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Britain's Got Talent final: Ashleigh and Pudsey are β€œones to beat”
With competition such as Jonathan and Charlotte and the Loveable Rogues, everyone's favourite doggie duo Ashleigh and Pudsey were facing their own Mission Impossible tonight to beat the other acts in this year's Britain's Got Talent final.

Britain's Got Talent final: Ashleigh and Pudsey win
By Emily Sheridan Ashleigh Butler and her dog Pudsey, six are the winners of this year's Britain's Got Talent. The 17-year-old and her six-year-old dog narrowly beat Jonathan Antoine, 17, and Charlotte Jaconelli, 16, to the title after receiving the ...

Britain's Got Talent: Pudsey up against synchronised swimmers
They will compete against opera duo Jonathan and Charlotte, Welsh choir Only Boys Aloud, dancing dog Pudsey and partner Ashleigh and boy band Loveable Rogues. The line-up will be completed on Saturday when the judging panel reveals which losing act has ...

Alesha Dixon: 'Pudsey loves being papped!'
Are you excited about seeing Pudsey at the Final? Of course! I laughed out loud when I saw the paparazzi photos of Pudsey taking a leak outside the studios. I love him; he's such a little poseur. I think he's a little diva.

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ArturMota77 I think Loveable Rogues are going to be more famous than Pudsey (dog) after the Brintain's Got Talent! #bgt

_Jodielouise Congrats to Ashleigh and pudsey they deserved to win! :)

loladedelano Ashely and pudsey won the bgt 2012.

tom_randles Pudsey to be on next series of strictly?

KathrynNeill Yaaayy for #pudsey

marshy_32 Yay, Pudsey and Ashleigh. Woof, woof

Peyton_Gaga RT @clbleakley: Oh wow, Simon Cowell actually opened an extra bottom on his shirt after Pudsey and Ashley performance. I LOVE that dog! #BGT

dann_wilkinson RT @emily_whiteford: go Pudsey:D yayayayy

MiaRose96 Aw Pudsey was so cute!! :')

C_C__Rock In tomorrows Sun Jordan "Pudsey had secret affair with me" #BGTFinal

desertedbeach Hi @Ed_Miliband just seen a dog you could form a coalition with. His name is Pudsey.

eve_coleman Decided I'm going to steal Pudsey

dj_bree Yaaaaaayyyy Pudsey won!!!! 🐢🐢🐢🐢

Twenty3Eight Glad Pudsey won! More talent in one paw than the whole of Britain!

LynneMurray2 Pudsey just blew my mind! #bgt


(: (: (: Children in need. :) :) :)? by Tu es belle(: Q: Children in need today <3333 What are you doing for children in need :) <333 My school didn't do anything to day :( So i just bought some , Pudsey things :D Im watching the program tonight hbu ? It always make me cry :P http://newsimg.bbc.co.uk/media/images/44… Just felt like posting something for it :)

PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!? by Q: I have just ordered a pudsey fund raising pack by accident do u have to pay for it?

A: no but you have to pay for the shipping vese

Best friends aren't best friends anymore!? by Q: Well my best friend isn't my best friend any more, we always fight and she's so mean to me all my family and close friends think i should not be friends with her any more! She will probably try and be friends with me again plus i have to do a stall with her for pudsey day (raising money!) What shall ido im not taking be friends with her again for an answer lol!! x

A: Friendship changes. It's sad, but that's life! I'm sure you'll either mend your friendship or move on! Good luck! :D

Anyone doing Children In Need today? by β–ΊSex on the Beachβ—„ Q: I am wearing pudsey ears and a spotted t shirt ^.^ yes!!!! i am watching it tonight gonna be awesome!!!!

A: Well it's non uniform day at school and I'm collecting donations :-) Excited ya know!! I can't wait to watch the awesome Child In Need show tonight, it's gonna be wonderful.

Fulneck school uniform? by Emily.x Q: What is the uniform for GIRLS at Fulneck school, Pudsey for high school? Thanks in advance!!!

A: A full uniform list is available to all Fulneck School pupils and the information can be found in the 'Parents' Handbook'. Briefly the uniform for girls at Fulneck School is: *School blazer with badge *School tie *School jumper with neckband in school colours *School skirt, charcoal grey, pleated, knee length or longer *White shirt, classic school style with stiff pointed collar *Black shoes (not boots or trainers) of plain design without ornamentation *Socks, plain white or light grey, ankle or knee length. (White socks worn on all formal occasions), Tights (optional), neutral, grey or black *School outercoat (years 7 – 10). *School black cagoule (optional) *School overall, blue *Scarf / winter headwear (optional), plain black or navy. *Gloves (optional), plain black or navy *Hair ribbons, plain blue or black; hair slides plain blue, black or plain metal *School bag, navy or black

Children In Need Tomorow? by Q: So tomorow i have to wear something "spotty" for children in need, but i dont own anything and cant go to the shopt to buy stuff... What are things that can make my outfit "spotty?" I made a sticker of pudsey that i can wear, what else can i do? Ideas please? Thanks x

A: cut out some card in the shape of a circle. (: - blue, red, green, blue, yellow etc. or maybe use some cheap make up to do it :)?

Please help :) Urgent, very grateful !? by Tyransorous Q: Any ideas for the name of a charity CD supporting Children in Need ( The charity with Pudsey ) - made up !! And also any ideas for designs etc :) Thank you x

i need proxy or internet password? by yp t10 master Q: i need a garunteed proxy that will work in pudsey grangefield high school it has to be a really good one that teachers wont find also i need a leeds learning network internet password that letsu on bebo

A: No proxy posted here should work. School's are legally bound by the federal Children's Internet Protection Act to block proxies and the like. All the proxies you try should be blocked by your school. That is because most schools use content blocking software. It blocks new proxies 98% of the time because of their content (that they are a proxy), not because of the web address. You really should be careful using a proxy at school. Is it worth risking getting into trouble? 1. School computer admin take security seriously, they have to, it's a main part of their job. 2. Proxies posted here normally contain spyware/malware and viruses, they also track what you type, so they can get access to your mail, myspace, facebook accounts etc to send spam from them. Do you think people set these proxies sites up for free? They are getting something out of you using them and it's 99% criminal. 3. Because of the danger from using a proxy, computer admin block them well, although it's always a cat and mouse game. So it's unlikely you will even get through on one for long anyway. Also they can trace in the logs that you went to a proxy site. 4. If you do use one and the computer system gets infected with a virus, you will be in a lot of trouble, losing computer rights and possible suspension. Also, many students have had to pay for the repair work. Having your parents get a bill for you messing around will go down well won't it? So please consider this a friendly warning. Is it really worth it? Can't you just wait to use myspace etc at home or in a public library?

Do you think it's true? by Pooh Bear Q: I heard that Pudsey Bear is faking it and there is absolutely nothing wrong with his eye at all. I also heard that he only wears the bandage for sympathy and that he plays golf on a regular basis. What do YOU think? I agree with you all, someone needs to have serious words with him - the faker! I also heard he spends most of his time over at Simon Cowells house. tut tut

A: That would make a lot of sense. I've never liked that bear.

Whats everyone wearing/done for children in need??10 points ;) ? by Music Is My Life β™« Q: im wearing,,, pudsey badge,, that dotted bandana thing,, urmmm,,,, i got those ears:) andd a puppet :) ,, whoever has the most creative outfit,,, or done the most thoughful thing,, will get 10 beautiful points :) wrong category,, i know,, lol

A: My best friend and I came up with a short term charity, where we asked people to donate clothes and things needed for a family and there everyday life. We recieved A lot, so we were able to give clothes and supplies to multiple families. Our Short term charity was called KHK (kids help kids). We had a lot of kid volountiers and we recieved alot of things for children and things for thier parents as well. This short term charity was a brief help for poor children in Ecuador. I lived there at the time when this happened. Now every year I make gift boxes for children, since they do not recieve much for christmas. My school does it to. I now live in Europe and we still send gifts to the needed, suppling clothes, candy, school supplies, and toys. when Im older I have a goal to give a certain amount of money. from bad era fan

scattering ashes in West Yorshire? by caz Q: Can someone reccommend a river/nice senic place where i can scatter my relatives ashes in the west yoprshire area? (Leeds, Pudsey, Bradfod...)

A: My condolences for your relatives passing, As for rivers, I would suggest maybe Meanwood Beck (Runs through Adel) or the River Aire. However, if you want a particularly nice river, I would suggest the Ilkley river (http://www.yourlocalweb.co.uk/images/pictures/01/84/river-wharfe-ilkley-17960.jpg) I hope you find somewhere lovely for the scattering, Siobhan.

My best friend is so childish!? by Q: ive known my best friend since nursery, were both 13 and shes a few months older than me. she basically acts like shes really young e.g collecting the mcdonalds toys, clipping smurf toys and the pudsey bear to her bag and dressing too young for her age, it goes on... neither of us are exactly tall or older-looking so when im out with her i feel like people think were in year 7 or something when were in year 9! i dont want to lose her but its really annoying :/

A: I think you should give her some time... Usually people start acting mature after the two years in high school.

Increasing in every stitch? by Cheeky Q: I am knitting the pudsey pattern. I am at row 2 where its telling me to increase in every stitch.. but it doesnt say what method! Does that mean i choose my favourite method? Thanks!

A: You have me stumped as I don't know your favorite method. What they want you to do is the same as they asked . In other words if you were told to knit row 2 you would knit two stitches in each stitch, that would be to increase what your making.

Whos Going To Win Britains Got Talent 2012? by Q: I think Pudsey will win it

What are people's views on these areas in Leeds? by Luke D Q: Seacroft Harehills Crossgates Garforth Chapeltown Roundhay Moortown Alwoodley Meanwood Scott Hall Headingley Horsforth Guiseley Cookridge Beeston Holbeck Morley Bramley Wortley Pudsey

A: Seacroft - Average, rough in parts Harehills - Keep clear, all rough Crossgates - Ok, good shops Garforth - OK, quite a distance out of city Chapeltown - Average, rough in parts Roundhay - Lovely, great parks Moortown - Lovely Alwoodley - Lovely Meanwood - Good Scott Hall - ?? Headingley - Students all over, some poor housing Horsforth - Good in parts Guiseley - Ok Cookridge - Good in parts, Beeston - Rough Holbeck - Rough Morley - Nice town, check local Bramley - ? Wortley - ? Pudsey - Ok

Children In Need? Does ALL The Money Donated Go? by β–β–€β–€β–Όβ–€β–€β–Œ β–ΊHollieβ—„ β–β–„β–„β–²β–„β–„β–Œ Q: I didnt give in any money for children in need the day its self. but i gave in Β£3 today. and i was wondering if it really goes to children in need, even though it was yesterday? i gave the money to boots in a collection box with pudsey on it :) x

A: Depends on the charity. Many / most charities have administrative costs. Some have a better ratio of gift to cost ratio than others. Should be able to determine how much it costs to give a gift from a charitie's website.

help with our losing son to system? by alnpdz Q: we have a 31 yr old son who was always cared for by his mom. a year ago he slipped badly and we could get no help from anyone especialy the east co law enforcement. as a result we lost custody of him and we know that if the right help had been afforded us and his mental state not been ignored he would still be home as he was for 15 yrs and a dedicated mom caring for him which he has lost now and lives in a halfway home and a conservertor who doesnt follow up , know nearly as much as to onset of paranoia which we see coming weeks earlier due to their lack of communication between phyc,s conservertor.and the facility. we need help to get him back home. thank you alan pudsey andsharon tucker. please give us some hope the system wont 100 percnt fail us!

A: Do not leave this situation to luck or chance. Get yourself a lawyer NOW! Your son is surrounded with red tape and legalities. A lawyer can untangle it all. You'd be surprised what one little letter from a lawyer can do! If you can't afford a lawyer, go to Legal Aid, and plead for assistance. Someone will hear, and help you. Good luck. I wish you and your son the best.

What have you done for children in need? by β˜… JC β˜… Q: Have you done anything to help raise money for children in need? I think this is more of a UK thing as well. http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/

A: Considering how much money goes to admin costs as opposed to those who really need the money I've done nothing. I will, however continue to donate money to charities where my hard earned money isn't sucked up by admin costs.

Help tracing further back in my ancestory,is there a way? by . Q: The farthest back with adequate knowledge of is my Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather John Davies.He was of Cuddington,England.He was captain of a clipper ship called the Pudsey Dawson which he traveled around the world on.He gave birth to my Great-great-great-grandfather Donald Francis Davies who immigrated to San Francisco,America then he moved to Salinas California.I want to find out more about my family,my roots for I am having a slight Identity crisis as to "Who" I am.I really want to learn more about my Davies Heritage. Thank you

A: Hi I assume you have looked at http://www.familysearch.org http://labs.familysearch.org and http://wwwrootsweb.com As he was a ships captain I would contact the National Maritime Museum here in the UK they may be able to help you fill out some details. Hope this helps

What breed was the dog from Britain's got talent last night? by Q: from Ashleigh and Pudsey. It says it in the clip at 59 seconds but i cant quite catch what they say he is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dv_gOBi8Wpk

A: It was a mixed (cross) breed: Bichon Frise x Border Collie x Chinese Crested Powderpuff (I think thats what she said!) I actually love that dog :) it was so cute & funny xx

Will you be showing your spots for Children In Need? by Q: B.Q: How? :-) Love from, Pudsey Ah smart.

Are there any inexpensive boarding schools in Manchester, England? by macbeckham Q: I was wondering if anyone knew of any inexpensive schools(20000-30000 USD) in Manchester, England? Also, if anyone happens to know, what is the approximate time or disance from Pudsey to Manchester?

A: http://europe.mapquest.com/directions/europe.adp?go=1&do=nw&rmm=1&1gi=0&un=m&1da=-1.000000&1rc=A5XAX&cl=EN&qq=1ADqpk24ofDZbvbhDV1xR5iK48LfUqIGG3zNMSJ8mK3y6ZWHCCdd%252brrxKLQzgh2YQAm9XOuU86CnArkbyGHYOX%252fvccau0Ztg&ct=EU&r=f&1si=gaz&rsres=1&1y=GB&1a=&1c=Manchester&1z=&2y=GB&2a=&2c=pudsey&2z=&panelbtn=2 http://www.isbi.com stockport bolton schools

why is pudsey the bear yellow? by gary c Q: sorry this is kinda dumb, but i just want to know why...its so cool! just give my your idea, because i dont know why.

A: because TMX elmo peeeeeed on him/her and then the stains couldnt come off because they didnt find a target near them that sold tide. lol

POLL: Pudsey the bear or pedobear? by β₯Captain Obvious (is female) ❀ Q:

A: Pudsey

Where can I buy a Pudsey teddy bear and the Pudsey bandanna? by xchocolate-rainbowsx Q: I heard you can get the Bandanna in Boots but is there anywhere else incase they don't have any in stock? Also, how much do the bandanna's cost? And also where can I buy a Pudsey teddy? What sizes are available? How much are they again? I know where to buy the things online, but we can only buy the things in a store. Help please? =D Oh here's a list of stores :] http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/fundraising/buystuff_corporate.shtml

A: Asda have a huge range of Children in Need stuff including Pudsey bears and bandannas. I have no idea of cost except my daughter bought a little pudsey bear key ring for 99p.

why did they change pudsey bear :/? by Q: i know its been that for a couple of years but this one was so much better http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=the+old+pudsey+bear+was+better&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&rlz=1R2ADFA_enGB452&biw=1093&bih=453&tbm=isch&tbnid=J9Lf1tLxJygM3M:&imgrefurl=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_in_Need&docid=ZK2nSwjO6dwj9M&imgurl=http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/6/6f/CiNbbc.png&w=154&h=180&ei=BdnGTse1O4nB8QObnLB7&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=343&sig=107089484613351399360&page=1&tbnh=120&tbnw=103&start=0&ndsp=13&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:0&tx=27&ty=37 why change it! -.-

A: Why do they change everything? It's not about what people want, it's what's forced into our heads e.g 3D film and tv, I certainly dont want that

Children In Need: if you were forming a band, would you consider hiring Pudsey as your drummer? by hello world Q: And as an afterthought, why do I now have "In The Air Tonight" stuck in my head?

A: No!

PUDSEY WORRIES :'( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? by Ellie Attrill Q: Yup, Ive already asked this but I am really bad at art, And would never be able to make my own Pudsey Eye-Patch, Is there anywhere you can buy it from online, That will be deliver be for 8:00am this friday? And where you can buy Pudsey ears online, Or on the ISLE OF WIGHT???

A: Just use an old pillow case and bingo blotter to make the dots. It is simple an easy....goof proof.. Build a Bear in the UK are sponsors have you tried there fo a set of Pudsey ears? For those who do not know how Pudsey relates to this category: Each year since 1980, the BBC has set aside one evening of programming on its flagship television channel, BBC One, to show events aimed at raising money for charities working with children in the UK. last year (2007) children in need raised Β£37 million a record breaking year. BBC coverage also extends across the BBC's other television channels and national and local radio channels. A mascot called 'Pudsey', a teddy bear with a bandage over one eye, was introduced in 1985 and has become a regular feature. In 2007 Pudsey and the Children in Need logo were redesigned. Children in Need was registered as a charity in 1989. The appeal gains the majority of its money from donations of private individuals who may themselves have raised the funds by taking part in sponsored events. Sponsored sitting in a bath of baked beans is a perennial favourite. Companies also donate either money directly or benefits in kind, such as HSBC donating banking facilities, and BT donating telephone lines and operatives. On the night of the televised appeal, donations are solicited by celebrities appearing on the seven-hour long programme performing various activities such as sketches or musical numbers, intermixed with featurettes showing what the money will be used for. Featured celebrities often include those from programmes on the BBC's rival ITV network, including some appearing in-character, and/or from the sets of their own programmes. A sketch by BBC newsreaders has become an annual fixture (in recent years, Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in 2005 and a 'James Bond' theme in 2006). Stars of newly-opened West End musicals regularly perform a number from their show later in the evening after 'curtain call' in their respective theatres. The total raised so far is frequently flashed on screen, with presenters urging viewers to part with "any penny they can spare" to help push the total beyond the target milestone. Though Children in Need is welcomed by a large proportion of the British public, there are some who offer an alternative view, that the portrayal of children, particularly disabled children, as victims is unfortunate and counter-productive. It is argued that a change in social attitudes will benefit the disadvantaged more than money and public sympathy. The money contributed to Children in Need is distributed to organisations supporting children aged 18 and under who have mental, physical or sensory disabilities; behavioural or psychological disorders; are living in poverty or situations of deprivation; or suffering through distress, abuse or neglect.

(pudsey) town hall questions?!? by Q: well, it doesn't have to be Pudsey town Hall, but who uses them? What for? Why? When do they use them? Where? How do they use them?? This is for homework but i don't have time to go and ask, it doesn't say on the internet and no one i know knows! Thanks :)

A: so old people can discuss things that aren't really problems

Pudsey Bear Costume Cheap ? by Sheppo Q: I'm looking for a pudsey bear costume, i'm fourteen and live in billingham, ENGLAND. it needs to be cheap. Any ideas? i've searched google and ebay, but no luck? help would be appreciated :) Cheers.

A: maybe a costume store or make one.

What are those little screen buddies called? by Leaty Q: I downloaded the pocket Pudsey off the BBC website, he stays on your screen and dances, and i think he is really cool so i want to find out what they are called so i can get more of 'em?

A: if it has sound its an audible

how much are pudsey ears from greggs? by Q:

A: well, id say about Β£5 :) id take a 20 Just in case :)

Why does Pudsey ((from children in need)) have an eye patch? by SB&&DP <3<3<3 : ) Q: I no its a really random question...but I was just wondering?! thanks :]

A: I think its meant to symbolise that the intention is to help all children whether they are healthy or ill.

Pudsey keyboard icon thing how to make?... children in need facebook...? by Q: Can anyone make a pudsey bear... I can make this below... However it needs an eye patch with spots for facebook! Any help appreciated! If you can start from scratch and that would be better! Thanks! ───▄▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▄─── β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–’β–’β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–’β–’β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€ β”€β”€β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β”€ β”€β–„β–„β”€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–‘β–€β–ˆβ–€β–‘β–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€β”€β–„β–„β”€ β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–ˆβ”€β–€β–„β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–‘β–„β–€β”€β–ˆβ–‘β–‘β–ˆ

A: visit the Help Center. You'll find information to resolve an issue yourself or learn how to get in touch with our team. Here are some tips to get started: 1.Search the Help Center. We've got lots of help articles, so using search can often be the quickest way to find what you're looking for. 2.Browse help topics to find help: β– Facebook Basics: You'll find articles about getting started, managing your account and using all of Facebook's core features. β– Trouble Using Facebook: If you're having a technical issue, come here to find troubleshooting info. β– Report Abuse or Policy Violations: See something abusive that you want to report? Find out how to do that in this section. β– Safety Center: Read about staying safe online. β– Ads and Business Solutions: Learn how to build a presence for your brand on Facebook. 3.Get help from other people who use Facebook by visiting the Community Forum. 4.Use the games and apps help portal to get help with specific apps that you use. 5.Give us suggestions. We want to hear your feedback about how we can improve Facebook! Facebook Help Center

What's Pudsey hiding under that eye patch... ? by In Sanity...β™₯ Q: http://www.kids-zone.org.uk/assets/images/Pudsey.gif

A: hmmmmmm! maybe the healing medicine ! pudsey is a cute bear, lol ! xx

What is under pudsey's eye patch? by Q:

A: An ear !

What song is used in the background of this video.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/pudsey/ontv/#appeal_video_10 ? by Q: Can anyone help me? Does anyone know what song this is? I'd really like to know?

A: no idea

whats the matter with pudsey bears eye? by callum the 2nd Q: hes had a patch on it for yonks. as long as i can remember. he ought to get something done about it

A: i think he only has the one

Can you still buy Pudsey bears (the teddy ones) in shops? by Sophie Q:

A: Yeah, you can still find them out there.

What kind of dog is Pudsey from BGT ? by Q: I want to know the dog from bgt called Pudsey

where can i get a pudsey bear biscuit cutter from, but not from ebay? by the_ice_princess01 Q:

A: Where I live we have a place called the Jockey Lot and I found a lot of early 1900 cookie and biscuit cutters

What breed is the pudsey the cute talented British dog? by Summer time Q:

A: A mix of Border Collie, Bichon Frise and Chinese Crested

How can I get a free Pudsey Bear? by Alton Towers Addict x Q:

A: There was a free BBC competition recently, i remember finding a flyer at a local shopping centre. It was a colouring in competition.

What was the weather like 29 August 2009 Pudsey Leeds West Yorks? by Q:

A: It was pretty much rain free reaching 16 degress

How can i design a good pudsey poster for school comps? by Sloni A Q: how can i design a good pudsey poster For a competition in school

A: try to look around on this site http://www.google.com/ it's help

Where can I find pudsey bear bags? by 123456 Q: To put your food in like cookies and cakes.

A: http://www.lakeland.co.uk/pudsey-confectionery-bags/F/product/12430

Why does Pudsey Bear wear an eye patch? by Q: He may be conning the nation for a benefit fraud? What is your answer?

A: I thought everyone knew. He has a twin brother and when they were cubs his twin was waving a stick around. Mummy bear says 'stop waving that stick around you'll have someones eye out' next thing ....what dyou know!

What is it like to live in Pagan De Pudsey,UK? by Andi Q: Is Pagan De Pudsey,UK a great place to live? What is its history and were may i find pictures of it? Is it a large place?

A: Doubt there is such a place called Pagan De Pudsey....there is, however, a place called Pudsey which is in Leeds in West Yorkshire.

where can I buy a pudsey keyring for children in need? by Q: I really want to by a pudsey keyring for children in need, but I don't know which shops sell them. Cn people please tell me some UK stores which sell the plush key rings. Thanks

A: try the bbc website

Where can I get a Pudsey Bear Costume? by thoresby_house Q: I live in Nottingham, and really need to get my hands on a decent Pudsey Bear Costume for as little money as possible. Does anybody know anywhere that I could try in the local area? Thanks!

A: I found this shop in Mansfield that has a Pudsey costume for hire, you could gie the a call to see what they charge. Oodles Fancy Dress & Dance Wear Costumes, Jokes & Party Shop Proprietor: Caroline Hogg 176, Chesterfield Road South Mansfield Notts NG19 7EE Telephone: (01623) 629491

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