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Osu basketball

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ylopez3971 RT @mlettkeman: Thoughts and prayers to the OSU women's basketball team and the families of the coaches and other victims.

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TheBubbaHam RT @NickSleem24: Sad to hear about OSU women's basketball coach and assistant. Just a tragedy.

tay_brandwein My heart absolutely breaks for the OSU women's basketball family right now!! That is so sad :( my thoughts and prayers are with them all!!!

KennyMonday Very sad day on the campus of OSU! We lost two great basketball coaches and better people! Prayers to the families!

AudreyPfau RT @LSUShep10: My prayers go out to the OSU girls basketball team and the family of the lost ones....make them proud #GO girls win it all..

d_campanella33 RT @LSUShep10: My prayers go out to the OSU girls basketball team and the family of the lost ones....make them proud #GO girls win it all..

JohnAlex91 RT @kayleighkinss: My heart goes out to the girls basketball players of OSU and their campus today. You are in my prayers.

leheadrick RT @BrandonBoykin2: Pray for OSU women's basketball . That's tragic.


Why should any Ohio State Buckeye Not be Proud of the OSU Basketball team? They were a bunch of Ohio State? by Paul B Q: "FRESHMEN" playing a bunch of Florida "SENIORS" who were the Nation Champions at that! - And the the Florida Seniors barely beat the Ohio State Freshmen by only 9 points! Lou Holtz would have considered this a very close game! And by the same token while Florida did manage to beat the Buckeyes at Football and Basketball this year - The Ohio State Buckeyes were in fact their Conference Champions in both Football as well as Basketball which was no small feat in itself!

A: I am proud of the Buckeyes all the way. Proud of the fact that if they hit 2 more threes, didnt get a cheap foul while the guy was shooting a 3, and didnt get a couple "and 1's" they would have won the game. Theyre young and very talented, espicially with Jon Diebler coming in next year. WOW. Cant wait! Go Buckeyes, always #1 here!

OSU Basketball Game of the Season? by Jane B. Q: Which Ohio State University basketball game will be this season's best? If there are more than one, name them all please! Thanks!

A: Im actually going to the one with Michigan state. those are always greats. another good game is when they play the TarHeels November 19th

How is the Mens OSU basketball team rankd so high after losin 2 every rankd team on their schedule but one?!?! by Zeus Q:

A: I agree, I guess noone remembers the game in which OSU got stomped on by Wisconsin. They got rolled by North Carolina and lost by 26 at Florida. Now all those games were road games, I cite the Wisconsin game because it was a conference game. OSU is good, top 10 material, but I think there are alot of teams out there that could beat them (UNC, UCLA, Kansas, Tex A&M (most underrated team in college basketball), and I'd even give Georgetown a shot against them. The networks love to hype Greg Oden (15.5 ppg, 9.7 rpg), but there are plenty of comparable guys out there (Brandan Wright at UNC averages 14.9 and 6.4, while shooting 66% from the field). When it comes down to it, rankings won't matter because we have a tournament to decide these things, unlike college football and the BCS.

Who wore number twenty (20) for Oregon State University (OSU) Men's Basketball? by oLLie BoomBayay Q: Whenever I try to figure out who wore a particular number for a particular team I end up nowhere using a search engine. Such is my problem now when I tried to figure out who wore #20 for OSU Men's basketball? The only way I know how to figure this out is to look up the roster for teams year by year, which is much too time consuming.

A: Bob Anet

What is the OSU basketball team record so far? by CutieKevy Q:

A: Same as all the other teams 0-0. OSU Schedule: SportsTime Ohio BCA Classic 11/10/06 vs. VMI Columbus, OH 8:00 p.m. ET 11/11/06 TBA Columbus, OH 8:00 p.m. ET 11/12/06 TBA Columbus, OH TBA Rest of Season Fri, Nov 17 Eastern Kentucky 7:00 pm Mon, Nov 20 San Francisco 8:00 pm Fri, Nov 24 Youngstown St. 8:00 pm Wed, Nov 29 at North Carolina 9:00 pm Sat, Dec 2 Valparaiso 8:00 pm Sat, Dec 9 Cleveland St. 2:00 pm Sat, Dec 16 at Cincinnati 3:45 pm Tue, Dec 19 Iowa St. 8:00 pm Sat, Dec 23 at Florida 4:00 pm Sat, Dec 30 Coppin St. 8:00 pm Tue, Jan 2 Indiana 8:00 pm Sat, Jan 6 at Illinois 2:00 pm Tue, Jan 9 at Wisconsin 9:00 pm Sat, Jan 13 Tennessee 1:00 pm Wed, Jan 17 Northwestern 8:00 pm Sat, Jan 20 Iowa 8:00 pm Wed, Jan 24 at Northwestern 9:00 pm Sat, Jan 27 Michigan St. 9:00 pm Wed, Jan 31 at Purdue 7:00 pm Sat, Feb 3 at Michigan St. 4:00 pm Tue, Feb 6 Michigan 7:00 pm Sat, Feb 10 Purdue 12:15 pm Wed, Feb 14 at Penn St. 7:00 pm Sun, Feb 18 at Minnesota 1:00 pm Wed, Feb 21 Penn St. 8:00 pm Sun, Feb 25 Wisconsin 4:00 pm Sat, Mar 3 at Michigan TBA

OSU basketball - How far are they gonna go? by L ♥ L ♥ Q: Jon Diebler - The kids got some game....Five 3-pointers....impressive freshman... ionlyhave32.....I hear what you're saying Dude....thing is....freshman = inexperience....there is potential there and I really think Thad is going to do an excellent job whipping 'em into shape....

A: Im impressed with how close we kept that game for a while. I seriously doubted we could hang with North Carolina at all after seeing what A&M did to us a few days ago. But, last years team wasnt all that great right off the bat either. Thad will get this thing going and we could be a great team going into March, led by freshman center Kosta Koufous. Kids a player.

when does OSU basketball play the final four game? by DchrisV Q: when is it and what time?

A: Saturday, the early game.

How old do you think OSU basketball player Greg Oden actually is? by DannyK Q: No, I don't care what his biography or birth certificate says. The NCAA has probably fooled us all. He has to be at least 35. http://media.scout.com/Media/Image/23/239731.jpg

A: 42

Does any one know the song that is played at the OSU basketball games? by kristi t Q: It starts with the bells and it's rock music. They play it at the start of the game.

A: Hell's Bells

Where do I find former OSU basketball player records online from 1996-2000? by Jamie S Q: My math teacher played basketball for OSU and I just wanted to see if I could find stuff about it online.

A: go to scouts.com

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