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Pacquiao vs Bradley Results

Pacquiao vs. Bradley Results: Desert Storm's Injuries Make Win More Impressive
There is no doubt that Timothy Bradley's controversial win over Manny Pacquiao will be discussed for years. But you can't debate this: Desert Storm is one tough dude. On Wednesday, Bradley's manager, Cameron Dunkin, told ESPN's Dan Rafael that Bradley ...

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: Randall Bailey Knocks Out Mike Jones In Eleven
Randall Bailey has been around the block once or twice in his long career, and was getting what was likely his last shot at a world title when he faced Mike Jones on the undercard of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley. Jones is a Top Rank fighter who ...

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: Jorge Arce And Jesus Rojas Fight To Bizarre No ...
In the final undercard bout on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley pay-per-view, the crowd-pleasing Jorge Arce took on Jesus Rojas. Arce landed a left hook just 17 seconds into the bout that knocked Rojas down. Rojas was able to get up and they went ...

Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: Guillermo Rigondeaux Scores Five Knockdowns ...
The HBO pay-per-view broadcast of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley kicked off with a bout between Guillermo Rigondeaux and Teon Kennedy. Rigondeaux came into the bout as a world champion despite only nine professional fights, something he was able to ...

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Do you think the boxing world is unfairly asking too much out of Manny Pacquiao? by JON Q: Pacquaio both gained and lost many fans when he beat many of the Mexican legends, and some may have went to the Mayweather fan base to those who did not like the results. But there are many fans from Mexico and Puerto Rico who still loved Manny because of his "toe to toe, fight like a man, brawling style", which is the common type cast for Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Filipino boxers. Some were not turned off by the Pacquaio fans, many still remained a fan of him because of his exciting fights and his display of heart. Pacquaio is one of the smallest welterweights in history, not since Henry Armstrong that a welterweight weighted 142 or 144 to fight at welterweight for title belts. Pacquaio’s weight of 148 on fight night vs Clottey & Cotto are all time lows for a welterweight for title fights. In fact, Timothy Bradley, Devon Alexander, Amir Khan, Marcos Maidana, and Paulie Malignaggi have all weighted more than 148 on fight night. Bradley and Alexander alone have weighted as much as 153 pounds in their last bouts at 140. Indeed, Pacquaio is even a small fighter for 140, as he is naturally smaller than Alexander, Malignaggi, Bradley and most of the 140 pounders. Yet, many fans are asking him to fight elite 147 pounders like Mayweather Jr, Mosley, Berto, and even go up to 154 and fight Sergio Martinez or Paul Williams! As Steward said, Pacquaio is still a natural light weight who gives up 10-15 pounds of weight to fight welterweights. His fight with Clottey was one of the largest weight gap in history outside the heavyweight division with over 15 pounds of difference. Cotto was also known to have weighted at least 10-15 pounds more than Pacquaio even with the 145 catch weight. But why is this not good enough? Pacquaio never said he is the best or insulted any boxers he faces or hasn’t. Pacquaio has achieved 3 Ring Mag Fighter of the Year, 3 BWAA Fighter of the Year, and BWAA, Ring Mag and HBO Fighter of the Decade. Not since the great Evander Holyfield, Ali, and Frazier were able to accomplish these goals. Pacquaio won 7 titles in 7 divisions, jumped 11 divisions with 4 lineal belts, all world records, yet fans still expect more of him, like fighting Mayweather who is very talented and a naturally bigger fighter. Why does Pacquiao, one of the smallest welterweights in the 100 plus years of modern boxing history still have to fight 10-15 pounds of elite welterweight boxers or even junior middleweight boxers who could outweigh him by 25-30 pounds, and if he doesn’t fight him, then he is ducking? Are we asking too much of Pacquaio and forgetting that he is already giving us legendary performances against the complexities of all odds? This question was inspired by Joshua's email. Please with all due respect no trolls or kids, only professional, adult, and mature answers. Thank you! :-) Thumbs up to all the answerers! @ SirVon1st, I respect your analysis as always, but to respond to your comments, many fans would rather see Pacquaio fight bigger guys than Bradley or Alexander who has not proven anything, that is exactly my question. Clottey and Cotto are ranked higher in the 2009 Ring Mag Top 100 than Bradley, Berto,or Alexander. @ SuperJoe, Thank you for your comments. You made some enlightening statements, especially about how many U.S athletes are beloved all over the world while there is often a struggle for international fans to receive the same recognition. :-) @SirVon, I would not mind Pacquaio fighting Bradley or Alexander, but the LV odds would be 10-1 or more in favor of Pacquiao more than the 3-1 odds vs Cotto or Hatton.I respect their talents but I just dont see them upsetting the odds. I see more dangerous fighters at 147 especially when Pacquiao is giving so much weight disadvantage.Thanks for your input. :-) @ SirVon, I disagree with the catchweight sir, I absolutely did not support Manny fight Cotto at 145 if you read my old comments. But again, Leonard, Armstrong, Mayweather, Whitaker, De La hoya, Hopkins, Chavez Sr.,Joe Gans, Jersey Joe Walcott, McLarnin, Emile Griffith, Terry Norris,Johnny Tapia, Paulie Ayala, Roy Jones Jr, Felix Trinidad, etc, have all fought at catchweights for title fights, yet they seem not to be under the microscope. Why not bro? @ blogbaba2, yes sir I do agree that respect may be more important than titles. :-) @ SirVon, Sir, the boxing world is asking Pacquaio to fight Mayweather who is a true elite and a naturally bigger fighter more than fighting Cotto or Margarito, don't you find that a huge risk for Manny more than fighting Bradley or Alexander? My main question is, is the boxing world asking too much out of Manny? I am enjoying our debate by the way bro, you are making great sense much like Joe, blog, James, and Shaider so far. :-) @ ALEX, thanks my friend! :-) @ andre w, that was quite an impressive statement consider you are a Mayweather fan. great response. @ jp, its unfortunate that people will always find ways to discredit someone. @nepster, very well said my friend! :-) @ Roscoe, thanks for the list, you made some brilliant examples, this is why I have massive respect for you! :-)

A: great question Jon. I think a lot of fans forget that Pac is a very small welterweight. One thing about being a once in a generation talent like Pacquiao is, is that fans constantly demand that they take on the toughest challenges for them. I think, and most fans, think that there is absolutely no one at 140 and below that could even come close to challenging Pacquiao. Bradley, Alexander, Khan, I don't think any of them pose any type of threat to Pacquiao. He would eat their punches like skittles and his punches, in turn, could be "career threatening" to them. Bradley might be a technically better boxer (as most Mayweather fans would claim) than Pac, but how long can he "outbox" Pac until Pac lands 2-3 punches that get him in trouble? In addition to that, who really has been proven in the lighter weights? I see it as a curse to be as once in a generation fighter, fans are always calling for them to prove themselves more so than just "great" fighters. Pac wouldn't get nearly as much respect KO'ing Bradley, Khan, Alexander, Maidana, than he would if he lost to Mayweather. If he stayed at Jr. Welter and took on the best and left a trail of broken boxers, what would fans say? Who "were" these guys? Not future hall of famers. They would claim they were nobodies ten years from now. As with Mayweather, fans always want them to take on what they perceive to be the most dangerous, and in all honesty, there is no one that would be considered "dangerous" to Pac at 140 and below, yes I think he is THAT good. I feel THAT is why, fans forget that he is a natural jr. welter/lightweight. Even Marquez, I don't feel would pose a threat to him at this point in their careers at the weight that Pac fights at now. Do fans take what he's done for granted? Absolutely. Even I do. Pac could stay at 135, 140 and clean out the division, but wouldn't him facing Mayweather (a naturally bigger guy) or Berto (again, a naturally bigger guy) do more for his legacy and be more dangerous? Absolutely, and that's what champions do. You made a good point, pointing out against Alexander, Bradley or Khan, he would be a 8-1, 10-1 favorite because no one is as quick as him, no one (at the lower weight) punches as hard as he does, and his chin has held up to much bigger fighters, so when he faces the bigger guys, they at least have a advantage. This is why Pac-May has to happen. Mayweather is the only guy that poses a serious threat because he's just as fast, his defense is inpenetrable and he'll have a natural size advantage. Win or lose, he'll get more credit than beating the smaller guys. That, and you'll always have haters who will always find a way to discredit whoever he's faced.

What Do You Boxing Fans Think? by Taurean-Sun Q: A Epic 140 Twelve-Man Showdown Of Boxing Promising Champions Going For The Top Thrown Of Greatness Of This Era. Already Ready Guys 1.Manny Pacquiao-Enough Said................;) 2.Timothy Bradley-A Fearless Warrior With Alot Of Heart. 3.Amir Khan-Young Determined Skill Promising Prospect. 4.Devon Alexander-My Money's On This Champs Tremendous Skill. 5.Marcos Rene Maidana-Straight Animal 6.Victor Ortiz-He Has What It Takes To Be Great, He Just Need To Be Focus & Fearless. 7.Demetrius Hopkins-Gradually On His Way Back On The Boxing Ranks. 8.Zab Judah-Even Through I Think He Should Stay At 147 & Get a "NEW" Trainer! 9.Lamont Peterson-Huge Talent Just Didn't Execute The Right Game plan. 10.Ricky Hatton-Huge Fan Base Of Great Britian & A Exciting Champion. 11.Kendall Holt-Hard Hitting Counter Puncher. 12.Paul Malignaggi-One Colorful Character. Guys What Are Your Thoughts & Give Me Your First Round Pairing Please For Each Fighter My Personally First Pairing & End Results Would Be....... 1st Match Ricky Hatton Vs Marcos Rene Maidana=Marcos Rene Maidana KO IN 9th. 2nd Match Zab Judah Vs Paul Malignaggi=Zad Judah MD 3rd Match Amir Khan Vs Kendall Holt=Amir Khan UD 4th Match Victor Ortiz Vs Lamount Peterson=That's A Hard One To Decide. 5th Match Devon Alexander Vs Demetrius Hopkins=Close Call Devon Alexander SD 6th Match Final First Round Timothy Bradley Vs Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquiao= I REALLY DON'T KNOW 50/50 On This Match Up. Guys Hit Me Back & Tell Me What You Think. :D

A: I would say Maidana KO Hatton, but ina much earlier, round, say round 2 or 3. Too big a puncher. I'd say if Judah is focused, he outboxes Malignaggi. If, however, Judah doesn't have his focus, Malignaggi wins. Khan would win this fight if he fights on the defensive. Holt, even though he's a counter puncher, has vicious one-punch KO power in either hand. If Khan even slipped up just once, he would be knocked out cold, much the way Ricardo Torres was. If Lamont Peterson can stay away from exchanges, he can beat Ortiz. However, Ortiz' hand speed is nothing to sneeze at, and i feel that if Peterson strays from his fight game and tries to exchange with Ortiz, Ortiz wins by brutal stoppage in the middle rounds. Wow, what a match up! Hopkins boxes just like his legendary uncle, which is constantly on the outside. But, I feel that Alexander is the best fighter in the world at 140 pounds at the moment, and because of his skills, I'd feel he'd give Hopkins a boxing lesson at this point in his career, either by wide UD or by late-round stoppage. If Bradley can fight his fight, which is to stay on the outide, avoid exchanges, fire flurries then quickly move back out harm's way, he will win by UD since he doesn't have KO power. However, if he let's Manny rush in on him, Manny will knock him out in brutal fashion. There you have it! Great question.

why wont pac fight bradley,berto,martinez etc? by Alex L Q: why wont pacquiao fight guys like timothy bradley, andre berto or shane mosley or sergio martinez?. Instead they want him to fight cotto? he will beat cotto again. cotto doesnt have the style to give pacquiao trouble, maybe his power but other than that thats it. cotto doesnt have the work rate that pacquiao does, cotto is a very smart boxer who managed to hit pacquiao a lot in their fight but hes not agressive enough. bob arum continues to screw the boxing fans by putting pacquiao against opponents he knows he can already beat. clottey just stands in front of his opponents and covers. every boxing fan knew it was just going to be pacquiao throwing punches all night, he didnt even land that many on clottey yet he threw a lot. arum will continue to milk pacquiao for what hes worth. if pacquiao fights margarito it will be the same result as the clottey fight. margarito gets hit too much too easily to be able to fight someone with pacquiaos speed.the only reason they want the mayweather fight is cuz of the money it would generate. i dont know why pac fought david diaz instead of juan diaz, (who called pac out). juan diaz versus pac wouldve won fight of the year. i just dont see why pac wont fight guys like bradley,martinez,berto or mosely? they all posses the skills to possibly beat pacquiao, not cotto or margarito. this whole money thing is ridiculous. pac said he would have 4 more fights before he retires, but roach wants him to retire after his next fight in november. we all know the mayweather vs pacquiao will never happen. i know the fighters i mentioned arent big money draws but they have great boxing skills. i know i asked this question before but i didnt get good answers, all i got was mayweather this mayweather that, i need real answers.

A: Deep down inside I think you know the real answer.....the fighters you named Timothy Bradley, Shane Mosley, and Sergio Martinez don't generate the type of money Manny Pacqauio fights for or is even worth. Why do a job for 600,000 that you can do for 6 Million with equal risk. Shane Mosley isn't that markable and one would have to question putting him in a Pay Per View after over a Million fans just seen him get schooled for 10 rounds in his last outing. Style has a lot to do with the matching making of Manny Pacqauio as well as much as fans might not want to admit it he's benefited from careful matching making just as much as Floyd Mayweather has. Its no coincidence that Manny Pacqauio hasn't fought anybody with Boxing ability since Juan Manuel Marquez, Miguel Cotto has some Boxing ability but thats not the type of game he tired and once he started to box it really deteriorated into running because he was hurt. Andre Berto, Timothy Bradley, and Sergio Martinez are all tough fighters with the ability to beat Manny Pacquiao on any giving night NOT SAYING THEY WILL but they can. Manny doesn't want that type of risk he'd rather fight Mayweather and cash out just as Floyd is looking to do the same.

Mayweather vs Pacquiao poll, Boxing Monthly magazine, your thoughts? by dave Q: In the latest edition of Boxing Monthly magazine (UK) they ran a poll on who would win in a Pac-Mayweather fight. 39 people gave their vote, all of which were/are involved in boxing in some way, from promotors to ex-fighters, journalists to trainers. The results are as follows: Mayweather wins: Carl Froch, Jim Mcdonnell (trainer), Buddy McGirt, Johnny Boss (matchmaker), Barry McGuigan, Dave "Boy" Green, Jim Watt, Dave McAuley, Clinton Woods, Timothy Bradley, Antonio Tarver, Billy Graham, Robert McCracken (trainer), Arthur Abraham, Frank Warren, Nick Charles (showtime announcer), Barry Hearn, Richie Woodhall, Duke McKenzie, Brendan Ingle, Ronnie Shields, Jimmy Tibbs, Colin McMillan, Alex Arthur. Pacquiao wins: Bert Sugar, Frank Maloney, Ken Buchanan, Don Majeski, Joe Goosen, Steve Collins, Angelo Dundee, Dominic Ingle, Dean Powell, Marco Huck, Alan Minter, David Diaz, Paul Hodkinson. RICKY HATTON: Mayweather wins. Are you surpised that Floyd gets roughly 2/3 of the votes? Why does this poll differ so much from fan based ones, in your opinion? A few quotes that stuck in my head - Brendan Ingle "Mayweather's gonna stand him on his head", Carl Froch "Mayweather beats him ten times out of ten", Johnny Nelson "Mayweather by KO" Timothy Bradley "Mayweather - easy fight, hands down", Robert McCracken "Mayweather wins comfortably. No doubt about it", Richie Woodhall "Mayweather, all day long. Braines over brawn". This is not a pro-Mayweather post, but none of the guys who picked Pacquiao seemed overly confident. What do you reckon?

A: Dave, assuming they dont fight we will never know. Just like on this forum, people are entitled to their opinions. I remember Stewart favoring Hatton to win against Manny and he said it convincingly "That's why there are weight divisions, to separate big men from the boys" My brothers agreed, i for one insisted it would be all Pacquiao. Though i won that one, i will never ever think im in Emmanuel Stewart's level or even near. Not that time, not tomorrow, not ever Buster Douglas was 49 -1 , Evander 38 -1, Lennox 27 -1 underdogs all against Iron Mike and we all know what happened. Not many people thought Manny can win against Marco Antonio,he was 6 -1 against the odds and Pac just annihilated and humiliated Barrera that time. Its a sure sellout crowd if ever these 2 pound for pound kings and a lot of people will be surprised ..no "shock" is more appropriate if ever they bet on the wrong side. Im honestly rooting for Manny a little on this one and id be damn shocked whatever the result will be

Pacquiao vs Bradley...anyone watched it? by Q: That's probably the last pro-boxing match I'll ever watch....I felt my IQ was lower by 10 points after I saw the result!

A: I think that fight killed boxing, it was a horrible decision. I think the only thing that can save boxing now is Mayweather vs Pacquiao, but even after that, there will be nothing else to look forward to in boxing.

Pacquiao VS Bradley, Pacquiao lost?!? by Q: Who do you think should have won the fight, I watched every part of the fight. Everyone in the casino (I watched it in the Casino for free) was shocked however, when they announced that Bradley was the new WBO Welterweight Champion. I too was shocked because after watching the entire fight, round by round, I was expecting Pacquiao to win. I think he was robbed. What's your opinion on the results of this fight?

BOXING: Bradley Vs Pacquiao ~ RESULT is the death blow to Boxing? by Eric B Q: Well, Point blank...... a) Judges C.J. Ross & Duane Ford had it for Bradley = 115-113. b) Judge Jerry Roth had it for Pacquiao = 115-113. c) Bradley won the final round on all three cards which pulled out (won) the bout for him. Post-loss, Manny's quote: "I do my best and I guess my best wasn't good enough," Pacquiao said. "I've been watching the tapes of his fights. Tonight, he never hurt me. Most of his punches hit my arms. I don't know what happened [with the scoring]. I have no problem. I'll be ready for the rematch. No doubt [I won the fight.]" ~ End-Quote. Post-win, Timothy's quote, speaking to Promoter Bob Arum: "'I tried hard, but I couldn't beat the guy." ~ End-Quote. Post-bout, Bob Arum: "This is crazy. You talk about killing boxing? All three scorecards you throw out." ~End-Quote. >> Bob Arum = scored it 10-2 in Pacquiao's favor. >> Yahoo! Sports = scored it in 117-111 in Pacquiao's favor. >> Dan Rafael - ESPN = scored it 118-111 ini Pacquiao's favor. >> Tim Dahlberg - Associated Press = scored it 10-2 in Pacquiao's favor. >> Steve Carp - Las Vegas Review Journal = scored it 10-2 in Pacquiao's favor. Q 1. Was this fight rigged? Q 2. Every sports outlet are stating this RUINS the Super Fight of Floyd Vs Manny! True? False? Q 3. What does it say when Bradley himself is stating "I tried hard, but I couldn't beat the guy." ?

A: 1)Obviously it was rigged 2)It did ruin mayweathers fight with pacman 3) even Bradley knew he didn't win... 4) fuck arum

What do u think will be the result of Pacquiao vs Bradley ? by Q: I think Pacquiao will beat Bradley by KO or TKO by rounds 7-10 . And i also think the KO will be similar to the Hatton KO . But that's just my thoughts . What do u think will be the result of the fight on June 9 ?

A: Pacquiao will win by KO by 8 rounds (:

Thoughts on Pacquiao vs. Bradley results? by Q:


Pacquiao vs Bradley results? by MJ Q: Why the heck did Bradley win?!?!?! does anyone seriously think he deserved it???

Pacquiao vs Bradley Results: Controversial Scoring Leads to New Welterweight Champ Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: Timothy Bradley Wins Shocking, Controversial Split Decision Pacquiao vs Bradley Results Post Fight Reaction - Fight Fixed! Pacquiao vs. Bradley Results: Bradley's Split-Decision Victory Is a Travesty Manny Pacquiao VS Timothy Bradley RESULTS REACTION !! WAS IT A FIX?? HBO Boxing PPV: Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Pacquiao vs. Bradley Results: Pac-Man's Loss Destroys Boxing Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley Results | Review | Highlights Manny Pacquiao vs Timothey Bradley Post Fight Results! Pacman Robbed! Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 12 Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 10 Pacquiao vs Bradley face off rigged? BIBLE? PACQUIAO ROBBED! TIM BRADLEY VS MANNY RESULTS! GOD DOESNT AGREE! JUDGES ARUM WRONG! 6/9/12 Tim Bradley Beats Manny Pacquiao Post Fight Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley FULL FIGHT CONTROVERSIAL RESULTS! Results pacquiao vs bradley robb Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight results and reactions Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley *FULL RESULTS* Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 9 BRADLEY VS PACQUIAO RESULTS MANNY WAS FUCKING ROBBED! ARUM WANTED TIM TO WIN! HIGHLIGHTS 6/9/12 Tim Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao Full Fight Decision Ending Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 8 Evander Holyfield and fans react to the result of Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley Pacquiao vs. Bradley Results: PAC-Man's Loss Destroys Boxing For Me HBO PACQUIAO VS BRADLEY PREDICTIONS! ROAD TO 24/7 PREVIEW! 5/19/12 Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley **FULL RESULTS** WEIGH IN LIVE! MANNY PACQUIAO VS TIMOTHY BRADLEY HBO RESULTS! PACMAN AT FULL 147LBS 6/8/12 'Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley RESULTS' REMATCH COMING SOON? Pacquiao vs Bradley Results Post - Fight Fixed! Pacquiao vs Bradley (HBO) Pacquiao vs Bradley RESULTS Rounds 1 to 11 Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 8 Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 9 Pacquiao vs Bradley face off rigged? Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley NEW CHAMPION!!! Fans shocked at pacquiao vs bradley results Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 8 Pacquiao vs Bradley Results: Controversial Scoring Leads to New Welterweight Champ Pacquiao vs. Bradley: Predictions from the Philippines WTF!!!! Manny Pacquiao vs Timoth Bradley Review / Recap 06/09/2012 Fixed Fight Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley (WBO Welterweight Championship) June 9th, 2012 FIGHT RESULTS Pacquiao vs Bradley Results: Controversial Scoring Leads to New Welterweight Champ BOXING: Pacquiao vs Bradley (Highlights) FIXED FIGHT?? Pacquiao vs Bradley Results Reaction Video Response (Pacman Robbed) Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results: Timothy Bradley Wins Shocking, Controversial Split Decision Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 12 Pacquiao Vs. Bradley Results Live: Round 11 Pac vs Bradley - MANNY PACQUIAO vs TIMOTHY BRADLEY (Post Fight Thoughts) Pacquiao vs Bradley Results: Controversial Scoring Leads to New Welterweight Champ Pacquiao vs Bradley results Song
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