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LON_tonsoup ima be honest, it is hard to not be #psycho in some situations

light__BRIGHT__ I have 2 Psycho friends. And one silly ass friend. Golllly...

kikzfebba psyche !!! RT @rissastellar: psycho!!!

Manujukken Yvterminas en ksa de psycho

nonazaya Psycho psycho psycho

IN_SPECTAA Special delivery from the psycho ward. Interesting :| pandemonium causing pandemonium kenan yau!!!

x_BiancaRose_x If all ur exs hv bn psycho den I think its 2 do wid U #justsayin

ying_ying_love Or i should announce that i'll marry whoever can find me a job?! Psycho director, give me a work at ACB n i'll marry u immediately!

XxKboySwag415xX @GypsyNerd @iYoyTweetTweet Some Psycho o_O, Lmfao.

itsLorenagr Solo no me voy a dormir por el psycho.

VinnieMac83 http://t.co/ZxT1JH6d I'm an American Psycho, straight up! Luv for @icp & @tweetmesohard

LIZTHEJIZZ RT @Nocturnal_J: Truth is,ill fuck with your thoughts.im psycho like that.

TrisaCiboo psycho banget sih lo!! sumpah takut gw!!

Nocturnal_J Truth is,ill fuck with your thoughts.im psycho like that.

Tammi1913 My frins = psycho


Is there different versions of the American Psycho book? by Paul M Q: I've heard there was some content taken out of the American Psycho book, and I was just trying to find out if I possibly bought the edited version.

A: You may have heard this from someone who has read the book Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis. He describes the process of writing the book, in a very creepy manner, and there are parts that he (the fictional Bret Easton Ellis, protagonist of Lunar Park) edited out himself before submitting it to his publisher. Some of those parts are mimicked (he hopes) by a Pat Bateman impersonator (he hopes) and he has to rush back to his home in California to make sure his original manuscript hasn't been stolen by someone. The version published, supposedly, is not missing anything from the time Ellis said it was ready to be published. A lot of women's rights groups (reactionist morons) said the book was unnecessarily masochistic and should be banned from publishing. But Alfred A. Knopf proved that it was a publisher with some balls and did not back down to the demands of an over reacting minority. The book is a beautiful, poignant satire as well as a stance for freedom of speech. And, thankfully, it is the way the author intended for it to be read.

Are ex girlfriends really psycho or is it because the guy loves the attention? by Carol Ann Q: Sometimes I wonder about these girls who are often referred to as the “psycho” ex. Is it because they are psycho or is it because their ex boy just loves the attention?

A: It could be either way. Some guys really have psycho exes that they have NO interest in. However, the ex boyfriend could like to say that there are psycho exes because he feels like he's wanted by more than just his girlfriend. Look at his personality. Does he like to attract everyone in the room? It's probably the second reason if it's this.

How do we understand what is psycho and what is not? by John A Q: The news today tell us Otty Sanchez is psycho for killing her baby. Were the Maya psycho for cutting out the hearts of human sacrifices? Were the French and British and Americans all pssycho when they burned women at the stake for being witches?

A: Rand said, "cognitive competence [is] the proper standard of health." Cognition requires "Psycho-epistemology[,] the study of man’s cognitive processes from the aspect of the interaction between the conscious mind and the automatic functions of the subconscious." http://aynrandlexicon.com/book/conceptual.html#psychology

What are the origins of the word psychology and psycho? by Jake Q: Also why is the word psycho taken out of the first part of psychology to describe a really crazy person. @ Fourword So if someone is depressed there a psycho from your understanding yes?

A: The word psychology literally means, "study of the soul". The earliest known reference to the word psychology in English was by Steven Blankaart in 1693 in The Physical Dictionary which refers to "Anatomy, which treats of the Body, and Psychology, which treats of the Soul. "Psycho" originated from people saying someone has psychological issues, to just psycho. Kinda obvious..

How can one resolve the conflicts of psycho sexual stage during the phallic phase? ACCORDING TO FREUD STUDY? by Queenly_08 Q: How can one resolve the conflicts of psycho sexual stage during the phallic phase? ACCORDING TO FREUD STUDY? EXPLAIN.

A: it is all BS

How can one resolve the conflicts of psycho sexual stage during the phallic phase? by Queenly_08 Q: How can one resolve the conflicts of psycho sexual stage during the phallic phase?

A: Not sure, are you asking to hold my phallus?

What is the difference between a psycho person and a mad person? by chris walez Q: In simple words. What's the difference between psycho and mad? Some people say that it's same and some argue that it's not same.

A: Well, theyre practically the same thing..."youve gone mad" is basically expressing "youre crazy" as in something is wrong with you and you should try to fix it. Psycho is practically the same thing, the only difference may be that if you call someone psycho it may mean that theyre a little worse off and might be harder to fix...really, its a good question, but its kinda based on opinion, or how you take it...

Is quality an oxymoron with the pocket psycho ? by michel foucault Q: The pocket psycho (office powerpath) will not check that the quality is there. Often the pocket psycho has mucked up the system so that it doesn't work, and is covering up this fact. The pocket psycho has made a career out of other people rescuing the systems he has mucked up. The "effort" of the pocket psycho is devoted purely to spin. By definition all their efforts are worthless.

A: Oxymoron is cruel kindness. I think oxymoron would not be an apt word to describe the quality of the pocket psycho. Kindness disappears totally, when necessity arises for such persons to prevent the other people from knowing their true behaviour May be I am wrong in my assessment; but I strongly believe so.

psycho.....? by Shorty Q: mk so if i dont find some way to do something with my time while im on break and home from school, i will go crazy. FREKAING CRAZY. my car isnt here so i dont really have that much freedom, any ideas other than going and partying cuz im already aware of that one, just need something to do durring the day. good god get me outta here.

A: Any elderly neighbours need shopping? Or a bit of companionship. Can you borrow a family car to go out? It's hard to know what to suggest. No homework or essays to write out? Charity shop help for a week or two?

Psycho?????!!!!!!!!!? by Makara Q: What does psycho actually means ????

A: it is a person who is socially ill. this person is one of the following: stalker rapist creep pervert weirdo murderer person with anger problems etc..

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