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Pittsburgh pirates

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where can i find a pittsburgh pirates shirt with a big P on it? by Travis Q: i want a pittsburgh pirates shirt thats black and yellow with a big P in the middle.

A: mlbshop.com

What do the stars on the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates hats mean? by kmkushner Q: I saw footage of the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates today. The players wore hats that were black with stripes. Some hats had a single star while others had many stars. what do the stars represent?

A: They were called "Stargell Stars", and were given out by Willie Stargell to teammates when they made a good play or got a key hit.

What font do the Pittsburgh Pirates use and where can I download it? by soup_nazi45 Q: Pittsburgh, Pirates, Font, Text,Site, Download, Baseball, MLB

A: go to pittsburgh pirates.comm

Will the Chicago Cubs sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates and why? by staggmovie Q: The Chicago Cubs have won the first 2 games in the series with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and both games went into extra innings. Tonight is game #3 and get away day for the Chicago Cubs, but do you think the Chicago Cubs will sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates and why? And do you think the game will go to extra innings and why? I am going to say no that they will not sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Cubs don't like to sweep teams, and I predict the Pirates to win tonight.

A: yes. they have the momentum. it will not go to extra innings, for the exact same reason. but it will sure be fun if it went to game five and a whole lot of extra innings.

How would I contact the Pittsburgh Pirates front office/scout director? by Rob Q: I live in Pittsburgh and I honestly feel I could play for the Pirates. How would I contact them about a try out, I think I could sell them on the idea of giving me a try out it's just a matter of contacting someone in a position of power to set one up.

A: Call or send a letter to their front office. If you "...think you could sell them on the idea" you need to seriously think like a salesman. How do sales people contact you when they want to sell you something?

How would you react if the Pittsburgh Pirates won the 2010 World Series? by Mr. Knowledgeable VI Q: The Pittsburgh Pirates have not made the playoffs since the 1992 season and in recent years, they have finished in last place. While the Pirates are not favored to make it to the 2010 MLB Playoffs, how would you react if the Pirates won the 2010 National League Championship Series and the 2010 World Series?

A: Go to the top of the Empire State Building and see if I could fly, because I would HAVE to be dreaming.

Pittsburgh Pirates or Baltimore Orioles, which team in the future will have a winning season before the other? by At Soundless Dawn Q: The last time the Pittsburgh Pirates had a winning season was in 1992. Likewise, for the Orioles it was 1997. Which team do you think will produce a winning season before the other?

A: I am biased, but I do feel that objectively I look at the Orioles and believe that they will improve soon. I honestly believe that the Orioles needed a proven winner (Buck Showalter) that isn't going to be pushed around and will cut the garbage. We are in a tough division. The Rays, Sox, Yanks, and even the Jays had winning records. That being said I think Buck will not tolerate, guys who give games away, and that has been the Orioles problem. I am also hoping this isn't a wish.

How many games will the Pittsburgh Pirates win this year? by t29485 Q: Yes, I know, it is sad, but I am a Pittsburgh Pirates fan, despite the fact that they have been terrible since I was in middle school. Any guesses on how many games they will win this year? Any hope soon for the Buccos?

A: Even as optimistic as I am, I do not look for the Pirates to win much more than 75 games. The only way they even get near .500 this year is IF their pitching staff does a remarkable turnaround from last year. You can expect some improvement now that Joe Kerrigan is the pitching coach. Also, the Bucs must still add a right-handed power bat,one good experienced pitcher and bench help. They now have at least 4 players to build around (McLouth, Doumit, Maholm and Capps), but still are a year or two away from being competitive.

pittsburgh pirates? by sincitybud Q: did the pirates ever lose a world series?

A: 1903, and 1927

Pittsburgh Pirates? by UCLA Love Q: how can the pirates get to the playoffs?

A: I think it's impossible, but I guess their pitchers could try wearing gold thongs.

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