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Petraeus Steps Down as CIA Chief, Saying He Had Affair
Mr. Obama released a statement praising Mr. Petraeus for his “extraordinary service” to the country and saying that Michael J. Morell, the deputy director of the C.I.A., would take over once again as acting director. He served in that position briefly ...

The Iraq success story that propelled David Petraeus to the top
The first six months after President George W. Bush sent General David Petraeus to lead the U.S.-dominated force in Iraq were some of the worst in a war full of bad months. The fighting had already claimed around 3,000 American lives in its first four ...

David Petraeus a battlefield 'hero' and savvy Washington insider
Petraeus proved himself indispensable to two presidents – George W. Bush and Barack Obama -- hand-picked by the former to oversee the “surge” strategy in Iraq in 2007 and dispatched by the latter to Afghanistan in 2010 after the unexpected resignation ...

The Wire: Petraeus shocker; Obama vs. cliff; Iran on drone; Syrian exodus ...
David Petraeus, the four-star general who was appointed CIA director a year ago, shocked the nation Friday by resigning after admitting that he showed "extremely poor judgment" by having an extramarital affair. "After being married for over 37 years, ...

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tigerpixel Petraeus: Exploded View http://t.co/uRF00vUb

SMjaniczek If #Petraeus doesnt want to testify in front oc congress on #BenghaziGate then he can be subpoenaed.

milominder Shame about Petraeus, one of life's great surnames.

Chester3424 RT @Stars5Steve: [email protected]: Valerie Jarrett’s Payback Begins, Petraeus Forced Out http://t.co/nULQASfA”She's an expert in Chicago style politics.

schmat99 RT @MarlowNYC: Memo to Men Everywhere: If the Director of the #CIA can get busted for cheating, your not-so-secretive ass definitely will, too. #Petraeus

gregorg RT @chrisrusak: Petraeus & Paula Broadwell: Director resigns over his affair with his biographer. http://t.co/naJFiy3x (Oops @joaniestudio @gregorg)

sassylassee RT @keder: So Obama makes Petraeus resign over an extra-marital affair but had Bill Clinton as his top campaign surrogate. Makes perfect sense.

pitapolicy RT @MidEastNews247: #news #business CIA Director David Petraeus Has Resigned, Citing an Extramarital Affair http://t.co/tfCzU0Iy #money #career

Chird11 RT @DLoesch: Nothing at all weird about Petraeus resigning right before he was to testify on Benghazi. Nothing at all. Nope.

danielhr91 RT @DeBortoliF: Si dimette #Petraeus, capo della CIA, pare per una relazione extraconiugale.

rmcmartino1 RT @golfmax13: Does Obama think Republicans are as dumb as his Democrat base? This Petraeus thing stinks to high heaven. #tcot #obamafail #teaparty

GridSouth Did Paula Broadwell Access Petraeus' CIA Email? http://t.co/qkuNhkQq

MichelFloyd RT @KeithOlbermann: So per Slate, Petraeus' girlfriend's book about him was called "All In"? The jokes - they write themselves.

iamSeVaismyname RT @ariannahuff: Turns out Petraeus is human being. And of course we definitely can't have human beings in government!

scottEweinberg RT this if you have no fucking idea who "Petraeus" is and you're just faking it.


What do you think of General Petraeus's report? by Mr. Main Event Q: I'm an US Army veteran who served in Afghanistan in 2005, and I listened to General Petraeus's report yesterday, and I believe that he was telling the truth (for the most part). However, there's this other part of me that keeps telling me that the White House influenced his report. The Bush Administration has allocated a lot of money to the US Military. So, I'm pretty sure that the White House had some influence on how the General wrote his report. One of the Army Values is Integrity. However, when I was in the service, I've seen that value violated quite a few times. So, do you think General Petraeus's report was telling the "whole truth" or only a "part-truth"? *BTW, in my unit, General Petraeus's haircut would've been considered a violation of Army regulations.

A: It was statiscally accurate and truthful. Just not what the Dems wanted to hear though, so they will try to smear him and call him a puppet of Bush. It's truly a shame that such a large segment of our population is so heavily invested in our failure.

How will the America hating liberals and defeatist Democrats spin? by Doctor of Democracy Q: The General Petraeus congressional report and the obvious difference the surge has made in reducing 90% of the violence in iraq

A: LTS,.. the libs and the Kool aid crowd will dance to a frenzy around the campfire of doom, as long as the Honorable Gen. David Petraeus is in DC.,, they will wave there white flags, and spot themselves with chicken blood, And chant Change and Hope untill they puke. But then what do you expect from them. Honor, Integrity Character. Yeah right.

Did you hear a huge roar of approval from the troops? by Rob Q: Petraeus is coming! Too bad McChrystal blew up his career, but now the insubordinate student is being replaced by the wise and beloved teacher. Isn't that a great outcome to a sad story?

A: I hope something improves the troop's morale.- the suicide rate over there is out of control. It was a stroke of genius on Obama's part to appoint Petraeus, but you'll still hear the same tired old fact-free crap from the right.

How did Obama come up with his timetable for troop withdrawl? by karl_popper_fan Q: He's not met and counseled with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Petraeus, or Iraqi leaders. Isn't he just being an armchair Commander in Chief crticizing the decisions of the Joing Chiefs, Gen. Petraeus, and Pres Bush by saying they're following failed policies? Shouldn't he meet with US military leaders BEFORE coming up with plans for Iraq and Afghanistan or come out and say that if he's elected he's going to fire all the Joint Chiefs and Gen Petraeus for being failures?

A: It is scary to think of Obama being in charge in these times in the world...I want someone who knows a little bit about the military...Obama just thinks he is an expert on EVERYTHING...don't question him...

How did the proposed actions of a rinky dink church in Florida with 50 members became international news? by danielstrickland Q: When did this become news, ie who is behind the story? I seem to recall that I first heard the story because Gen. David Petraeus commended the Dove World Outreach Center's plans to burn Korans to mark the anniversary of 9-11, but from recent reporting the timeline seems like it's been reversed.

A: How do most issues get blown out of control. .(FOX NEWS)

Obama on Fox News Sunday said He would vote Yes for Gen. Petraeus promotion to US central command? by Paulie Q: Gen. Petraeus was the architect of the successful surge in Iraq. Does this make Obama look bad since He is anti-war and wants to bring the troops home now?

A: A vote for Petraeus is a republican vote for Obama he hopes. It is for show.

Simple, was David Petraeus related to a woman named Carol? by Warren Q: I lived a few years in Cornwall-on-Hudson New York and while going to high school there met a girl named Carol Petraeus. Seeing as David Petraeus was, I believe born there, she may be a relative of his. Could someone please let me know and thanks to all who do.

Was General Petraeus a Roman General in a past life? by Brothers Of Destruction Rulezzz! Q: LOL! I quote the movie Gladiator :"....you have a great name Maximus...he has to kill your name before he kills you..." General Petraeus has a roman general sound, doesn't it? I mean, it is a great name for a general, in my opinion.

A: Greek I believe, and I would caution belief in past lives is one reason critics got away with calling Patton crazy. However there is indication that there is a certain genetic memory or reaction to stimulus common to what our ancestors may have dealt with, probably a survival trait, be it a subconcious one we never recognize or hopefully never utilize. And yes, the Obama vs. McChrystal situation did remind me of "Gladiator" a general being summoned back to Rome, minus his army, to be destroyed, but turning the situation and public sentiment against the emperor, as McChrystal did when he tendered his resignation rather than let Obama decide his fate, he maintained dominance, Obama is left looking indecisive, vain and foolish. The fact Obama placed McChrystal in that position, rather than trusting Petraeus from the start, just makes him look even more foolish as a leader. Even worse, there is no way Obama can blame this one on Bush.

Will Fox News and conservatives attack General Petraeus for supporting the release of the torture photos? by Edward Q: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/04/25/source-petraeus-wants-release-photos-showing-detainee-treatment/ Why does General Petraeus want to make America less safe by giving terrorists all the information about our interrogation techniques?

A: Sure their dogs will attack. God bless the General for wanting the truth to come out.*

Why did McCain snub General Petraeus as a potential VP pick in favor of Sarah Palin? by Edward Q: Is McCain actually trying to convince the American people that Sarah Palin is more experienced and qualified to be commander-in-chief of our armed forces on day one than General David Petraeus, who made the surge work and led our troops to victory in Iraq?

A: How would you know that? How do you know that maybe McCain asked him and he probably didn't even want the job!

Will General Petraeus, spill his guts once his boss is fired? by WO LEE Q: If David Petraeus has a shred of decencey he would face off to Bush's pressure to LIE about how the war in Iraq is taking its course. Right now he is taking the beat for Dubya!

A: Time will tell. Colon Powell was driven by patriotism in both Iraq wars, he even bent backward displaying the incriminating evidence of Iraq's WMD. But when he pulled out of Bush's circle, he didn't hide his displeasure getting duped and pushed to lie in front of the whole world, I believe Petraeus won't seal his lips for long either.

How many softball questions do you think Brit Hume will lob at Petraeus and Crocker tonight? by h2o4ever Q: Did you notice that Fox is putting the interview up against Monday Night Football (eg: nobody will be watching Hume play pattycake with Petraeus and Crocker)? macaroni: Like he did with the Cheney interview, after Cheney SHOT another man while drinking and hunting?

A: Lets put it this way: The questions Brit Hume will be reading from, are probably written on Pentagon stationary.

Should we hold the Democratic Congress to the same standards they want to hold Genral Petraeus? by Jon M Q: Take every argument they're using to get us out of Iraq -ignore Petraeus, deny his plan, the time to work and so forth - and turn it around against them. The current leadership of Congress has failed to deliver on their promises. They failed to set the country on the "right course." They've failed to gain the support of the American people. They're a total political failure. As a matter of fact, during their leadership, Reid and Pelosi, the American people have overwhelmingly rejected their leadership. Anybody who has lost faith with General Petraeus has to be disgusted with Reid and Pelosi. If the Petraeus leadership can be judged in, what is it, two or three months now, the Reid and Pelosi leadership's had two or three times as much time and has clearly accomplished nothing, except a whole bunch of political stunts. Disapproval of the Reid-Pelosi Congress has collapsed, 37% to 24% after only six months. Using their line of reasoning, we need new leaders in Congress now. Right? Congress Approval Rating 16% according to Rasmussen. ArgleBargleWoogleBoo: I agree with you on that. Neither party has been held responsible for their actions or rhetoric. Only now, after the Immigration Debate, have the American People realized that we can stop Legislation we don't like. stephen k: Congress' approval rating has fallen between 24% and 37% depending on the poll. I mis-typed.

A: We should hold them to the standard that they are using on our military action as a whole. They argue that there is no progress being made, and are only agitating in Iraq, and therefore should withdraw. I feel that the current Congress is making no progress and I find them agitating. Therefore Congress should be withdrawn from Washington.

Who is wiser: Michelle Obama or General David Petraeus? by PAULO Q: Last night at Saddleback Church, Barack Obama said the wisest person he knew was his wife Michelle. Later when John McCain was asked the same question, he answered General David Petraeus. So who was right? Who is wiser - Mrs, Obama or Gen. Petraeus?

A: I am supporting Barack Obama for President. However, I think that Michelle Obama is as dumb as a stump. Therefore, Petraeus wins by default iin my book.

Theoretically, Would Hillary Have the Power to Execute General Petraeus by Firing Squad? by Duminos Q: I can't remember Dems saying it was incorrect when Liberals called 4-star Petraeus a "traitor." So, if she become president, would she have the right to execute him by firing squad? If you do not believe she would have that power, please support your position. She would be commander-in-chief. The heroic general would have no right to a trial by citizens.

A: Only a military court martial could sentence any military personnel to death by any method.

how can someone contact general david petraeus? by b.d. m Q: I would like to email general petraeus and ask him something very important. So I want him and not some assistant clerk. I thought I was asking a question on a legitimate sight. I thought I'd get serious answers back. Only one person answered in an adult manner with information. sarcasm in this day and age is really not necessary. Sorry!

A: To be totally honest, General Petraeus doesnt read his own mail. Unless your a politically important figure, or the President himself, you have practically 0% of a chance to speak to him. Its the nature of the beast. Same with the White House. You send a letter there, and someone clerk gets it, writes some standard response, stamps the presidents name, and moves right along.

Why do so many Americans think Petraeus is 'making a report' when he is testifying? by cassandra Q: He is required by law to testify before Congress by Sept. 15th. That's what he's doing. Why are Americans making excuses for him not taking an oath, by saying he's only 'making a report' - like a kid giving a book report, I guess - rather than testifying? Why do so Many Americans here on Yahoo just not care that the White House, The Media, and Gen. Petraeus lie to them about our mass murder and torture fest in Iraq? I'm not a sir, and I'm sure my precious sons don't find me a waste. And, btw, your comment is an 'ad hominem' response, therefore fallacious, therefore wrong, therefore a waste. G'day. Of course I would have been with code pink. Another ad hominem - looks like the Cons just can't answer the question..... A surprise! Germany and Japan attacked us/declared war on us. In the Iraq War, we are the aggressors - we are the germans/japanese in your analogy. Do you really want to go there? You violent cons are unbelievable - you are like Hitler's brownshirts. My father spent his life in the Navy - I never lived anywhere for more than 2 or 3 years because of that. You are so lame and violent and ridiculous. You just love the boot of the fascist on your face.

A: There is testimony, and there is sworn testimony. Apparently The one who uses the name of a "Goddess" but believes in no God, is not aware of that subtle difference. As for requiring the testimony to be sworn, is this a court? Does the Congress have the power to require sworn testimony from the Executive Branch? Are there any charges being rendered here? Maybe in the mind of the pseudo-goddess, but she would benefit from an understanding of the Constitution.

What does Dick Cheney know about Al Qaeda that General Petraeus does not? by George M Q: Testifying before Congress on 9/11/07, General Petraeus said he knows of no connection between the events of 9/11/2001 and Iraq

A: Bush has admitted the same thing. The whole story of Iraq being involved with the 9/11 attack is a total fabrication. The worst part is that they still drag it out as justification for the war. What is even worse is that some Americans still believe that lie.

Gen. Petraeus hides his troops on Afghan FOBs and then whines about troop safety? How about kill some Taliban? by David C Q: Do you agree that if Gen. Petraeus did more fighting and less whining, the US troops in Afghanistan would be safer regardless of how many Korans are burned daily in the USA?

A: Out of curiosity David C... How does your resume look and can it stack up like the General's? You have any combat experience? Hell, do you have any military experience what so ever? You think you could do his job? If you answered "No" to any of those questions, then move a long.

Do you remember when the right loved Petraeus and is it a recent thing that now after Benghazi, they don't? by Cederic Q: They used to like Gen. Petraeus, now he's called betray-us.

A: Remeber when they wanted Powell to run for pres on the gop ticket and now he is just a black racist

Why in the world would Obama put Gen. Petraeus in change of Afghanistan? by Average Joe Q: When Petraeus was running the show in Iraq, Obama said it was a failure. He claimed several times that the surge failed and the war was lost. Yet, now he promotes Petraeus in Afghanistan. Huh? I don't speak liberal, so can someone translate this for me and explain Obama's thinking?

A: Geez neither do I. McCrystal though I believe made those remarks on purpose, he's not a stupid man. Probably had enough of the civilian indecision. However, this really did not give Obama a choice. As for Petraeus, who knows?

Is General Petraeus Just Walking Lock Step with the Bush Administration? by It's Your World, Change It Q: A good bit of skepticism is healthy in life, but especially healthy when it comes to politics and politicians. As much as we'd all like to believe General Petraeus, it's hard to believe that given this administrations history of cronyism and back-slapping "heckuva job, Brown-ies" that Petraeus isn't simply walking lock step with the Bush Administration on this. There's a LOT of money to be made by prolonging this war and it's sad to say, but I think that's one of the major factors contributing to it's continuation. Any thoughts?

A: Short of being a puppet, his own boss Admiral called him a sell-out on this issue. A good soldier does what his boss tells him to do and Bush is his boss! Sadly.......

was gen petraeus was so good at his last assignment of training the iraqis, that he got a promotion? by tomjohn2 Q: the iraqis are not capable of taking over their own security without our help. but petraeus is the man to run the whole show. everyone before him that disagreed with bush and cheney in the slightest way, was removed. petraeus's foremost ability is his blind devotion to the cic. he wears a real pleasant shade of brown lipstick. do i hear some con piggies squealing? peace, love, and harmony is that you? hey corky, thanks for your answer. i guess that you are right about my goof on my question. however, i did a little research on your spelling on some of your questions and the details. always amazing to me how you little piggies squeal about others, when you are just as bad or worse. probably should check your deodorant out too. because............. you stink.

A: agreed. Gen. Petraeus is the right man for the job - because he's a Bush "yes" man, and that's about all the qualifications this administration requires.

How is General Petraeus the Democrats savior when they ripped him as Bush's pick.? by Rambo Q: General David Petraeus was appointed by George W. Bush to command the multinational force in the Iraq War , and was confirmed by Congress in that position on January 26, 2007. This would be the same General Petraeus that Senate Democrats were calling a liar and "General Betrayus."

A: I guess liberals couldn't possibly bash this General now that he's working for Obama. I agree, now that President Obama has appointed Petraeus to replace the outgoing Gen. Stanley McChrystal to lead the war effort in Afghanistan, the folks on the far-left that castigated Petraeus when he worked for George W. Bush have to sing a different tune. With that in mind, the ad, which has been at MoveOn's website for years, was unceremoniously removed on Wednesday. Here's an idea of the firestorm this created at the time: Parroting MoveOn, Matthews Accuses Bush of 'Betrayal' http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2007/09/11/parroting-moveon-matthews-accuses-bush-betrayal Keith Olbermann Coined General ‘Betray Us’ Not MoveOn http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2007/09/12/keith-olbermann-coined-general-betray-us-not-moveon CBS and NBC Morning Shows Ignore Dem Embarrassment Over MoveOn Ad http://newsbusters.org/blogs/scott-whitlock/2007/09/11/cbs-nbc-morning-shows-ignore-dem-embarrassment-over-moveon-ad Senator Hatch Lashes Out at MoveOn and ‘Nutroots’ http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2007/09/13/senator-hatch-lashes-out-moveon-nutroots Michael Kinsley Defends MoveOn’s ‘Betray Us’ Ad http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2007/09/20/michael-kinsley-defends-moveon-s-betray-us-ad NYT Shares Plunge While It Deeply Discounts MoveOn's Ad Space http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tom-blumer/2007/09/13/ny-times-shares-plunge-while-it-deeply-discounts-moveons-ad-space With Petraeus now part of the Obama administration, it's going to be fascinating watching all of the media members and outlets that supported MoveOn's ad now backtrack and gush over the General they once despised. o_O

So if Obama declare Martial Law, would David Petraeus be the only one with powers? by John Q: The Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches would be suspended and the constitution right? So that means General David Petraeus would have sole power of the US if this was declared correct? That means he can do anything?

A: No, he couldn't just do anything, and he wouldn't be soley in charge. Obama would stll be the one in charge.

What is the Iraqi word for "corruption" that Petraeus used? by jmanlefty Q: Gen. Petraeus used some Iraqi word for corruption and graft I think? It may just be a slang word? Sounded like it began with an "f".

A: You're speaking of his CNN interview with Kira Phillips ? Baksheesh: A gratuity, tip, or bribe paid to expedite service, especially in some Near Eastern countries. ETYMOLOGY: Persian bakhshish, present, from Middle Persian bakhshishn, from bakhshdan , bakhsh-, to give presents, from Avestan bakhsh-; see bhag- in Indo-European roots http://education.yahoo.com/reference/dictionary/entry/baksheesh

Will Petraeus be a good replacement for McChrystal? by Ryan L Q: I heard General Petraeus did a good job turning the tide in Iraq, but will he be able to do the same for Afghanistan? The countries seem like completely difference cases, where insurgents and terrorists in Afghanistan have a lot more sway and control over the population than those in Iraq.

A: All I think it means is we will have a general with a much fatter a**

Why is the White House going to write the Iraq report and not Petraeus? by ms_wheedler Q: Which would you trust more, a report from the White House or one from Petraeus?

A: Why are we surprised? The Bush administration lied to the world about why we went to Iraq in the first place. It isn't like that administration hasn't falsified information before. The "report" will be a glowing account of the success Bush has had in pursuit of.. of... of (fill in the blank). This "report" will be about as valid as the reports of economic progress that used to come from Stalin's Russia. So why should we be surprised? After all, when Colin Powell told the UN about weapons of mass destruction, he was reading a speech written for him by that paragon of honesty, "Scooter" Libby.

Does General Petraeus have to go in front of congress regarding his promotion to CENTCOM? If he does, when? by raylious2001 Q: I've been wondering if General Petraeus will have to go in front of Congress regarding his promotion to Commander of CENTCOM, and if he does, when will this take place?

A: yes he will, but no time soon. are you planning a protest or something?

Why is General Petraeus hailed as a hero by conservatives for his ribbons and medals? by Patrioticlib Q: Yet John Kerry was mocked by those same conservatives wearing band aids with purple hearts drawn on and denounced as not worthy of bronze and silver stars? For all I know, Petraeus got awarded all of his medals and ribbons with a bunch of good old boy fraud. Lets see, Petraeus got a bronze star...is he as unworthy of that as Kerry is of his bronze star? AS far as the ribbons, looks like many of them come during the course of getting to high ranks and longevity. Found info on Petraeus awards myself on wilkipedia, sad to see no one could give me a link. Backs my contention Petraeus is a political stooge. LOL, just what does Kerry throwing away ribbons have to do with anything? If KErry nominated himself for medals, then it a certaininty that a self promoter like Petraeus did the same. The upper echleons of the military in a less than full war mode is as much cronyism as any palce else. Far as Petraeus confrimed with Democrat votes, I believe that unless there is an issue of basic competence, a President gets who he wants for the eecutive branch . I don't criticize Petraeus competency, but his integrity.

A: No idea, Patreaus stopped being a hero once he became a bush sycophant.

Is there anyone who actually credits the upsomming Petraeus report? by sSuper critic Q: In the drive for economy in government I understand that they have recovered the "Mission Accomplished sign" and they will recycle it for the Petraeus hearing. Economy and consistency in government...another Republican accomplishment for all of us to admire. .

A: Your question and details only prove my point that people should be literate before they are allowed to vote.

What do you guys think about Petraeus becoming DCI? by State Farm Man Q: Obama ousted McCrystal, a fine military commander, to use Prtrraeus; now the Gen. is becoming DCI (a position that CIA personnel have been competing for years now) and the current DCI is becoming SECDEF. How will this affect the intel community and who will replace Petraeus?

A: Well now Nobama has to "Politically Correct Yes Persons" running the Armed Forces of the USA... You watch the Restrictions that will now be put on our Troops, that will cause an escalating numbers of our Troops being Killed/Maimed needlessly... Are you aware that "ANY LONG TERM WAR" with Large numbers of our Troops being Killed/Maimed, that there has always been a "Democrat in the White House", that has always "Micro-managed the War"...ALWAYS... The Vietnam War cost us over 58,000+ KIA and Hundreds of Thousands Wounded and Maimed because of Micro managing by White House idiots that do not know how to fight a War... To quote "McNamara" when asked "Why they had not stopped the War" ??? His answer was: "WE DID NOT KNOW HOW TO STOP THE WAR" !!!!

Another Palin moment. I believe David Petraeus would have been more challenging? by Leslie Q: Another blunder! Old folks don't like career enthusiasts. They prefer someone they could relate to. Could that have been David Petraeus?

A: Classic Palin!!!

Another Palin moment. I believe David Petraeus would have been more challenging? by Leslie Q: Another blunder! Old folks don't like career enthusiasts. They prefer someone they could relate to. Could that have been David Petraeus?

A: i guess you asked a wrong question. He's in love with the NAACP. They don't bother him EddyJ likes these kind of questions; http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AplYoRnAQNoXBFsIS6xfV8nsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120811194832AA1VPsy http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmMliEVt3Cs8NGnbj8ljvzzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120811135718AAL4vQn http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjErPv.3.7OoBDl8o6YMoDXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120726140037AAB3W4J http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ai.tTS6.lDfXfEgmjGx3vd_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120725201623AA6OPzI http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ak6qixeQzFiJMv.9MCdQulfsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120725101401AAbnfJQ

Is there any question what General Petraeus will report in September? by Who Else? Q: His predecessor was canned for telling the truth, which did not reinforce Commander Bush's fantasies of great victory. Petraeus was picked for his loyalty to Bush. Now his job and the funding for the whole charade hangs on his report. Does anyone believe the general will admit to even the tiniest doubt, and risk offending the Bush ego?

A: I think he will be able to honestly say things are at least a little better which they probably will be. Not better enough to win the war in Iraq but better enough to buy Bush the time he needs to cut & run from the White House and not have to take the blame for losing the Iraq war.

Will General Petraeus retain command of CENTCOM and also command Afghan forces? by dwammo Q: Since Petraeus has "replaced" McCrystal, will be hold both the CENTCOM commander and Afghan Commander positions? Who did McCrystal report to in his Chain of command?

A: No. There will be another CENTCOM commander named.

Would it be honorable for General Petraeus to lie about Iraq? by ballerb j Q: would it be a disgrace to the uniform he wears if general Petraeus tells congress and the american people his report was independent and unbiased, if he really collaborated with the Bush administration and followed their order to come up with an "optomistic report". I am not saying he did. But thats what happened, is that acceptable? is it dishonorable behavior for an officer?

A: Of course, it's not honorable. Not acceptable, and definitely dishorable behavior for a military officer of that stature. If he really lied to congress, a case should be put together to prosecute him.

Could someone please tell me what really went on between General Petraeus and Ted Westhusing? by 002 Q: Could someone please tell me what really went on with General Petraeus and Ted Westhusing? Please take care to make your account of the story quite factual--in fact ever so much so that it is mindblasting to the reader. Thanks. Bless you.

A: Bloody hell, slashfic enthusiasts turn up in the damndest places!

How did General David Petraeus get multiple post-graduate degrees while serving on active duty? by George Baker Q: Petraeus has a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Military Academy from which he graduated in 1974 as a distinguished cadet (top 5% of his class). He was the General George C. Marshall Award winner as the top graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College class of 1983. He subsequently earned an M.P.A. in 1985 and a Ph.D. in International Relations in 1987 from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

A: Most post-graduate programs are focused on evening classes because most post-graduate students are not in the traditional college student category as are most baccalaureate candidates. General Petraus most likely did like most post-graduate students, myself included, and pursued those degrees by attending courses at night and on weekends.

Should Gen. Petraeus have made defeatist statements in public about how scared he is of Muslims.? by David C Q: Shouldn't Gen. Petraeus keep quiet and be ready to kill and leave the denouncement of Koran Burning to the Pundits and Politicians?

A: I was going to mention all the trouble caused by the cartoon which AD mentioned. I seriously doubt that Gen. Petraeus is afraid of muslims. I'm pretty sure he has seen enough in his life that it is a small concern for him personally. Did you know an Iraqi soldier opened fire on American soldiers, killing two, the day this plan was made public? We don't know that it was a response to the news but, it might have been. There is no need to put our troops in more danger than they already are. And inciting the enemy is not the way to win this so-called war on terror.

Why is Bush so quick to accept the Petraeus report as fact and act on it? by ningis n Q: I mean the Petraeus seat in congress is not even cold and Bush has already announced he is accepting all it says and following all recommentdations. Strangely enough, even though the report was independent of the white house, Bush and Petraeus both agree that 30,000 surge troops will come back home next summer. Is this just a coincidence or is someone think we are stupid? Gmoney is in line for the 10 points

A: because the White House wrote the report for Gen. Petraeus.

How long will it be before Obama gets rid of General Petraeus? by David Q: You know Obama is far more intelligent than the last two Generals he's fired, so will Petraeus next?

A: Obama won't get rid of Petaesus. In announcing he had "accepted" his battlefield commander's resignation, Obama acknowledged that he and McChrystal "are in full agreement about our strategy." This week's firing was simply political theater designed to enhance Obama's stature as a "leader" in the eyes of his supporters and critics. Obama suffers from decision-deficit disorder. He routinely is described as detached, disengaged, ambivalent and uncertain in everything from the economy to securing our borders to the Gulf oil spill to the war itself. He has been unable or unwilling to name our radical Islamist enemies or define victory. He is the only commander in chief to announce a deadline for withdrawing troops while committing more Americans to combat. McChrystal was relieved because a thin-skinned president couldn't take criticism in the press and needed to prove he's the boss. The intemperate published remarks made by McChrystal and his staff in Rolling Stone provided an opportunity for Obama to show his left-wing base that he is in charge. Set aside for a moment how inconceivable it is that an article in Rolling Stone magazine could be the cause of anyone's being fired -- much less a U.S. commanding general in the midst of a war. That the Pentagon, Central Command and Gen. McChrystal's staff granted unfettered, prolonged access to this publication reflects ignorance, arrogance or both. Everyone involved in approving this "embed" ought to be fired for egregious lack of judgment. They apparently believed they could win over Hastings. They were dead wrong. I don't disagree with much of what Gen. McChrystal and his staff are quoted as saying about the O-Team in the article. I have used many of the same terms to describe the present administration -- albeit with fewer expletives. It also should be noted that despite claims of "several lengthy interviews" with McChrystal, there are very few lines of text in the offending article directly attributable to the general. o_O

If McCain is worry about who judgment is in question why did Petraeus back Obama? by Ethel M Q: Is McCain just trying to confuse people about Obama over judgment? If Petraeus is backing Obama because he has the right judgment and McCain doesn't, doesn't that mean that McCain doesn't have the judgment? Most Americans know McCain has no judgment, what do you think?

A: And so funny that McCain keeps referring to Petreus as the ultimate authority on Iraq. This is why McCain has that gigantic smile... it comes from sticking his foot in his mouth.

Does the Petraeus affair explain the failures in Benghazi and Iran? by Time 2 Deprogram U Q: Petraeus just resigned as head of the CIA because of an affair. Does this explain the recent intelligence failures? Hello. The Benghazi compound was a CIA INSTALLATION. It was a safe house for the CIA. Dumbsh!ts.

Why is McCain using general Petraeus for political reasons? by 2live Crew Q: McCain is mentioning General Petraeus in his speeches a hundred times, he is using him in his political Ads, debates and even condems Obama for disagree with him. So, the question is, why is McCain putting a Military commander leading the war in a foriegn country on political division and washington pickering? If McCain is country 1st why not keept Petraeus out of this?

A: I'm not really sure why he is doing this. Maybe history. Has a General that has led our army ever been elected to be a president himself???

Does Petraeus deserve his promotion or is the Bush Administration trying to pull the wool over our eyes? by Yahoo Is Stupid Q: Is the promotion of General Petraeus to chief of U.S. Central Command deserved or this the Bush Administration trying to deceive us about what is going on in Iraq.

A: Is there really any wool left;;? I thought he used the worlds supply up''

Why do conservative pundits think their judgement is superior to General Petraeus'? by celticexpress Q: Early in the week, we heard from conservatives (including Rush, bloggers, many on YA) that those critical of the war had no right to contradict Gen. Petraeus, because he is both running the entire effort and knows the "facts on the ground". One of the main areas he testified about was strategic counterinsurgency, i.e, how to combat terrorism using non-military means. But following Petraeus' comment that he is unsure whether the whole Iraq effort is "making America safer", the Con pundits backpedal and now tell us that the Gen. is just a "military man", implying that he isn't sophisticated enough to make the pat judgements that the likes of Limbaugh and Hannity belch daily (such as "we have to fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here"). Clearly, Petraeus' is responsible for very sophisticated strategic planning far beyond anything that is demanded of the likes of BillO. So why do they blithely dismiss his judgement that the war may not be making us safer? The Cons want to style him as a military genius, but beyond that he is supposedly ignorant and doesn't have his own opinion of the overall global situation? Rob: I think that we have made improvements in intelligence gathering and some small improvements (not nearly enough) in border security that have made us safer, but I don't see that teh Iraq War has made us safer at all. So I do agree with Gen. Petraeus.

A: Gral Petraeus is a very good,highly competent military officer who knows not only HOW to do his job but also exactly WHAT his job is. He was sent to fight a war(by the elected leaders of our country) and he knows how to do that. When asked questions that go beyond that mission,he rightly and HONESTLY declines to answer them because it is neither his place to do so and it doesn't come within the field of what he supposed to know. Apparently, some neoconservatives who support the government's reasons (all umpteen- hundreds of them) for waging the war can't understand Petraeus's honesty and professionalism when it doesn't uphold these reasons. I have been against the war from day one but have great respect for his professionalism and will only start to worry when he(or other members of the military) exceed what they are explicitly called upon to do by our constitution. Although I am sure Petraeus is correct in his MILITARY assesment of the war and it would be stupid of me to contradict him on a military matter,I am alarmed at some of the measures he recommends for combating insurgency (note! NOT measures for making us safer - they are not one and the same thing). I refer specifically to the arming of so called ¨friendly¨ tribes or supplying counterinsurgents with arms and money. This probably is the military textbook answer to fighting the kind of violence we see over there but it will only work if certain conditions are true and it is these conditions I doubt. Are we in any position to CORRECTLY identify which ¨friends¨we should be arming and funding? It is our sad history that we have been duped before(Ho Chi Minh,Fidel Castro, Noriega,Saddam Hussein,and the list goes on). Petraeus is undoubtedly correct in that this measure will win the short term issue but our politicians have to be concerned with the long term issues -that is THEIR job! To specifically answer your question, I would say that Petraeus, by declining to equate winning against the insurgents in Iraq with making us in the U.S. safer (homeland security),blew up singlehandedly the one argument that the neocons have been beating us stupid disbelievers in the war's ultimate good over the head with. This should be- for all reasonable thinkers- proof positive that the war in Iraq was and is not being fought to make the world (or even the U.S. ) safe for us. I'm not saying this,the country's foremost general is. (perhaps the next step is to dismiss him as a wishy washy lily livered liberal. I 'm sure FOX news is more than prepared to pull out all the stops)

How easy was it for you to pick out the Dims in today's hearing with General Petraeus? by Lilliput1212 Q: After seeing the hearing today with General Petraeus, I have to say that my contempt for the Democratic party has reached an all time high. Do they not understand the concept of disagreeing with out disgrace. They are an embarrassment to our entire county Since it is oblivious that they lack any schooling in social graces, I have come up with a few classes I think they did take.. Early Smugness Education Concepts in Counterfeiting Morality Mastering Ineptitudes Condescending Attitude 101 Liberal Arts: The ability to speak out of both sides of your mouth and still say nothing important. For those of you who would rather pick apart my question than answer it, because you really have no answer for their behavior, the term “lack any schooling in social graces” is a colloquialism if you will, from my mothers youth. To lack something is by definition; to NOT have it…and the people who represent you, do not have any social graces. Now address the issue. Geez people, stop wasting your time pointing out a typo…Does it make you feel superior to point out a simple mistake? I glad I don’t spend my time doing that. I would never get to answer a question. And I never mention the pink idiots… they do not represent our “leaders” and are not worthy of a comment. I have no problem with “tough” questions…I feel they need to be asked… Questions asked with a belligerent, smug, self-righteous, disrespectful, condescending , hateful attitude, yes, I would have just as much contempt for the Republicans….I think I could and did tell your something

A: I was so embarrased by the rudeness of the Democrats that questioned General Petraeus, a 4-Star General who is an ethical and honest gentleman. It really was a National Disgrace. Even worse was what Reid, Chris Matthews, and Lantos surmised even before his speech was given. Reid said he'd be cherry-picking the facts, and Matthews inferred the speech would be polished by the White House beforehand. Both untrue. Petraeus said his speech was completely his own and not edited by anyone. Lantos called Petraeus a liar. Is this the new wave of behavior by our elected Senators? Whatever happened to etiquette and professionalism? The voters in the above men's districts should kick these kind of guys out the very next election and put in some new honest Democrats (if you can't find any honest ones, try putting in a Republican). I apologize to General Petreaus for the rudeness and inability of our elected officials to behave and their lack of integrity.

Is it hypocritical for Congress to grill General Petraeus? by Texican Q: After all, Congress authorized the war; General Petraeus did not. Is this not so? Should not the General be putting Congress on the stand and grilling them with questions?

A: I was thinking the exact same thing: Gen. Petraeus: What the HELL did you mean sending us over there with no defined enemy and no plan of return??? Congress: *cricket's chirping.....*

How long before the right-wingers start begging General Petraeus to run for President? by Michael P in NJ Q: After all, they've now thrown their former star Fred Thompson into the "not conservative enough" mix with Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney. (How crazy-fascist do you have to be if those guys aren't conservative enough?) Is Petraeus the new great olive-drab hope to succeed their beloved Bush?

A: They already did and he himself too. The right wing is rooting for Petraeus to take the plunge. On Sept. 6, The New York Sun wrote an editorial titled “Petraeus for President?” The Corner’s Kathryn Jean Lopez approvingly linked to the editorial this morning, titling her post “Dream Sequence.” Last spring, The Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol told the Harvard Republican Club that he and other “conservative insider[s]” believe “a ticket of Fred Thompson and David Petraeus might be able to avert electoral disaster for the GOP” in 2008. It’s unlikely that Petraeus would be as warmly received by the American public. In anticipation of this week’s congressional testimony, 53 percent of the public believed Petraeus would “try to make the situation in Iraq look better than it really is.” According to a Rasmussen poll of major political figures, Petraeus has an approval rating of only 24 percent — a number lower than even Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld.

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