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Dr Freddy Patel labelled 'misleading' over Tomlinson case
A disciplinary panel says the pathologist who conducted the first post-mortem examination on Ian Tomlinson is "dishonest" and "liable to bring his profession into disrepute". Dr Freddy Patel said Mr Tomlinson, who was pushed to the ground by a ...

Appeals court upholds La. cardiologist's conviction, 10-year sentence for ...
The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday affirmed the 10-year sentence given to Dr. Mehmood Patel, who owned Acadiana Cardiology and had privileges at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical Center and Lafayette General Medical Center. Loading.

Regional Censor Board expecting lakhs to certify film, alleges Madan Patel
Madan Patel, flamboyant actor, director and producer, has done it again. Patel has repeated his allegation that Regional Censor Board (RCB) officer K Nagaraj is expecting Rs5 lakh from him for giving a clean chit to his controversial flick Swami ...

Patel sets up clinical win for tigers in EACL match
Openers Patel (36) and Harish Vekaria (44) put on an opening stand of 73 runs with Rajesh Varsani chipping in with 28. Deuz Muhumuza got Ramesh Mepani (6) and Rajesh Bhudia (two) to finish with 2/22 in four overs. Later, the spin of Kanbis Patel and ...

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ManishNIFT @shikhabhatta Sardar Patel ne sahi kaha tha .... Agar Alag nahi hua to ek zakhm ke tarah hoga ...

gLove1197 @C3PISC @thefaketmauney @zaccatttackk @reen_patel So it's settled, Covington is alpha?

Ira_arvina (σ`▽´)-σ RT "@alnanurmalia: Wakakak RT @Ira_arvina: Ah lu mah, gue di samain sama patel @RyuMori *nomention*"

gulala_560 U19 WC: Group B: Ind vs Zim: Ind 261/6(50ov) S.Patel 7* K Passi 24(5 bl)(1 four and 3 sixes)* OWNER

SymWomenHealth Sanjay Patel: Ureteric Involvement in Endometriosis. http://t.co/uLbnYRay

vinit_patel @sssunjita ouff i wanna hear that :O


In Scott Pilgrim vs the world the movie, is there a one for Matthew Patel? by Q: I saw the 2,3,4, and 7. I didn't see a 1,5, or 6. I was wondering if anyone noticed where the were at.

A: Oh TV Tropes, is there anything you don't know the answer to? •Numerological Motif ◦Director Edgar Wright has confirmed that Scott and each of the Evil Exes has their rank number featured during their respective scenes. Appearances known thus far: 0: Scott. Drinks Coke Zero and wears a shirt with "Zero" on it. Gideon refers to him by saying "you're zero, you're nothing!" in the final fight. 1: Matthew Patel. Identifies himself as "first", has his one eye covered by his emover, keeps pointing with one finger. Has a single chevron on his sleeve. Poses with one arm in the air, looking like the number one. Wallace also refers to him as "It's that one guy!" 1 1/2. Ramona claims that she went out with Matthew Patel (#1) for "a week and a half". Her next boyfriend was Lucas Lee (#2). She dyes her hair a different color every week and a half. 2: Lucas Lee. Just prior to his scene, Scott and Ramona pass two "X crossing" signs, and a crosswalk sign that counts down from 2. During the scene proper, the number appears on a prop car, as a tattoo on his neck, and on a trailer. Lee notes that Scott must be "seeing double," and that it will take "two minutes... to kick your ass" (which he says twice). Lee punches Scott twice to knock him out before the fight. The woman who sprays Lee's fist does so twice. Lee's ringtone is two beeps. Wallace notes that the stunt doubles get Lee's "sloppy seconds." Lee points at Scott with two fingers, and has two X's on his belt buckle. "2" is tattooed on his neck. In the "Cold Call" film-within-the-film we see, Lee's character refers to the two clicks his opponent will hear. Ramona dated Lucas in the 9th grade, two years after Patel. Lee claims there are "like, two hundred steps" on the grind rail. Before facing Lee, Scott learns the bassline to Final Fantasy II. 3: Todd Ingram. The Clash At Demonhead has 3 members. Wears the number on his shirt; has three stripes on each sleeve; has three stripes on each wristband; there's a particularly noticeable three on the wall of the dressing room; hurls Scott through three walls; Scott is thrown into a number of garbage cans with multiple 3's spray-painted on them; the words "Bass Battle" flash three times on screen; both Scott and Todd one-up each other three times before the end of the bass battle. Envy wears a shirt with three stripes as well. Also had three strikes against Vegan Law. 4: Roxy Richter. The fight takes place in a club simply called "4". The club itself is full of four-bulb light fixtures. Also, instead of being called "Roxie" like in the books, her name was changed to "Roxy" to have four letters. Her battle(s) with Scott is in four parts (in the snow, versus Ramona alone, versus Ramona-Scott, and versus Scott alone). The two girls are/were bisexual (2x2). The DVD trivia track points out she has four tears in her lace tights. Additionally the floor, disco ball, and Roxy's weapon are comprised of squares. 4 1/2. Scott is wearing a t-shirt featuring the Fantastic Four's "4" logo with an additional "1/2" doodled on it, halfway between battles 4 and 5. 5 & 6: Katayanagi Twins. One twin has five studs in the shape of a starburst on his costume; the other has six. Also combined: the Twins turn the dial on their music Up to Eleven (though the numbers are in Japanese).The first two notes they play on their keyboards are an E (the fifth letter after A) and a Bb, a tritone (or 6 half-steps) above E. Additionally their names and last name start with K the eleventh letter of the alphabet. 7: Gideon Graves. G is the seventh letter of the alphabet. The Chaos Theatre is introduced on-screen as "level 7." The second run scene is filled with bonus points and multipliers that use the number 7. Gideon becomes upset that his swallowed gum will be in his system for 7 years. Gideon activates a x7 multiplier when he summons his digi-tana and gets +7 x7 bonuses to his 'stats'.

Why does Samit Patel play instead of Panesar for England in ODIs? by *Stranger-in-Moscow* Q: Why don`t England have Monty play in ODIs as well? I am not saying Samit is bad...so far his performances have been great. But wasn`t Monty there before him? Is Monty considered a test specialist? Why?

A: Amongst English bowlers who have played atleast 6 ODIs, I would put Samit Patel at 5th all-time best, after Martin Bicknell, Devon Malcolm, Jonathan Lewis (where is he?) and Mike Hendrick. In 6 ODIs, he bowled 34 balls per match, took 25 balls per wicket, 1.33 wickets per match, conceded 17.38 runs per wicket and took 14.55 percent of all wickets which had fallen in the series he played. I give him 73.6 marks for this performance. What about Monty Panesar? In 26 ODIs, he bowled 50 balls per match, took 55 balls per wicket, 0.92 wicket per match, conceded 40.83 runs per wicket and took 2.25 percent of all wickets which had fallen in the series he played. I give him 47.7 marks for this performance. So, Samit Patel is more effective than Panesar who is a test match specialist.

Do you think Ishant Sharma should have been given a chance in this match in place of Munaf Patel? by Q: He deserves a chance, doesn't he?

A: Yes he should be give a chance in the match as he had proved himself a better player in the past.

is dev patel ever going to work in skins again? by ~desi~gurl~ Q: hey i realli wanna know is dev patel is going to come on skins evur again...? please dont say idk or dunno...pls...help.

A: I Really Hope So!! But good chances he wont. I mean he did a big movie (Slumdog Millionare) that won alot of Acadmy Awards and it was really good. He will probably stick to big Hollywood movies because he is talented and young (and good looking:). So you may not see him on Skins anytime soon but good chances you will see him in a lot of movies. Hope This Helps. Sorry If It Didnt.

Do you think Dev Patel should play Zuko? by Kei Q: Why or why not and why do you think so? I know that the deed has already been done but I'd still love to hear opinions. I personally don't think that he fits the part because he doesn't physically resemble the character in the original animation at all. That's supposed to be the fun of live-action movies, having people who actually physically resemble the animated characters or fictional characters in the story.

A: They should of left Avatar animated IMO. I guess it is odd to have the innocent kid from slumdog millionaire play the role of a banished firebending prince. Most probably to get more viewers since people will go see it just because Dev Patel is in it(same with Jaspar from Twilight). It's all about ratings, not the fans. Personally, I think they should of had the guy who played Xerxes in 300 play as Fire Lord Ozai. Now THAT would be awesome!

Who is Shiv Patel and what is he trying to accomplish? by King Drogba Thanks For Everything Q: Well, I think I know the answer already, but still.. Just answer the question..

A: it's K Patel, i told u all United fans are glory hunters. their switching sides quicker than Italians lol people will probably say i'm racist to Italians. just for the record. i'm not, i'm just playing @ Keiran - that's my favourite Spanish and German team. but don't you do the same? or are you from London? @ Keiran - Liverpool have not won since 2006. Athletic club haven't won a trophy in over 10 teams. and same with Schalke. to be a glory hunter dont they have to win something?

Where can i find the summary of "On killing a tree"by gieve patel? by Pravallika Q: I need the URL.

A: Google

What do you think of Dev Patel playing the role of Zuko in "Avatar the last airbender"? by ♥heart Q: do u think dev patel is good for the role as zuko?? i think that they could have found a better person.. im not rascist or anything but zuko DOESN't have dark skin like dev patel...and dev is not even cute or anything..

A: Yes, i agree with you!! Dev Patel is okay and all I guess, but it just doesn't him and his role!! Zuko is...perfection in animation, and Dev Patel is so... Slumdog Millionaire-ish ... right?? But too bad it's already confirmed since he's already shooting with Noah Ringer...but I was thinking more of: 1.Hayden Christiansen - if he just grew his hair longer and dyed it black, painted a scar on..I think it could work...maybe!! 2.That other lead guy in Hana Kimi, (real people version I mean) ... his hair and looks and all really remind me of Zuko... I think his name was Jiro Wang...or Toma Ikuta http://www.google.com.ph/search?hl=en&q=Toma+Ikuta&btnG=Google+Search&meta=&aq=f&oq= http://ph.search.yahoo.com/search?fr=ytff1-&p=hana%20kimi&ei=UTF-8 http://www.google.com.ph/search?hl=en&q=Jiro+Wang&btnG=Google+Search&meta=&aq=f&oq= http://www.google.com.ph/search?hl=en&safe=active&q=avatar+the+last+airbender+movie+castings&btnG=Search&meta= I really think they should do something about this...Go Zuko!! Btw...I'll check this question for answers...if ever though..could you include in your best answer which Avatar couple you support..? Thanks !! :D

Australia: who is the plaintiff in the jayant patel case? by ♥Dashies♥ Q: who is the plaintiff in the jayant patel case in australia.

A: The plaintiff in this case is actually the Crown. He was charged with and convicted of the manslaughter of manslaughter of 75-year-old Mervyn Morris, 77-year-old Gerardus Kemps and 46-year-old James Phillips.

Is K.Patel love Neville more than Giggs just because Neville hates Liverpool and ManCity? by Q: We all know Giggs deserve more respect than Gary Neville, it seem like Patel is the only one who think otherwise.

A: K-PATEL is a glory hunter Giggs is in legendary status at Man Utd for his services to the game and how he is respected on and off the field Red Nev Neville hates both Liverpool and Man City but that's his personal choice but he has been a great servant at the club and no person can deny this but he does go over the top some days

is 25% match fee and warning enough penalty for patel and harbhajan respectively? by black dog Q: or do you feel penalty is too light. Also why was this penalty not disclosed on cricinfo website? Has BCCI purchased cricinfo? Do you notice any type of news that criticizes indian player or indian official is not shown at cricinfo and if its shown, there is no comment section beneath it? But all good news of Indian team is flashed everywhere on cricinfo site. How come? umpire himself was indian.

A: You are an anti India Troll. You must understand that IPL is governed by BCCI and it has the right to give any punishment it likes. Its not an International match. Moreover at the end of the day their appeal turned out to be correct. I think the Umpire should also gets punished for not referring to TV umpire at the first instance if this is the case. Pick ur S and get the fk out of here.

if rakeah patel a indian cricketer played a international match? by Vicky P Q:

A: No, he hasn't played an international match. Hope that helps.

How do a playa like patel get some game? by Q: i need some help talking to girls.

A: Lol, dude you iza playa (I assume you mean you play with yourself a lot).

Where does the last name Patel originate from? by Q: I know it's Indian but where does it come from and what does it it mean like smith it comes from the word blacksmith and medival times

A: Patel Name Meaning and History Indian (Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka): Hindu and Parsi name which goes back to an official title meaning ‘village headman’, p??tel in Gujarati, Marathi, and Kannada (where it is pa?tela). It comes ultimately from Sanskrit pa?t?takila ‘tenant of royal land’. Among the Indians in the U.S, it is the most common family name. Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4 http://www.ancestry.com/facts/Patel-family-history.ashx Patel Surname History This popular surname can be either Indian (Gujarati) or French, although the two (national) origins are completely different and have no association. The Indian 'Patel' is one of a group of sub continent surnames such as Khan, Raja, and Singh, which indicate status. The strict translation in this case is the headman, or village chief. In the past this was often a hereditary position, very similar to the Irish "erenagh", where nameholders held the status over many generations and eventually the family became known by the status description. The French surname as Patel is usually an occupational metonymic for a baker or maker of pastry from the word "pastel", but can also be a nickname from the word "pate" meaning head with the diminutive suffix "-el" meaning little. A recording example is that of George Patel of Pagny sur Meurthe, Northern France, on February 21st 1729. Prior to the 20th century in India and in the near and far east generally, few (sur)names, although hereditary, were "locked" in their spelling, and recorded as such, and it was in western countries that they were first recorded as surnames. It is said that Patel's of Indian extraction were recorded in New York city in about 1855, and in parts of Africa shortly afterwards, although we have not been able to obtain conclusive proof. Certainly it was only as recently as 1935 that most countries of the Middle and Far East began to adopt "locked" spelling hereditary surnames, with Turkey being the leading exponent. Before that date in many areas, each new generation created its own version of the name, a mix of baptismal, religious, and family or tribal elements. Such customizing did not make for easy operation of the developing bureaucracy of the 20th century, and even less the telephone system! http://www.surnamedb.com/Surname/Patel#ixzz1N3GPnLh9 The Indian Patel surname means ‘village headman’ and the French surname as Patel is usually an occupational metonymic for a baker or maker of pastry from the word "pastel", but can also be a nickname from the word "pate" meaning head with the diminutive suffix "-el" meaning little. The two origins are not related as all persons of either origin would not be related. You would therefore need to research your ancestors to learn their origin to know the origin or your Patel surname.

What is the first movie of bollywood actress amisha patel? by Q:

A: Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai from 2000

Did the Pirates cut Dinesh Patel to make room for Jeter? by iHeckler Q: The Pirates cut Indian pitcher Dinesh Patel. NOOOOOOOO! Who cuts an Indian on Thanksgiving?

A: Great question! Being a "native" in Pittsburgh, I found it quite interesting how ironic it was an Indian got the "axe". I don't know how the Pirates would sign Jeter, considering at one point his contract alone was 98% of what the team made altogether. No offense to the guy above, but I don't think anyone would get rid of Neil Walker for Orlando Hudson. O-Dog is the man and all, but Walker is the next big thing at 2nd base. I wouldn't be surprised if he's a top 3 second baseman next year.

If there is a monkey driving a cow with a missing Patel. How long does it take to boil Broccoli? by HarrHarr Q:

A: thats just like asking "if ur in a raft flying over the Sahara Desert, how many donuts does it take to fix a car?" answer: none because ice cream has no bones!

Where can I download the gujarati album Booma Boom? I think by devang patel? by coolestlav Q: Where can I download the gujarati album Booma Boom? I think by devang patel

After one volley, suddenly Patel not so hate or in fact like this guy he once hated so much? by Q: Why he want to get the comparison between Raheem and Rooney? The line remember the name Waynnnneeee Rooneeyyyyy is like he adore Rooney when he used to hate.

A: Patel changes his mind about most things football, probably more times than he changes his underpants! lol!

Where From We Can Download Amisha Patel Bollywood Female Celebrity Wallpapers? by Q:

A: You can get high quality red hot bollywood celebrity wallpapers,pictures

Anyone else feel Vettorri and Patel are going to eat the aussies for breakfast? by ☺♠♫BhEjAfrY♫♠☺ Q: We saw how Johan botha was the key man in destroying the middle order... Vettori is world class and will do better thatn botha.... patel is also not bad... Anywayz hope for an entertaining series and may the the best team win.... and the best team is NZ lolz.. OMG i am so offended someone called me a goose!!! lolz

A: Looks like Kyle Mills has done it already. He's taken out the openers.

Why cant patel accept the fact that torres is a better player than rooney? by Q: haha italy was so shit i see someone is still upset that italy lost. camels?Only arabs use camels and most arabs counties are more advanced than italy Italy is a failed country,

A: hassan, can you go back to jerking off camels or whatever it is you do and stop talking about football??? Torres scored a goal against a 10 man team and 2 against Ireland, he's garbage now and Rooney is undeniably a better player.

who approves of dev patel playing zuko in the avatar movie? by Jenny Q: i dont think he fits the part right, appearance-wise at least. who agrees or disagrees?

A: I agree, I saw that guy just now on the commercial and thought he looked horrible. I also think the guy who is playing Sakka doesn't represent him very well.

How well would K. Patel fit in here if he was an Arsenal fan? by Nick Q: He has all the qualities. Thinks his club has the best manager, players and youth, and that every other club does not or is wrong... Credits a countries good performance to his clubs in their squad...unless its England, then its the England players not being good enough to play with his clubs players... Associates any player who plays for Liverpool as rubbish, even after a run of good games... Blinded by delusional bias... It could actually go on.

A: he would get along better with Muffins. since he so over-rates United's reserve defenders as better than John Terry and Gerard Pique and Philip Lahm, he would post many the question regarding Vermaelen. I just don't answer or click on Patel's questions anymore. i don't hate the dude or nothing, he's guilty of no crime. but he really boils the blood, and its pointless to argue with him, he reports and goes on his backup accounts to give you lots of td's and makes fun of you when you do

Is it a end game for spin bowlers such as Monty Panesar and Jateen Patel? by Furioso Lion88 Q: Thoughts of there spin and there broght future for there teams?

A: Panesar is a forgotten soul. I remember when Panesar was as feared as any spinner in the world. Sadly his spinning became fairly easy to read and then England didnt use him much anymore. I do however think he is predominantly a test player. Jeetan Patel must definately be extremely aggravated by the decision of the New Zealand selectors to not let him bowl in last nights SA vs NZ match, considering it was a spinning pitch, and what is Vettori thinking? letting another batsman, who really cant bat, play instead of a good spinner like Patel. I think the NZ team has too much of an ego to get rid of the so called greats, and actually make the changes they oh so dearly need. I think Vettori is extremely overrated and needs to get his team in order if they want to have any kind of success in the future.

Why (according to Patel) that everyone who plays for United is under-rated? by ÐÛߥÄ: Ànims, Abidal Q: Should an investigation be started to stop this cruelty? Patel: Lets see why in your opinion CRonaldo is better. Break it down and I bet I'll shoot holes right through it...

A: k patel has proven over and over again he talks a pile of biased rubbish most of the time Apparently Ronaldo is the best player in the world, often referring to the 42 goal season. Messi last season had 47 goals, and most of them absolute brilliance. Ronaldo was his player tipped to take the golden boot...he could only score one in a seven goal demolition of NORTH KOREA Messi > Ronaldo United Player <<<<<<< United player according to him Just read through his questions he just posted, man it never changes. Carra never gives his all? LMAO

who is playing the role of Zucko in the avatar movie Dev Patel or Jessie Mccartny i am so confused please help? by Q: ok i was so happy that avatar the movie was coming out i thought of all of it until i saw at youtube that Dev Patel was going to play zucko instead of Jessie mc cartny i was shocked and sad and i just wanted to confirm just incase please inform me only if you know.

A: Dev Patel Jessie McCartney had to drop out due to his schedule Dev Patel ... Zuko

Do you know about the patel sohood character? by Q: Hi evryone this is Life ender as evryone knows the coolest kid on Y!A. Do you know about the patel character? Hes a fake hood person. He dont even know where a hood is, He dont have a hood, He is Indian and ugly. DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE PATEL SOHOOD CHARACTER? naw I did not go to jail but nobody knows that.

A: no i don't sry :( btw, if that pic is you, you're really cute ;) hehe sry ;)

What do you think of Dev Patel playing Zuko in The Last Airbender movie? by ♥♥. Q: I was kind of upset when I found out that they replaced Jesse McCartney with this guy. I know people will prefer it because hes asian but I dont think Dev looks anything like Zuko!! Besides I always thought that if Zuko was an actual person, he would be as cute as he is on the show. I think Jesse McCartney would fit better into that. But at least Jackson Rathbone's in it. What do you think?

A: i don't think either of them would have fit. i would have thought zuko would've been played by someone super attractive and whatnot. i think it was a mistake. i would have rather made mccartney zuko instead, but i prefer neither lol. the pictures of patel as zuko just don't look right. it's not appealing. as far as rathbone, i think it works, but it's kinda difficult to think of him as acting like sokka...cause he's very quiet in twilight lol.

How tall is Vik Sahay or Lester Patel from Chuck? by Q: ive always been very curious. (btw im not one of those people who think height is everything, just a curious question) i was thinking 5ft4 to 5ft5, what do you guys think?

A: He's 5'8" or something around there. Definitely taller than 5'4". I've stood next to him and I am 5'8" and he was eye level with me.

How come this page isn't filled with Patel/bAD branded questions like a normal day after a Man Utd match? by chig Q: No one wants to know the score? No praise for the magnificent Fletcher? I saw some at half time what happened? Anyway, I'm off to the ABU party. Patel is something wrong with being a poacher? Van Nistelrooy was an excellent one, were you a Man Utd fan then? WOW terryh!!? Here to join the 'ABU' celebration?

A: Wow.. Man Utd must have lost.... all the nobs are coming out the woodwork... oh Hi terry H☺

Why do Dev Patel and Freida Pinto still deny they are dating? by carytop Q: Seems pretty obvious to me that they are. Apparently they were "all over one another" during lunch at a restaurant in Israel.

A: Probably because they want to keep their lives private, like most famous people. And they have a 6 year difference. And didn't she dump her fiancee? There are a lot of reasons... I saw a lot of chemistry on screen, but I DO NOT like them together as a real-life couple. They both need to date someone their own age; eventually the sparks from the movie will die down and they'll move on to other people, I hope.

What's the best way to contact Dev Patel, star of Slumdog Millionaire? by maria Q: I just saw the movie and would love to ask this wonderful actor a few questions. Any suggestions on how to contact him?

A: He's actually English (born in Harrow), of Gujerati Indian descent. Director Danny Boyle: http://www.contactvip.com/join.php?celeb=Danny%20Boyle

Is there a "Patel Cartel" of ownership among gas and convenience stations? by Zippi Q: What I mean is: I have noticed an awful lot of gas stations and convenience stores are owned by people from India, where a common name is Patel, for example. And it seems as though these are not individual owners, but actually part of some sort of chain or franchise. How is this structured, and how does it work? Is there an "investment group" or corporate entity that owns or has a franchise on these stations, or is there some other business model?

A: They are entrepreneurs. They buy a franchise like everyone else. Many have large families that can pool resources.

How many people with PATEL surname in India? by Jay p Q: How many patels are there in India? i know there are a lot, but i want a reasonable number because i need this for a school project.if you can find, how many patels in the world?

A: How many people are there in Gujarat? LOL Um. You'll need to know how many gujaratis there are in india and 75% of that is probably Patel.

Are the Rocky Patel Vintage seconds as good as advertised? by marco Q: I smoked the rocky patel vintage 90 and 92 and loved both of them, but I have recently read alot about the rocky patel vintage seconds. They say they are the same, with just a miscolored wrapper. Do you think the flavor is the same, are they worth the money or are you better off buying firsts? let me know.

A: i have heard they are the same, because the wrapper looks odd they cant really be sold as firsts, so if you dont mind the funny color the flavor is supposed to be every bit as good :) rc

Does anyone know how is the furniture shop Patel furniture in Marathahalli, Bangalore? by Q: i want to know if anyone has bought furniture from the furniture shop patel furniture, any feedabck ?

A: i have not bought my furniture from there, but you can compare your furniture with this: http://www.furniture-cn.com/p_detail.php?type=living&id=57 http://www.furniture-cn.com/products.php?type=living

How can you best paraphrase the poem "On killing a tree" by Gieve Patel? by angel Q: I don't want the procedure of paraphrasing a poem , but need the summary of the poem asked!

A: The summary is right there in front of you in the poem. You just have to write it down as prose.

Why there is Munaf Patel, but there is no Sourav Ganguly ? by dolly catch Q: Sourav Ganguly is not among first 30 players in ODI chosen for the Champions Trophy. What's wrong with him ? Fielding ? Then why Munaf Patel ? Sourav doesn't fumble fileding in the long as Munaf does. Munaf's fielding is like catching fish by hand and his bowling standard is quite low as compared to Sourav's batting standard. Still he is there, but there is no Sourav. Its a riddle.

A: The reason is quite obvious. MS Dhoni doesn't want Ganguly to be in the team, and the selectors are nothing but puppets in his hand. Needless to say, the selectors won't even consider Sourav dada for the ODI team, no matter how well he performs in tests. Munaf Patel is in the team while Sourav Ganguly is out, because BCCI is run by a bunch of jokers who are in the habit of ditching the true performers to make place for the underachievers. The process in which the selection is made, can't be explained by any rational means. Here regional bias, personal favouritism and blatant partiality always gets the upper hand over performance. This is chiefly the reason behind the fact that dada's name doesn't feature even in the list of 30 probables for the ICC champions trophy. Indian cricket couldn't have witnessed a greater tragedy.

How is this indian man, Ashmit Patel, different from a white man, feature-wise other then skin color? by A. C. Q: Ashmit Patel. http://www.bollywoodpicturesonline.com/new_jpg/ashmit_patel_009_ig.jpg his nose, chin, jawline, all seem caucasoid. people from northern, and western India are caucasoid, so their features are similar to whites. anyways, whats the difference?

A: north indians, europeans, are middle easterners, are all considered Caucasian... white is a skin tone NOT A RACE!!! there is alot of pale white Chinese and Japanese people but they are not Caucasian they are Mongolian there are only 3 races!!!!!!!! CAUCASIANS, MONGOLIANS, AND N E G R O I D S.... other races are a mix of those.. like mexicans and turks

How come the last name Patel is too common? by Chetan P Q: I'm a Patel too but how come its the most commonest last name in US & CA in Indians. Its like most the people have the same last name when there not even related to me.So Why so common?!

A: Have a look at the site posted below, I think its great fun to use, There are 60,725 people in the U.S. with the last name Patel. Statistically the 572nd most popular last name. Famous people with the last name Patel: http://howmanyofme.com/ hope this helps.

How does Patel feel knowing that England did not make the cut? by Q: BQ: Who is going to celebrate Italy's win????! How will you be celebrating? Guess that intuition didn't work out this time.

A: Cuz he's an oracle? BQ: Yes, I will,by making fun of British

How did actor Dev Patel get cast in Slumdog Millionaire? by heyitsmee Q: I know Danny Boyle's daughter recommended Dev to him but Dev also said he had to audition for it? What kind of audition would this be? Was he invited by letter and are auditions like these for professional actors only?

A: No, the auditions were done by the casting director who invited actors to audition by contacting their agents. For many of the intial auditions, actors were found through casting breakdowns and through the actors website Spotlight.

Does anyone else think that its unacceptable for Dev Patel to be playing Zuko? by Stephanie Q: Dev Patel will be playing Zuko in the live action Avatar: The Last Airbender movie? does anyone else think that he is definitely the wrong pick for Zuko? Opinions please!

A: Yes. Zuko should be sexy.

Staten Island vs Patel, who do you think is the funnier troll? by Q: My vote goes to Patel, his stories about being harassed sometimes make me laugh real hard.

A: Patel has a really active imagination and I have not seen anyone who has come up with creative stories like that which are well written. Also he manages to crack me up with all of his stupid questions, like the one he asked today about if his baby will come out Guido since he made out with an Italian chick. Staten used to post on OC&G, he has his minor funny moments but Patel manages to really take it to another level. Both are funny guys but Patel is just, on a whole another level with his stories. I do not think any troll has managed to make me laugh that hard.

hello I'm Akshay rajput frm west patel nagar i have taken PCM and would like to know the best tutors? by Akkii Q: respected sir, i req u to provide me the best home tutor for PCM subject. in the west patel nagar Area.

A: Hi Akshay These are some of the guys I know in Bangalore South and North areas. Yashaswi Consulting:Rajajinagar ph:080-23596772 Gururaja :Malleshwaram Ramesh:Basaveshwaranagar BASE:Basavanagudi ACE:Basavanagudi Many of these people require you to take an entrance test or give you a seat based on your 10th marks.

Why are kitty and Patel big cry babies James wasn't serious and kitty and Patel start crying about it? by Q: And why did James apologise over a little thing. I am sure everyone has said something like that for a joke. He is a wuss aswell. Hey look at this James, Kitty and K.Patel: Biggest cry babies Ladies and Gentlemen: stupid answers he gives Rolf, Shane, Cruz, Geordie: think they are funny but they aren't Kim: looks like a retard

A: Shut up you pr!ck

Would india have been different today had sardar patel been made the first prime minister instead of nehru? by oxymoron Q: i recently read somewhere about how most people wanted patel to be the first pm, however gandhi thought otherwise because of his so called inclination towards one particular religion, and so he went for the more "secular" nehru. now my question is would india have been a different country if patel had got the position instead of nehru? and would that have been for the better or the worse?

A: I think India wouldve changed for the better, Patel being a firm determined man I think wouldve found a solution to the problems in Kashmir right away, I think Nehru left it for too late and we are paying for it now...... Nehru wouldve been secular but u cant call Patel non secular..... I beg to differ from Yashpal, even if Nehru wasnt able to make strong decisions, just that one reason cant make him not fit from Prime Ministership, he is no worse that Manmohan Singh anyway....

What are some spiritual dilemmas that Pi Patel faces, in Life of PI? by shortyzami Q: I'm struggling on coming up with ideas for my thesis paper. So far I have; 1. Pi Patel faces the problem of giving up belief of a higher power when he goes from modern civilization to a primitive society, where he has to fight for everything. When he is on the brink of death, does he quit believing.

A: You called me dumb on my booby question well I think YOUR dumb by not knowing the answer to this question so HA HA ON YOU!

How come Dev Patel has an Indian accent in the movie Slumdog millionaire? by carmelina m Q: How come Dev Patel can imitate the Indian accent so well in the Slumdog Millionaire movie? He was born in London and that's where he's been living all his life! Even if he might have visited relatives in India I don't think it's enough for him to get the accent...

A: Well,my dear, Dev Patel has an Indian accent in Slumdog Millionare because it was dubbed by an Indian person , man !!

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