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smannTHUNDERUP #IveAlwaysWantedTo become a super saiyen... And fight piccolo and vegta...

Saturninajq04 RS BERKELEY ELITE SERIES PICCOLO P101: Piccolo in the key of C silver plated keys head and body conical bore. S... http://t.co/YmC6nVF7

Janellyuy Gemeinhardt CC3B Flute/Piccolo Combo Case: This combo instrument case fits 3B or 3SHB flute and piccolo models i... http://t.co/3GcMxSTK

PaoloRovis Quotidiano "Il Piccolo", rubrica "Segnalazioni": un lettore oggi propone - seriamente - di tombare il canale di... http://t.co/wLSZKhEe

ArtanisITA Molto interessante :) Un piccolo passo... http://t.co/AAmoURij

machollic 【Apple MacBook Air】最安値 女性にうれしい機能が満載の光学式マウスとマウスパッド「Piccolo Dolche(ピッコロドルチェ)」を女性に人気のカラーラインナ http://t.co/RcKFfsxa

disanti_oo セミドライならではの、フレッシュな甘さがあるのが特徴です。 → http://t.co/9vAvv90L #sougofollow

Alyssa012369854 'Piccolo Gold' by Epoch Arts - 4x5: picture frames / photo frames: This is a fantastic reproduction of a turn-of... http://t.co/eFi89dSD

pixielation @MsAlliance plus I've been asked to do piccolo/flute 3 for Hayes symphony's next concert. Not sure I'm good enough for that!

damed3woman 激安子供服![8006]piccolo80★青赤黄色緑黒チェック裾ゴム★シャツパーカーhttp://t.co/uv9KRaLL

LaRibes RT @brillano: CATFISH - Questa foto, stupenda, mi riporta a quando ero un piccolo bimbo. Quindi neanche tanto tempo fa. La... http://t.co/ahmYckNh

angelikf @enricomariariva buongiorno caro :) lietedi vedere che il tuo piccolo erede ogni tanto ti concede minuti di liberta' ;)

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How do you keep from getting dizzy playing the piccolo? by Gatsbi007 Q: I am teaching myself to play the piccolo thru books and online courses. The biggest problem I am having is that I become out of breath very easily and get dizzy if I practice too long. Is there a breathing trick to help avoid this? I tried to search online and on YouTube for tips, but keep finding Dragon Ball pages instead.

A: It seems that you are NOT activating your diaphragm at all and you seem also to play too long at a time. Make sure you are breathing deep enough and that you kind of "support" the tone by activating the diaphragm and thus regulating the airflow. Also, do not practice for too long at a time!

What are the best brands for the piccolo? by Emily Q: I am looking for a new piccolo that doesn't cost a lot. I will be using it for marching band and concert band. What are the top ten best brands and does it matter if the piccolo is plastic, metal, or a combination of plastic and metal? I found a Yamaha piccolo that is not that expensive but I have heard that they are not that good. Is it true? Also, I don't really know any music stores in South Jersey so I can't really go and ask any one.

A: Good afternoon Emily! If you are planning to march with your piccolo I would stick with either a metal or plastic (resin) piccolo. In regards to the timbre you will receive from either the metal or the resin piccolos, the metal piccolos have a brighter harsher sound and the resin piccolos are usually a bit warmer in terms of sound color. Di Zhao DZP101 ($600 range) Yamaha YPC-32 ($1,000 range) Jupiter 300 Series ($600 range) Pearl PFP-105 ($1,000 range) You really can’t go wrong with any of these piccolos, the Pearl PFP-105 would probably be my top pick just for the sound quality. All of the piccolos I listed are either made of metal or resin. The prices and quality will of course increase whenever you start looking into the wood piccolos! If you ever get to that point my top recommendation would be the Hammig piccolos; these piccolos are both aesthetically and economically pleasing! In regards to the inconvenient music location, I have purchased both of my piccolos and my flute from the Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co. (flute4u.com). They are located in Texas but they will ship you a number of instruments at a time to try out side by side and they will even help walk you through the buying process over the phone. They were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I hope that this helps!

How do I get better at the Piccolo? by Fall Out Boy Fan Q: I've been playing flute for 4 years and got a piccolo this year. I'm trying to be able to play it for marching band this season, but I don't know how to get better- I practice a lot but still have a bit of trouble with tuning and so on. I already take private lessons and work on it there, and I have an electric tuner I use when I play.

A: Let your teacher help you out on everythng you have trouble with. And don't fret about it so much. Practice does make perfect. And also remember, quality not quantity. You'll get the hang of it! :)

Any tips for how to play the piccolo? by kellylovesyou33 Q: I was just introduced to the piccolo about a week ago. I can only get out a few notes but their either very airy and barely there or extremely loud and shrill. Does anyone have any tips for playing that will help me get any better? I have played the flute for about 3 years and am pretty good. My piccolo was bought from a music store I'm pretty sure and is all metal.

A: Your embouchure and control on the flute must be terrific - and problems on the flute are magnified on the picc, since it is so tiny. If this is a school picc, then chances are it is a dog. Is it all metal? Worse yet. If someone handed you a decent all-composition (plastic) picc - or even a pro wooden one - you would be amazed at how much easier everything is. OR - did you buy this nasty puppy off ebay? If so, it will NEVER sound any good. Kids bring these to their lesson - their Mom heard them say that someday they wanted a picc, Mom saw one CHEAP on ebay - boom. I have to tell them that they wasted their money. More info, please. Am I at all *warm* with any of these guesses?

Is the cecilio piccolo an ok instrument to purchase for an 11 year old very, very beginning player? by Felix Q: My daughter is receiving a piccolo for Christmas. I need to purchase a cheap beginning instrument and the reviews on the Venus piccolos do not seem half bad for the kind of instrument they are. Can anyone tell me anything about the cecilio silver plated piccolo? I can find no reviews at all about the instrument.

A: Do not buy anything from cecilio ever. very bad company, very bad quality, she'll be lucky to get a good note out of that instrument. Not a very good tone, always falling apart. I would suggest either a Yamaha or a Geminhardnt. Geminhardnt have the better tone but Yamaha's have much better tuning. either one would be great.

How do you change dynamics on a piccolo? by aquabubblefairy Q: I've recently have gotten a piccolo and was wondering how the dynamics (sound of how loud or soft to play) change. I'm also a flute player and I usually just make the hole between my lips smaller. But since the hole is already small it only makes it more difficult. Therefore I was wondering if anyone new any other way of changing the dynamics for a piccolo. Sorry if this makes no seance at all. P.S This has nothing to do with Dragon Ball Z.

A: stop changing flute dynamics with the aperture (size) of your embouchure hole. use more air and more ab muscles to support the sound and make it bigger. the piccolo is quite the evil instrument, dynamics will be a lot harder to achieve on it than on your flute. put a metronome on and do four count < and > slowly, soon you'll be able to do it in context.

How tight is the embouchure on the piccolo? by opricat Q: I play the flute and I've been playing the flute for 7 years and my director wants me to play the piccolo for a song. I've tried to play my piccolo and I know you have to change the embouchure but are the fingerings different too?

A: The embouchure us NOT tighter - you just need really good control or *aim*. I hear students that squeeze so hard, their lips actually BUZZ like a trumpet player on certain notes - spit all over! The fingerings are essentially the same, until you get into a jam, or are playing advanced solo literature - then there is a WHOLE NUTHER WORLD of alternate fingerings. You do not have to be concerned about that at your level. Please wear hearing protection - even simple ear plugs - if you are at all *tingly* in the ears when you practice. In less time than you think, you can suffer permanent hearing loss.

What is a good piccolo I can get for marching that still sounds good? by gOrilLaZfAn23 Q: People have suggested one of the plastic Jupiters or the pearl piccolo with the grenaditte body. i would really like to know more about the pearl. can anyone help?

A: By all means, get an all-composition piccolo. Metal is *nasty*, and all-wood will not survive temperature fluctuations outdoors - and they are expensive, too. Grenaditte is a very stable material, and Pearl is a great brand - you cannot go wrong there. Also explore Yamaha, and the Jupiter. Look over those seen on www.fluteworld.com or JL Smith - a all-flute house, rather than a big-box band instrument store. If THEY carry an instrument, it is good.

What are the advantages of a piccolo made of ebonite? by Jared Q: I'm considering buyying a piccolo made of ebonite. Does weather affect them at all? Do they crack? And is there tone quality good? What are some advantages and disadvantages of it being made of ebonite? Can it be used in marching band and withstand the weather like a plastic piccolo. Thank u for ur time.

A: Resin bodies are not affected by weather and should not crack. Quality of resin body instruments varies greatly.

piccolo? .? by Tidalwave4us Q: what is the highest note of the piccolo? have you played it? what is the highest note you can play?

A: That depends on what you mean, really. For instance, if you were to play a note on the flute and then play the same note on a piccolo, the piccolo would sound an octave higher. So, while the note is definately higher, it's not technically any higher on the staff. The range of the piccolo is from D1 to C4. Years ago, there was a piccolo made in the key of Db that was popular to play in marching bands. Some of the older arrangements of music have Db piccolo parts. I think they found it a lot easier to have a piccolo in the same key as the flute, so now Db piccolos aren't made anymore. Hope That Helps!

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