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PSE&G storm update -October 30, 2012 at 12 am
Outages: PSE&G is reporting more than 1 million customers are without power due to the extreme wind and excessive flooding created by the storm surge, which affected a large number of substations in Essex, Hudson and Middlesex counties. PSE&G has ...

UPDATE 2-Sandy likely to shut at least two NJ nuclear reactors
PSEG Salem and Hope Creek reactors likely to shut * Reactors in Pennsylvania and Maryland could shut By Scott DiSavino Oct 29 (Reuters) - At least two major New Jersey nuclear power plants are likely to shut on Monday as Hurricane Sandy makes ...

PSEG CEO: Recovery Slow and Painstaking Process
Login. Welcome,. Profile; Logout. You're watching... PSEG CEO: Recovery Slow and Painstaking Process. Advertisement. Details. Description. PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo on the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Duration 2:47; Date Oct 30, 2012. Advertisement. Clips ...

PSE&G won't be in Montclair until Friday, township officials say
PSE&G crews will not be arriving in Montclair until Friday at the earliest to remove trees from the streets and restore power, Montclair Mayor Robert Jackson and Deputy Mayor Robert Russo told The Montclair Times. Following an afternoon conference call ...

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RABPublicity Do you have an estimate? "@PSEGNews: Why is everyone being told power won’t be back until November 5th? http://t.co/lguXWCPA"

adchimes @PSEGdelivers I live in Wayne, NJ. It has stopped raining since morning and I saw PSEG crews in the area. Any Location specific updates ?

RABPublicity Downtown Jersey City is out of power "@PSEGNews: Please report all outages by calling 800-436-7734 or online at http://t.co/mUlcFt1b"

SpeedyShady RT @PSEGNews: PSE&G storm update – Oct. 30, 2012 at 12:30 p.m. http://t.co/DrmBGGlN

SpeedyShady RT @PSEGNews: Why is everyone being told power won’t be back until November 5th? http://t.co/wQxEGVy4

lihle_z @StyleGoneGugu Ya, I hear Hoboken is still under water. PSEG is talking about they may only be able to restore power to everyone by the 5th.

RecordPA RT @heatherhaddon: UPDATE: PSEG reports power returned to nearly all of Newark, Newark airport and Elizabeth today. Turns to Jersey City next #sandy

SouthMumbaiGal @PSEGdelivers I'd love to get a response!Will pseg inform us on when power will b back in south plainfield nj?? Been 24 hours now :(

KatieColaneri RT @heatherhaddon: UPDATE: PSEG reports power returned to nearly all of Newark, Newark airport and Elizabeth today. Turns to Jersey City next #sandy

Chey730 @BinitaSheth that's what PSEG said hopefully that's the longest you know & it comes on before

heatherhaddon UPDATE: PSEG reports power returned to nearly all of Newark, Newark airport and Elizabeth today. Turns to Jersey City next #sandy

adamcancryn Ten of the 14 N.J. counties serviced by PSE&G have more than 10,000 customer outages: http://t.co/kmkZhgIH #Sandy

Cristal002 RT @CityofNewarkNJ: Happy to hear that. RT @therealahmad: Lights are back on now after only 21 hrs thanks @CoryBooker @CityofNewarkNJ @pseg

Danilosdacosta RT @ITSMRHOODSTAR: Pseg saying Newark, and jersey city power to be back up in a few! 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌


I need advice! moving out a good idea? by Maria Q: My bf and I have lived together for a year now. In the beginning things were ok but the past couple month money has been very tight. We dont have a savings and cannot afford to save. I;m falling behind on my bills and even though i don't want to I know it would be best to move back in with my parents for a little while to back on my feet. I have lived on my since I was 18. I'm 23 now. He has never lived on his own only with me. He pay's the rent and PSEG(which is now a few months past due) I pay all the bills which includes OUR car insurance and BOTH of our cell phones. among other things like TV internet... and my student loans and debt im trying to pay off. He thinks we can make it work here but I know that if we stay we are just going to be broke all the time. We are stuck in this situation. We want a cheaper place but we cannot afford to move. I'm waiting until we get back from visiting his family in florida to tell him im going to move back with my parents. (he has been looking forward to this for months and I dont want to ruin it for him.) This would mean he moves back with his dad because he does not want to live with my parents, even though my parents have already offered for both of us to move in. I think it would be good for him to work on him getting his OWN place by himself. So he can see what it is like to really live on his own and be independent. I don't think he gets that since we live together.... I dont know what to do. This is driving me crazy i just want to talk to him about it but I dont want to before our vacation... i dont want to ruin it for him.... what do you guys think? Thought I should mention. He has a large family a good support system. I think the reason he isn't as stress as I am is because his father always helps him out of finacial binds. My parents are on social security and cannot afford to help me out money wise. They can let me stay with them which is great but i dont have a family that can lend me money when i need it. I have always relied only on myself when it comes to money because that's the only option i have. He has a father that can help him if he really needs it. I thinks thats why he does not understand why i am so stressed out. and yes we have talked about that and he knows but still does not understand.

A: First thought after reading this...you're very independent and he's a dependent...even thought he's paying something. You're working and struggling to make things work. While on the other hand, he's never (just from this read) had to struggle or move out on his own...there's always a backup from somewhere. But you are extremely considerate in not wanting to talk to him about going out on his own until at the party...I hope isn't too far in the future. And I think that no matter how you lay it all out in front of him, he's not to come to the same conclusion. But in order for him to understand...I think you need to be packed up completely so that when you do decide to have that talk...all you do is hand him the keys or take his keys to give to the landlord...a finality to the living situation on one move. And lastly...don't think of moving back with your parents as a setback. Look at it as a "reset" or a "do over". This bad economy has unintentionally brought families back together...to work things out as one team. You've got a good nugget on those shoulders. Keep working at it...it will get better...with or without your boyfriend's dependency issues.

Do you think that I am spending to much money living on my own? by Did I do That! Urkel Rocks! Q: Here is a break down of my monthly income and my expenses. Monthy Income: $1800.00 Monthly Expenses: -Rent: $875.00 -Cable: $100.00 -PSEG: $120.00 -Cell Phone: $90.00 -Car Insurance: 110.00 - Total: $1295.00 This is not including gas and food, I also want to save 43 bucks from my check every other week..I go to school full time as well....do you think that I would be able to make it financially knowing that .71% of my income goes to expenses alone? sorry, i forgot to add that i do have a roommate, this is my share of the bills Sorry, I am 24 I live in Northern NJ, and I do live in a condo, it is closer to my classes and my job..i go to rutgers.... also to add..my car is paid for....no car note here..but i still have gas and food...

A: yeah, lol you are slaving for stuff you don't even need since you are at work slaving for it! With all that you could be paying for a mortgage for your own apartment. So your roommate pays half the internet bill? I pay $20 monthly for an unlimited connection, what have you got? I watch any movie I want via the net so I don't pay that -Cable: $100.00. My phone is $10 a month and I get unlimited calls to all other vodaphone and land lines but I never even use the phone at all, no chatter box here :) Not sure what a -PSEG: $120.00 is but I don't have one.. and my insurance is $400 yearly but then it's liability only and people say I am crazy as my car's a 40 years old lambo worth $60k, to me it's them being idiots. They will die of old age before I damage it through my own fault. Anyway yeah you are just working for nothing, or very little. I can't see how you are getting your worth out of all that money. If you are a full time student, where do you find the time to chat $90 each month or watch the -Cable: $100.00. Dude you are mad. BUT I respect your choices! Hahaha go for it. In fact you could also buy a wooden Buddha for $200 a month for 6 months and also a $1500 air rifle. Hey, why not :)

What should i do help please? by Crystal Q: I am 13 my mom just told my the PSEG or someone like that said they were going to turn off the electric and water bill I don't kow what to do I look older I was highly considering become a prostitute (even though that sounds extreamly wrong) I thought about babby sitting (but with school and everything i dont know) i'm a total idiot and i'm not even in highschool so i didnt know what to do what should i do? i don't really believe in god so i cant "pray" to him

A: If you are really worried about your health and safety, call Health & Human Services and ask for help. They will not allow a 13-year-old to stay in a place with no heat or water. Your parents need to take care of these basics, it's not your responsibility. Babysitting is preferable to prostitution. Good luck. .

i think my landlord is stealing my electricity? by Sam D Q: I recently moved into my apt on February 12th. Pseg came on the 19th to do a meter reading but could not get to the meters in the basement so they estimated my reading. I recieved a bill for 900 dollars for 6 days! I finally got in touch with my landlord who let me in there basement to write down the actual reading. I called pseg today with the reading and they said my bill is still 600.00 for 6 days. I have never paid more then 100 dollars for my bill since i got pseg 4 years ago. All my utilities are included in my lease (heat, hot water, and gas). All i pay for is my electric. Since moving in i have found out that before i moved in they landlords added an extension to there home. Also when i went down to check the meter i discoved that they have a finished basement where there daughter sleeps. Lastly when i first moved in the verizon guy told me that he needed to get into a locked room down stairs because thats where my phone jack was leading and he needed to figure out why it was not working. I asked the landlord and she told me that she didnt have the key to the room and that he could not go inside so i had to get a new jack. I know there is something shady going on as there is no way that i could have used that much electricity in just 6 days. but still what could she be using downstairs that would cause the bill to go that high? i thought maybe she could have a hot tub or something that she is running off my meter or maybe her home extension? What should i do? i cant pay this crazy high bill every month. I also cannot just move because i signed a year lease. i am really upset and am looking for any advice as to what you think could be going on here. thanks alot

A: Set up an appointment for a meeting with you, your landlord and pseg. Go to the circuit breaker box and open the main circuit breaker for your apartment to sut off all power. Now go to the meter that is supposed to be measuring just your power consumption and see if it is still spinning. That will prove that the meter is measuring more than just your apartment usage. If that is the case, then your landlord must correct the problem or compensate you.

My dog got killed by a car (so sad)? by woowie999 Q: I feel like I need to talk to someone about this or get out my story. I moved into my new house, with a back yard sept 28. It was a pet friendly place, which I was so happy to find. My husband, son and i had been living in an apartment for a year previously to the move and the place we lived at was not dog friendly, so we bascially hid her, which no one knew but the super. Well when we moved, the next day the electricity went out, and I had just called pseg a few hrs before that happen, to tell them we moved ect. When that happened I was back on the phone with them, pushing them to come that same day, as I have a son who needs his milk to be fresh. They told me to exspect the guy from 4-12pm, not knowing if i had to sign anything, I was at home anyways. Well around 5:45pm the lights went on and as I was just about to change a diaper the door bell rang. I went rush to the door, yelling just a min and tried looking out the window, but we had so many boxes all over the things. As I went to open the first door and then went to pull it behind me to open the next one, I noticed my dog had snuck out as i was opening the doors. By seconds she was already on the porch and so was I standing like an idiot confused why the pseg was accross the street already at his van. As I was holding my baby I tried coaching my becky back inside, but the moment the pseg guy yelled "is everything working" she ran, she ran right across the street, which wasnt so far. ANd my street is not a busy street I live right behind a school. I watched a huge toyota pick up truck run over my baby girl. She didn't even cry, it happend so fast.She froze, not even half way into the street. Its a small narrow two way road. She died instantly, i couldnt even go to the road to pick her up and hold her, the pseg guy carried her to the porch for me, i had my son in my arms. I felt so frozen my self, it took a few moments for it to hit me, that my dog got run over and was dead. This happened 2 days after we moved, for her and 3 days before my son and grandfather's birthday. My becky also shared the same birthday as my grandma, which was special. Because here I had my two kids, each with my grandparents birthdays. I feel so cheated out of my best friend. That was my only friend, I have no friends in nj. Its been a month. I keep crying and thinking about her.I feel like I murder her. Why i didnt take a couple seconds and use my other hand to grab her i dont know. I know when sometimes i try to grab her she runs from me. why i didn't just answer the door i dont know, or why i didnt make sure she was in the house, or why i didnt use the baby gate. I feel like im the one who murder her, not the guy who ran over her. I know it was an accident, but it shouldn't have happened. I love her and so badly I want her to know. she was soooo sweet and happy and only 2 1/2 years old. im crying right now, i cant help it, because it hurts. i feel like no one understands to watch your pet die infront of you and your son. My son loved her just as much.

A: Fate moves in a cruel way, I'm sorry for your loss, it must be really hard on you especially since you've moved to a new area. Cuddle your son and hold him tight and don't think of the bad times, just try any think of the good times.

Depressed.......? by Rumple Q: Im a freshman in college, I live with my single mother. My sister is graduating from Syracuse this year. My father doesnt or should I say rarely sends money for help. We just got a bill from pseg and its sooooooo high. My mom began to cry and I feel soooo bad and i get depressed about it because she's such a nice person and I know that it's hard for her- my father basically ruined her life. Ugh he's such a dirtbag. Pray for me that we hit the lotto tonight please.

A: It is wonderful of you to care so much for your Mom, but realize that more money isn't always the solution; she may be depressed herself, and perhaps could use counseling (as might you). Your college might offer an informal, confidential counseling service where you could get ideas where to turn for emotional and financial help. (I know for a fact that SU offers that service). The best thing you can do for your Mom is tell her how much she means to you and how you appreciate all her sacrifices on your behalf.

IS walmart a Monopoly? Tired of seeing this asked.? by lord A Q: Here are the facts about Walmart. I've seen this asked / assumed way too many times. Walmart is NOT a monopoly, but infact a GREAT company. I Love it! http://thelibertarianforum.com/General/I-love-walmart-great-company.html Want to see REAL monopolies? PSEG/Post office. Those are GOVERNMENT protected monopolies. http://thelibertarianforum.com/General/Government-Protected-Monopolies-need-to-go.html

A: I work for Walmart and love it. I have great insurance. I don't get why people say it sucks. A few years back I had major health complications. I ended up with about 10% of the cost I would have had to pay without them. The people that believe Walmart is a bad company are those that have listened to too much hearsay information from sources that don't know what they're talking about. Either that, or a disgruntled former employee that slacked off on the job and doesn't understand you can't keep a job that way. But yeah, if Walmart is such a monopoly, why am I still able to shop at Target, Shopko, Kmart, Sears, Kroger, Rainbow, not to mention all the region-specific competitors.

Should my wife pay half the bills? by senrock29 Q: Hey me and my wife are having some marital problems and now my job is a little slow and i cant pay for everything anymore.I spoke to her and she freaked out saying i do help she pays the pseg bill and the cable i said thats not enough.S am i wrong for asking for help oh and by the way i paid 5,000 for her to go to school to make the money she does now what should i do? she has her own savings account she is very selfish

A: ok, it sort of seems like you set the standard here by paying for everything so far. Bills should be split equally. If one person makes significantly more than the other than it should be proportional but you should never have been footing most of the bills in the first place. It's time you sit her down for a chat and work out what is fair.

can I chose my electic company? by learning Q: I live in nj and have pseg can i chose another co. if their are any

A: Yes, the only thing to look at is weather you have to pay to get out of the contract you are in.

I got a 1$1111 bill on eletricity? by SHAMAAS Q: I just got my statement from PSEG, and for gass they charged 195 which is okay but for electric they chared 915 dollars. I never even used electicity that much. The mosy I got was like 300 dollars but 1000 wtf. What should I do?

A: 1. Read the meter yourself to see if the number on the bill makes sense. 2. Have the electric company check to see if the meter is bad. 3. Have the electric company do an energy audit of your home. Could be a lot of things causing this. 4. It may be that you were on "average" billing and when it was time to settle up at the end of the year, you used more electricity during the last year than the previous year.

thanks for the answers to my prev. question. i have a noisy bath? by vinny Q: ceiling exhaust fan. 2. my water heater has a opening near the bottom where there is a "rod like tube"inserted. there is a small spot seems like 'melted in heat' but again is working fine. didnot find the spot to be going large. pseg guy said it is unusual, but he can't fix it but only replace it. can i paint it to hide or just leave it. do i have to fix these 2 before my home inspection as a seller?thanks

whats it mean when i type in my stock letters and they dont show up?? by cee Q: the company [pseg] was up like 60 percent from 0.43 to .63 then all of a sudden i look for it and its GONE! what happend i dont understand how a stock can just dissapear over night?? can that happen with a stock that is trading at 10 dollars??

A: it means you are in big trouble you must have gotten scammed be more careful in the future

i want to rent a townhome from a private landlord. i'm new to renting from private landlord.? by vinny Q: my questions before entering the lease is 1. the renting agent says i'm responsible for the first 100$ of any maintenence call like plumbing etc. is this reasonable or should i negotiate? 2. who should pay for the pseg worry free contract, landlord or we? what can we negotiate and what has to be in writing before signing the lease?

A: 1. You can always try to negotiate, but if those are the terms they insist on you will have to agree or rent elsewhere. The $100 is to prevent you from calling out a handyman for something you should do yourself, like unclogging the toilet. 2. I had to look up pseg worry free, but it seems to be a repair warranty for appliances. So whoever owns the appliances should pay for it. If you don't like the terms of the lease, of course ask to negotiate, or find somewhere else to rent.

affects of a gas leak from the stove? by Melissa Castro Q: I called pseg because I smelled a strong gas odor coming from the stove. They came and cut off the service until it gets fixed. I have had occasional headaches wondering what was the reason for these frequent symptoms.. Are there any other symptoms I should be aware of? are they long term?

A: Toxicity Hydrogen sulfide is considered a broad-spectrum poison, meaning that it can poison several different systems in the body, although the nervous system is most affected. The toxicity of H2S is comparable with that of hydrogen cyanide. It forms a complex bond with iron in the mitochondrial cytochrome enzymes, thus preventing cellular respiration. Since hydrogen sulfide occurs naturally in the body, the environment and the gut, enzymes exist in the body capable of detoxifying it by oxidation to (harmless) sulfate.[8] Hence, low levels of hydrogen sulfide may be tolerated indefinitely. At some threshold level, believed to average around 300–350 ppm, the oxidative enzymes become overwhelmed. Many personal safety gas detectors, such as those used by utility, sewage and petrochemical workers, are set to alarm at as low as 5 to 10 ppm and to go into high alarm at 15 ppm. An interesting diagnostic clue of extreme poisoning by H2S is the discoloration of copper coins in the pockets of the victim. Treatment involves immediate inhalation of amyl nitrite, injections of sodium nitrite, inhalation of pure oxygen, administration of bronchodilators to overcome eventual bronchospasm, and in some cases hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO). HBO therapy has anecdotal support and remains controversial.[9][10][11] Exposure to lower concentrations can result in eye irritation, a sore throat and cough, nausea, shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs. These effects are believed to be due to the fact that hydrogen sulfide combines with alkali present in moist surface tissues to form sodium sulfide, a caustic.[12] These symptoms usually go away in a few weeks.

How to Dial Toll Free Numbers With Characters ? by senthilvka Q: I would like to know how we can toll free number like 1-800-home , 1-866-pseg etc from mobile or ordinary phone ?

A: It is very easy to dial these numbers. All phone that are from 1980 or newer have all the digits listed on the buttons themselves. Any person should be able to press the number that has that letter associated with it to make the letter turn into a number. For example: Domino's Pizza has their toll free number as: 1-800-DOMINOS that is equal to 1-800-366-4667 Hope this helps.

Does electric bill create a lien? by Bali Q: I bought a foreclosed house 6 months back and still trying to fix it. Today I received an electric bill of $18000 in the name of 'occupant' from PSEG. What are my options as far as this bill is concerned? All answers will be appreciated.

A: Bull shi+. No electric compay would let you get a $18,000 power bill on a single family home. If your power bill was 300 per month, every month it would take 5 years to use $18,000 worth of power. Try again

Warm water coming out of hot water heater but switch is OFF? by new homeowner Q: Our basement recently got flooded and we got about a foot of water. I thought all I needed was for the pilot light to be relit to our hot water heater but I was told by the PSEG technician that I had to have my hot water heater replaced since it was damaged in the flood. That's fine, I'll deal and buy a new hot water heater. Oddly enough, I was running the hot water in the shower and felt the water get warm. I let it run for a few minutes and the water was still warm. Not just lukewarm, but warm-warm! So for the past few days, I've been taking warm showers and have just ignored the fact that we have to get our hot water heater replaced. How could it be possible for warm water to be coming out of the faucets when the gas is switched to OFF on the hot water heater? Our furnace which is right next to it is running. Is that what's making the water warm? I didn't think those 2 were related! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Important Note: the PSEG guy told me I had to replace the hot water heater because I have a Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) water heaters. This model doesn't allow you to easily access the pilot light. It has a "flame arrestor, typically made of stainless steel, at the base of the heater prevents flammable vapors from igniting outside the heater's internal combustion chamber. The chamber is sealed so that the arrestor is the only way for combustive air to enter the unit. Should flammable vapors get through, they burn off harmlessly on the arrestor's surface." So I can't easily go into it and relight the pilot. Thus, the recommendation of the PSE&G guy to replace it.

A: Depending on the size of your water heater, it's probably what was already stored and heated. And for safety issues, you should probably think about relocating it away from the furnace.

I bought the Store next to mine and found out they have been using my electric? by summerdaze Q: What can i do? I would like to contact Pseg and find out if that address if recieved an electric Bill. Do you think they would give me that information? How do i contact them ?Also what should I do in this case?

A: Well I don't know, but you might want to check and see how your store is wired and if the electricity next door is wired in with yours. It might be that at one time both stores were one and for some reason divided in it's history. The thing that happened is that no one re-wired the stores making the divided property now dependent on the electrical of the your store, no matter how wrong. You might check with the local electrical company to see if they had the store next door to yours with a listed address with the electrical company. Now if they had a electrical cord running from your store to their store that is a different story. I hope this has been of some use to you, good luck 'FIGHT ON"

What is draining my electricity? by gect3 Q: I am having a major problem with my electrical usage. Around the time an electrician upgraded by electrical system, my usage (and most importantly the bill), increased by 2.5-3x's. This is after relatively 8 years of steady usage in the same house. Nothing really changed in the house to warrant this. Even in Sept/Oct, with no a/c/electric heaters, the bill was high. My usage towers over any of my neighbors with similar size houses. PSEG changed the meter and checked it...it is OK. They said it is not their problem. An electrician "checked out the inside", and this too was OK. ANY IDEAS??? I dont know where to turn. If nothing is found, should I downgrade back to my old voltage?

A: I recommend that you get another electrician to check out your problem. Fuzzykjun and johnny1pun may very well be on the right track. What they said about the grounding issue could do it. I would check incoming voltage at the main panel, as well as the voltage at any sub-panel or major electrical load to see if there is a line loss issue. It would be smart to use an ammeter to verify the current flow at various parts of the electrical system. Old refrigerators and freezers can be a huge load on the system, but usually not what you are describing. There is a plug-in ammeter (Kill-a Watt meter), that you could use to verify the power consumption at various appliances. Either there is something very wrong with the electrical system itself, or with one of the large appliances. You should have it examined again by a competent electrician. Sometimes a second opinion is a good thing. Good luck

What is illegal immigartion doing to this country ? by Zoe Q: GM to cut 30,000 US jobs GM to close a dozen North American manufacturing facilities Ford to cut about 4,000 salaried jobs in North America North Carolina: Clinton Electronics Plant To Lay Off 250 Workers Executives say the facility costs more money to run than it brings in, so, they are moving the jobs to Mexico and to other sites North Carolina: Transportation Security Administration says it will eliminate the jobs of 54 screeners in Charlotte Indiana: Local Chrysler Foundry To Close; 800 Jobs To Be Lost Montana: Stimson workers in shock - Laid-off employees fear looming bills, hope for rehires, retraining Mississippi: Textron announces 60 more layoffs at Greenville plant Massachusetts: Hard-hit professionals working 'survival jobs' years after layoffs New Jersey: PSEG to cut jobs at plants in South Jersey Arkansas: Acxiom: New Technology to Help Earnings, May Mean More Layoffs US-based Kimball Electronics to set up China manufacturing plant Georgia: Candy maker to move to Mexico, leaving 200 joblessKodak Swings to a Loss Again, Targets 10,000 More Job Cuts ATA Airlines Cutting 450 Jobs Amid Outsourcing Plans HP Expected to Announce Massive Layoffs I think this country is in Serious trouble what do you think of this turn of events? Then define what Recession means ?

A: I agree with you. It is so sad with what is happening to OUR country. It just truly annoys me when they play the MINORITY card. Unfortunately, in America, the AMERICANS are the minority. I do have to comment on an answer that was left earlier. about how we end up better off in the long run. NO WE DON"T. You don't see us getting a new car, a new home, and a job just handed to us do you? We all work our tails off everyday to sometimes just to pay the bills, because well all of the high paying jobs were givin' to the illegals. Now, i really don't see how that is being considered us coming out on top. And for them getting jobs that only pay little to nothing, oh and are having to be a maid to the rich and be treated how ever, that cuz they know they have to take it cuz they are ILLEGALS. They have to or they get deported. Which is no big deal cuz they will just swim or jump a fence again and do it all over. But the next time they will decide to move further north and work for a certain company, cuz that is all this company hires to build their stores, and kidnap some girl and get caught. But guess what, because they are ILLEGALS, they get a slap on the wrist, get sent back to Mexico, and do it all over again. Is anyone seeing a vicious cycle here. cuz its truly getting really sickening. SEND THEM ALL HOME AND GIVE AMERICA BACK TO THE AMERICANS!!!!

Help...PSEG bill almost $400!? by Jen Q: I'm so upset... I've been using the AC only at night and I keep it on 75 degrees with the energy saver setting and I turn it off as soon as I wake up - at 7:00. I also changed to LED lights... What is going on here???? This can't be right! Please explain what could be happening...

What is the average cost of living in East Orange, NJ? by Randy Smith Q: I wanna know how much a 1BR apartment cost and the PSEG bill deposit before I move there. Answer quickly!!! I really need your help!! Also other utilities

A: New Jersey is very expensive. A 1BR apartment in East Orange costs $700+ per month. Website: http://www.eastorange-nj.org/ Essex County Population: 69,824 Renting Population: 19,106 Median Resident age: 33 years Median Household Income: $32,346

How do I file a Qualified Domestic Relations Order in Bergen County NJ without a lawyer? by confuzed45 Q: I need to transfer alimony payments from PSE&G to PSE&G pension plan. I am alternative payee. I have the form to use from PSEG but I don't know who I need to see to get it signed by a judge.

A: Try njlawnet.com forums, "Lonelylawyer" will tell you how to do it without a lawyer (but if you follow his advice did you not "use" a lawyer?).. Also try njCourtsOnline.Com. You are either the type that stereotypes (such as those who don't like black people because one is bad..),, Or you are frugal.... I'm a lawyer who bills very, very little (with Ivy League credentials) - I am rarely rewarded for my generosity - and I make a few more dollars by doing what you do (I stay away from hiring professionals whenever I can).. Ah well.

question on cancelling my electric connection - PSEG - new jersey? by Dfdfadfs Q: i live in NJ wanted to cancel my pseg gas and electric connection since am moving out of my apartment by end of this month when i tried to do the cancellation online,it is giving me two options estimated bill based on the cancellation date we provide or a 4 hour window on the day of cancellation for the serviceman to come and take the reading.. what is the difference.. my problem is ,i cannot be here on the day of cancellation..so ,wanted to know what is that estimated bill mean..does it mean ,i have to pay for the entire cycle..

A: The meters are on the outside of your apartment building, right? It's not like you have to be there to let the meter reader in. So, you could use either option. If you go with the estimated bill, PSE&G will just read the meter on their usual schedule, and figure out how much gas & electricity you used per day, on average. Then, you'll get a bill based on the number of days up until your cancellation date. It won't make a whole lot of difference in your bill, either way. "Estimated" may be a few bucks cheaper if your apartment stays cold and dark after you leave; but it could be a few bucks more expensive if the apartment maintenance people are in there painting for the next tenant.

What energy and energy services provider do you use? by milaya Q: Is PSEG the only of its kind? Thank You.

A: I use OUC.

how much they charge to repair PSEG conventional oven? by kirthi Q: I m in an apartment where installed PSEG serivced stove with conventinal oven.Few months back my conventional oven stopped working.I called the apartment manageant,they said we should call the PSEG(gas service) for repairing it.I just want to knw whether they will charge for it(for us or to management).I came here in 2010 dec and renewed my apartment recently.I just want to knw whther the repair will b included in warranty period or it will b charged.I used to use conventional rarely.So i just want to knw ,if thy charge more i will leave it as it is or if they charge less or non,i will call them for an appointment.Plz help me.....

A: If it is a gas problem it is cheap,maybe hourly charges plus parts.But don't pay a dime bacause it's the apartment problem,u rented it with all the facility & conveniences including appliances.U can sue them dear up to penalty for leaving u without the basic things.

How many watts of power does the plant produce? by doggieluver41 Q: Physics hw and I have googled it, gone on my local PSEG website....nothing. I am just looking a guesstimate right now because my physics teacher will take points off if I say I could not find the answer!

Who pays for repairs to power lines after a storm? by adam s Q: After a snowstorm or hurricane, who is financially responsible for the repairs of telephone and power lines? How does it work with PSEG and the other utility companies?

A: It is suppose to be the power company who owns the lines. But in our last storm the power company said they were increasing the rate to cover the damage. How can they get away with this, BGE made a special deal with the State of Maryland too give a break to the customers if they no longer had to answer to a public service commission. The Governor said yes. Since then our rates have been unregulated and our power cost have risen 72%. And the executives at BGE got a salary increase that averaged out to 480% except the president who went from 2 million per year to 63 million per year. Isn't it nice o have the government watching out for us. As Cool Hand Luke said, "Boss, I sure wish you wouldn't be so good to me" Herb

PSEG shut me off... What if my pipes burst... its freezing out...? by Dee Q: PSEG shut me off.. i have the money now to turn it back on but im terrified that if i do the pipes will burst or something because its been so extremely cold outside and to just turn on the heat like that.. isnt that bad? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!! its been off for about a month now.... just an FYI.. im in NJ... my water has been running fine i havent been living there but have been in and out and used the water from time to time

A: It's not cold yet to the point where your pipes will freeze. If your still worried this will happen, turn the water on so that it drips, this will help, but not prevent, the pipes from freezing. Just pay the bill and you'll be fine. No ill effects to the pipes.

Is seeing fire in the water heater normal? by Jackie Q: I had a new water heater installed today by PSEG. It was a standard Aosmith 40 gallon heater. In the dark, you can see the glow of the fire near the control knobs. I find it odd that the system is not closed but is this normal? It's a gas water heater.

A: This gas water heater has a pilot light....the pilot light lights the main burner when the heater water needs heating. On a standard gas water heater the pilot is always on. You should familiarize yourself with the lighting of this unit as if at sometime it goes out and needs to be lit you can accomplish it. The pilot light heats a thermocouple which is a safety device to make sure the water heater will not flow gas when flame is out. If the pilot light(the small flame you see through the lighting hole) goes out gas will not flow and you will have to follow the directions usually found near the water heater gas valve on how to relight it. The system gets the air for the burner to operate through the hole you see the flame light through. Yep completely normal.

PSEG came to my house? by Danny Q: I recieve phone calls from PSEG atleast twice a week and they ask to speak to my mom,, whenever they call she's not home,, this morning they call and I told them she'as not here. 20mins ago 2 guys came saying they were from PSEG and needed a Bill telling me they could lower the price by 20%,, I didn't ask for identification and gave it to them,, they asked me sign a paper and left me a sheet,, is this normal?? Should I be worried of a scam? Can they do something against my mom with the bill I gave them?

A: now thats stupid! what dumbass does that? i mean you dont even know them! How are you even sure they were from PSEG? THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!!

is the company name PSEG or PSE&G? by Waldo Q: I'm trying to pay a bill online and i dont know what to put as the company name

A: Well, it can be both really. PSEG is the parent company of a bunch of energy companies. Chances are, the company you are dealing with is PSE&G which stands for "Public Service Electric and Gas". That's the biggest subsidiary under the PSEG umbrella. Also within the parent umbrella company are 3 companies with PSEG (no ampersand) in their names: PSEG Power, PSEG Energy Holdings, and PSEG Services Corporation. All 3 of those are really for corporate customers or consumers. Since you're trying to pay your bill, you are more than likely dealing with PSE&G since they supply residential energy.

How much do you pay for electricity every month? by Chocolate Addiction Q: How much do you pay for electricity and gas (if you do) every month? What energy company are you with? (ConEd, Accent, PSEG etc) How much kwh do you use? Thanks for your answers.

A: PG&E around $60 a month

Can i get my record expunged or sealed? My record is only 2yrs old its only 1 misdeameonor How can i make it ? by young brotha Q: vanish. And what is the difference between the 2. Iam trying to get a job at pseg an eletric company this why i need to know.

A: I know in mass to seal/ expunge its 7 years for a misdemeanor and 15 years for a felony but there is a loop hole for you. I did the same thing by the way. I was caught up in stupid behavior and got my EMT certificate and then my paramedic certificate. I found it impossible to get a job. Call an attorney and ask them if they can help you set up a revise and revoke sentence. Its usually for things like marriage, divorce and wills but they will apply it in some cases. If you find a legal problem interfering with your future you can revoke that. Its a hard and expensive procedure but its worth it. They will either revise your sentence for example you got intent to distribute marijuana. You may revise that to just plain possession. And if they agree and you showed them every reason to let it go they may revoke it completely off your record. Which is what they did for me. Good luck, I know how a mistake can ruin someones life.

Do residential gas and electric bills have a supply charge? by Queen Of All Games Q: I have PSEG as my electric and gas company and was wondering if residential bills have a supply charge on it. I live in a commercial building so i am being charged a supply charge (that is what i was told by the representative). So I am wondering if any home owners are charged a supply charge on their PSEG bills. I live in NJ.

A: According to the PSEG customer service pages,which show copies and explanations of charges on utility bills,it seems that residential customers do indeed pay a supply charge(see link) ,and actually,other charges on top of that. http://www.pseg.com/home/customer_service/bill/understanding_bill.jsp#anchor2

pseg? and kad? what you guys think of these stocks? by Cee Q: are they good for the long term or will they tank n go bankrupt?

A: I'm pretty sure I spoke with you in an e-mail, and I will respond to the last one you sent me right after this. Therefore, I will not address KAD, as I would assume you visited my blog. If you haven't, feel free to check it out, as KAD is one of my holdings and I have done some research which is posted on there. But, as for PSEG, I would personally avoid it. It has very little information about it, as it is a Bulletin Board stock, which makes it more risky. I just want to clarify that you are talking about Petrosouth Energy Corp, as the symbol has changed from PSEG.OB to PSEGE.OB. If this is the company, it is trading at over 17 times book value, which is extremely risky. Basically, it means that if the company liquidated tomorrow, you would receive 1/17 of your money. On top of this, the company's reserves appear a bit weak. The reason I have a problem is because the reserves are reported as potential, which means they will not likely pump all of the oil and natural gas that they say they have. Proven reserves are the best, followed by probable, then potential. With that said, I find that the company has control of about 43.4 million barrels of oil, which equates to about $3.9 billion at $90/bbl oil. However, this is only possible reserves, so the numbers are probably lower than this. Plus, you have to consider that the company is going to have to incur all of the expenses related to drilling the oil, which are on the rise. Basically, this company would need to have the funds to substantially increase their reserves before I would be interested in it. There are much better oil-related companies out there with much less risk. Just some thoughts, I hope they help. Best of luck! Brendan Prewitt

I live in Nutley NJ & have had no power 4 the past 12 hrs-did anyone hear how long b4 PSEG gets it back on? by Gina Q:

A: I live in Nutley too - my power went out around 10 PM last night and is still out. It could be several days before the power comes back on, according to this report: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2008/06/100000_pseg_customers_still_in.html

gas and electric connection - pseg - new jersey? by Varva Q: we live in NJ and got PSEG for gas and supply what is the differnece between having gas and electric connections our new apartment is fully electric, what does it mean. which one is cheaper and cost effective i always thought we get both gas and electric connection at apartments

A: In N.J. the landlord provides the stove. If he's installed electric, that's what you get. Gas is cheaper but the landlord doesn't pay it. Electric is cheaper to install, he does pay for that.

How to Pay Pseg bill? by Aditya'swifey Q: i have a pseg bill i did not pay it on time but i am trying to pay it know but when i log into my pseg billing account it says the bill there but it does not have a pay button next to it its blan so how should i pay it? Plz help

A: Send it by mail. Walk into any location and pay. Call the main number and pay by phone.

Roughly how much should be the PSEG bill for a house in Marlton NJ abt 2700 sq ft in area?3 BR 2.5 bath.? by sammy7 Q: It is 20 year old house with insulated garage (2 door auto) and no basement.

A: It is impossible it answer this question without definitive information about the current state of insulation, number, size, orientation of the windows and rooms, thermostat settings. To get a ballpark number you could check with some local real estate agents. This kind of estimate is usually part of the information given when selling a house. The other alternative is to ask neighbors with similar homes or Pseg themselves.

can you explain PSEG worry free contract? by JMITW Q: http://www.pseg.com/customer/home/install/protect/contracts1.jsp i signed up for the range (free standing oven/stove) plan for $5 i was under teh impression that it covers parts and labor when i got the confirmation email it says PSE&G WorryFree Replacement Parts Contract does that mean labor isn't covered?

A: It would be absurd not to cover labor. I checked the Terms & Conditions ……below is the first line “Dependable coverage for repair service and the parts that tend to fail – with no deductibles or labor charges to replace covered parts.†”

PSEG bill overdue... How long til they shut down gas/electric? by ilovechester Q: Our PSEG bill is overdue. How long until they actually shut off gas and electricity in the house?

Can Pseg charge my personal account to pay what is due on a business account? by S Q:

A: If you listed your personal account as an alternate and you gave them permission then probably yes. If they did not and you have not given them the account number or permission then probably no. An exception might be if you are a sole proprietor doing business under your own name and they have sued you in court and have an order to attach your assets. Never ever give out more information than absolutely necessary.

Which contributes more to the PSEG bill, the room heat or the electric stove, generally? by amarveda123 Q: IF the room is to be heated to above 70 degrees, just during late evening and sleep time and the electric stove is used everyday about 1 hour per day. The house is heated by gas, with forced air.

A: Typicaly the heating and cooling bills for a home is about 70% of the total cost per year. If your power bill is seperate from your gas bill the furnace is not costing you much to operate since the heat from a gas furnace is produced from a flame and does not use much electricity for starting the flame or running the blower motor.

If i buy solar panels will i be able to get money from the pseg company? by Meghal P Q: Im planning to buy some solar panels to put on top of my house if i get people to install it and how do i find out of pseg will give me more money to produce electricity ? How much watt do i need i live in nj Edison is this possible to do i heard you can make money and not have an electricity bill

A: posssible , but that is mostly a myth. so dont count on it.

Can my PSEG Gas and Electric bill really be this much? by orwellian987 Q: I just moved to Newark, NJ. I'm from out of town. I got my first full month gas/electric bill from PSEG today. It was $25 for the gas. It was $122 for the electric. I live alone in a tiny apartment. The lights are off most of the time. I used my AC for 7 nights in August, tops. The only thing I use the gas for is to boil water every other day for tea.

A: call the company and get breakdown of the bills

Do home utility companies like PSEG check credit reports for service? by Nicolas Q: Me and my wife will be moving shortly, but I'm concerned that because my credit took a nasty blow earlier this year because of some unforseen difficulties I may have a problem getting my utilities turned on. I've been told PSEG and most utility companies will deny accounts to those with poor credit scores. Is this true?

is it legal for pseg to turn off heat and electric when an infant is in the house? by socalledgorgeous Q: we came up short due to my husband loosing his job and werent able to pay our poayment plan to pseg and they cut off gas and electric. the guy let us keep the electric on but our gas still isnt i ahd to pay 600 no less then that to get it reconnected. but from 3pm to sometime till tomorrow we dont have any gas ...is that legal?

How can I get a check for my PSEG credit? by Farzad Q: I moved out and canceled my electricity service which was PSEG and I checked my account and the amount due is -$80, is there any way that I can get the check for getting this?

A: dur contact them with your address they will send you the money

How can I go about properly disputing PSEG charges? by mom.of.2 Q: I was gone mid August til Oct. 6 on vacation, befor leaving I unplugged all electrical appliances. I was surprised to see a shut off notice and a bill of close to $100 for the month of September, with claims from PSEG that its an actual reading?!! PLEASE HELP!

A: Electric companies charge you a basic rate wether you are using the electricity or not, is it fair heck no but they get away with it everyday. Call them and complain, it's your only option other than just paying it.

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