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Psychic TV

Cutting it 'Short'
After watching just three episodes, I can predict even without putting on my TV psychic robe that even more people will be offended in this country. And that won't be an easy task. When the dwarf mockumentary series launched on the BBC, a huge number ...

Psychic Walter Mercado to help young Puerto Ricans
The flamboyant psychic said he will auction hundreds of ornate capes he wore during his lengthy TV career that attracted a cult-like following across Latin America to raise money for the Shanti Ananda Foundation. "The Walter of capes is over," he said.

Psychic celebrity Walter Mercado to shed capes, open nonprofit foundation in ...
The flamboyant psychic said he will auction hundreds of ornate capes he wore during his lengthy TV career that attracted a cult-like following across Latin America to raise money for the Shanti Ananda Foundation. “The Walter of capes is over,” he said.

What To Watch On TV On Valentine's Day: Dogs, Dating, Geeks And A Cougar
That's because my psychic friend was at least partially right. I actually have met a true love to spend the evening with, and there's no need to spend a fortune on flowers, candy and lingerie. My love's name is Television, and here are some of the ...

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AbraKaDory [email protected]_crystal: Deek oh @Charley_kahleys on tv lol http://t.co/jyZwmwTg” omg I laughed so much from that thank you lol

Manlydad Why do I even bother watching the local news on tv? Tonight featured an in-depth report on a class to learn psychic skills.

pxyrwmbgku 【楽天市場】[CD] PSYCHIC LOVER/TVアニメ 爆丸バトルブローラーズ ニューヴェストロイア オープニング... http://t.co/BjpO1KNo

JordanaAsh Friday night Psychic TV starts at 11pm on Foxtel and TV4ME then from after midnight on Gem. Ill be hosting and... http://t.co/SzfytmHw

69flossie RT @morningshowon7: Celebrity Psychic @mitchellcoombes performs live psychic readings for three lucky viewers! http://t.co/IPvTCmxt #TMS7

morningshowon7 Celebrity Psychic @mitchellcoombes performs live psychic readings for three lucky viewers! http://t.co/IPvTCmxt #TMS7

TexasAngel74 I think whoever writes the TV Guide should start a psychic hotline. That dude is spot on every time, eerie huh?

Briquifying Psychic TV control as last hope for office-workers.

Forfeh This is the greatest news ever. Psychic TV is coming to my city. YESSSSS

IamKazman there's a 'psychic' on TV. its hilarious listening to it

mayarghh Watched the first 4 American Pie films today then American Pie 2 comes on tv. .. psychic or what?

candynh NIGHT.MUSIC. http://t.co/4Fbcb244 (Psychic TV - I Am Making A Mirror)

zebbiedaddy @GavWilson the TV psychic? That I would like to see!

psychictiff One more reading for today... THEN IT'S ALL ABOUT crap TV, bubbles, popcorn & hittin' the sheets. This psychic is TIIII-RED.

npflashalt #Nowplaying Godstar [Hyperdelic Mix] by Psychic TV from Godstar: The Singles, Pt. 2 was heard by 92 fans of FA!


Why most Psychic that helps on investigation (seen on TV), are women? Are most Psychic women? by roberta10036 Q: Is it true that Psychics are been used by FBI on some of their investigations?

A: yes, it's true. There's a show on CourtTV called Psychic Detectives and it talks about such cases. Well generally women are seen as more intuitive and in touch with themselves, their feelings, and premonitions and intuitions.

very intresting predictions from a psychic i saw on tv, do u have any? by zesty Q: this psychic captured my attention and she predicted Steve Irwin's death among other things, here the predictions, and it would be really scary if any her predictions will be right....if u have any intresting predictions from psychics please share the following is the link for her '07 predictions http://www.nikki-psychictothestars.com/predictions.html

A: Leonardo D'Caprio will be kidnapped???? :)) That was good...I don't believe in this things.

Whatever happened to all those late nite Psychic Hot-line TV shows? Did you ever call? by vickie g Q:

A: Thats funny, you just brought back some late night memories. I can remember some gypsy looking woman saying...."I have the power to change your Life!" I never called ( I thought it was sappy) and they all probobly got exposed as phoneys.

What TV Show was this? about a psychic? by Q: I remember watching reruns on ION about 4+ years ago, it was about a guy who was psychic(?) and every morning he would get the news paper and see the next day's new, so he worked with the police (or someone) to solve the cases before they happened. I think he had a cat. Sorry it's sorta vague, I only remember a little bit, anyone know what show it is? oh, and the episodes were an hour long (well, 40ish minutes) each if that helps

A: I never watched it but I think it may have been called "Early Edition"

Remember a fiction tv show about a group of paranormal psychics? by Time to change my name! Q: A few years ago, there was a show on network TV in the US that had an elderly black man directing a group of paranormal experts... one was a blonde girl that was psychic and could see dead people, one guy was a nutball that everyone would assume was crazy but could follow the "signs"... they used to meet in the old guy's living room, and then help people who needed them. Does anyone remember the name of this show? Thanks in advance

A: I do remember that show, and it still comes on Chiller, which is a channel we have on Direct TV. It is called "The Others". If you go to http://www.chillertv.com and click on 'series' you will find out when it comes on. Enjoy! Night Raven

Am I psychic? I think about sudden phrases of tv shows, movies and songs and then it happens? by cнєєz вυяgєя Q: At first I thought it was all a coincidence but today I said, that's it! This has got to be a little more. It first started when I was kinda young and I used to watch that 70's show and I would think of a funny part of an episode or just a part of it and then when I turned on the tv and I'd watch it they'd show that episode. This happens very frequently. Then it started with music, usually when I had shuffle on my iPod. I would just be thinking of a lyric and it would play on my iPod. Or if I thought of "Just the two of Us" and I'd go to a store and they'd be playing it. Also if I'm in the car and they'd play it on radio. It doesn't happen that often with movies, but If I think of it all of a sudden they usually play it on tv. Today they showed an episode of How I Met Your Mother and I was thinking of the episode when Ted's mother said that she's more down to earth and her ex-husband was up in the clouds. And when I turned on the tv to watch this show, they played that episode. So that's why I'm here. I'm not sure if this is being psychic or just something common? Can I make it stronger? because It gets to get tad annoying and I wish I could get stronger at it somehow to have some use of it. ~NOT THE RIGHT SECTION~

A: Just Wow...

Ive seen some pretty convincing shows on TV about psychic detectives..? by sharky Q: .. do you think it would be worth a try down in the Algarve , it couldnt do any harm?

A: i believe to do everything and anything to find those solders.

aren't there only psychic consultants on tv shows? by Q:

A: No. Apparently there is a whole slew of idiots. They grow like crab grass and fester like a bad fungus infection. I either hit the books to improve myself or I destroy my mind here on Y!A, but TV is out of the question...

HELP ME! :) My name is Nicole. I was recently on the psychic kids tv show in November...? by NIKKI Q: If you have watched my episode you know my situation.. I really hope you can help me with this! I have been out of my parents house for 3 years. I live with my best friend in a really nice apartment for a geat price in a great location. I have a full time job and I work hard. I dropped out of school but I am hoping to get my ged soon. The bills arent getting paid because she is slacking on her responsibilities. What am I supposed to do? Move home with my parents? I feel there is no way out for me and I feel like I am wanted nowhere in the world. I cant afford my own place and my boyfriend is away in the army for a year. Where do I go? What should I do. I have confronted her about this several times but nothing changes. My home life is horrible. And I know I will get in arguments with my parents.. REALLY bad arguments that I cant deal with. Any advice?? :)

A: Hi darling, first of all, I wanted to let you know that my mother was born with the same gift as you, so don't feel like you are not wanted anywhere. I know how difficult it is for people like you to survive in a world that doesn't understand what it is like to be psychic or hounded by energies that very few understand. Secondly, I think you should speak to your landlord/landlady and explain the situation as it is. If they aren't responsive to your plight, then you should probably think about moving out and get another apartment. Make sure that you tell your landlord that you really like where you are and would love to stay. Landlords always prefer to do business with people they know and trust (and who pay on time). Toni xx

It's so frustrating to see these "psychic" kids on TV!!!? by Pairah Normel Q: This one girl obviously has schizophrenia!!! She hears voices and everything, It's driving me nuts, these kids need help and not a friggin TV show about their "abilities!!" Anyone else feel this way about it?

A: they take advantage of these kids. some are just loners with a mental illness.

What Public Access Tv channels are there in the UK? by Captain Birdseye Q: What Public Access Tv channels are there in the UK? Are there any that are free to stream online too? Such as here: http://www.psychic-tv.com/live-stream

A: The only thing similar are tv channels for UK football teams. EG - MUTV(Manchester United) and Chelsea tv but they are not free to stream online. We do have live talk shows. We have one called GMTV which is a breakfast talk show and we have one called This Morning which is on from 10am- about 12pm Monday-Friday

Is the TV show, "America's Psychic Challenge", authentic? by Jerry Q: I watched psychic, Michelle Whitedove, win on "America's Psychic Challenge". I cannot believe this was authentic unless psychic powers really do exist. She located the exact car out of 30 possibilities that contained a man in the trunk. And, she located the exact spot that a man was buried underground in a 10 acre search area. She pinpointed it exactly. If the show is not rigged, she is the real deal.

A: I believe that there are a lot of fakes and charlatans out there that merely claim to be clairvoyant. I didn't watch that series though meant to :) but saw a rerun of Nancy Grace last night where she had on a 'psychic detective' who actually helps detectives and law enforcement to solve murders. She pinpointed who murdered a woman's sister and exactly where the perpetrator lived (the floor above the woman that was tragically murdered). Eerie and perhaps rare, but I think that some people are actually gifted.

Should these TV Psychics be banned fromour airways because the may influence the thinking of vulnerable people? by Q: I mean I know its suppose to be considered as entertainment but the only type of people who would watch it consistently are the type of people who would believe in such nonsense. Should our broadcasters be supporting mumbo jumbo.

A: No it shouldnt be banned, if you ban that you might as well ban everything! as there is always going to be vulnerable people and things that influence them! so go on ban religious channels, all films, all kinds of violence, all comedy etc etc!

When will the psychic Sylvia Brown be on Montel William's TV show and other TV shows? by celtpal Q: When will the psychic Sylvia Brown be on Montel William's TV show and other TV shows?

A: montel is retiring so Sylvia wont be back, but she is at the Excalibur in Vegas...........

Do you think Chip Coffey on the"Paranormal State" tv program is truly psychic or an actor?why or why not? by fancypantsy Q:

A: Hmmm I think he is, but if he isn't oh well doesn't matter, he's entertaining- funny as hell! I love him!

like the personal psychic on tv ? by really good Q: that like you txt , ask a question and like it gives you an answer, like is that a scam

A: Hello That would depend on the company you tx. I know psychic's who work on such lines & they are genuine. Like all areas of life you get the real deal & fakes. You just have to use your own common sense & intuition. Sadhara * see profile *

Psychic kids - opinions - American TV show? by asimenia Q: I have been watching online the 'Psychic Kids' show which is aired on AE American tv. I have always been interested in paranormal behaviour - even at a very young age. What intrigues me about this show is 1. Why do most have only one parent? Divorced? Which would definitely add to an active imagination. 2. How do these kids end up with such an advanced use of words? My kids are the same age and would not be able to describe feelings and being with such 'adult' words. 3. Why does the guy 'Chip' use a scary method to help them? 4. How much is entertainment and how much do you think is reality? 5. Does anyone have any links to blogs by any of these kids? 6. Coffey says on his blog that one of the kids has become a 'internet sensation' in other words lots have been said about one particular kid - which one? 7. Is it over imagination fueled by comments by Chip? 8. In one episode the camera man gets scared - any more info on that? Thanks - Over to the Y/A know alls! The Hippy ..... sense!

A: I have not watched this show or know anything about it, but what I can tell you is this: a. kids do have a more open mind to telepathy etc., although I don't think they know how to use it. So I don't rule out the possibility that a child has the power to sense some things from time to time, but I doubt they would be able to turn that into a real show. b. Americans have a big inclination to paranormal activities (see series like Bewitched, X files, etc.), which in my opinion is wrong because they go away from rational thinking and become superstitious. In this framework belong these shows like the one you mention, which I believe are scams to gain money from having a big TV audience. c. I think it is wrong to use children in such a show. They have a big imagination, as you said, and I am sure this kind of things would affect their psychology in a bad way.

I want a reading from a real Psychic, like the ones who work with the police on court tv? by "Angel" Q: How could I get a reading from a real Psychic, like the ones who work with the police on court tv? a real Psychic, like the ones who work with the police ? One who is verified & can find missing persons with police ect.?? Not some fake who works out of their houses. Does anyone know if the ones from t.v. do private or phone readings? Some of the shows, show them speaking over the phone to missing persons families ect. I dont have a missing person I just want a real reading. SERIOUS answers only plz.

A: Real psychics don't offer their services to the public. (don't ask why)

the psychic lady who has her own tv show and radio show? by Q: whats her name, like she has her own radio show where people call her and ask questions? i remember i saw the show she has like two sons and a daughter? anybody no who she is?

A: I think you're talking about Mary Knows Best.

Anybody know the name of that blonde psychic mom on TV? by Q:

What's the tv show about a psychic solving crime? by Velvet Q: I watched it a few years back and would like to know what it is again. I only know the whole idea of the story. It's about this psychic detective who "sees" what happens when he touches the crime scene area. And that's how he usually solves his cases. Thanks! If you need more details, please do. :) Hmm... thanks for the answers but this show is a guy touching the crime scene and he'll actually see the events of the crime. I don't think it's a current series. Yeah! It's Dead Zone. Thanks! :)

A: Psych - He's not a real psychic,he just pretends to be one,he uses evidence and small details to solve a crime. Medium - Allison is a psychic,actually she sometimes sees the victims,or she sees a crime in a dream.But her dreams are not exactly as they seem,her three daughters are also psychics.Her oldest daughter dreamed about a kidnapped girl once.And her middle kid dreamed of a murder in cartoon form.

Where can I watch episodes of the Tru-TV show "The Psychic Detective" online for free? by juliettemoore2000 Q:

A: go to their website, at the link below

Spanish tv host/psychic that was on Telemundo? by R C Q: Does anyone remember a tv host (I think he/she was a psychic) that used to be on Telemundo back in the 80's/90's? He/she used to dress in all white clothing, had white hair, and wore a white cape. I can't remember the name and it's driving me nuts. Thanks. OMG! Yes! Thank you so much! It is Walter Mercado. I was a young child when he was on, and never knew if he was a man or woman. But I was fascinated with him even though I didn't know Spanish. Thanks again! :)

A: I think ur talking about Walter Mercado. And its a dude.

Does anyone remember Psychic TV? by bluesummers76 Q:

A: Psychic TV were awesome. Great electronic-industrial on Wax Trax! records.

Who remembers the name of the TV program about psychic kids? by clcalifornia Q:

A: If You Are Talking About The Show On A&E It Was Called "Psychic Kids:Children Of The Paranormal"

Do you think paranormal TV shows uncover anything paranormal? by goo_head_83 Q: How accurate are the ghost hunting and psychic TV shows? Which one do you think is the best at paranormal investigation? Which one do you think is awful?

A: You never know how accurate ghost hunting shows are because you're not there with them. Most of the time, they never catch anything paranormal and the only thing caught on camera is someone saying "Did you see that?" or "I heard something." So I never know what to believe. But I still like watching them. My favorite one to watch is 'Most Haunted' or 'Ghost Hunters.' Right now, I can't really think of an awful one.

There is an American detective tv show and the detective is a psychic / medium and he communes with a ghost ? by Q: Does anyone know what it's called?

A: Don't know of any offhand where the detective ACTUALLY does...there's Psych, where the detective sometimes PRETENDS to...

I'm looking for TV shows/movies featuring a couple where one half of that couple is psychic? by Anna Q: In particular, I'd like to see how the mind reading affects the initial stages of the couple getting together. Can anyone recommend anything?

A: Plot summary for "The Girl with Something Extra" (1973) More at IMDbPro » advertisement Sally and John Burton were normal but cute newlyweds attempting to begin a quiet new life together. The only problem was that Sally was "blessed" with powers of ESP. Her skills at mind-reading got her and John into plenty of wacky situations. Written by Marty McKee [email protected]} 9) Zohra Lampert... Anne (22 episodes, 1973-1974) John Davidson... John Burton (22 episodes, 1973-1974) Jack Sheldon... Jerry Burton (22 episodes, 1973-1974) Sally Field... Sally Burton (21 episodes, 1973-1974) Stephanie Edwards... Angela (10 episodes, 1973-1974) Plot summary for "Nanny and the Professor" (1970) More at IMDbPro » advertisement With a single father and a Mary Poppins-like nanny, how could you go wrong? Nanny brought her psychic brand of magic to families all over the country. There was even a bit of a musical jingling sound each time Nannie's psychic powers were at work. Written by TR After his three children have run off several housekeepers, English professor Harold Everett is nearly at the end of his rope until an English nanny by the name of Phoebe Phigalilly arrives at his doorstep. It soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary housekeeper as strange things begin to happen whenever the kids get a little out of hand and soon she becomes not just a housekeeper, but a surrogate mother to the three rambunctious kids. Written by Brian Washington [email protected]} Juliet Mills ... Nanny (54 episodes, 1970-1971) Richard Long... Professor Everett (54 episodes, 1970-1971)

What's the name of the US TV comedy about a man who pretends he is psychic and solves crime for the police? by Degrassi Original Q: It debuted in the US I think 1 or 2 years ago.

A: Yeah! That's Psych and it is hilarious!!

Does anyone know the name of a male psychic that advertises on tv commercials that looks just like a woman? by Q:

A: Chris Crocker? No lie, he's into Astrology and Psychics too.

what happened to pet psychic on tv? by purple cow Q: Is it discontinued?

A: It's being replaced by "The Tree Psychic"....and it's just a real !!!!! Oh....that's funny....

I saw a TV program about a psychic or something? by Q: It was this TV program about this guy who was really good at reading other peoples body language, I think it was. For example, he could tell what ringtone belonged to which person in a group, or he could tell what random word a person would pick from a book. It was pretty interesting, but I don't remember the man's name. Do you have any idea?

A: Could it be Chris Angel? He's a pretty good magician and does all sorts of crazy stuff!

Psychic Detectives on tv. How it works? by mrhonest Q: I am from New Zealand. We have a tv show here called sensing murder. In the show psychics are used to solve murders. At the start of each episode the shows host claims that the psychics have been given no information about the case and the the police will be watching them closely. Some how the psychic always seems to name all the people involved in the murder and also locate where it happened. How do they do this? Is the show all scripted? Some of the police detectives involved in the show are actual detectives from real places. Surely you can't pay a police officer to lie on television?

A: you can pay a retd. police officer. and there is no law stating that police officer cant lie on tv

Im looking for the Reality TV series 'Psychic Private Eyes'? by Suck Doll Q: Can anyone tell me where I can download the 'Psychic Private Eyes' series shown on Zone Reality TV Channel? Thank you!

A: Why don't you try Youtube.com, they have about any video in that website.

does anyone watch a haunting on discovery channel or psychic detectives on court tv? by claire051966 Q: I believ there are a FEW people who really do have a psychic abilities, but there are still alot of skeptics around but I think one day they will be taken more seriuosly...

A: Yes. I love to watch Hauntings & Ghost Hunters. I'm glad to see that there are others out there who watch these things. My friends think I'm nuts for watching them.

Can you name this movie and help bust TV psychic Sylvia Browne? by HoundDog Q: On a recent Montel Williams show TV psychic Sylvia Browne claimed this still shows a REAL ghost. Can you help identify the movie and help expose her as a fraud. Link to the still: http://www.stopsylviabrowne.com/misc/images/montel20080116_ghost.bmp

A: Looks like "The Devil's Backbone" (2001). It's a Spanish movie, so not a big audience in the USA. Here is a picture and the kid looks just like the one in your link: http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B000066C6I.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg And of course she's a fraud if she calls herself a psychic!

i herd on tv from that psychic women sylvia brown that in the year 2012 were are going to encounter aliens ? by terronmiles63 Q: i think it was on that one Montel show. a girl asked wen we would be encountering aliens and sylvia brown said that they will actually land their ship here on earth in the year 2012. but i cant remember if she said they were going to attack us or not.

A: What's your real question?

I recently saw a TV show that was about a Psychic who claims to be in contact with Ronald Defao? by Maggie W. Q: This Psychic says that she works for the police and has been psychically contacted by the very ill prisoner who has claimed to be possessed by demons and killed his family in Amityville in the early 70's. Does anyone know what channel this show was on and if I can find another broadcast? He is not dead but is very ill and is on his way out. Or so he said on this show. I just heard it for a few minutes and had other things to do.

A: Have you tried you tube..and I didn't know he was dead. is he dead?. I want to know too I have had some interest in that terrible tragedy..I have always wanted to know how De'feo got possessed or if he really was. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2yec5OE9w8&feature=related

Www.psychic-tv.com has anyone contacted the show? by Q: www.psychic-tv.com has anyone contacted the show? I'm watching it now it seems good!

A: I've tried contacting it with my mind. Nothing happened.

I would like to have a complete set of past episodes of the Tru TV show - Psychic Detectives. ? by juliettemoore2000 Q: The network used to be called CourtTV and they changed it to TRU TV. I know Phil Jordan who is one of the prominently featured psychics. He is a wonderful person. I will ask him if he can provide me with copies if I can't get help here. Thanks for any help you can offer.

A: I would go online and look up CourtTV first, as they may not have sold the rights of the past seasons to TruTV. If that doesn't pan out try TruTV.

What do you think of the new commercial on tv by a psychic? by Deenie Q: It's called "Psychic Source". I just saw it and was surprised. $10 for 10 minutes.. WOW. http://www.psychicsource.com/ Do you think this is legit? Loraine.. Just click on the link..it's about the same thing only the commercial is shorter.

A: TOTALLY BOGUS!! pyscici abilities are a gift to be shared to help others, not profited from, i wouldnt trust anyone who asked for a dime, fakers and frauds that make those of us who r real look bad, shame on them

Discovering a specific Movie/tv show about a Psychic? by Q: I've been looking for this thing for forever. It's about a girl who gains psychic powers (to see the future etc.) during her prom night or something. However all the voices and extra powers drive her crazy for about 5-10 ish years. One day something happens, and she's taken out of the asylum. Then she starts helping the police with some sort of serial criminal investigation. If anyone knows of it please help!

A: Thoughtcrimes (2003) Freya McAllister suddenly starts hearing voices in her head on the night of her High School Prom. From then on her future ends and she is diagnosed as a violent schizophrenic and committed to a mental hospital where she spends the next eight years of her life in mental madness. One night Dr Michael Welles arrives telling Freya that she isn't crazy but that her voices are the thoughts of everyone around her. He teaches her to turn her telepathic powers into a powerful gift. What he doesn't say is that he works for the National Security Agency.

What is the name of that medium/psychic that had the tv show? by Steph Q: She had short hair that was colored and she was pear shaped and had an accent. I think she had a tv show on TLC or something like that...

A: her name is : Lisa Williams http://www.mylifetime.com/on-tv/shows/lisa-williams/video/season-2/extras/meet-lisa-williams/1641837627/1614612252 have fun :)

What's it really like on those psychic TV shows with live audiences? by Q:

A: A friend of mine went on the John Edmonds show a few years ago. She had to sign a waiver before hand saying she wouldn't talk about anything that didn't show up on TV (obviously, she didn't stick to it). She said the taping took about 6 hours, only the best half hour of it showed up on TV. Overall, she said that the 'psychic' got almost everything wrong, but they edited that all out for the TV show. She came out a skeptic.

Do you think John Edwards is a phony, you know the psychic on tv? by Q: How does he get people to believe in him.? How does he live himself as a mass scam artist, or does he actually believe that hes talking to dead people?

A: i don't think he is fake but i think anything on tv is edited for entertainment. even reality shows only show a small portion of what really occurs.

Does anyone else watch TV Psychic shows and wonder what is on the other side? by Q: :D "other side" it what was on the other tv stations "other side" it what was on the other tv stations

What is the name of the other psychic kids TV show? by yecalrae Q: There is a TV show similar to Psychic Kids, but it is titled something different. The concept of the show is the same as Psychic Kids and the featured mentor is actually a younger guy who is also a well known psychic. He mentors them into using their abilities for good, such as helping solve unsolved mysteries. Unfortunately I do not remember what station the show is featured on. Any of you have an idea of the show? No, not that one.

A: Are you talking about Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. Starring Chip Whatshisname?

ANYONE BEEN AN AUDIENCE MEMBER ON A PSYCHIC TV SHOW? by Q: Did they allow your own video equipment? Did you sign any kind of agreement and if so, what were the terms? How would you rate your experience with the psychic. How long ago did you participate? Thanks for your input. :) I don't believe in psychics whatsoever. I'm trying to provide 'the untold stories' to those that do believe in them so they can see the truth. But all I find on the internet are testimonials provided by the psychic sites which are obviously going to only provide the favorable ones.

A: Don't bother looking into this at all, psychics are clearly frauds and only gullible idiots believe them.

What happened to all those psychic TV commercials? by Q: I never see any anymore, but anyone who lived through the 90's knew they were rampant and omnipresent. See this link for example. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtvPd9MSCvs At what point did the general public just start to lose total interest in them? I had wanted to call one once that gave you a free hour, not because I believed in them, but for entertainment purposes. I suppose readings are still around, you just have to look for them now. They don't shove them in your face on tv anymore.

A: Miss Cleo got a full time job as a greeter at Wal-mart.

Is there a psychic or medium reality tv show? by Q: I got my first tv cable in years, a few months ago. Since then, I have been searching psychic reality tv show but found none. I am fascinated in tv shows involving with spirit experts contacting dead loved ones or experts who claim to have gifts of seeing and communicating with angels. If you know one such show that is good, please drop me a line. Thanks.

A: yes its on tlc its called long island medium .if my memory serves.

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