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Patriots broncos game

Patriots rout Broncos 45-10 in AFC playoff
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reaches back to pass during the second half of an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Denver Broncos Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa) FOXBOROUGH, Mass. ...

Broncos-Patriots one of 4 intriguing NFL playoff games this weekend
Saturday night, the New England Patriots host Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos (8 pm ET on CBS). Once all the pre-game 'Tebowing' subsides, Tom Brady and his high-powered offense, ranked No. 2 in the NFL, will take to the Gillette Stadium turf. ...

Patriots-Broncos fan chat special location
Our weekly in-game fan chat has moved on up to deluxe web page on boston.com. Join us for our spectacular on-line tailgate here at this special boston.com location at 7:15 pm Bring the fried chicken and Bud Light. It will feature yours truly hosting ...

Gronkowski, Hernandez add to Patriots' offensive firepower
"I was even surprised," said Hernandez, who led the team in rushing with 61 yards on five carries during the Patriots' 45-10 victory over the Broncos. "Every game you have to be focused here. Obviously, we're more excited (in the playoffs), ...

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RichSlate Patriots Trounce Broncos 45-10 To Advance To The 2012 AFC Championship Game http://t.co/DNRlNPe6 via @RichSlate

Paulsch55 Well, that game was comical at least #Patriots #Broncos #NFL

Ernest_Bryan Poll: What Should Menino Wager on Patriots-Broncos Playoff Game? http://t.co/aTg9vCwU

Sports_Crunch Update: Game updates: Patriots 35, Broncos 7 - http://t.co/UDG16ydM http://t.co/koWRCnYy

jhollak RT @ap: Tom Brady throws 6 touchdown passes and Patriots rout Broncos 45-10, advance to #AFC title game: http://t.co/ss7dnVAa -JM

BLACK_WID0W69 I just saw the score of the #broncos #patriots game & was ctfu all I could think of was the snl skit

lilhappy220 RT @El_Movimiento15: [email protected]: Broncos Vs. Patriots AKA Oakland Mills Vs. River Hill” you were obviously absent from Friday's game...

NFLVideos WATCH Patriots vs Broncos live NFL Football Game Streaming Free ... http://t.co/H5fie3JI

BreakinNewsNow Breakin' News: Game updates: Patriots 35, Broncos 7 - http://t.co/e3c2aVZk http://t.co/xKq8lPlf

TriumphantJoner @JewGervs the only way any combination of broncos/steelers/patriots game would be enjoyable is if a cruise missile hit the stadium #jussayin

NFL_24h #NFL [Bleacher Report] - Broncos vs. Patriots 2012 Divisional Game Is Proof That Media Hype Means Nothing http://t.co/TYqvRR1u

ffootball Gameday: Broncos vs. Patriots highlights http://t.co/8BOgWhqz

allanjanssen Patriots rout Broncos in AFC playoff game (The Canadian Press) http://t.co/5xdtlyGH

AkeemMellis What a Saturday of NFL playoff games. A classic in the Saints-49ers game and a Patriots blowout of a Broncos team that didn't show up.

Signed_Jamie RT @KevinHart4real: The best thing about the Patriots vs Broncos game is the "Think like a Man" trailers during the commercial breaks! I can't 4 y'all 2 c it


prediction for the new england patriots and denver bronco's game? by Q: i say the new england patriots win at least 30 to something any predictions of the score or who will win ??

A: I'd say 45-30 Pats, give or take. The Broncos only come back in overtime, the pats never let it get to overtime. Plus the pats have home field advantage, they don't lose at home.

Does the MBTA Patriots train to Gillette sell out fast? by Q: I'm coming in from out of town for Broncos-Patriots playoff game this weekend and would like to stay in Boston if possible but dont want to drive to the game

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos? by Kunzy Q: Who do you think will win? Why and why not. I need to place a bet. I know patriots are the bookmakers favorite but my heads says Tebow steal the game for Broncos.

A: If patriots get a lead its over, because Broncos have no offense. I do think NE is overrated though.

Where can I see the Patriots - Jets game? by Q: I wanna see the Patriots - Jets game but on CBS they're giving Broncos - Chargers, which channel is it?

A: Foxboro, Mass.

NFL game: Do you think the Denver Broncos come back and beat the Patriots? by Q: Patriots winning 14-0 1st quarter

Broncos vs Patriots...Will it be over or low game? by SaMMy GurL 24 Q: My money is on the Broncos and I'm hoping for it to be a low game, just because the total point spread is 48 or more...I just think tonight might be a slow game if you know what I mean....Hey I could be wrong. So, what do you peoples think of my predictions for tonight???

A: i hope the pats win lol

How can i tell wich NFL game ill get on sunday? by Q: I live in mississippi and i want to know if i'll get the broncos vs patriots game

A: The link below shows maps for every network, every weekend. All you have to do is figure out where you are on the map. He usually doesn't have the new maps up until Tuesday night or Wednesday.

What can u tell me about The Broncos? by Kris Q: The guy I like is really interested in football and his family are all Broncos fans. I started getting into football because I want to be able to talk to him about things he enjoys talking about. So far it's worked & now I am hooked on the actual sport. lol but can you please tell me anything you know about the Broncos so I can start a conversation specifically about them. Thanks =] I already know they are 4-3 and I watched the broncos and patriots game and they have had to questionable wins.. thats about it.

A: You have chosen the best team to become a fan of. They started in 1960 in the old AFL. The first game they played that season was also against the Patriots. They came into the NFL when the NFL and AFL merged in 1970. Their first superbowl appearance came after the 1977 season where they were known as the "Cinderella" story, and the "Orange Crush" defense became known. Tom Jackson (the ESPN analyst) was a member of that team. They lost to the Cowpies 27-10 in that superbowl. They made the Superbowl 3 times in 4 years from 1987-1990. They lost to the NY Giants, Washington Redskins, and SF 49ers in those games. In 1996 they made it to the Superbowl where they beat the GB Packers, and they made it again after the 1997 season where they beat the Atlanta Falcons. John Elway (the 1st Bronco enshrined in the Hall of Fame) led the team to 5 of those 6 Super Bowl appearances. He retired after the win following the 1997 season where he was named Superbowl MVP. Hope this info helps you. E mail me if you have anymore questions and I will be happy to answer them for you.

Why was the SF Bay Area stuck with the Rams/Bengals game this morning? by Steve915 Q: Of all the gemes they could have shown, why were we stuck with this dog? I refused to watch. And, we won't get the Patriots/Broncos game in the afternoon, either!!

A: that was a damn good game

Game of the week poll: Patriots or Broncos today? by Starhawke Coma Q:

A: Patriots. No doubt in my mind.

Who would you pick in tonight's game between the Broncos and the Patriots? by Brent S Q:


Is the Denver Broncos vs. Chargers game being televised? by Shiloh Q: I looked on the channel it said it was going to be on, etc...but the Patriots game is on. Is there a sports package I can buy to be able to see the complete game? Or is it on a different channel?

A: Yeah I was watching the texans game and they said some people were going to get to watch denver but that most were going to see the patriots game. I wanted to get the broncos but I got the patriots.

Tomorrow Monday night game, Denver Broncos or New England Patriots? by SaMMy GurL 24 Q: Need all your reasons to which team will win and why? Also, by how many touch downs for the win...

A: The Patriots are gonna win 41-7

Should Roger Goodell disclose whether the refs for the Broncos-Pats game were atheists? by Q: In the interest of neutrality and to insure that the officiating is as transparent as possible in order to maintain the integrity of the league should the NFL be forthcoming with respect to the religion (or lack thereof) of the Broncos-Patriots refs? Do you think the fans have a right to know? Why or why not?

A: No that would be illegal just like you can't be discriminated against for a job casue of your religion same type of thing. He can't ask those questions so unless those refs tell us on their own we won't know. However if you think the refs were biaz towards the Pats your grasping at straws to pin it on religion. No the fans don't have a right to know becuase it's none of the fans business what religion they are or aren't the freedoms given to everyone is more important than a damn game.

This Sunday night game sucks, Broncos beating the Patriots would have been better...? by ArmyGuy Q: This is boring. I enjoyed watching my Broncos win earlier today more than this soon to be blowout. Titans suck. At least put in V. Young so we can see something interesting. Comments?

A: The games were scheduled before the season, when it was presumed that Tennessee would be good, and Denver would suck. Before the season, this did look like a good game.

Who all is going to watch the Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots divisional playoff game on tv tonight? by williew Q: go Broncos...........

A: i will... its Tebow time!

New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos thoughts on game? by Joey Q: that was a badass game i was goin for the patriots and they won... hell yea patriots put a beatdown 34-7 i ment 41-7

A: Go rams!

How do I watch the Broncos game? I'm getting the Patriots...? by Shiloh Q: Am I stuck with the Patriots cause of where I live? Or is there a package I can buy to see it?

A: I get the Pats/Eagles game, too! The best I can really suggest is watching the nfl.com gamecast thing. It's not the best, but certainly better than nothing! Oh, and you can try justin.tv. It's an ok website...but often laggy!

Why did the Broncos continue to throw the ball at the end of game against the Patriots? by Ramman Q: For those who watch the game. When they were in overtime and Moreno ran 12 yards to get them in field goal range. The Broncos threw the ball 3 straight plays all were incomplete. One dangerously close to being intercepted. (If it wasn't for the receiver getting away with offensive pass interference to break up the play). My friends and I couldn't figure out why they continue the throw the ball when all they needed was field goal to win. What was their (Denver) thinking?

A: I wondered that myself, that had a lot of people yelling at the tv for those three strange play calls. They kept trying to take advantage of Marshall's size advantage of the corner on that play; but it wasn't working out. Luckily, no interception occurred and they kicked it and that was that.

What should I make on a sign for a Patriots game? by Q: I am going to the Pats and Broncos game tomorrow I need something funny on a sign that's preferably mean against Tebow and gang. THANKS Alright I hate Denver God you people.

Will Tebow and the Broncos six game win streak end to the Patriots next week? by Q: I think they would come out short by 7.

A: I believe so, if the Pats get the lead, it's hard to see Tebow scoring tons of touchdowns and winning. But then again, it is Tebow.


Who is going to win Sunday's game: Broncos or Patriots? by SaraBee Q: Who do you think is going to win Sunday's game?Why? Colorado native so I'm obviously rooting for the Broncos. Tebow is unpredictable; he'll be all over the field but still at this point it's hard to tell...what do you think?

A: I'm in Ontario Canada but I've been a Broncos fan since the Orange Crush days. I've been iffy about Tebow but if he beats Brady I'm 100% on his side from now on. Really, last weekend convinced me, his games have been the most entertaining I've seen in years (probably Elway's glory days LOL). I think he can do it, the Pats have a crummy D, Tim and Co are going to be pumped to the moon and the home town crowd will push them over the top. Congratulations on having the most exciting team this year. Have a star.

Who do you think will win at the broncos .v patriots game? by Q: Beacause my friendandi where gonna bet $30 but I don't watch that much football but I kinda thought the patriots would win but my friend wants to stay loyal to our home team sooo do u think the patriots are gonna win or is this not a good bet

What was the final score of the New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos NFL football game last Monday night? by Amanda T Q: thank you.

A: 41-7 Pats Way to rub salt in an open wound

Who will win the Broncos Vs Patriots game ? by Q: Tell me who you think will win and then go watch this ! Then share your thoughts on both. Thanks . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYeFlWsox9A

What channel is the Patriots vs Broncos going to be on? See details below.? by John A Q: I heard that the patriots and broncos game is going to play at its regular time instead on Sunday Night, is that true? Also how can I know if I am going to be getting the game or not on TV? Thanks for your help!

A: Pats/Broncos will be at the normal time, and on CBS. According to the map at the link below, it will be shown everywhere in the country EXCEPT New York, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Arizona and the Bay Area. All of those places have commitments to other games, except for the Bay Area, which cannot show another game opposite the Raiders home game.

when was the last time the patriots won against the broncos in a playoff game? by Sheldon S Q: when was the last time the patriots won against the broncos in a playoff game


A: 4:15PM Eastern Time (US)

who won the broncos patriots game today? by printdriverdude Q:

A: It's no secret and no surprise. My boys the broncos won 27-13

Broncos/Patriots game question? by Homer..not Simpson Q: what's uglier, the Broncos brown/yellow color scheme or the hideous officials uniforms?

A: the Broncos original jerseys were designed to look like the floor of a horse stall

football: what do you have to say about the broncos/patriots game? by Q:

A: Don't like either one. Hope they both lose.

Am I the only one dissapointed about last weeks Broncos/Patriots game? by mmm mmm good Q:

A: No, you're not the only one. There's hordes of Pats fans here in New England who were hoping that the great run could last one more year.... but you know, we can't win 'em all forever!

Is the Broncos/Patriots game still on? by Q: BTW i'm being sarcastic you know

A: 3rd quarter 35-7 pats

During the Patriots/Broncos game, an official walked up to Tom Brady and congratulated him? Is that weird? by Shiloh Q: I do kinda think they favored the Patriots (although I respect the Patriots as a team...just saying)...but was it weird/wrong that the ref did that? I mean, I've never seen that before in any sport...funny thing was, I told my dad during the game that I thought that ref was for the Patriots. lol @ Donald Armstrong...yeah, at one point there was definitely a Patriot's player obviously face masking in the game...led to a big run too I think. I'm surprised no one saw it...the announcers said something even. Can't believe it. Oh well...

A: sounds about right. i saw several plays that looked like there was holding on the pats that just did not get called. i could be wrong but it looked like it. after all they changed the rules after he got his knee hurt.

What channel is the broncos vs patriots game on? by kellllly Q: The IO channel please:)

Does anyone have a link for the NE Patriots vs Denver Broncos game today.? by Q: I live in PA and the only game on is the Eagles and Jets. I do not want to download anything to my computer and thats all I can find.

A: Here is the game: http://scores.espn.go.com/nfl/playbyplay?gameId=311218007 It's the scores, play-by-play and other features! Enjoy the game :D

Who do you have winning the broncos patriots game? by Q:

Channel for patriots broncos game today? by Q:

What radio station is the broncos vs patriots game on? by Q:

Did anybody actually think the Patriots and Broncos game would be close? by Q: 34-16 in the 3rd qtr

A: hmmm i thought the broncos were going to be close to tell you the truth but i didn't expect this

Broncos Patriots game online? by Matthew V Q: Where can I watch the Broncos-Patriots game online for free tonight??? Thanks

Why isn't the Broncos vs Patriots game being televised on National TV? by Q: They air the Cardinals vs Browns game instead, SMH.

A: Xians are hedging their bets.

Can I view the Broncos-Patriots game on CBS Sunday if I live in Chicago? by Q: This is the biggest game of the week and I wanna watch it. Its on CBS which would be Channel 2 in Chicago

A: it should be on.

Was the officiating good in the Patriots-Broncos game? by chuchoi Q: Not that it would have necessarily turned the tide, but that pass interference call on Asante Samuel was bogus. And Champ Bailey's fumble at the goal line should have been ruled a touchback.

A: I disagree on the Champ Bailey fumble, there was no good camera angle to confirm it went out of the enzone and not in the field of play. The Samuel/Lelie "defensive" pass intereference...total BS...definately should have been on Lelie if anyone...but certainly...7 pts didn't make a difference anyway with all the turn overs. That being said, no...the officiating was not of the caliber of the playoffs if only based on that BS play alone!

should i watch the broncos-patriots game and order pizza or go to the movies with my friend? by Q: and see some action packed movie?

is there an online site where I can watch the Broncos/Patriots game live online for free today? by Q: I am looking for online site where I can watch the Bronco/Patriot football game live today? Any suggestions? Thank you :)

Should we see snow today in the Patriots-Broncos game? by Q: The Colorado Rockies game got postponed because of snow, so will we see October snow in the Pats-Broncos game today?

A: Nope 49 and partly cloudy today so no snow

What's something good to write on a sign for the patriots broncos game? by Q: I'm a patriots fan going to the game in denver 12/18/11 and i want to make a clever sign (seats are front row 50 yard line) please help!


What were those strange logos on the field of Gillette Stadium during the Patriots-Broncos game last night? by Dahdah Q: Last night, during the Patriots-Broncos game, I noticed two logos or symbols on the field at Gillette Stadium. The logos were on the 50 yard line near the sidelines on either side of the Patriots logo in the middle of the field. The logos looked like towers or a bridge with light shooting from it. What were the logos and what did they signify. Please provide information and a source, if possible, so I can verify.

A: at the patriots stadium they have a light tower next to the BIG Screen. i believe those "things" on the field are supposed to be light towers as well.. theyve been there since they opened the stadium

Patriots Rout Broncos, Tebow 45-10 Broncos vs. Patriots preview Globe 10.0: Who wins the Patriots-Broncos game? I BET MY CHANNEL THAT TIM TEBOW AND THE BRONCOS WILL NOT BEAT TOM BRADY AND THE PARTRIOTS Patriots at Broncos Week 15 Game of the Week - TIM TEBOW! NFL Blitz Playoff Game - Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots (With Commentary) The JETway - Patriots At JETS / JETS At Broncos Monkey Riding Dog at Halftime of Denver Broncos Game. Dec. 18, 2011 MADDEN 12 AFC DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF GAME BRONCOS @ PATRIOTS 99% Week 15: Denver Broncos 23, New England Patriots 41 Obliterated Broncos Fan at Broncos-Pats Game Where To Watch Patriots Vs Broncos Online Live During Patriots - Broncos game a homeless drunk loves Tebow 2011 NFL Week 15 Picks - Patriots vs Broncos, Steelers vs 49ers, Lions vs Raiders A Monkey Riding a Dog during halftime at a Denver Broncos Game AFC Divisional Predictions - Broncos vs Patriots - Ravens vs Texans - Peyton's Eye on Sports 2 & Some Change - 1/12/12: NFL Divisional Playoff Predictions ft Broncos vs. Patriots (Sports) Free Picks: Patriots at Broncos Betting Rob Gronkowski makes awesome catch Patriots-Broncos How to Succeed with the Pats and the Broncos in Madden NFL 12 WOW!! Bizarre halftime show monkeys are riding dogs at NFL game Broncos vs. New England Patriots God Fails to answer Tim Tebow during Patriots Broncos playoff Game Anni Excited for the Broncos / Patriots game (part 2) Highlights Patriots at Broncos tim tebow 49ers broncos saints patriots playoff games nfl playoffs saturday Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots Part 1 Broncos Patriots preview by 25 Sports TOM BRADY & NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS DEFEAT TIM TEBOW & DENVER BRONCOS !!! NFL - Denver Broncos vs. New England Patriots - Prediction by John D. Villarreal It's Tebow Time- Broncos Patriots Playoff Promo- The Rematch Tim Tebow after the steelers game dumb blonde football- 2011-2012 NFL playoffs Broncos/Steelers Recap, Broncos/Patriots Picks NFL Primetime - Dog-Riding Monkey NFL Divisional Playoffs! Broncos vs Patriots! Saints vs 49ers! Which Teams Will Survive Elimination? Madden NFL Pro Tips: Running & Gunning with the Patriots Where To Watch New England Patriots Vs Denver Broncos Online Live HUGE Fight in Broncos Vs. Patriots Game - Playoffs Game 2012 My reaction to the Broncos vs Patriots game (Got Brady?!?!) How happy am I? NFL Divisional Playoffs! Broncos vs Patriots! Saints vs 49ers! Which Teams Will Survive Elimination? TebowTime Is Over! Patriots Destroy Broncos 45-10! 49ers Stun Saints 36-32! Is Alex Smith Elite Now? Madden NFL 12 | Versuz2 Slider Set - Denver Broncos vs New England Patriots Gameplay HD Tebow Huddle Broncos in playoff hunt with Tim Tebow: Loss to Patriots was expected Patriots vs Broncos huge brawl due to Tom Brady Punt Broncos Patriots Playoff Game Fight 1/14/2012 Patriots vs Broncos Playoff Game - FIGHT TIM TEBOW MANIA VS TOM BRADY CLASH!! Prediction Patriots vs Denver Broncos EPIC!! 1/14/12 Patriots beat Broncos in Playoffs 2011-2012 NFL 2011 Week 15 Preview Tim Tebow's Denver Broncos vs Tom Brady's New England Patriots Broncos vs Patriots : Tim Tebow, Tom Brady Battle In NFL Playoffs
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