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Phoebe prince

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MaryJnIco I'm inspired to know how tormented Phoebe Prince was to kill herself and how do I do the same thing to Dr Karla A Rennhoffer

MaryJnIco so Dr Karla A Rennhoffer you are my Phoebe Prince if somebody can't kill you than you must kill yourself you're the worst psychologist

TheNames_Josh We learned about phoebe prince. & this shooting at columbine high

VIIIXXIII R.I.P Phoebe Prince /:

VIIIXXIII so we talked about Phoebe Prince & the Columbine shooting .

ColleenEccles Did anyone else think that last night's Glee was a tribute to Phoebe Prince?

burgessct Phoebe Prince – Age 15 | http://t.co/gd24Niat harassed over a six month period #bullycide - bullies convicted.

lcrimaldi NEW POST! The First Amendment and the Phoebe Prince #bullying case. http://t.co/QCho3fVM

nat_gloomy Acabei de ver o documentário sobre o suicídio de Phoebe Prince, que se matou depois de sofrer 9 meses de bullying na escola.

nat_gloomy Acabei de ver o documentário do suicídio de Phoebe Prince, que se matou depois de sofrer 9 meses de bullying na escola.

pamesoria @KimKardashian Phoebe Prince hanged herself a yer ago because of cyberbullying, her teachers knew what was happening and did nothing!


How come its only when a situation like Phoebe Prince happens that school official care? by Bo Q: In most cases of suicide or school shootings. the students were been bullied, the teachers did nothing to stop it.

A: It's a lot of things, but what it boils down to are: --Trust. A lot of the students who get bullied the worst are already painfully shy if not downright isolated from human contact as it is. In a big public school system that forces students to *work* to get any adult's attention at all, the people who act out and act stupid are *much MUCH* more likely to get an earful from officials than some shy, quiet person in the corner crying, sad to say. This can really lead to a student believing that nobody, peer or adult, that nobody in the world has their back on any issue at all. --After that, a lot of it is that teachers and principals would *much rather* listen to the adults in the situation: parents, PTA groups, and everyone's *Lawyers*. That's the thing you see. Nobody can actually be called out on it and called a "bully" any more, because parents will get upset and raise a stink and sue: "Nah, mah Johnny isn't a sociopathetic psychopath, naw, he just needs more Ritalin, it'll calm his nerves **hic**...." Really, if only parents would BE responsible and BE parents, and admit it when their spawn is violent and cruel, and do something responsible about it....maybe it wouldn't fall into the hands of public school officials to punish kids with one hand legally tied behind their backs. Paddlings did in fact serve a purpose once. They let teachers, at their discretion, make the BS stop. --Then there's the elephant in the living room: that these are public schools, and that they are often in middle-class to poor neighborhoods so *Funding* things is a struggle if not a matter of utter desperation. It's not easy to stop a bullying situation, or to even pay attention to one, if your school has problems, serious problems, affording books, and desks, and pencils. Likewise if the teachers aren't paid well, or aren't trained to be competent in the slightest, it really does contribute to the problem, as the recent YouTube video of a teacher physically attacking a student in Houston, Texas demonstrates. But nah, we can't actually be bothered to spend our precious pittance--our pennies on the tax dollar--on "other people's children", a codeword mostly white suburbanites use to lump children of color and poor people's "white trash kids" together in the same lump of lumpness. We can't be bothered to actually put our money where our mouths are and *FUND* public schools fully and HAVE competent teachers with strict codes of conduct. It's sad and hypocritical is what it is. But yeah. Do something about the bullies, actually, in a school with full funding and competent, *well-paid* personnel who actually *listen* to all the kids, not just the loudest miscreants, and yeah...things like this don't happen. Or at least they get taken care of well before death happens. Just my plug nickel. Not that anyone takes nickels lately, but hey...

What exactly where the comments made to phoebe prince that allegedly caused her to commit suicide? by niki m Q: I know this has been a very long time ago but I've been dieing to know what was the cause of her death. What was the comment that made her kill herself? what has been said to her?I want to know everything like i was there and also where are the bullies now? are they still living in the same place and going to school? what was their point of view throughout the incident?

A: She was called an "Irish Whore". She also was harassed by prank phone calls. A group of kids spread a rumor that she was a slut who slept with several members of the football team but it is now believed that they raped her. This was a very unfortunate event in my opinion as it takes bullying to a whole new level.

Why do you think Phoebe Prince was bullied? by Sally Q: I'm horrified that the teenagers would go to such extreme measures to ruin her life, but WHY? I've heard the entire backstory about jealousy and Phoebe dating the football players. But surely Phoebe must have done something wrong to be teased so horribly? Her family described her as "susceptible to bullying." What does that mean?

A: Well, no offense but a lot of people LET others bully them. Bullies get their confidence by bringing others down, and the victims let it happen. They don't notify anyone, but instead try to ignore it.... Which doesn't always work. I've heard about Phoebe, but I don't know if this is the case. Maybe the Bullies were ULTRA jealous of her? In any case, the story is terrible. Phoebe, we're thinking of you.

is the recent death of Phoebe Prince partly because she is Irish? by Ping Q: From the source of newspaper and magazine, I know that the bullies, included 9 teenagers: 7 females and 2 males tormented Phoebe because of jealousy. But, is it by any chance she was also bullied because other classmates discriminated her since she's Irish? I'm asking this for my research. So, I would be very appreciate if you could specify your reasons (or proof) when answering the question. Thanks in advance.

A: I don't know about jealousy but she probably didn't fit in and catch onto certain things because of her cultural difference. Everyone being bullied should read this: http://take-bull-by-horns.blogspot.com/

Why is the Phoebe Prince case is the biggest bullying case in US and internationally? by Skittles Q: How and why? I'm very sorry for her, but i'm just curious. There were a lot bullying turned to suicide story going on from around the world, specifically US, and i'm really curious on why the Prince case was the biggest out of them all

A: Because it is one of the first cases that have come down very harshly on the bullies. Basically a straw that breaks the camel's back. It was also an extreme case that included statutory rape, cyber-bullying, and physical assaults. And people are angry that the school ignored it all.

What do you think should happen to the people who bullied Phoebe Prince? by miss disturbed fan! Q: Phoebe Prince was a girl who killed herself about a year ago in Massachusetts cause a group of people were bullying her and what do you think should happen to the faculty who knew what was going on with the bullying and didn't do anything about it

A: Poor girl, it's quite sad The people bullying her probably won't take anything seriously, cos bullies usually only laugh when their in deep... a few dudes in my class are like that teachers have no spines, a guy (he's finally been expelled.... near the end of his second year) got 10 or so last chances. And yet, when another guy screwed up, he got suspended... spineless

What do you think of Phoebe Prince, the 15 year old who committed suicide because of bullying? by Maverick Q: I just read this story on AOL news and it just makes me said. It is believed she hanged herself because of cyber bullying. Here's a link for more info: http://www.aolnews.com/nation/article/phoebe-prince-suicide-leads-to-indictment-of-9-south-hadley-students/19418522 What do you think of this? Should schools pay more attention to the bullies, making sure they're punished or should children be taught to be a bit tougher in these situations?

A: Very tragic. I think people want a finger to point in these situations. I don't think the responsibility lies in solely in the bullies. School faculties, communities, and students not involved but cognizant of the situations are as much to blame in this. Most bullying cases don't end as devastating as this, but doing nothing is enabling bullies. Even if severe penal actions are taken against the bullies because of the statutory rape and apparent abuse that led to this girls untimely death, I don't think anything will ultimately change until communities and school faculties are more responsible when bullying takes place. Ie If a boy fights with his bully for the obvious harassment, the principle will chastise the boy for fighting, not the bully. The reasons seem devoid of validation.

what is your opinion on the Phoebe Prince case? by Mr.Honest John Q: for any of you who do not know who she is,phoebe prince was a teenager in massachusetts who hung herself due to extreme bullying..the state is now charging 9 teens in criminal conduct as well as statatory rape..i hope those teens get punished to the full extent of the law but what is your opinion? 11 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

A: Those kids are pieces of crap...I hope they go to prison and get a taste of their own medicine...

How many people have heard of the Phoebe Prince tragidy? by Q: I just want to know your opinions on Phoebe Prince (A 15 year old South Hadley student and immigrant from ireland) who hanged herself because of Bullying. Please give me your opinions!!!1

A: This news just depressed me horribly. I think this is becoming a huge issue in high schools. I know it was huge issue back in 1989 when I was in high school and it seems to be getting worse. To me, the problem is that high school is like a prison with no guards. You have to be there, the hall ways are crowded with kids, teachers can only see so much. And teachers can't watch everything that goes on. These teenagers are still children and need protection. Yes, they look like adults, but they aren't. They need help learning what is OK to do and what is not OK. Even the kids being bullied my not understand that it is wrong. They just think they must be a horrible person, never thinking this type of behavior is criminal. And the kids doing the bullying probably don't even know that they are causing such an extreme problem in the lives of these kids. So, over population with little supervision is a key problem in this issue. Also, the high school doesn't take on the huge responsibility of making sure interactions between their students are positive. I mean, you can't just throw all of these kids in one setting without teaching them how to interact positively! The kids being bullied need help understanding what to do and the kids doing the bullying need help to understand why they do what they do! If schools are going to continue having kids come into their buildings then they have the responsibility of teaching them how to interact and making sure the kids that walk their buildings are safe being there. I wish school populations at the high school level were smaller. Make smaller campuses, smaller groups so that these huge problems would be easier to spot and manage. But, the opposite remains true. As kids grow in age, they move up to schools with a large population just when real, huge problems start happening in their lives. It seems so backwards to me.

What happened to the people involved in Phoebe Prince's death? by Beautiful disaster Q: What happened to the 9 people getting charged in the death of Phoebe Prince's death resulting in suicide? Does anyone know what they were sentenced to?

A: I don't know, but another poster said that they were STILL making fun of that poor girl even after her death. I'd like to see what was said, and I think they should use that as evidence against them in court.

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