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GagaFanNet some ppl still think WE are @ladygaga .... WHY ????

joey_dollface I don't understand how ppl who aren't at work stay up n tweet aLl night... All the way threw the early morning I'd be dead

HeStillGotit4Me all the ppl in neely being super nice to me

babyjay011 RT @C_Mosely: No matter how many ppl turned against me i probably still.......................................wouldnt G.A.F.

TruThikChik Good morning ppl... Working 16 hours.... Ugh!!!!

Its_LeanBeanDuh RT @_HisMrsRight: Ppl Say The dumbest Shit For twitter I swear Like Nigga Stop FuckingTweeting Deactivate Your shit! Ughhh

Sikudlanga Its sad shame and its so annoying to those who don't care RT @TwirraKing: LoL ppl with self esteem probs doe ! ... http://t.co/QS0wYjIs

Ss_MrTrillzz Up early tho smoken I sat back n watched the ppl around me change so much idk who my friends are

Ke5_Loyalty Gm ppl Headed 2 burger king

amiras_world Very devastating news to hear about last nights car accident on the M5 in Taunton with several dead, 43 ppl injured and 27 cars involved!

Jossh_sv Hoy es un bun dia pra dejar de ver la puerta que c cerro y seguir tocando otras sin duda se habriran muchas nice weekend PPL!

MeAndMyBugatti Lol I find it how funny how i peep people try to involve themselves w/ the ppl i associate w/ ...like, fa whaaaaat

milly_nels Kmtttt my doorbell is being pressed by ppl who have keys ... I'm not answering

Feathersssss Thats one of the reasons white ppl run the world..they know their gods..and they know they are only for their benefit.

chozen2bfrozen So some dude gets shot in the leg and they cancel a party the NEXT night. Ppl gonna be out regardless


How can we stop ppl from coming to our business and dumping trash in our garbage bins? by Rudolph's Owner Q: Our small business is in an office park and we pay $500/month in maintenance fees. When we come in the am, our trash bins are stuffed with other ppl's garbage and sometimes, there isn't enough room for our own garbage. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.

A: Lock em up at night. Put a fence around them that can be locked. Mount a camera and catch who is doing it and present them with a bill. Put a recording of someone screaming that triggers when they open the bin Tie a mean dog to the bin every night Sit and wait for them. Threaten them with a lawsuit Turn the bin around so it is not easy to access Find out who it is and put the garbage by their back door or put your garbage in their bin

How do i get ppl to come to my clubpenguin wordpress? by Fff Q: I have hired a famous clubpenguin person with 42,758 hits, and i make clubpenguin youtube vids, and still ppl dont come.

A: You do you know your trying to get an audience of a average age of 4? they probibly dont care? Alternatively, what is this famious penguin actually doing? It may not avertise your wordpress at all.

How come attractive ppl can find you(others) attractive but someone? by brownsugar Q: that's not all that attractive can find an attractive person not all that attractive. Im saying it seems like attractive ppl(that really knows and feels they attractive)don't look down on others ppl look it's always the half attractive ppl that is critical of others looks, why is that?

A: because the most attractive people don't need to criticize anyone one to make themselves feel better. the moderately attractive people feel they need to somehow "prove themselves" by criticizing others to make themselves feel better.

What percentage of ppl who want to commit suicide and try actually succeed? by hannah Q: And what are the most common methods used by those who have succeeded? Do most ppl who succeed very very clinically depressed or have a terminal illness? Are many or any of those who succeed not actually depressed but jst want out of life for whatever reason? What do you think must be the last things that go through their minds right before they kill themselves?

A: He was sure he would never have love or a gf or anything like that. He hung him self in a tree his dad cut him down and gave him cpr. That was some one I knew. My friends mom in high school took a pile of sleeping pills. She got caught and some one saved her life. A teacher at my daughters school jumped off a bridge no one can save you from that. As far as I know in my little world about 2 out of 5 real attempts are successful. 1 out of five leads to humiliation. 1 out of five leads to full recovery.

What satisfaction do ppl get from saying racist things online? by . Q: I don't get why people have to be so evil, does it relieve stress? Do you feel like a tough guy/girl when you type hateful crap? What is the point? PPL just think you're a coward and laugh at you. No one here takes a person hiding their identity serious.

A: Insecurity, pride and narcissism They do it to make themselves feel better. They don't have much achievements/success so they want you to admire (real/but in many cases false) attributes they allege that many people of their race have and believe that they have those attributes as well. They believe they are superior yet have a inferiority complex.

Why do ppl not want to wait till marriage to sleep with one another now? by Raines Q: Do they have such few regards for marriage now?? If so, what's the purpose of marriage? Aren't people afraid of catching AIDS or Stds when they sleep with too many ppl? It's as though ppl don't care about it or want to save it for the person whom they really love and would marry? And why do ppl not care?

A: The five answers so far include defensive or even hostile sentiments. I come from another perspective: the purpose of sex is procreation, however many anticonceptive precautions are taken. When people view it primarily as self-indulgence, they do not jointly commit to the person who could be the fruit of their intimacy. Therefore, I view heterosexual sex primarily as an act of mutual commitment to share the love with any child conceived as the consequence of that sharing. If a man and woman (or, worse, a boy and girl) have sex with the expectation of satisfying their sexual appetites with no consequence, some will be disappointed. Many women will wind up as single mothers, and--as you point out--millions of both genders will be treated for STDs, the most serious today being AIDS. Just remember that having unprotected sex is the equivalent of having sex with every person with whom your partner has had sex. Not very romantic, is it? Self-gratification and satisfying the sexual drive is enough for too many people, alas. It is often encouraged as "normal courtship" by our culture, our peers, and--yes--our media. If you are really serious about wanting a lasting relationship, I commend you for asking this question. Allow me to suggest that enduring love is not a feeling or emotion at its foundation: it is a union between people who cherish each other as best friends and who will share and grow their love with any children their union may grant them. ***EDIT: I just read Nicolette's posting: it takes strength, self-confidence, and self-discipline to make such a statement. No angry statements about divorce, past partners, self-gratification--just a realistic understanding of what a lasting relationship can be. Such qualities, of course, are of immense value in all social contexts as well as in academic and career pursuits.

How do ppl get their one picture to flash multiple pictures on Myspace? by . Q: How do ppl get their one picture to flash multiple pictures on Myspace? Is this a program they use to make their pics do that. And if so, what is it called ?

A: http://www.blibs.com/animation-factory/

How to stop ppl from running applications directly from pendrive? by CC2 Q: I need to stop ppl from playing games during work hours. I have stop ppl from installing applications by giving them limited accounts. But it still cant stop them since they can install game into their pendrives in home and take it to work. The games i noticed were some yahoo games, installed in pendrives, or other casual games. Is there any software or programs that can stop this from happening? Its getting out of hand, since most of the time i not in the office monitoring.

A: Group policy can easily disable removable media, the question is, do you want them to still be able to use flash drives and just not execute from them? That can be done, but it is more complicated.

PPL! ? by ☠☠☠ The Other Way ☠☠☠ Q: Hey wats ur fav: Movie based on a book: Movie Book: Color: Name: WRONG CATOGORY!

A: have never seen one i like spirited away impulse by ellen hopkins black, red and purple, depends on my mood which one, red is out of the running at the moment though Haku

ppl??????? by Mikala Q: What does ppl stand for???

A: Well its a short form heres a list for you mind: ppl: people lol: laugh out loud omg: oh my gosh g2g or gtg: got to go ttyl: talk to you later. Need more.... Search Google Hope this helps!

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