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Pure Love

Pure Love, Bury My Bones Video
Ex-Gallows front man Frank Carter and former Hope Conspiracy guitarist Jim Carroll formed Pure Love less than a year ago in New York and their immediate musical chemistry brings us the hardcore sound of newly released Bury My Bones; a taste of their ...

Pure Love, 'Bury My Bones'
But it's not just the sight of the former Gallows frontman sporting tailored garb that's evidence that we're being ushered into a brave new world, here, as we get out first proper taste of his new project, Pure Love. After all the pre-match talk ...

Tree Fall Sounds makes seven inches of pure love
by Jessica Harp Some would call it a hobby, but Barry Binder, owner of record label Tree Falls Sounds would call it a labor of love. Seven inches of pure love. Music has always played an important role for the Plano resident. If it weren't for music, ...

10 Love and Lust Lessons (So Far) From Kim and Kanye
I love an in-love Kanye or even a pretend-in-love Kanye—same results different shit. When Yeezy's armored in enamor, he shaves, he smiles, he re-buries autotune, kills the kilts. It's all pure wonderfulness from my humble macbook view (though I really ...

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beccpapero My life is brilliant..my love is pure :')

Bjprice224 RT @swimmerproblems: Everyone has a love/hate relationship with their stroke...unless you're a butterflyer, then it's just pure hatred

GraceNMe The #anger of God is not a changing emotion. God is not a man, but is pure love, pure wrath, and purely happy with me!

emmadoll9 RT @swimmerproblems: Everyone has a love/hate relationship with their stroke...unless you're a butterflyer, then it's just pure hatred

CristinaP01 "Stefan is different, is pure love, and he will be always for her.." #TVD

GraceNMe The #anger of God is a comfort, a promise, an expression of pure love.

TheMacLovin I love being an innocent bystander during drama and/ or arguing. Nothin to lose, nothin to win. Pure entertainment.

Vzsasz RT @_Nainah: love a pure scottish accent

yumasayu @Heedictator Heenim oppa i really wanna show my pure love on u (dedication) but fckthedistance!!T_T ok!I won't give up I'll try harder haha

JonInvincible Вышла наконец-таки английская версия песни Евы Бото - 'Pure love'. Шикарное название в английском варианте :)) Надо послушать!

SaintAndSinner_ RT @QueenOfDelena: Pure love is protecting someone with your life, loving them with your last breath, support them in everything they do. Damon's love is pure.

dereksgonna @BACONEXO BAEKYEOL CHEESE! made from 100% pure love of chanyeol to baekhyun~ vice versa hahaha!

Kathryn17 @pollyness @riley1877 I bet it took all he had not to say "100% Pure Love" tho :P I have no doubt that part will be in the studio version.

cocolugg Life is great, love is pure http://t.co/8V8etZ1C

Guichin3 @rinjojo Good night of PURE LOVE❤💙❤😘


How does pure love turn to hatred so fast sometimes? by Q:

A: Love typically isn't transformed into hatred. Love is always there. But hatred can be added on top of it...clouding it. You can both inside of you; even directed towards the same person. They aren't mutually exclusive.

How can a being of pure love also be wraithful? by piddy Q: It's like saying there is a round square. A square cannot be round. The pure essence of love cannot have hate. God is a being of pure love, but he also smites and often appears very angry in the bible. Yes i do have different moods and emotions and sometimes i can also be evil and bad. We also kill and other stuff. Are you suggesting God can also be those as well? Well he does kill sometimes. God is not human God shouldn't have mood swings buddy. yeah but my dad isn't a being of pure love. He has love but he isn't the essence of love. He's a mixture of things. If my dad were truly love he would never get angry at me. He'd need anger to get angry but anger don't mix with love so my dad ain't pure love. If you are pure of one thing you cannot be mixed. God is perfect, my dad is not perfect. Well, wraith can fit into justice but God isn't just wraithful he's also angry. I mean he can be wraithful but i do recall there are lines in the bible which says God is angry. Anger has nothing to do with just or unjust. Punishment does but states of emotions do not. Well God shouldn't or wouldn't ever punish the wrong or the sinful he would convert them. I'm saying the bible contradict itself at parts. God would still be able to determine what is wrong and right he would simply reconcile and try to reconcile those who would not follow him forever. And ever hear of the saying, God is love. That means God is love.... Like iuno I wouldn't say I am love but I'm sure you can say God is love. I am merely trying to convince people that God isn't love he might contain it but he is not it.

A: Wraithfullness is best done on a full stomach.

Is it normal to love pure mathematics and hate natural sciences? by Terminator Q:

A: I think it's definitely normal - at least at first. However, the true beauty of math is only when it's integrated into nature. I loved the problem-solving, intuitive aspect of just solving pure math problems. It was usually so clean-cut and there was usually an answer, or a reason why there was no answer. But nature is not so forgiving, and there is rarely a perfect solution to anything. However, there are still situations where mathematical concepts seem to fit nature just so well. One prime example is the Fibonacci sequence / golden ratio / golden spiral. A little diving into these subjects will really open the door to the beauty of mathematics - its intrinsic position in the natural sciences.

Is there such a thing as Pure Love? by Q: What I mean is that they love you through it all, the good, the bad and the ugly. Has anyone been able to experience that kind of love yet? I love your answer Tom, thank you. Hopefully you guys are kidding, but the drug addict comments have to stop. This was a serious question.

A: I live chocolate, my love for chocolate is 100% pure

Do you people believe in this "pure love" in movies or do you think is bull shit? by Q: Sometimes when I watch T.V I see movies like Romeo and Juliet and all the other love movies. I ask myself , do I believe in that or do I think its bull shit. What do you guys think it is ?


Are you asking God to fill you with charity and pure love with all the energy of your heart? by Zion Lack Q:

A: no not with all my energy and i know thats wats hindering me from a full blessing :(

How many of us need Jesus' pure love? by the raven Q: Do what is best for others! I am a lazy writer but God's love is pure. I like Mother Teresa non believers are so intelligent that they cannot really see beyond the end of their big fat noses. I asked a good question but to the wrong people. I feel like I have been hurt by a swine running down an incline to drown in the lake.

A: Every, single one of us!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless!!!

What is your definition of absolute, true to the end, pure love? by Janee :*) Q:

A: You're best friend, someone who would do anything to make you happy. Both people being completely unselfish, and determination to never call it quits, love is hard.

What would you choose: Only Sex or Only Pure Love? by Jonathan Q: I mean if you find yourself that you can not have sex with someone but you be really in Love would you ignore it and find another person? Please dont say both love and sex thanks

A: If I could find every last quality I could ever ask for in a girl that I truly loved, I would be willing to fore-fit the sex. Not saying that I would be happy about it, but you have to consider what's more important to yourself (which different people will have different answers for). Although I really do want kids some day, it's honestly a tough decision, but I'd be willing to try.

Is our love for GOD pure? by Q: My point being, I think that we superficially love GOD only because he has promised us something [In case of christianity], eternal life, afterlife etc. If such love is shown upon humans its considered to be impure and dishonest. But we display pure love and affection among human beings, like a mother's love towards her child. My point being the concept "Man loving GOD" is absurd and improper. But GOD's love for people being pure can be related to something like a mother's love for a child.

A: My love towards God is pure. I am really not after him for his promises, but I worship him for creating me. The very fact of own existence is the only reason for my love for God. How could I have existed if He hadn't caused me to exist. If I go on, there are many many countless things for which I am indebted to God in a number of ways. Everything is from him and is because of Him. I could not have existed if God hadn't decided it.

Is it normal for a right brained student to love pure mathematics and hate applied mathematics and sciences? by Terminator Q:

A: Ha! Yes, it's very natural. Why? Because pure maths is beautiful, and the real world is ugly.

What are some good slow alternative pure love songs? by Q: Preferably songs that are somewhat recent. Songs like: You're the Reason I Come Home by Ron Pope I'd rather be with you by Joshua Radin Into Your Arms by The Maine Lost by Anouk Ungodly Hour by The Fray Untouchable by Taylor Swift Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield Wonderful by Annie Lenox Closer To You by Jaylene Johnson

A: Anything Ron Pope- Moving In You, Moving In Me; Snow Song; I Won't Fall Apart; You Lift Me Up; Reason Why (one of my favorites); My Last First Kiss; The Right Way; 65 More Years; Lullaby; A Vision Matt Nathanson - Bulletproof Weeks Parachute - She Is Love Safety Suit - Anywhere But Here Stars Go Dim - Hoping For Tomorrow; Crazy Keane - Somewhere Only We Know Aslyn - That's When I Love You Ben Jelen - Come On The Cab - Vegas Skies Days Difference - Speakers Faber Drive - Tongue Tied; When I'm With You Green River Ordinance - Endlessly Hedley - For the Nights I Can't Remember Holiday Parade - Walking By Kari Kimmel - Notice Me; Dreamer; Fallen Awake Kate Walsh - Your Song Nathan Angelo - Someday Soon; Ode to Her; September 22nd

Can anyone tell me the meaning fo pure love? by Q: hi, guys i need to know the meaning of pure love thanks

How do you define a pure love? what do you do when you truely madly love somebody? by Faith Q:

A: I'll tell you when I know ;p heh

Ramadan: Is there such thought of 'true pure love' between a male and female in Islam? by Q: In islam is there any mention of such a love between a married couple?

A: In the Holy Quran, God says that we are all created from one soul. If that is the case, then you should treat every person, man or woman, the way you want to be treated yourself. If you do not want 'true pure love' from a person, man or woman, sister or wife, then do not give 'true pure love' to that person. The definition of 'true pure love' is your own, just like the choice to give and recieve it is also your own.

What is the full name of the female singer that sings PURE LOVE song with Arash? by Q: Helena ...... ?

A: Helena Marianne Josefsson

Is it hard to find a pure, loyal and caring love in LGBT? by Q: By pure, I mean there would be no math on anything, no cheating, just concentrate on one's partner. Like when he see his partner, who is so ugly, more handsome than a super model with 6 packs. By loyal, I mean love would never change due to long-life time. By caring, I mean he would skip his lunch because of his partner.

A: It's hard to find a pure, loyal caring love at all...

if spiritual evolution is based upon how quickly you understand pure love how can reincarnation not exist ? by Q: just like school an averaging of performance over many subjects over a period of years in this case an understanding of what actions promote the welfare of others in a selfless manner and what actions act and aid as a detriment to your fellow man reincarnation must exist as a combing out process to establish that true love and selflessness are the adhesive that god keeps the universe together with nez pa?

A: The concept of reincarnation is completely without foundation in the Bible, which clearly tells us that we die once and then face judgment (Hebrews 9:27). The Bible never mentions people having a second chance at life or coming back as different people or animals. Jesus told the criminal on the cross, "Today you will be with me in paradise" (Luke 23:43), not "You will have another chance to live a life on this earth." Matthew 25:46 specifically tells us that believers go on to eternal life while unbelievers go onto eternal punishment. Reincarnation has been a popular belief for thousands of years, but it has never been accepted by Christians or followers of Judaism because it is contradictory to Scripture. The one passage that some point to as evidence for reincarnation is Matthew 17:10-12 which links John the Baptist with Elijah. However, the passage does not say that John the Baptist was Elijah reincarnated but that he would have fulfilled the prophecy of Elijah's coming if the people had believed his words and thereby believed in Jesus as the Messiah (Matthew 17:12). The people specifically asked John the Baptist if he was Elijah, and he said, "No, I am not" (John 1:21). Belief in reincarnation is an ancient phenomenon and is a central tenet within the majority of Indian religious traditions, such as Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Many modern pagans also believe in reincarnation as do some New Age movements, along with followers of spiritism. For the Christian, however, there can be no doubt: reincarnation is unbiblical and must be rejected as false.

God is a waterfall of pure love? by Q: I wish to bathe in his glory, and be purified by his refreshing holiness.

A: God is a delusion and you`re a nutter,,

Is there is a difference between Christianity and Buddhism given that both of them preached pure love? by SoulMate Q:

A: Yes Buddhists don't believe in an invisible sky fairy. Practicing Shaman... quantum physics rocks.

How do blind couple express their passion towards each other, is their love is truly pure love ? by Jedi Sapien Q:

A: Why would sight or loss of sight have any consequence on love ?

How Do You Know When LOVE is PURE? by * Q: I mean the purest sense of loving someone whether friend, lover, or family?

A: When both can knell down in prayer and innocents.

Real differences between pure love and friendship-sexual attraction? by Q: Explaining better: how do I know when I love a girl who is also my friend or just love her as a friend but I'm strongly sexually attracted to her? I'm sexually attracted to my friend as hell, but help me understand!

Why do some women still believe that women do not have the right to love pure sex? by Q: Why believe that the women who are not afraid of expressing their love for sex the same way as men do deserve to be slut shamed? Why a woman would enjoy this self flagellation of sexual oppression of women?

A: Gender stereotypes! I agree a woman should be able to live her life openly and freely. As long as she is not cheating on her boyfriend or playing with mens emotions.

Isnt pure love much better than carnal lust? by Q: Or am I just being old fashioned?

A: Pure (consumate) love is the opposite of the carnal lust so it's just a question of opinion Some people think one way, some the other Oh, and in the olden days, they loved the sexy dingdong as much as we do now, just look at the history books !

Do you consider gays to have real, true, and pure love for each other in a relationship? by unstoppable Q: If not than tell me why?

A: They hardly ever get divorced.

what does it mean to dream a child with downs and to feel pure love and happiness looking at the baby. the ba? by Q: the baby is joyful also. I get sad when I wake up and can' tsee my beautiful baby girl. All my children are 17 and above and I had a hysterectomy last year. I want to go to sleep so I can play with the baby. Can anyone help with the interpretation?

A: Ur mind memorizing ur experience to have a baby in past and happiness therefrom

If someone you were certain truly and completely loved you with a pure love changed? by karen i Q: and stopped taking your calls; stopped all contact with you, then when you forced contact one day said, "i just don't want your family to have problems" would you believe anything anymore?

A: hello there...there is more to that answer...you need to call and find out what really happened to that person...you just don't change from one min to the other!

Survey:If you where shot with a flaming arrow of pure love would you return after the pain subsides? by Indescribable Gift on the Way Q: BQ: How long would you wait ?

A: Nope. BQ: very long time.

Do you give generously and in pure love? by Q: Unto the day when the Lord shall come to recompense unto every man according to his work, and measure to every man according to the measure which he has measured to his fellow man. Wherefore the voice of the Lord is unto the ends of the earth, that all that will hear may hear: 12 Prepare ye, prepare ye for that which is to come, for the Lord is nigh; 13 And the anger of the Lord is kindled, and his sword is bathed in heaven, and it shall fall upon the inhabitants of the earth.

A: Yes. but, not to you.

Survey: Does pure love become strength through wisdom and truth? by Indescribable Gift on the Way Q: Delilah I've never watched a show of Oprah, heard a lot about her and the show and the now not a show.

A: Humbleness breeds wisdom which in turn provides the knowledge to find love and truth !

Can you fall in love without having sex? Is it call pure love? by Q: Or something else? Cause that's what I've heard. Just being curious.

A: I am so in love with my girlfriend, and we've never had sex. I just call it love. I respect her, and have never pressed the idea of sex, and I enjoy every second I spend with her. I do everything in my power to make her happy...and then I'm happy. I just love her.

Why do women like Gõlden angel still believe that women do not have the right to love pure sex? by Q: Why believe that the women who are not afraid of expressing their love for sex the same way as men do deserve to be slut shamed? Why a woman would enjoy this self flagellation of sexual oppression of women?

A: I don't understand it either. American society is one of the most fucked up when it comes to sexual relations. European men who come here are horrified at all the sexual hangups we have here. It's no wonder American Women will choose a foreign man, and vice versa. Again the problem is not with feminism, these issues come from the Victorian era.

If God is pure love then why does he send people to Hell? by Svetlana Unicorn Hipstar Magic Lychee Rainstar Q: If God loves us so much then why does he deem so many of us unworthy of having a happy afterlife? If we're all God's children and he cares about us then why are we sent to burn in the fiery depths of Hell. Christians tell me God is just and fair, but it seems pretty unfair to me... I don't even believe in Heaven or Hell. I know my nickname makes me seem like a total Jesus Freak. I apologize for that in advance.

A: God is not "pure love." God is loving, but God is also just. Justice requires punishment for wrongdoing. God would not be loving if he allowed injustice to go unpunished. Should Hitler's crimes go unpunished? Should a rapist and murder be allowed to be unpunished? Would that be loving, if your daughter's killer were not held accountable? God's love allows him to let someone else pay the price for that wrongdoing. He remains just by punishing wrongdoing, but he is merciful and loving by allowing someone else to take that penalty on your behalf. God's perfect grace means that he will be the one to take your place, to step into your shoes an suffer your punishment on your behalf, so that you can be forgiven. This question always baffles me, however. Athests, who claim that they don't believe in God, will nevertheless argue with God's system of justice and redemption, as if they expect to find a legitimate loophole. That's odd. It's almost as if they know, deep down, that hell is a real possibility, and they're scared of it.

What is the first intuitive feeling at the awakening of pure love? by I love you too! Q:

A: You want to help them and be there at all times. You dont want to lose them.

What kind of punishment does God inflict on people that destroy pure Love? by Luís Santos Q: Thanks so much.

A: self destruction desire will be activated.

Love remains pure if you really care about each other.Do you agree? by DWT Q: In what terms do you consider the love pure, you perform with mate you have?

A: well sana i feel it depends on every persons atitude .Like you can see thousands of answers some with yes and some with no..... those who feel love can't remain pure in whatever terms they are wrong...love is born with words those we speak and whatever relation we have with anyone.... God's most complex created thing that can never be messed even with controversy is :love.Thats how you see we have whole full of industry like hollywood and bollywood dealing with same chapter again and again..... To really keep love we have to worship it the way we submit ourselves to God...To really love it we have to sacrifice ourselves to it ...to really feel it we have to care about it...to really tell the world yes the love is pure we have to wash our sins........ this is how love remains pure and its deep concept what i want to share with all of you........yes this is true love......... I hope you also fall in love sana with a person who gives you love in return and then you will know how different is world of love...

How many feel they are worthy of Christs pure love? by Q: I know I'm not, but it is for a wretch like me who is worthy of death.

A: None of us are worthy. We are but filthy rags in comparison to Christ, no matter how great and holy we think we are. We can't even comprehend His purity and righteousness. B/c He knew that, He made a way for us to live with Him. We can do that if we partake in His death, burial and resurrection. If we are baptized in His Name (the Name of Jesus Christ), His righteous blood covers our ugly sin and makes us righteous unto Him. What a marvelous plan!!!

As God is pure love, do you think after a million years or so he might give those in Hell another chance? by DavinaOpines Q: After all, they would have been well punished and they'll know by then that God is real. Just wondering, as he is so loving.

A: God punishing people for eternity would make Hitler look like a Saint. I think, God is pure love, and only love. To say God destroys is double think. More so, double spiritual think which is to say Good is Evil. Why do people believe this? Jer. 8 tells us of the scibes, they alter things. Thats why we have to be lead by God by the spirit before we can read the bible. I don't know about another chance, but, God loves and works things out, out of love. What parent wouldn't do anything to bring back their child? God is love....pure love....to know God is to fall in love with GOD.

Can anyone tell me what's the name of the model of Arash's pure love? by Q: Its a song by Helen and Arash named "Pure Love". And I want to know the name of the girl model of the music video.

A: Hmmm I think a Girl named Rebecca is in the Song....

Christians? What is the trouble with pure love and sexual attraction? by Q: I know this may sound weird but what is the disharmony between pure love and sexual attraction. What if a man has alot of lust for you..? does it make things less pure?? What is pure love even..Pleas help me understand it. If you have a strong sexual attraction to a man...can you have pure love too at the same time? As in Should you stop lusting for him? Gosh its not easy. Know any saint/prayers that can help with lust by the way???

A: Here are a couple of things to think about. Love is wanting to give of yourself to make someone else happy. Lust is wanting to get someone you have no right to, to make yourself happy. Love considers the other person above all else. Lust considers you above all else. Love makes you think "What can I give?" Lust makes you think "What can I get?" Love does not necessarily involve sex or sexual thought. Lust is primarily sex and sexual thought. Of course, as sexual beings, we size up people we see, and estimate their value as a potential mate. That part is the "animal" part of us, and is just the price we pay for living in physical bodies. Satan has a way of highlighting our animal instincts and our natural self-centered attitude to get us as far from God as he can get us. God, however, as offered us the opportunity to go beyond our mere animal instincts and flourish as spiritual beings. If we get outside of ourselves and start considering others more highly, we all benefit greatly. How could I, as a spiritual being, profess to love you and consider your welfare above mine, but then trick you into a sexual encounter just to get my own jollies? It does not make sense. God gave us the Covenant of Marriage within which we can find complete sexual fulfillment in a protected and safe environment. And, because of this, we are free to Love and be Loved by everyone else.

What is pure love & how do you know if your love is pure? by Q: Hi...How would you know if you really had pure love for somebody? What if you also are sexually attracted to them? Does this make your love impure?? What should you do then if so? What if they admitted they were could be sexually attracted to you too?? Is pure love and sexual attraction mutually exclusive! Help-I'm confused!!!

A: Hard to tell since my hormones are strong. j-r

How can I help her believe again in pure LOVE? by Ranimi23 r Q: I'm going out with this girl that her ex boyfriend really heart her and I don't know what can I do in order to make her believe in love again. I don't wont to give up on her because I like her very much, but it is really hard and I don't know what to do next.

A: be patient, talk to her. let her know you Always there for her . don't rush her.

Do you feel that pure love could end the war in the middle east? by Q: I have lots of questions about love and this is one of them. Please answer wisely.

A: Only if EVERYONE involved were filled with pure love. Since this is not the case, and is not going to be the case, thinking that love can solve the war is foolish.

Plz give me some nice songs name as like as pure love and broken angel? by Q: Plz give me some nice songs name as like as pure love and broken angel?

How can one show pure love online? by Q: Meeting in real life might never happen. And the love is not returned. However, I'd like to love from my side. Any tips on how one can send/share/show love online...? Sensible love. Thanks guys.

A: impossible since you don't love him

How can you find pure love? by Leen Q: A love in which the ego is not involved. Neither partners are seeking attention for themselves. Neither partners are pursuing sensual pleasure giving no regard to the humanity of the other. A love that is based on both spiritual and physical giving, and not one on the expense of the other. Is there such kind of love? And if you know you have the ability to live through it, how will you find someone who is capable of pure love? When most men nowadays care not but about their own sexual desires and fantasies. I say then. Such pure love, does not exist.

A: Have a child- pure love exist.

Are pure love and judgments mutually exclusive? by Q: Can I love you freely and without condition if I carry judgments? Asked another way, Is the only way we are ever going to love one another, (without unhealthy attachments!) freely and unconditionally, if we make room for the pure love and inner connections by shining light on our judgments? I hope you all understand what I am asking lol

A: Judgment and condemnation are one & the same. It is what keeps the Great Separation alive. Let me explain, if you surrender to all that is Pure, Unconditional Love, there is no judgment within you. What may have been there before melts away instantaneously. So there is nothing to "shine a light upon" as it dissolves the second Love precedes all else. You see your question is an oxymoron as far as Love is concerned. You pose it with a condition, "can I love you if...?" Through the eyes of Pure Love, there are no conditions. There is no 'IF" because there is no place for "if" to exist. Blessings

Why I am not able to obtain pure love? by Suchness Q: While many other people have healthy love relations, my relation with her is not so pure. I love her but sometimes I hate her. I love her with my healthy part of mind and heart, that prevails. I hate her with my broken heart and cloudy mind. The question is: How to become healthy person again and to love her with pure love and not with this mix of many different feelings that cannot be called true love?

A: Pure love, is love that is unconditional. The mother's love for her child is unconditional for example. The mother loves her baby anyway, no matter what that child looks like, how that child behaves, no matter anything that child will do. That kind of love is not healthy when it comes to any other relationship. That is because all other relationships (friendships, intimate, work etc) are based on a give and take basis, on expectations, dreams, agreements, vows etc etc. If one party does not, or stops either giving or taking, the balance is lost. If you are finding yourself being angry with her, that's ok and very normal, but only if you express to her what is bothering you and if on her side of the deal, she is willing to listen to you and do something about it. You ARE a healthy person already, because what you're feeling is not unhealthy. Most relationships are characterized by a vast array of feelings, both positive and negative. As long as a balance exists, then the relationships are healthy.. Don't expect that you, or her will always feel a 100% positive about everything that happens because you will become more and more disappointment. Besides, perfection does not exist. Perfect love, pure love, is not attainable. You should be content to have found someone that you love, and to be in a relationship with a person that matters to you. It then depends on both of you (and not just you) to make it work...

pure love...? by creative Q: do u think pure love and dedicated love will win someday or the other...whatever obstacles it has got. Is it right that two lovers if they are sinciere in their love..they will unite some day or the other?please answer me..

A: yes surely!!!no doubt at all.All that you need is a heart full of hope that your love will succeed.Pure love will definitely win regardless of all obstacles.don't worry be happy.I wish that your luv should succeed.other people answering this question will also wish so.OK so be happy!

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