman VS Aussie bowlers. Hm. Tika. No, not Yuvi, it cant be. O, well.

A: Ya well u also know he's the key there and he'll definately replace Yuvi cuz he failed in the practice game too.....And wat a knock it was frm Viru......I think so Jaffer and Viru will open with Dravid going back to Three and Yuvi out.... Go Viru....

Why the heck has RAHUL DRAVID come in at 6th position? by Jhonny Q: He has come into bat against KKR at number 6, behind the likes of pandey, kohli, morgan, kallis and even goswami. He was easily bangalores best best batsmen in both IPL 2008 and IPL 2009. So what is the reason for him batting so low down, under so much pressure. at 46-4.

A: He is old player. Wyh you sai tihs? Wyh you bee racist? We (Indai) bribe umpires too loose. Tehn atfer macth Indai and ipl palyer bee gay wiht ech oter. I spaek truth. I haev honor. I smrat man. . You scaer of truth. You nott haev honor. . You gay racist moraly corupt Indai skum. I destory you. I *** yuor moter..

How many balls will Rahul dravid face when he get his 54th half century? by NALAKA Faiяly100% Q: wont it be a interesting to ,wait & see in raucous crowd..at the end of the day? will it be 170 or 190.. deliveries? now its 53 balls for his 11 runs..? How would it be useful to india's progress..as you see..?

A: wake me up when he gets it , or i should say if he gets it

How many non Indian fans here like Rahul Dravid? by Indian Pride Q: Please give me your nationalities, so that I can measure is popularity.... Sorry, I meant 'his' popularity, I type too fast....

A: I like Rahul Dravid. I'm English.

Why was rahul dravid dropped from ODI? by pinstorm p Q: In my view, dravid is one of the best performers. He should be given more chance.

A: ya,when losers like ganguly and sehwag are given endless no. of chances,a world class player like Dravid should definitely be given one more chance at least.....

i say Rahul Dravid is better than Sachin in crucial time ?What is your opinion? by Temporary Q: Don't compare with latest report.... from their stating of career..... Sachin also like sunil gavaskar who play for his own record not for the country!!! rahul is always best!

A: it is truth that sachin is playing best cricket of his life,but rahul is also the wall.we shud dont compare these two.these two are & will remain best crickieters in history of world cricket. rahul shud also be included in 2011 WC to make strong indian batting further strong.

How many young cricketers from India and overseas emulate the test legend - 'Rahul Dravid'? by Indian Pride Q: Please tell me in detail....

A: Personally I have always felt that had Dravid played in any other era without Sachin he would have had so much more recognition than he has. He is one of very few proper Test batsmen still out there, and any country that has a youth policy that encourages kids to study Dravids technique will have a bright future in the full length game.

what your views on rahul dravid batting order? by michael Q: is rahul dravid really deserve to be in team?

A: according to me he should bat at number 3 as he has played at dat spot for most part of his career....n no 3 is da spot where we should have da best batsmen of da team playin...n as v c both tendulkar n ganguly r capable openers so it is rahul or yuvi hu shuld bat at no 3 but yuvraj likes no 5 more.

Rahul dravid should play more or he should take retirement ? by anuj yadav Q: He should take retirement early because his performance is going down and he is the wall of india but now cracks are coming in the wall before selection committee kick him out he should take retirement,i agree dravid is great player but he is now old now and not playing good..

A: He should retire People will hold on to hope that he can relive the glory days, but the fact is that he is an aged star who is winding down. It's best he retires now, than going through another failed series.

Will Sourav Ganguly and Rahul Dravid come back to our Indian team? by ADARSH ? Q: I thought that if India perform so BADLY in this series,then they would recall these 2 cricketers.But India even won the series,Now,BCCI may say that our team is performing so well without them and we don't need them.That means the end of our 2 legends.They make take them to the test series.What about ODIs?

A: In ODI series We should rotate 3 players Sachin,Rahul Dravid, Sourav Ganguly.Means in one series sachin should play, Next series Rahul Dravid should play & in Next series Sourav Ganguly should play. If They understand themself it is best policy.We need both seniors & young players.

Do you think that the presence of Rahul Dravid made the Indian top order less aggressive against the Kiwis? by Pessimist Q: India won the match,alright.But ideally,chasing 156 in an ODI shoudn't take more than 30 overs. What do you think about it?

A: It was a difficult pitch. India was without the best they usually have. Do not underestimate NZ bowlers and batsmen. They are good. As for Rahul. That was his role. The Wall was needed to keep holding and supporting Sachin to score. He did well. He had pressure on him as Kartik's wicket was lost early. Do not forget, last trip of Rahul's to SL was quite a disaster, if memory serves me.

any idea if Rahul Dravid has got back to SA and will play for RCB in today's match? by Q: I just heard in the last match of RCB that he might come back... Please give correct answers if you really know. Thank you.

A: yes he will play

Isn´t Rahul Dravid the most boring batsman in the history of int´l cricket? by Philip Q: Does he know how to play cricket? If I was a selector, I would fire him immediately & never put him back in the team. And in the 2nd innings which India would have to play against AUS probably on Day 4 or so, I would make him bat at no.11, b´coz he is seriously the 11th best batsmen in the current line-up. Am I not right?

A: Rahul dravid was a very good indian player currently now he is not in form so he should,nt play this test series aganist australia

Should Rahul Dravid and Amit Mishra play for India in the ICC Champions trophy? by Q: How about giving upcoming talent like Manish Pandey a chance? Aamir, your comments really show what kind of upbringing your Parents have given you, shows your character and your Porki Pak blood.

A: Rahul Dravid and Manish Pandey should play. i was expecting manish pandey in the Westindies tour coz he times the ball perfectly.

How many times was Rahul Dravid bowled out in this series? by Q: I don't want any guess work. Anybody knows the exact figure, answer.. 5 rating and best answer. :)

A: 7 times but once called no ball. So, 6 times by rules.

Should Rahul Dravid have declined selection to the ODI squad for the 2011 England series? by Q: The Wall suggested that he will retire from ODIs after being a surprise selection. Should he have allowed an Indian youngster the chance to rear ducks in England?

A: Yes.Rahul Dravid should have declined selection to the ODI squad.Well i am a great fan of Dravid & wanted to see him in ODIs.So my heart says he should not have declined his selection for ODIs, but my brain says that he did the right thing by announcing his retirement. The Indian selectors are selfish.They didnt select him over 2 yrs and in the world cup 2011.But now they need Dravid because they know in England only Dravid can make them win, So they selected him.If this match would be in India,they would not have selected him.And after this series there is no guarantee that they would select him. Selectors think that Dravid was begging to them for his selection. So I think he did the right thing as he slapped the selfish selectors by his retirement.And he will be a having a respected farewell as well unlike Ganguly.He will remain the Great Wall of India forever.

Should Rahul Dravid come in the one dayers back for india? by ahmed s Q: He is already in the 30 probables for the Champions Trophy.

A: I agree with #1, about Rahul Dravid and ODI . But just now India needs some steady senior and there is no one else. He is only one not retired.

Rahul Dravid was called out by another unexcused umpire decision mistake? by Rajiv Kumar Q: Why can't that stpd umpire take his sun glasses off & make right calls next time?

A: i agreee!! LOL they think they see everything!! bloddy hell sangakkara yesterday today dravid!! fkn hell!!

Can Rahul Dravid back in the form and got the place in One Day Cricket ? by Saminathan C Q: He has to prove himself again and he should keep the place in indian team. What do you think friends?

A: to prove himself he needs to get a chance......But what dhoni wants he gets, and hence, its highly unlikely that he will be given a chance..... But If he does get a chance, mate, I have no doubt abt the fact that he will be back with a Bang! . I will never rule that possibilty out...afterall, what are fans for???He definitely deserves a place in the ODI's no doubt....he is a maestro, and artist , he deserves his place.....He is not in the team coz of dirty politics and nothing else..... he is awesome, he deserves the place and once, dhoni or Vengsarkar steps down, I bet that he will definitely make it to the team..

How many years ago did Rahul Dravid start playing international cricket? by Ḳạḳạṛịḳị Q:

A: he's been playing since march 96 so about 14 years

Is it perform or perish time for Rahul Dravid? by cricket fan Q: The sword is now hanging over Dravid's head. He hasn't done well for India for 2 years now and this quite a long period. There are talented batsmen out there who are knocking at the door. For how long will they keep giving Dravid chances?

A: Well, this is really a matter of personal opinion. But I believe it is time for him to perish or perform, just like any other player in the team. He has had his time, if he cannot maintain a good record now and score runs for the team, there are many other players who are playing extremely well and deserve the place, just because he is experiencied he shouldn't stay. I think now the selectors are also starting to lose patience with Dravid, maybe in a few series he will be out of the team unless he performs, maybe he himself will call it quits. But who knows what could happen? Hope this helps :-)

How interesting will it be to see Rahul Dravid play in IPL? by Ravïsher Q: Dravid is such a low strike rate...I wonder if he will smack sixes in the tournament. What do you think? It been a while since I've seen him score fast.

A: It would be very very interesting...... He is entering into a new phase of Cricket.... Most of us think that he is not fit of IPL that is he cannot cope up with T-20 matches.... But it is not the fact. Dravid is a technical batsman and thus he would be able to get 4s and 6s in the matches while executing his shots. Thus it would be a great fun to see him playing in IPL.

What is Rahul Dravid's purpose in the team? by Q: What is Rahul Dravid meant to do in the team, and what purpose does it serve? Some people say an 'anchor' but what does that mean.

A: Even yesterday it's his calming effect that helped India win the match so convincingly. He made only 14 but helped Sachin to take care of the run rate. Rahul is the ideal foil for someone like Sachin or Yuvi.

Who is a better player - Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar? by AAL IZZ WELL. Q: My friend says it is Rahul Dravid and says that Sachin is not a good player at all.

A: Both have contributed a lot to indian cricket. Sachin and Dravid had won us countless number of matches. We cant compare both players as they have different style,play at different positions and have different roles in team.

rahul dravid? by Ram_bharadwaj Q:


Is Rahul Dravid one of the best captains and batsmen in the world? by Askar Q: Rahul Dravid has won India many matches for India both as a captain and batsmen. But still do you think he sometimes struggle by wasting too many balls.

A: yeah he is one of the greatest ever to play

who is the best in test cricket among sachin and rahul dravid? by vardhan Q: who is the best in test cricket among sachin and rahul dravid? please give answer with appropriate reasons.

A: I think 'Mr. Dependable' Rahul Dravid 'The Wall'.Check these points: 1. If you want to check records then in terms of runs Dravid is just 2000 runs behind the top scorer (Sachin Tendulkar) even though he started his career after 7 yrs of Sachin. 2. Dravid is the world's best batsman in terms of technique. 3. Dravid plays for team & country but Sachin plays for records not for team. 4. Dravid always plays well under pressure or when team is in trouble whereas Sachin never plays well when team requires it most or in trouble or under pressure. 5.Sachin can make runs but Dravid can win or save the match. 6. Dravid has the world record of most runs in 2nd innings. 7. Nobody in world has faced more deliveries than him even Sachin. 8. He is the only batsman in the world who has scored a century in & against each test playing nation. I think I missed some points.

Rahul Dravid? by Len Anders Q: I think he has lost it and should be rested for a long time. What do you think?

A: A victim of circumstances.He made the wrong decision of relinquising captaincy at the wrong time.A selfless cricketer thrown up and down the batting order must be lacking in confidence.Really sad.

what is the mental pressure for Rahul Dravid? by Q: everyone is saying that Rahul Dravid is going through a huge mental pressure. that's why his batting has been affected. what do you guys think the pressure would be?

A: Metal pressure to him is when he was capatain the boys not support his decision. He don't have support from team selection committe & players support to come back strongly. He left captaincy because of boys didn't support him properly.Captain needs full support from his team. But he will come back strongly in comming matches. He always play for team , he will come back strongly no doubt about it. But lot of FANS are here to support him, to get back strongly

Who is the real match winner Rahul Dravid or Sachin Tendulkar in Test Cricket? by ckg5000 Q: Since Tendulkar cannot win matches or while playing under pressure he cannot score runs for India but Rahul Dravid is different. Ur comments please.

A: i fully agree with u and i also feel that sachin cannot score big runs when playing underpressure and anyways for me rahul dravid is my fav indian cricket player for sure

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